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Sources: www.expn.com, Transworld BMX #71 september 2002, ...
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Event: EXPN Invitational Round 2
Date: May 17-19, 2002.
Place: Gwinnett County, GeorgiA
www.expn.com, may02: If you needed any convincing that pro BMX is truly and international affair, you should just look at the latest pro results from the Georgia EXPN Invitational. Just one example would be that all three pro classes were won by folks from "across the pond" (that means Europeans).
STUNTMEN FLAT 1 Michael Steingraber 2 Trevor Meyer 3 Jorge Gomez 4 Aaron Behnke 5 Chad Degroot 6 Stephen Cerra 7 Nathan Penonzek 8 York Uno 9 Marco Jesus 10 Kotaro Tanaka 11 Aaron Frost 12 Matt Wilhelm 13 Takashi Ito 14 Art Thomason 15 Ed Nussbaum 16 Hiroya Morisaki 17 James McGraw 18 Scott Powell 19 Terry Adams 20 Adam Pintek 21 Akira Okamura 22 Ryoji Yamamoto 23 Mike MacPhaden 24 Leif Valin 25 Neston Favela 26 Jeff Desroche 27 Brandon Fenton 28 Cory Stratychuk 29 Day Smith 30 Keith King 31 Bryan Huffman
Jamie Bestwick is back from last year's injury and he is changing the sport of Vert riding again. Two weeks ago it was the fastplant flair that blew minds. While everyone was looking for that in his final run Bestwick decided to pull a different trick out of the bag. The lookdown to x-up flair was born. All he had to do from there was hold on and the gold was his once. He could of just held on, but no he decided to throw out an opposite 540 one-footed tabletop. That's ok...if you like that sort of thing.
There were only a few spots remaining for the X Games and Jamie already had one, so the field was wide open. John Parker laid it down in his first run with an opposite barspin to ice pick and a big 540. That was good enough for third place and an invite to X Games VIII.
Kevin Robinson had solid runs but couldn't stick the flair to no-handed flair and had to settle for fourth.
When it was Dave Mirra's turn he definitely set the tone for Bestwick, throwing a big flair and a double tailwhip to secure first. That was until Jamie Bestwick dropped in for his final run. Riding well with good air, Jamie hit two 540s and the lookdown, x-up flair at the end of his run, bringing the fans and the other riders to their feet. Bestwick has won both of the EXPN Invitationals and looks to be set up for the competitions later in the summer.
STUNTMEN VERT 1 Jamie Bestwick 2 Dave Mirra 3 John Parker 4 Kevin Robinson 5 Eduardo Terreros 6 Jay Eggleston 7 Koji Kraft 8 Jim Burgess 9 Rick Thorne 10 Simon Tabron 11 Chad Kagy 12 Rob Nolli 13 Bob Kohl 14 Achim Kujawski 15 Danny Williams 16 Josh Harrington 17 Shaun Egglington 18 Sebastian Keep 19 Mike Mancuso 20 Scott Wirch 21 Dave Brumlow 22 Jeremy Fanberg 23 Danny Parks 24 Ricky Roich 25 Thad Miller 26 Steve Nowak
The event took on more of a small "session with friends" feeling than anything else. Most all of the riders at the event were on hand to give it up for their friends for the hour-long final. With the event being so close to the BMX hotbed of Greensville, NC the final was a mix of experienced competitive riders and some new faces to the competition scene. Van Homan even made his way down to Atlanta to take part, finishing seventh.
Some of the more well-known names were upset though as Allistair Whitton took first with a clean run highlighted by a nice turndown transfer and some good tech riding on the rails. Seth Kimbrough earned his spot to the X Games by finishing second. Kimbrough used almost the entire course and had some great lines. Jay Miron finished in third and if it weren't for a fall in his final run he might have taken second or first. Jay was going big, with a 360 tailwhip over the box and some good tech around the mini ramp.
STUNTMEN PARK 1 Alistair Whitton 2 Seth Kimbrough 3 Jay Miron 4 Ryan Nyquist 5 Bruce Crisman 6 Allan Cooke 7 Van Homan 8 Colin Mackay 9 Corey Martinez 10 Dave Mirra 11 Tom Haugen 12 John Heaton 13 Brian Foster 14 Chad Kagy 15 Koji Kraft 16 Scott Wirch 17 Mike Parenti 18 Josh Harrington 19 Ruben Alcantara 20 Rob Nolli 21 Dan Sieg 22 Jeremy Fanberg 23 Dave Osato 24 Lindsay Brown 25 Sebastian Keep 26 Joe Prisel 27 Chris Shelkopf 28 Troy McMurray 29 Steve Nowak