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Sources: BMX Plus! december 1998, Ride BMX US december 1998, Props #28 november 1998, ...
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Event: BS/B3 1998 round 4, finals
Date: august 27-30 ?
Place: Oceanside, CA
Day Smith pulled a crossfooted hitchiker to hop over to regular hitchiker to hop off to avoid an ESPN cameraman in the middle of the course. STUNTMEN FLAT: 1.Nathan Penonzek 2.Day Smith 3.Trevor Meyer 4.Andrew Faris 5.Chad Degroot 6.Gabe Weed 7.Stephen Cerra 8.Dan Rigby 9.Aaron Behnke 10.Nate Hanson
Dave Mirra did high opposite airs.
Jamie Bestwick big superman seat grab, seat grab no footed cancan
Jay Miron superman taiwhip, alley oop icepick grinds.
bmx plus
Jamie Bestwick superman seatgrab

STUNTMEN VERT: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Jay Miron 3.Jamie Bestwick 4.Dennis McCoy 5.Jason Davies 6.Jimmy Walker 7.Kevin Gutierrez 8.Ryan Nyquist 9.Pat dehme 10.Jay Eggleston
Ryan Nyquist nothing to rocket barspin to nofoot and 360 rocket bus to no foot on the boxjump.
Jamie Bestwick tailwhip 540 tailtap, toothpick tailwhip.
Chad Kagy pulled a flip out of a 3 feet high boxjump
Dave Mirra barspin to icepick on the sub.
STUNTMEN STREET: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Ryan Nyquist 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Jay Miron 5.Ron Kimler 6.Mike Escamilla 7.Chad Kagy 8.Clint Millar 9.Mike ardelean 10.Josh Heino