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1972 Born in WOODSTOCK, IL USA
Birthdate: 3 août 1972
early years Participant since 1985
Aaron Behnke, www.profileracing.com, 2008: I remember seeing someone riding flatland in a grocery store parking lot. More specifically he was doing squeakers standing on the pedal. I already had a chrome BMX bike that I hauled ass around the neighborhood on. I started trying squeakers after that and many years later I'm pretty good at them. I just wanted to learn more flatland after that. I'm terrible at remembering dates but I'm going to guess it was 1985 or 1986.
1990 990Adjustments, vimeo.com, june 2011: 1990 AFA State Series Contest in Stuart, Florida
1995 1st place stuntboys flatland @ BS 1995 round 1, Moreno Valley, february 1995.

2nd place stuntboy flatland @ 1995 BS round 2, Virginia, july 1995.

7th place stuntboys flatland @ 1995 BS round 3, september 1-3, 1995, Hoffman Bike Park, Oklahoma City, OK.

UGP Superstitious video.
1996 Rides for GT, UGP and Simple shoes.

Interview in Ride BMX US february 1996.

3rd place stuntboys flatland @ 1996 BS round 1, South Padre Island, march 1996.

Interview in Props #15 july 1996.
1997 Aaron Behnke interview in Freedom issue 17 may 1997.

7th place stuntmen flatland @
1997 BS round 2, Florida, may 1997.

5th place pro flatland @ 1997 X-Games, San Diego, june 21-29, 1997.

Chris Hargrave, Ride BMX US october 1997: Aaron Behnke had some really solid runs. Runs solid enough to earn him fifth. Runs that contained tricks like cross-footed whiplashes to decades and rope-a-ronis to undertakers. Rolling no less.

Parting shot in
BMX Plus! november 1997.
1998 9th place stuntman flatland @ 1998 B3/BS round 4, finals, Oceanside, CA, august 1998.

6th place stuntman flatland @ BS 1998 round 3, Woodward, august 1998.

Riding for Huffy.

17th place pro flat @ X-Games 1998
1999 6th place stuntmen flat @ X-Trials, 1999 BS round 2, may 6-9, 1999, Richmond, VA.
Art Thomason, www.theflatlander.com: Aaron Behnke just recovered from a broken collar bone, but that didn't stop him from riding almost flawlessly in the qualifying and semi final rounds. Unfortunately, in the finals, he had a lot of touches that kept him from placing higher than 6th.

18th place pro flat @ 1999 X-Games, San Francisco, California, june 25 - july 3, 1999.

7th place stuntmen flat @
1999 BS round 3, July 29 - August 1, 1999, Oceanside, California.

5th place stuntmen flat @ 1999 BS round 4.

Interview in
Soul video magazine fall 1999.
2000 March 2000, Aaron switched from Huffy to WTP.

3rd place pro flat @ 2000 BS/B3 round 2, april 14-16, 2000, Louisville, KY.
www.hsacentral.com: Aaron Behnke took home 3rd place with a flawless run full of his unique links.

14th place stuntmen flat @ 2000 B3 round 4 and finals, june 15-18, 2000, Nashville, TeNnessee.

8th place stuntmen flat @ 2000 CFB round 3 and finals, july 6-9, 2000, Woodward, PA.

Props Groundwork.
Patrick Schoolen, www.theflatlander.com: A lot of people say Aaron Behnke's tricks are not that hard. Regardless if you believe that or not Aaron sees ways into and out of tricks that nobody else does and his originality is truly inspiring.

Interview in Soul BMX septembre 2000.

Interview in Ride BMX US december 2000.

Fire hydrant to Dave Duster by Aaron Behnke in BMX Plus! december 2000.

Props Groundwork.
2001 Aaron Behnke is riding for Primo.

7th place stuntmen flat @
2001 CFB round 1, february 22-25, 2001, Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, Florida.
www.hsacentral.com: Ex-Florida local Aaron Behnke put his German sponsor "We the People" on the map by placing 7th with his usual array of weirdness on both the front and back wheel.

8th place pro flat @ 2001 Bicycle Stunt Series/B3/X-trials round 2, April 20-22, 2001, Louisville, KY.
www.hsacentral.com: Aaron Behnke adapted to the craters and crevices and didn't ride to Genesis.

BACO 9 video released in May of 2001.

6th place stuntmen flatland @ 2001 CFB round 3, june 28-july 1, 2001, Woodward Camp.
Brian Tunney, www.hsacentral.com, 2001: 6th place went to We the People rider Aaron Behnke. Aaron rode the trails, the Morton bowl and the Playground wedge bowl combi wallride with style after he put his Pony down.

14th place pro flat @ X-Games 2001 Philadelphia, august 17-23, 2001.

UGP Mission of Nonsense video.
2002 17th place stuntmen flatland @ CFB 2002 round 1, March 8th-10th, 2002, Merritt Island, FL.

9th place pro flat @
BS/EXPN Invitational round 1, april 26-28, 2002, Grand Prairie, Texas.

4th place pro flatland @ BS (EXPN Invitational) round 2, Georgia, may 17-19, 2002.

6th place pro flatland @ 2002 CFB round 3, June 21st-23rd, 2002, Joliet IL.

15th place flatland @ 2002 X-Games, august 15-19, 2002, Philadelphia.
Armin Batoumeni, www.agoride.com: Aaron Behnke a fait du Aaron, avec plein de switchs autour de la roue avant. on aime ou pas mais c'est différent. Un petit manque de réussite lui vaut la 15eme place.

WeThePeople trip in SoCal.

Aaron switched from WTP to DK.

Props Megatour.
2003 17th place pro flatland @ 2003 Metro jam Toronto, Canada, february 28th - march 2nd, 2003.

Gold medal in the
2003 Latin American X-Games.
Mark Losey www.ridebmx.com: Aaron Behnke paid for his own trip to Brazil just to check out the country and ride in the contest, but he went home with a lot more than just a postcard. In his second run, Aaron held it together and pulled all of his original links for the win.

18th place flatland @ 2003 X-Games, august 14-18, 2003, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA.
2004 Aaron Behnke's bikes in Dig BMX magazine october 2004.

Section in the FlaCrap video.

KalaYasuda, www.youtube.com, april 2011: Aaron Behnke's section from Fury Films' FlatCrap by Dane Beardsley and Don Fury, DVD, 2004. ,As printed on the DVD case, "(A really really Serious FLATland VIDEO)", it seriously is.
2005 Focus in Ride BMX US july 2005.
2006 Etnies Grouded video.
2007 Moving picture in BMX Plus! october 2007.