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Event: EXPN Invitational Round 1
Date: april 26-28, 2002
Place: Grand Prairie, TX
Day Smith might have had a problem with the surface but did one of most talked about moves of the weekend-Turbined no footed elbow glide.
Ten riders made it to the finals.
Hiroyo Morisake qualified third but ended tenth.
Ninth place went to Aaron Behnke and his imaginative switches.
Aaron Frost took eighth with a lot of smooth rolling switches.
Stephan Cerra landed seventh place with fast spins.
Matt Wilhelm is a rider you see in the finals a lot. Matt pedaled and spun his bike as fast as he could, but got bucked in the end: sixth.
Fifth went to Nathan Penonzek. Nathan learned a few new back wheel tricks, but had a hard time staying in the saddle.
Phil Dolan put the brakes back on his new Fly frame. He squeaked and scuffed his way into fourth.
The trick that brought the most cheers from peers was York Uno's no handed spinning crackpacker. he got third.
Second place, and an invite to Summer X, 2002 in Philly, went to Michael Steingraber with smooth rolling links and lots of tech front wheel pivots. And the winner is Trevor Meyer. Trevor did an amazing link involving a pedaling death truck that impressed everyone.

Flatland had the same $29,000 purse that the other disciplines had. That is such a leap forward. With the contest paying fairly and flatland being a part of the next round of video games (= incredible exposure), I am finally optimistic on the future of flatland.
Jason a. Davis .www.notfreestylin.com
STUNTMEN FLAT 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Michael Steingräber 3.York Uno 4.Phil Dolan 5.Nathan Penonzek 6.Matt Wilhelm 7.Stephen Cerra 8.Aaron Frost 9.Aaron Behnke 10.Hiroyo Morisake 11.Adam Pintek 12.Jeff Desroche 13.Art Thomason 14.Chad Degroot 15.Scott Powell
The ramp this year was huge, like 12 feet tall, and everyone was skying.
The bar has been raised by the new judging criteria, two 60 second runs and only the best counts, and you have the option to quit after 45 seconds. At least half of the riders in the finals went the full time without a dead air.
There were 11 riders in the finals because of a tie for tenth on Friday.

Jamie Bestwick continues to push vert riding to new heights with big carving airs in both directions and pulling his fast plant to opposite flair after the finals were over.
Eduardo Terreros blasted a one handed table top at thirteen feet that was by far the biggest air of the event. His trick list keeps growing and includes tailwhips and flairs.
STUNTMEN VERT 1st Jamie Bestwick 2nd Eduardo Terreros 3rd Koji Kraft 4th Jimmy Walker 5th Jay Eggleston 6th Chad Kagy 7th Bob Kohl 8th Mike Mancuso 9th Scott Wirch 10th Zach Shaw 11th Rob Nolli
Alistair Whitton had big lines all over the course. After his time he pulled the biggest handplant over the enormous subbox. Alistair got sixth.
Chad Kagy has been so dialed on his bike lately. Barspin up the subbox to manual to barspin back in, huge flair from 8ft. quarter to 8ft. quarter over the bank and rail. Chad got third.
Dave Osato started his run with a tailwhip drop in from the subbox, 540 nosepicks, 360 nosepick tailwhips over the spine, man handling his bike around and just getting his huge on. Dave got second.
Ryan Nyquist was blasting 360 floaters over the spine, a nose bonk double barspin over the spine, and just something crazy on everything on the course. He got first place.
STUNTMEN PARK 1.Ryan Nyquist 2.Dave Osato 3.Chad Kagy 4.Tom Haugen 5.Corey Martinez 6.Alistair Whitton 7.Mike Laird 8.Colin MacKay 9.Brian Foster 10.Dennis McCoy