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Sources: Bmxicos magazine #1, Ride BMX US august 1997, BMX Plus! september 1997, Zero Tolerance, ...
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Date: may 1997
Place: Disney sports complex, Orlando, Florida.

Part 7 of BMX video zero Tolerance, produced by Jon Pratt in 1997.
Trevor Meyer was doing some more moonwalking (backward scuffing tricks). STUNTMEN FLAT: 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Day Smith 3.Jason Brown 4.Chad DeGroot 5.Lionel Cardoso 6.Jamie Macintosh 7.Aaron Behnke 8.Billy Borys

STUNTBOYS FLAT: 1.James Needham 2.Nathan Penonzec 3.Eric Mitchell 4.Eugene Colins 5.Luke Garrisson 6.Tony Alvarez 7.Mike Yeager 8.Terry Adams
Jay Miron came out of nowhere whith the trick of the year .a tailwhip 540 on vert .. This is the most out.of.control.looking trick we have ever seen, but Jay landed it smoother than most people do regular airs.
Matt Hoffman was nearly free of injuries and rode pro vert. No one goes higher than the condor. Matt did all the big tricks but a no handed 540 gone wrong sent him into the audience at one point.
STUNTMEN VERT: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Jay Miron 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Matt Hoffman 5.Jason Davies (GT) 6.John Parker 7.Dave Osato 8.Kevin Robinson

STUNTBOYS VERT: 1.John Cousert 2.Mike Laird 3.Steven Nowak 4.Mike Corley 5.Nate Hanson
It looks like big tricks for '97 are tailwhip.360s on box jump and flip twists on quarterpipes.
Dave Mirra, Jay Miron and Dave Friemuth are all pulling tailwhip.360s to the pedals, and Dave, DMC, Colin Winkleman and Rob Nolli all rode away from perfect flairs during their street runs.

Jay Miron pulled a perfect superman seat grab 360 over the box and Dave Osato was doing tailwhips straight into superman seat grabs.
Mike Escamilla never jumped the box and instead did nearly every transfer, rail and bonk in the building.
Dave Voelker had no pegs and went big, really big. He spun perfect 720s, did man.sized wall rides, giant airs over the hip and then nearly killed himself trying to jump on the top of the new 20 feet wall.
Dennis McCoy made it to the top of the wall in his run but his bike didn't quite make the distance.
Colin Winkleman went for the biggest transfer of the weekend from a quarterpipe to the hip, but when he landed with on foot on the hip and the other almost on the ground, every male in the audience cringed.
STUNTMEN STREET: 1.Jay Miron 2.Dave Voelker 3.Mike Escamilla 4.Colin Winkleman 5.Dennis McCoy 6.Ron Kimler 7.Rob Nolli 8.Dave Osato 9.Leigh Ramsdell 10.Dave Mirra

STUNTBOYS STREET: 1.Scott Stevens 2.John Cousert 3.Mike OConnell 4.Steven Nowak 5.Mickael Corley 6.Mike Laird 7.Chris Shellkopf 8.Nate Hanson