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Event: CFB 2002 round 1
Date: March 8th-10th
Place: Paradise Funplex, 555 Fortenberry Rd., Merritt Island, FL 32952
Mike Vincent, www.hsacentral.com:
Terry Adams might need to wear safety gear riding flat now. Fast-pedalling death trucks, but too many crashes, left him in 11th place (A tie for 10th).
Ryoji Yamamoto rolled his way into 10th place with his high tech front wheel rolling switches.
Ed Nussbaum isn't a name you see too often at some of these events, but look for his name from now on .lots of front wheel combos landed him into 9th place money.
Akira Okamura is one of the most entertaining flatlanders to watch. Always smiling and lots of high tech tricks put him into 8th place.
With a new look this year, Trevor Meyer had two brakes and no more direct drive. A few new combos and that new look meant 7th place for Meyer.
Smoother than ever, Phil Dolan rolled his way around the parking lot into 6th place.
York Uno hitchhiked his way to the states from Japan. Well, not really, but he arrived at the contest just in time to pick up his 5th place money.
Pulling double duty, Chad Degroot took time off from his skatepark to rip it up in flat. Fourth place went to Degroot.
Another name you don't see often is Adam Pintek. Pintek could also compete in scooter comps, because his bike has six pegs and no cranks. Third place and a new scooter goes to Adam.
Matt Wilhelm had some difficulty in the prelims, but was ready to shred in the finals, where he claimed 2nd place.
Michael Steingraeber blew everyone away with his brakeless combos. Looks like we'll be seeing lots from him this year. A well-deserved 1st place was awarded to Steingraeber.
PRO FLAT: 1 Michael Steingraeber 2 Matt Wilhelm 3 Adam Pintek 4 Chad Degroot 5 York Uno 6 Phil Dolan 7 Trevor Meyer 8 Akira Okamura 9 Ed Nussbaum 10 Ryoji Yamamoto 11 Terry Adams 12 Mike MacPhadden 13 Hiroya Morizaki 14 Scott Powell 15 Aaron Frost 16 Jeff Desroche 17 Aaron Behnke 18 Brandon Fenton 19 Art Thomason 20 Steve Mulder 21 Andrew Cooper 22 Will Redd 23 Kotaro Tanaka 24 Ron Monis 25 James McGraw 26 Brett Crowther 27 Keith King 28 Bryan Huffman 29 Chris Poulos 30 Brian Gavigan 31 Matt Gardner 32 Taro Kuratan

AM FLAT: 1 Manuel Prado 2 Shintaro Misawa 3 Tomoaki Nakatsuji 4 Takashi Yamada 5 Zack Dembaske 6 Bob Walter 7 Scott O'Brien 8 Erin Donato 9 Shayne Khajehnoori 10 Dave Petrin
The dirt course was actually quite good, no small achievement for a contest these days. It consisted of two lines with a big first set in the line that most were using, was about six foot tall and about 16 feet lip to lip that went into a six-foot set that was about 12-foot feet lip to lip. From there was a smallish five-foot step-up with 8-feet to clear. The other line had mostly soft landings and was used for transfers.

The dirt finals were crazy.
Stephan Murray went for the 360 backflip off the first jump. He was also doing no-hander to turndown flips in practice!
Chris Gerber tried a backflip tailwhip.
Fuzzy went off in qualifiers and pulled a 720, qualifying him into the finals.
Joe Prisel also pulled a clean 720.
Chris Doyle was riding so good and had all his tricks dialed and clicked, getting him third.
TJ Lavin has so much style and skills, doing (Christ) nothings and big variations over every jump, putting him in second. Superman nothings, turndown flips and 360 whips as if he was farting around in his backyard.
Allan Cooke has always been a badass on a bmx. He's been riding a lot and it shows.
The guy really turning heads though was the "new" kid, Chris Gerber. 360 whips, variation flips, huge nothings and a buzz, something about flipwhips !
PRO DIRT: 1 Allan Cooke 2 TJ Lavin 3 Chris Doyle 4 Steve McCann 5 Colin Mackay 6 Scott Wirch 7 Todd Walkowiak 8 Tim Hall 9 Chris Gerber 10 Stephen Murray 11 Mike Parenti 12 Brian Foster 13 Chris Duncan 14 Chad Kagy 15 Cory Nastazio 16 Todd Lyons 17 Mark Mulville 18 Ryan Barrett 19 Ronny Chalk 20 Kris Bennett 21 Joe Prisel 22 Kevin Porter 23 Van Homan 24 Greg Andreoli 25 Dan P'Simer 26 Joey Marks 27 Kevin Robinson

AM DIRT: 1 Joe Toal 2 Josh Groskey 3 Stephen Lilly 4 Shawn Real 5 Cody Clary 6 Paul Vlachas 7 David Heely 8 Jon Saunders 9 Justin Davis 10 Danny Arney
The vert ramp at Paradise Funplex is a 13+ foot monster.

John Parker pulled a double tailwhip in qualifiers but missed it in his final runs.
Koji Kraft, fresh off a severely messed up ankle managed to clear 10 feet while doing back to back variations that included tailwhip to x-up.
Dennis McCoy was going off for someone who hasn't ridden vert in a few months. DMC got third with high variations, old school flairs, and an x-up 540 to alley oop 540 over the channel.
Kevin Robinson went huge, and is huge, every run. Kevin pulled a big 540 to a flair to a no handed flair over the channel, giving him second.
Jamie Bestwick has more flow and style than you can shake a stick at. Besides Jamie's normal array of tricks, he debuted his newest variation, a fast plant flair.
This ended the riding for the day. Everyone stuck around and Best Buy got all the riders some bar-b-q, then we all sat around to watch the new Hoffman Bikes video, Testimony, which is now available.
PRO VERT: 1 Jamie Bestwick 2 Kevin Robinson 3 Dennis McCoy 4 Jimmy Walker 5 John Parker 6 Eduardo Terreros 7 Koji Kraft 8 Jay Eggleston 9 Josh Harrington 10 Chad Kagy 11 Rob Nolli 12 Bob Kohl 13 Dave Brumlow 14 Mike Mancuso 15 Danny Williams 16 Achim Kujawski 17 Danny Parks 18 Brian Gavigan 19 Keith McElhinney 20 Scott Wirch 21 Joe Prisel 22 Marcus Zuniga

AM VERT: 1 Art D'Ambrosio 2 Dennis Dombrow 3 John Rokos 4 Ben Cole
The park classes always have the most competitors, about 50 riders in Stuntboy and another 50 in Stuntman. They all had one run in qualifiers to prove themselves and with a couple of no shows, we were able to keep our time schedule. Stuntmen rode in order, but for as long or short as they wanted, with the option to pass. Of course no one passed and went for the craziest things, each rider getting wilder and wilder.
Tom Haugen qualified first with a tech run, pulling the hardest stuff.
Ronny Chalk wanted to fufanu the wall behind the sub during qualifiers, but never made it. Just before finals Ronny got a few more trys at the beast, but couldn't stick it. Much props for even trying.
The biggest surprise was seeing Brian Foster going off, a very talented rider no matter what he is doing.
Colin Mackay rode with great style and had some good lines, getting him third.
Chad Kagy is incredible. After coming back from injuries, he is stronger than ever. Wallride to flair attempt. Huge flip over the submarine box, huge tricks on the wall behind the sub, and just yes... second place.
First place went to Allan Cooke. Barspin to wall tap and big footplants on the death wall, trickery over the box and spine and huge transfers got him the win.
PRO PARK: 1 Allan Cooke 2 Chad Kagy 3 Colin Mackay 4 Rob Nolli 5 Tom Haugen 6 Brian Foster 7 Mike Parenti 8 Josh Harrington 9 Kevin Porter 10 Joe Prisel 11 Van Homan 12 Jon Reed 13 Leigh Ramsdell 14 Matt Coplon 15 Mike Laird 16 Ryan O'Connell 17 Dennis McCoy 18 Gary Young 19 Chad Degroot 20 Kevin Robinson 21 Shawn Dorton 22 Chris Gerber 23 Brian Kachinsky 24 Dan Seig 25 Jamie Bestwick 26 Bruce Crisman 27 Mike Daye 28 Ty Stuyvesant 29 Kenji Tsuruta 30 Shea Nyquist 31 Jason Suchan 32 Morgan Wade 33 Koji Kraft 34 Seth Kimbrough 35 Scott Foster 36 Alex Kraus 37 Ryan Barrett 38 Danny Williams 39 Yoshitani Tomotaka 40 Casey Burk 41 Ashley Hoffman 42 Kevin Little 43 Steve Nowak 44 Aaron Bostrom 45 John Rokos 46 Brian Gavigan 47 Ronny Chalk 48 Jeremy Fanberg 49 Scott Wirch 50 TJ Lavin 51 Steven McCann 52 Matt Garreau

AM PARK: 1 Stephen Lilly 2 Wilber Galloway 3 Matt Sparks 4 Joseph Scarborough 5 Ron Thomas 6 Shawn Real 7 Matt Lippott 8 Nathan Ramos 9 Josh Steir 10 Jon Demers