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Event: Bicycle Stunt Series/B3/X-trials round 2.
Date: April 20-22, 2001
Place: Louisville, KY.
www.hsacentral.com: Flatland was held on a rough area that was freshly sealed to give it a new look, like painting a rusty car. There's still rust under there and there was still bumpy shady surface underneath the new sealer. Even with the imperfect riding surface there was some great riding in general. Here a breakdown on what happened in the finals.
Cory Stratychuck .making the cut is good, if Cory stomps his pedals any harder... no he can't stomp his pedals any harder.
Scott Powell .yellow with envy were the riders that didn't make the cut. Scott did some good tricks and did Chenga Proud. Equilibrium coming soon!
Alex Jumelin rode quickly to the ninth place, the French revolution isn't over till it's over. Style ?
Aaron Behnke adapted to the craters and crevices and didn't ride to Genesis.
York Uno rode well and did not use his brakes cause he sold them to get to the contest.
Trevor Meyer .The seven degree's of Kevin Bacon, Quicksilver, Trevor Meyer isn't riding a Velodrome but he has direct drive, doing hard tricks to place high and take some money home to Minnesota.
Takashi Ito is a nice man from Japan. Rode smooth and with precision, the judges decided fifth place.
Nathan Penonzek is a good time rider, linking smooth consistent, never-ending routes together, forever.
Dan Rigby is freaking good and once he gets going there's no stopping him. Just wait till he's on a full circle.
Martti Kuoppa .Kickflip to crackpacker, pedaling deathtruck. If you've never seen Martti ride, you should.
Matt Wilhelm spun and spun. He pulled a pedaling deathtruck to upside down megaspin to upside down pedaling megaspin ! Woody Itson will be proud.
That's the flatland comp. Much obliged.

FLAT RESULTS: 1.Matt Wilhelm 2.Martti Kuoppa 3.Dan Rigby 4.Nathan Penonzek 5.Takashi Ito 6.Trevor Meyer 7.York Uno 8.Aaron Behnke 9.Alex Jumelin 10.Scott Powell 11.Cory Stratychuk 12.Steve Mulder 13.Chad Degroot 14.Art Thomason 15.Day Smith 16.Kotaro Tanaka 17.Effraim Catlow 18.Bryan Huffman 19.Steven Cerra 20.Andrew Cooper 21.Gabe Weed 22.Leif Valin 23.Ryoji Yamamoto 24.Brain Rybak 25.Keith King 26.Sean Peters

Matt Wilhelm, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com, march 2011: I loved that best run counts format because you could try new stuff in one of your runs. First time I pulled the Blender-Flip in a comp and first win at a pro comp.
Leigh Ramsdell, www.hsacentral.com: When you sneeze, wind is forced out of your nose at over eighty miles per hour. Now picture two hundred and fifty seven people sneezing all together at a vert ramp. That what it felt like for the B3 Louisville vert contest. The wind was blowing hard ! The riders did not like it and I don't blame them one bit. There wasn't really a qualifier. It was just twenty-three guys battling it out for the top ten spots.
The wind took a few people out. Mike Mancuso spun a 540 at least six feet out and was blown straight to flat, which resulted in stitches above the eye. Dave Mirra came out swinging with a double tailwhip right off the bat but right when he was doing it a gust of wind messed him up and he landed on his head which left him so out of it that Ryan Nyquist had to dress up like Dave and finish his run. The worst crash was Thad Miller who did a 540 and landed under rotated and went to his head. He got really messed up. The wind was no joke today.
In the top ten we had Jimmy Walker carving the ramp and doing one handed no-footers.
One big German, Stephan Geisler rode the ramp with so much power that I thought the ramp would be so scared it would actually get up, go home and take itself apart. But it didn't.
Zack Shaw was going high with variations and flaired his bald little head for England.
One of the craziest guys on the ramp, Koji Kraft, did a double barspin rode off the ramp and plowed into a sign at the bottom near the ramp. Then he came back and did some rad variations and a tailwhip so high I though he was part of the air show going on at the same time.
John Parker did a tailwhip x-up, 540s and lots more.
Jay Eggleston was still going high and doing back to back variations despite the four thousand and three-mile and hour gusts of wind.
The only man brave enough to start up on the roll in, Dennis McCoy flaired, 540ed, and tailwhipped into fourth place. Bad ass.
Simon Tabron is crazy. He still went for the 900 and did a lookdown 540, no-handers and toboggan one handers.
Kevin Robinson busted some 540's and flaired the channel and pulled a perfect no-handed flair. Yowza !
For a second I thought I was watching the famous firework display that Louisville holds every year. But then I realized it was Jamie Bestwick going off like a five ton bottle rocket aimed for the moon. He was riding like there was no wind at all. Nice inverts, barspin to nohanders, turn-up flairs and back to back variations for the first place finish.
Even though it was windier than a hurricane and tornado combined we still got to witness a good contest. The only bad thing was that the riders didn't have as much fun as they would have liked. Next time. I'll even bring my Wind Deflextourizor 5000.

VERT RESULTS: 1.Jamie Bestwick 2.Kevin Robinson 3.Simon Tabron 4.Dennis McCoy 5.Jay Eggleston 6.John Parker 7.Koji Kraft 8.Zack Shaw 9.Stephan Geisler 10.Jimmy Walker 11.Rick Thorne 12.Jim Burgess 13.Dave Mirra 14.Josh Harrington 15.Shaun Egington 16.Bob Kohl 17.Jeremy Fanberg 18.Dave Brumlow 19.Seiji Saito 20.Mike Mancuso 21.Steve Nowak 22.Thad Miller 23.Danny Parks
Today it wasn't quite as windy as it was for the vert but the street, I mean park, contest was one heck of a shin dig, let me tell ya boy !
The street, I mean park, course was lacking the usual spine mini setup but had a sub rail and a street spine, tons of rails, wedges and orange ramps. There was a huge crowd to cheer on their favorite rider and plenty of radness to go around.
Schwinn's and Canada's Dave Osato made the finals and did a downside grind, ice picked the huge sub and tailwhipped out of the weird wedge thingy-ma-bobber.
Seth Kimbrough took his Hoffman through the street, I mean park, course getting all technical with a backwards grind, barspin fakies and clankity clicking everything.
Rob Nolli nose picked the sub wall and pedaled during the nose pick. He also 360 whipped the box and nose picked over the subrail to barspin on his GT.
Teammate Tom Haugen 360 tailwhipped to x-up over the box and barspun 180ed the street spine. Sakes alive boy !
Inspired by the new Crocodile Dundee movie and Mountain Dew, Colin MacKay also did a 360 tailwhip, a 360 turndown and then got a flat. He borrowed Alan Cooke's bike and tailwhiped off a ledge to a wedge landing.
Specialized Allan Cooke rode faster than anyone and did a nothing and then a no-footed double seatgrab over the street spine. He also barspun to walltapped the big subwall.
Riding his custom-painted Hoffman, Chad Kagy went bigger than anyone over the boxjump with a stretched superman seatgrab. He also did a good gap to manual and manualed the big sub to feeble grind a ledge.
Third place went to K2's Dennis McCoy who seriously impressed me the most this contest. He was going off; abubacaing the big sub, flairing the quarterpipe, 180ed the subrail then he tried to 180 flip the street spine. Act your age man !
The next two guys ride for Haro bikes. Before his run, Ryan Nyquist had a conversation with the ramps. That's what he told me anyhow. Well the ramps let him do a barspin, catch barspin flip and a barspin-to-barspin transfer. He also did a big one hander, one footer transfer from quarter to quarter. He must have had a good talking to the ramps.
Dave Mirra owned the subrail. He barspun to tailtaped it. He icepicked to over it. He over to icepicked to back over it. He did other stuff around the course like to big no-handed 360's and no-hander landers. He won.
That's it for round two of the B3. It was tons of fun and the riding was crazy as ever. I can't wait to see the next street, I mean park contest.

PARK RESULTS: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Ryan Nyquist 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Chad Kagy 5.Allan Cooke 6.Colin McKay 7.Tom Haugen 8.Rob Nolli 9.Seth Kimbrough 10.Dave Osato 11.Josh Harrington 12.Jamie Bestwick 13.Colins Winklemann 14.Steve McCann 15.Mike Arderlean 16.Rob Darden 17.Koji Kraft 18.Cory Martinez 19.Ryan Jordan 20.Chris Shelkopf 21.Mike Laird 22.Jeremy Fanberg 23.Rick Thorne 24.Troy McMurray 25.Kevin Robinson 26.Joe Prisel 27.Adam Banton 28.Steve Nowak