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Sources: Ride BMX US october november 1995, ewire, ...
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Date: july 8-9, 1995
Place: Hampton, Virginia.
Daniel Rigby fire hydrant to decade to backward wheelie to double decade.
Aaron Behnke rode with originality.

Lionel Cardoso from France comes over for almost every BS contest and always manages to do alright in pro flatland. Eighth place.
Day Smith steamroller to halfpacker.
Trevor Meyer wheelie to shove it to upside down wheelie to first place.
trevor meyer
ewire: He's kinda goofy-looking, he hasn't always done all his own tricks, he catches a lot of crap from people... but he's a really good rider. Trevor Meyer, spastic junkyard on the pedal, 1995 Bicycle Stunts contest, Virginia.

STUNTMEN FLAT 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Day Smith 3.Steve Roy 4.Nate Hanson 5.Jamie McIntosh 6.Gabe Weed 7.Sean Peters 8.Lionel Cardoso

STUNTBOYS FLAT 1.Matt Gibson 2.Aaron Behnke 3.Keith King 4.Bryan Huffman 5.Daniel Rigby 6.Trey Leeper 7.Paul Palmer 8.Val Naso
Kevin Gutierez lookback to lookdown.
Dave Osato big icepick grind, busdriver icepick, toothpick to busdriver, 540, flip attempt.
Rob Sigaty flair attempt, tailwhip no footer.

Matt Hoffman double tailwhip, 540 no hand.
John Parker triple busdrivers attempt.
Dennis McCoy two and a half busdriver, busdriver 540 and a flair attempt that sent him to the hospital.
STUNTBOYS VERT: 1-Rob Sigaty 2-Pat Dehne 3-Dave Osato 4-Kevin Gutierez 5-Chuck D 6-Josh Heino

STUNTMEN VERT: 1-Matt Hoffman 2-Dave Mirra 3-Jay Miron 4-John Parker 5-Dennis McCoy 6-Rick Thorne 7-Pat Miller 8-Steve Swope
19 competitors.
Mark Losey continues to prove that even editors can ride with flair by pulling 270's to smith on the spine.
Doug smiley Aronof had the strangest trick of the day .double peg stall to surfer roll in. Silly.
Dave Osato rode the mini like it was a vert ramp. Huge tailwhip, double busdriver airs. He also had the technical tricks: bottom side icepicks, no footed nose wheelies and almost a tailwhip nosepick to barflip. First place.

Dave Mirra pulled a 360 tailwhip nosepick, huge 360, no footed 360 and nothing over the spine. Tailwhip nosepick to toothpick.
Rob Nolli pulled a 540 busdriver out of a nosepick over the spine.
Taj Mihelich didn't enter but was doing foot jam nosepicks and 540 tailtap on the sub.
Fifth place went to Stuart King. Icepick to toothpick to busdriver. underside tailwhip over the hip. 360 nosepick to barflip. tailwhip tap.
Jay Miron smith to 540 tailtap, bottom side icepicks, big nose and regular manuals.
Dennis McCoy 900 tailtap, nose wheelie to icepick to nosepick, 180 busdriver over the spine and flip twist attempts and a truckdriver over the hip both to crashes gave DMC the second spot.
First place went to Rob Nolli tailtap to nosepick to busdriver, nose manual to barflip, and a flip over the box.
Dave Mirra

STUNTMEN STREET: 1-Rob Nolli 2-Dennis McCoy 3-Jay Miron 4-Dave Mirra 5-Stuart King 6-Jim Walker

STUNTBOYS STREET: 1-Dave Osato 2.3-Troy Steineckert 4-Doug Aronof 5-Tim Mirra 6-John Bethers 7-Kennan Harkin