Sources: www.digbmx.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, www.ewirezine.com, www.fatbmx.com, Jamie Barron, www.defgrip.net, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
gary young dig bmx 26 issue 26 - january february 2003 (1)
Gary Young on the cover.
Gary Young interview.
2002 Etnies Backyard Jam finals @ Derby.
Tobias Wicke interview.
Red Bull Circle of Balance.
Flatland Fury.
2Hip Meet the Street.
George Hoernig (Inoptia shoes) interview.
Dave Vanderspek and the legend of the Curb Dogs.
Mike Ardelean.
paul buchanan dig bmx 03 2003 issue 27 - march april 2003 (1)
Paul Buchanan on the cover.

Brian Tuney, www.digbmx.com, march 2003: We have a new feature, called "Your Number's Up." We gave Giant rider Tom Haugen some difficult questions to fill in about his life both in and out of riding and learned some interesting things about Tom's life. For instance, Tom rides flatland everyday and someone owes him a lot of money. For more of Tom's numbers, check out his feature in issue 27.
We also did two rather large interviews with two more people that have nothing to do with each other; Denmark's Niels Thanild and New Jersey's Ralph Sinisi. Niels has basically been a huge factor in making BMX happen in the Scandinavian countries; and Ralph, though he has been a huge influence on modern street riding, has never really gotten the recognition he deserves, so we felt it appropriate to do it here. And if that's not enough, Ryan Corrigan gets made fun of a bunch in his
edition of 'Fragments.'
What else, what else? Sandy Carson did an overnight fullpipe trip. Ian Morris gets Backchatted. A bunch of people from all over Europe and the US get low-profiled. Some people go to some contests and tell us about them. Some news, some new videos, some music, a letter from prison and 5 BMXer's we feel deserve the title of Loose Cannon. If you're lost now, get the issue to clear it up. We're not very good at bragging about how wonderful our contents in each issue are... all we'll say is that we like it and we hope you do too.

George French interview (G-Sport).
Twenty is the french distributor for Dig magazine.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, september 2007: In 2003, Permanent Publishing offered Dig the opportunity to publish nine times per year (bi-monthly in the fall, winter, spring, monthly throughout the summer months). For the next two years, Dig operated under the cyclical nine issue schedule. In the same year, Permanent Publishing expanded to include a U.S. based office in California, employing U.S. ad sales managers.
Brian Tunney is managing editor.
daniel mini dig bmx 05 2003 issue 28 - may june 2003 (1)
Daniel Mini on the cover.
The Twenty/Vans/Dig Barcelona adventure, Toronto Metro Jam, Flatground comp Amsterdam, Backchat with Michael Steingraber, and many more...
baz dig bmx 06 2003 issue 29 - june 2003 (2)
Sebastian Keep Baz opposite handrail on the cover.
Ballbag by James Levan, DIGthis: Frank Stewart, VideoStore: words with Robbie Morales about Barcelona vacation, 2003 Backyard Jam round 1 in Bournemouth, 30 pages of pros and con-fusion from all sides of Australia, Revolt Jam, BackChat with Ryan Sher, Road Fools 11, ...
james newrick dig bmx 07 2003 issue 30 - july 2003 (1)
James Newrik on the cover.
Contest coverage of the UGP Roots Jam in Orlando, FL and the La Revolution in Binghamton, NY, Cat Got Your Tongue Pictorial featuring a load of UK riders that don't really say too much, WethePeople in Spain trip featuring a Transplant focus on Stefan Redinius, The Terrible One World Tour Tasmania Chapter, Plus the same old usuals like Backchat, Dig This, Videostore, Box 3, Unsound, etc.
grimaldo duran dig bmx 08 2003 issue 31 - august 2003 (2)
Grimaldo Duran on the cover.
Flat earth society, Photos by Ricky Adams, Photos by Tom Nunn, Photos by Ed Docherty, Photos by Paul Bliss, Photos by Sandy Carson, Photos by Rob Dolecki, Photos by Ryan Worcester, Photos by Joe Rich, Photos by Chris Hallman, Lost for words, Little Devil ad with a 1986 Derek Adams photo, Low profiles: Nathan Beddows and Brad puck Byrne, Backchat with Rob Dolecki.

We thought we were giving ourselves a mini vacation with this one. Were we ever wrong.... The tiny Dig office on the third floor of Will's house in Belfast is overcrowded with photos, from far off places ranging from Japan to Texas to Germany. We envisioned the 'Photo Issue' to be a break from the normal editorial content and to just load the magazine with photos. Soon enough, we were doing that. But in normal Dig fashion, we decided to cram the magazine with every regular feature we could, involving the art of photography in relation to BMX. We are graced by a gifted staff of photographers and this is ultimately their issue.
jason enns dig bmx 09 2003 issue 32 - september 2003 (1)
Jason Enns on the cover.
Company policy: Ron Bonner - UGP and The Shadow Of Conspiracy.
Video store: Clicked 8, Props Road Fools 11, Soul 22.
Jason Enns interview.
The Lambrini jam.
T1 Endless Summer chapter IV: South Africa.
Unpublished photography by Ike Taylor.
Props Megatour 2; east coast indecision.
2003 Sprite Urban Games.
Low profiles: Charles Gillan Prow, Brennan Britton, Sebastian Pospischil and Sylvain Fabre.
BackChat with Will Jackson.

www.digbmx.com: Yes, so we went ahead and put a picture of Jason Enns and his dog on the cover of issue 32. No gnarly tricks or staggering accomplishments for BMX, but I feel this cover photo speaks volumes more than a flipwhip or 30-stair rail ever could. Jason Enns, as we all know, is an amazing bike rider. But yet again, there's a lot more to Jason than just the 'BMX Jason.' So there you go, that's the 'Two dog, 1 cat owner Jason' on the cover of issue 32. If you can get past the cover and into the issue, there's a load of 'BMX Jason' contained within his fragments piece; along with an Influenza by Ike Taylor, coverage of the Lambrini Jam, coverage of the Props Megatour 2 trip and a new section called Tight Setup, in which we tackle the un-tackled subject of BMX tech questions. All that plus the good old reliable crap you come to expect from each issue. I can't type anymore. Go complain about the cover now. I'm sure you won't be the first.....
scott maylon dig bmx 10 2003 issue 33 - october 2003 (2)
Scott Maylon turndown fakie transfer on the cover,
Company policy: Derek Adams about Orchid footwear,
Zines reviews,
Do you compute ? www.nicebmx.com,
Flat Earth Society: Travis Collier,
Bicycle Union summer tour,
Niels Thanild down under,
2003 Etnies Backyard Jam round two, Coventry,
Worlds 2003, Portugal,
Boyley Jam,
Red Bull Shipyard Street,
Low Profiles: Stephen McGuigan, Martyn Wooley and Chris Martindale,
Backchat with Robbie Morales.
craig kleckner dig bmx 11 2003 issue 34 - november december 2003 (2)
Craig Kleckner on a seven foot dirt quarterpipe on the cover,
Do you compute ? randombmx.com,
Shaun Allison interview,
Flat Earth Society,
Craig Kleckner poster,
FBM ghetto street,
Vancouver Metro jam,
2&8 french roadtrip,
Terrible One in Norway,
Stuart King,
Stephane Royer.
james cox dig bmx 01 2004 issue 35 - january february 2004 (2)
Issue 35 Contents, among other things......
James Cox on the cover,
Backyard Derby Jam
Scotland Origins
Maine Origins
Last Call Comp from North Carolina
Helloween Jam
Sheffield Jam
Jamie McParland Unsung The Death of the Nam Trails
Gravity Propulsion System Texas Mini Tour
Low Profiles
News from Dig This
More Seinfeld References
And our newest section, Intersection, featuring a how-to, bike profiles and more.
brian yeagle dig bmx 03 2004 issue 36 - march april 2004 (2)
Brian Yeagle rail hop on the cover.
News Blackout (dont une au sujet de 23mag: ), Fat News, International Event Horizon, The Cream Book (Alain Massabova et Manu Sanz), Dan Price, Tech 77 Brake Lever Homage and further randomness.
Videostore: Reviews and news on a good number of releases, plus interviews with Jimmy Levan about the new Metal video and Walter Perringer about the new Mutiny video.
James Cox Sturdy Wrists
Brian Yeagle Interview
Mutation Roadtrip featuring Timo Jacobs, Marcin from Mutation and a guy named Crispy from Australia.
Sunshine Roadtrip featuring Niels Thanild and a bunch of Aussies traveling around Scandinavia.
Shitluck UK roadtrip featuring incriminating digital photos of everyone on the trip. Low Profiles on: Dave Randles, Ben Murphy and Billy Franevsky
Contest repos on: Aspire Jam, Simpel Session Estonia, Darwin Eat the Rich Jam, Linz New Year's Eve Jam
Options featuring backpacks and handlebars from all over the damn place.
DIY featuring Mike Tag and an icepick to fakie on mini ramp.
Unsound featuring Lungfish plus reviews
And finally, the long awaited much overdue Kelly Baker Backchat, who coincidentally, as I write this, is at a 2 Live Crew Concert in Ithaca, NY, probably drunk and dancing on the stage.
anthony cico dig bmx 05 2004 issue 37 - may 2004 (1)
Anthony Cico with a whopper over a rail on the cover.
Kevin Porter's bike.
Company policy: Elite footwear.
Flat earth: Michael Summer, X-Games, ...
Videostore: Baco 10, The day is over, ElevenThirtyFour, Directors label, Props 51, Faction BMX Running on empty.
Warehouse songs and stories.
Backyard jam Bournemouth.
Standpoint video zine Tour.
Shitluck UK tour.
Body shop: ACL injuries.
Toronto Metro jam 2004.
Tom Blyth bio.
Amsterdam Flatground.
Etnies skatepark grand opening.
Day of Reprisal jam.
Low profile: Nick Martin. and Mike Hautanen.
Backchat with Northern John.
garret byrnes dig bmx 06 2004 issue 38 - june 2004 (1)
Garret Byrnes upside down in Carbondale, Colorado on the cover. Photo: Joe Rich.
Disposable with Matt Beringer.
Kink company policy.
Flat earth society,
Bike Show 2004,
Low profiles (Kevin Troyer, Dickie),
Backchat with Greg Walsh.
Vic Ayala interview.
Red Bull Circle of Balance,
Sandy Carson's ghost ride through Mexico,
The Props Megatour 3,
Options: sprockets,
Do it yourself: Feeble grinds.
will jackson dig bmx 07 2004 issue 39 - july 2004 (1)
Will Jackson on the cover.
THE USUALS: Ballbag (Weirdos by Seth Holton), Box 3, Tight Setup, Do Not Bend, News Blackout, Fat News, Zombie News, Disposable (Bas Keep), Homage (Hillcrest School), Do You Compute (Woozy), Art Fags (Seth Miranda), Repos (Pig Comp, Rampworx Jam), Low Profiles (Andi Jackson, Rob Dunne, Tope), Unsound (Ryan Corrigan on tour with Lucero and Against Me), Backchat (Keith Terra)
THE NOT SO USUALS: Will Jackson and Rob Jensen interviews, Seth Holton Fragments, The Shadow Conspiracy Southeast trip, Revolt road trip, In Search of Redman road trip by Ryan Worcester, Toby Groenwald Unsung, John Spurr Sturdy Wrists
AND WHAT'S IN BETWEEN THE TWO: Options (Complete bikes, hubs, sprockets), Do It Yourself (Fakie wallride)
corey martinez dig bmx 08 2004 issue 40 - august 2004 (1)
Corey Martinez on the cover.
Hoffman Euro Trip, Lambrini Jam, Joe Simon,
THE USUALS: Box 3, Do Not Bend, Dig This (News, Do You Compute (Woozy), Here and Now (Rob Tibbs), Corrigan's Corner and more), Videostore (Interviews with Steve Crandall on the FBM 10 Year DVD and Little Edd Allen about the Number 10 DVD), Flat Earth Society (Interview with Martti Kuoppa on his company, KGB), Stuff (New Products), Repos (Red Bull 3 Degrees, Soul Bowl, Worlds), Low Profiles (Evan Venditti, Bram Rausenberger), Unsound (Explosions in the Sky), Backchat (Robbie Miranda), DIY (Hang 5's), and Options (Stems).

THE NOT SO USUALS: Joe Simon Fragments, Hammers (Nate Wessel on building Dave Osato's 'Igloo' ramps), Markus Hampl Sturdy Wrists, The Lambrini Jam from Leeds, and the Hoffman Bikes Euro roadtrip.
ruben alcantara dig bmx 09 2004 issue 41 - september 2004
Ruben Alcantara on the cover.

THE USUALS: Box 3, Do Not Bend, Dig This (News, Public Eye, Do You Compute, Events, Sean Arata Disposable and more), Videostore (Interview with Thomas Stellwag of Soul BMX Video Magazine plus reviews), Flat Earth Society (News, views and seat grinds), Stuff (New Products), Repos (Binghamton La Rev, Urban Games), Low Profiles (Jack Maddock, Kano), Unsound (Retisonic plus reviews), Backchat (John Dye), DIY (Tyre taps), and Options (Overflow stems, pegs).

THE NOT SO USUALS: Leif Valin Reflections, Road Fools 13, Malaga Origins, Pariah Roadtrip, WTP in Italy.
joe cox dig bmx 10 2004 issue 42 - october 2004 (2)
Joe Cox with a ghetto toothpick somewhere in the north of England on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.
Aaron Behnke's bikes.
The Odyssey stem.
Thomas Fritscher and the impossible task of editing WTP video Etc.
Flat Earth.
Sandy Carson in Scandinavia.
France's Peynier Trails.
The Steven Hamilton interview.
Effraim Catlow's KOC.
Low Profile: A Ride magazine staffer () and a polite south african ()
Backchat with Rick Thorne.
taj mihelich dig bmx 11 2004 issue 43 - november december 2004 (1)
Taj Mihelich somewhere in the depths of Austin on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
Do not bend: reader photos.
In memory... Neil Ruffel.
Lookback: Paul Osicka.
Dave Parrick's DVD favourites.
The making of the Etnies Roscoe shoe by Taj Mihelich.
Disposable: Niels Thanild's Simple Debut.
Videostore: WTP Etc, Aspire round 2, Retribution Secret, Props Road Fools 13, Ten Pack Evolution, Chad Smith Disobedience, 1134 Operation enduring BMX and Flat Crap.
Effraim Catlow's flat earth society.
Mark Eaton about Dorkin' in York.
Vancouver Metro Jam Week
The Carharrt Ravage Tour
An!mal Brooklyn Banks Jam
Markus Fischer interview
FBM Ghetto street '04
Arkansas Origins: FBM trip.
Option: cranks.
DIY: Footjam Nosepick with Corey Martinez.
The Pariah roadtrip.
The Gypo Jam
La Revolution Rochester, NY.
Hooligan jam.
Low Profiles: Dan Cox, Stephen Lilly and Andrew Ryser.
Unsound: These Arms are Snakes
Backchat with Adam Banton.