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German video magazine.
Fanzine papier au départ, SoulRide est devenu un vidéo magazine
1989: Harald Wagner, Christian Hundertmark and Thomas Stellwag try themselves as editors of the BMX-zine Soulride: Texts are done by hand or with an Old School typewriter, photos are "reworked" with scissors, TippEx and felt-tip. Everything is "layouted" with a glue-stick on a couple of folded DinA4 sheets and "duplicated" in the near Copy-Shop. All copies then become sortedly, folded by hand and with this one, as usual much too small "bracket machine" stapled together. Stuff like that is hard to comprehend nowadays, but end of the 80's, beginning of the 90's there was a bunch of such small BMX-underground "publications". Decade, Laber, RAHF, FAT...only to name a few. And even nowadays there are still some BMX Fanzines around (Beware, T 1).

1990: Harald invests into a new photo camera, Thomas into a video camera and Christian into spraypaint-cans... With regular irregularity Soulride-Zine appears furthermore.

1992: Thomas tries to cut his collective video recordings with very poor equipment (Video8 camera and VHS Mono-recorder). 8 weeks later SOULRIDE(vide)O was born. During that time it was very hard to get a hold of any BMX videos, so we tried to put out a nice video that people would like to watch. We already tried to cover the latest international contests. For example, in our first video we had the Worlds in Aalborg, Denmark, the second Fat-Jam in the Netherlands, and King of Concrete in Southsea, UK.

1994: New S-VHS video equipment is bought. The picture- and cut-quality get a little bit better. Markus Arnoldy (of Beware video) and Roland Herzog help to collect videofootage.

1998: Soulrideo develops more and more into a real video magazine, meant as zine actually. Thomas and Christian spin this thought further: The re-arrange the layout, create new logos and shorten the name to "Soul". Again money is spent on new Video- and Computer-equipment. Markus Wilke, Lars Falkenberg, Oliver Flohr support Soul with additional videoshooting.

1999: With its design revised thoroughly Soul is introduced to the public at the Munich-Jam on May 15th, 1999. The resonance is very positive. Thomas Fritscher joins and helps as cameraman and webmaster. Kay Clauberg and Frank Heinrich provide their pictures.

2001: The video still doesn't "pay off" and all helpers work on voluntary base, but we all still enjoy it. We get so much support from everyone. Big thanks to all the helping hands. Without them, Soul wouldn't be possible. If you also feel inclination/desire/whatever to help at Soul, we'd appreciate that very much. Please send good video- and pictorial-material, suggestions, hints and improvement suggestions to: Soul BMX Videomagazin bandits Production - Buchenstr. 1 - D-85716 Unterschleissheim
Soulrideo#1 - 1991
Fat magazine #24: A good souvenir of the 1991 freestyle season.

Munich Posse at home and on tour
German Contests
KOC Southsea
Worlds 1991 Aalborg
+ more
Soulrideo#2 - 1993
Contests Tropica, Eindhoven, Braunschweig, Jugendpark.
Fat Jam
Worlds 1992 Budapest
Roadtrip Denmark
Friends Section
Soulrideo#3 - 1993
Worlds 1993 Limoges 3
Soulrideo#4 - 1995
Hamburg I-Punkt
Trier WM 1994 Köln
Amsterdam Vans Cup
Munich Locals
Soulrideo#5 - 1995
DM Nürnberg
Fat Jam
Papa Singer, Stephan Prantl, Andy Menz, Markus Arnoldy, Martin Drost
Soulrideo#6 - 1996
Sections: Albert Retey, Michael Steingräber, Sven Fanghänel.
Contests: Backyard Jam, Eching, Hamburg, Kaiserslautern

Backyard jam.
Soulrideo#7 - 1996
Sections: C.Huber, D.Hermannstatter, S.Geisler, R.Vobr.
Contests: Daytona Beach BS, KOC, Monchengladbach.
Mission Trails Jam.
Sao Paulo Trip.
Soulrideo#8 - 1997
Contests: Hamburg, Backyard Jam, Chemnitz. Worlds Cologne.
Interview Paul and Bart DeJong.
Sections: Ulrich Kittel, Achim Kujawski, Ralf Mauden.
Soulrideo#9 - 1997
Contests: Berlin, KOC, Zürich, Lohhof.
Sections: Ali B, D.Nourie, M.Hampl.
Interview: A.Menz.
Roadtrip: USA
Featuring: Worlds Eindhoven, Fat Jam, Contest Hannover, Phil Dolan, Mike Emde, Simon Stojko-Falk Sections, Alex Bender Interview 10
Released in 1999
Featuring: KOD Berlin, German Cup Köln, Worlds Portugal, Interviews with Joe Rich and Taj Mihelich, Timo Pritzel, Roadtrip Texas - Florida, Jens Fabian und Sören Jacobs Section
Jared Souney, Ride BMX US november 1999: Soul is a video magazine from Germany which bears some striking similarities to Props. Issue #11 features coverage of several german contests, along with spotlights on german riders and an interview with Joe Rich and Taj Mihelich. The most interesting part was the fact that any time someone was speaking in german there were english subtitles, and if someone was speaking english tere were german subtitles. I found a large portion of the riding to be mediocre, but overall the video was pretty well put together. I have a short attention span, so Soul was a bit long for me, but at least with a long video you get your money's worth.
Fall 1999
Featuring: Contest Düsseldorf, Riva, Coburg, Worlds Madrid. Interviews: Bouncing Souls, Aaron Behnke. Sections: Markus Wilke, Conny Zetzl
Spring 2000
Featuring: Jam Trier, KOC Southsea, Xtra Sport Muenster, Roadtrip UK. Interviews: US Bombs und Axel Reichertz. Sections: Andreas Kittel und Michael Sommer
Summer 2000
Featuring: Ruben Alcantara Interview, Roadtrip Austin-LA, CFB Arizona

Fise Palavas 2000.