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Sources: BMX Plus! december 1999, fatboy972, ...
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Date: July 29 - August 1, 1999.
Place: Oceanside, California
Nathan Penonzek did his normal three-minute link and won the contest followed by Andrew Faris and Trevor Meyer. STUNTMEN FLAT:
1.Nathan Penonzec
2.Andrew Faris
3.Trevor Meyer
4.Jason Brown
5.Michael Steingraber
6.Effraim Catlow
7.Aaron Behnke
8.Brian Tunney
9.Gabe Weed
10.Matt Gipson

fatboy972, www.youtube.com: Nathan Penonzek flatland run.
Ryan Nyquist pulled a double barspin 540. STUNTMEN VERT:
Dave Osato 270 air to toothpick.

Ryan Nyquist: My first Pro street win. It was definitely a memorable contest for me. I did a lot of stuff I really wanted to do—a 720 and a backflip-barspin to tuck no-hander. I just pretty much flowed around the whole course and used the spine. It helped because it was the third time we've ridden that course. We've used it over and over, but I felt that I rode it probably the best I have to date.
1.Ryan Nyquist