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Event: CFB 2002 round 3
Date: June 21st-23rd
Place: Challenge Park Extreme, 2903 Schweitzer Road, Joliet IL 60436
PRO FLAT: 1 Terry Adams 2 Nathan Penonzek 3 York Uno 4 Matt Wilhelm 5 Art Thomason 6 Aaron Behnke 7 Yasu Tanabe 8 Chad Degroot 9 Aaron Frost 10 James McGraw 11 Hiroya Morizaki 12 Chris Woodling 13 Brandon Fenton 14 Ed Nussbaum 15 Andrew Cooper 16 Kotaro Tanaka 17 Yoshihiro Shinde 18 Todd Gully 19 Yuji Shirai 20 Michael Gaidos 21 Scott Powell 22 Gabe Kadmiri 23 Brett Crowther 24 Brian Rybak 25 Bryan Huffman 26 Ron Monis 27 Eugene Collins

AM FLAT: 1 Manuel Prado 2 TJ Perry 3 Scott O'Brien 4 Dave Petrin 5 Tim Knoll 6 Anthony Brogden 7 Erin Donato 8 Chad Carpenter 9 Matt St.Gelais 10 Justin Miller 11 Eriko Kawamura 12 Tony Schneidewind 13 Eric Clark 14 Mike Chatman 15 Charlie Reddington 16 Brant Hughes 17 Anthony Mihoviovich 18 Kevin Won 19 Sean Korn 20 Kim Klisiak 21 John Zasiebida 22 Dan Milinkovich
Dirt consisted of a pretty good looking six pack, they didn't seem hard for most of the pros, but for the amateur class, just making it through them was like their best trick for many of them.
In pro, 33 riders competed and the top ten went to the final and were given 4 runs with the lowest score dropped. The last CFB's dirt contest was canceled because of bad weather, so this round's money and points counted double. Riders were competing for some big money and a trip to the X-games. Here's a run down on the stunts they attempted:
10. Adam Baker did well in qualifying and practice, but for his first trick of the finals he tried a suicide double truckdriver and cased the landing and crashed hard. He was on the ground pretty much knocked out for about 5 minutes, but he finally got up with blood all over his arm and his forehead, but he seemed alright.
9. Mike Parenti took 9th place with a flip x-up and double truck in his first run. A 360 x-up and 360 suicide no hander in his second run, and a no handed flip, tabletop, and 360 in his last run.
8. Paul Kitner did a 360 lookdown, 360 x-up, and 360 one footed x-up in his first run, and a one footed x-up, 360 x and opposite 360 x-up for his second run, a 360 x-up, 360 lookback, and 1 footed table top in his 3rd run, and a superman, 360 x and opposite 360 x in his last run.
7. Cory Nastazio did alright. Big 360, barspin, and superman seatgrab his first time up. A tailwhip, 360, and barspin his second time. A 360 tabletop, barspin, and superman tailwhip for his third turn. Then he ended the day with a flip x-up to table, a barspin, and almost pulled a big 360 superman tailwhip. He pulled it perfect in qualifying, but looked like he didn't have enough speed this time. It's a pretty nice looking manuever.
6. Mark Keil did a 360 x-up, truckdriver, and a double truck in his first run. His second run started with a no handed backflip, but then he fell. He pulled it good in his third run and then proceeded to 360 the second set and nofooted can can over the third. His last run was a backflip, 360 tabletop, and a tailwhip.
5. Corey Bohin from Australia took home 5th place. He did a 360 table, opposite 360 and then a dead sailor in his first run. Next he did a 360, one footed x-up to x-down, and a nothing nofootedcancan. His third run might have been the best run of the day, a truckdriver, then an opposite truckdriver, then a tailwhip, it was very impressive. His last run was a 360, a barspin, then a barspin to no-footer.
4. Colin MacKay did his continent proud with a 360 tabletop, barspin, and 360 lookdown to x-up to start things off. He did a tailwhip, x-up, and 360 tailwhip his next turn. A backflip, turndown, and a 360 tucked no hander. Then he finished with a backflip turndown over the first set, but landed bad and had to ditch his bike over the second set.
3. Allan Cooke started off with a truckdriver to no footer, a tailwhip, then a crash on a nothing nofootedcancan. His second run was a nothing to one footed x-up, a tailwhip, and this time he pulled his nothing nofootedcancan. The third time he rolled in he did a truckdriver to nofooted can can, a nothing to one footed x-up type trick, and a tailwhip over the last set. His last run was a double truckdriver, nothing seat grab, 360 tabletop seat grab.
2. Chris Doyle rode pretty flawless like he always does at contests, pulling every trick perfect everytime, with lots of 360s all over the place. He rolled into his first run and did a 360, 360 suicide double truck, and 360 turndown. The second run was a 360 x-up, truckdriver and 360 x-up to x-up back. His third run started with a 360, then a 360 turndown, and ended with a x-uped tailwhip. He ended the day with a 360 x-up, tailwhip, and a 360 no footed can can.
1. Ryan Nyquist qualified first and took home the top honors in the finals as well. He got like 4,000 dollars for first place and then another 5,000 for the year end dirt title. His bag of tricks is endless. His first run started with a backflip barspin over the first set, then a double truckdriver on the second set, but he missed the bars and crashed. He got back up and looked pretty shocked that he had crashed and new that he had to do good the rest of his runs so everything else he did after that was flawless. His second run he did a flip barspin, truckdriver, and a double truck over the last set. His third run started with a one handed x-up backflip, then a switchhanded 360, and ended with a tailwhip. His last run was a barspin backflip, double truckdriver and a nothing to rocket nohander.
PRO DIRT: 1 Ryan Nyquist 2 Chris Doyle 3 Allan Cooke 4 Colin Mackay 5 Corey Bohan 6 Mark Kehl 7 Cory Nastazio 8 Paul Kintner 9 Mike Parenti 10 Adam Baker 11 Todd Walkowiak 12 Kris bennett 13 Joey Marks 14 Scott Wirch 15 Brian Foster 16 Ryan Jordan 17 Chris Gerber 18 Reul Ericson 19 Tim Hall 20 Darin Read

AM DIRT: 1 Cody Clary 2 Mark Potoczny 3 Miguel Garcia 4 Brian Fitch 5 Travis Cooper 6 Steve Cleimark 7 Michael Potoczny 8 Preston Solis 9 David Prepejchal 10 Andy Hamilton
Joliet's amateur vert contest went pretty well, all the fellows were doing decent high airs.
Dennis from Chicago was going a couple feet high, doing x-ups, and icepicks.
Jeff Simmons from the west side of Michigan just started riding vert a few weeks ago when he was working at Woodward and he rode the ramp pretty well. High barspins, no footed cancans, and tailtaps and other lip tricks were done by this lad. He took a 2nd place plaque home with him.
The fellow that won was Robbie, he was doing tailwhip airs and 540s, and other verty manuevers. Stuntmen
Pro Vert was pretty exciting to watch. Jamie Bestwick and Kevin Robinson were both participating in this contest so the pressure to do bigger and better stunts was a bit higher than at the New York CFB contest. There weren't really too many new stunts premiered at this event, but everybody still rode pretty well. In no particular order:
Bob Kohl has been ruling vert ramps forever and he still has what it takes to make it to the finals, he was doing high tailwhips, a bunch of limbless combos, and x-up variations.
Jim Burgess rides for MacNeil and works for UPS so he's a good fellow in my book. His highlights include some no handers and good 540s.
Jeremy Fanberg pulled some flairs in qualifying, but in the finals he fell both times he tried. He did do some good barspin and switchhander tricks though.
Josh Harrington is tall and lanky so when he does his tailwhip airs his legs are all crazy flapping around in the breeze. He did pull a triple barspin though, and he does the best looking one handed x-ups.
Jimmy Walker was flowing back and forth pretty nicely, big tobaggans and one handed tables, one handed 540s, and very close to pulling a tailwhip.
Chad Kagy is getting way better at vert at every contest and he's starting to get almost as stylish as Bestwick when he does his inverts. Perfect flairs in every run, lots of barspin to x-up tricks, and stuff like that.
Simon Tabron's wife was in the crowd and most people were too busy checking her out to watch his runs, ha, he rode pretty well, high invert airs, doublebarspins, big inverted 540s, a flair, and he came real close to pulling a 900.
Koji rode very well this contest. His suicide no handers are an awesome looking trick, he was doing them to no footers, and other variations this contest. Tailwhips to x-ups and downside tailwhips were done by him in every run. Double barspins, and tons of different switchhanded no footed variations were thrown in there too.
Kevin Robinson has been training hard at Woodward the last few years and it is really paying off, he qualified in first and got 2nd in the finals. He did 4 flairs in a row in one of his runs, very high 540s, switchhanded and regular, and no handers, a bunch of no footed variations, and a flair into a perfect no-handed flair to end his runs.
Jamie Bestwick flows a vert ramp like nobody else ever. It seemed like he was holding back a bit in qualifying because the ramp was pretty narrow compared to most contest ramps these days, but he destroyed the finals. His style is amazing, it's like he's riding trails, he starts off with turndowns and tables and x-ups and combines them with one another, then he starts throwing his bars around and taking his hands off, then he does some 540s then flairs, everything pulled perfectly everytime pretty much. He did a turndown flair in one of his runs and a tabletopped 540 then an opposite 540, and ended it all with a big alleyoop 540. After the contest Jamie was awarded the year end belt and straight jacket, and a whole bunch of money.
STUNTMEN VERT 1 Jamie Bestwick 2 Kevin Robinson 3 Chad Kagy 4 Simon Tabron 5 Koji Kraft 6 Jimmy Walker 7 Jim Burgess 8 Josh Harrington 9 Jeremy Fanberg 10 Bob Kohl
It was hot as heck in Joliet all the days of the CFB contest. Riders were sweating like crazy, but at least they had good water fountains at the park and coolers full of bottled water with cfb/bestbuy stickers on them. I (www.infantrybmx.com ???) don't enter too many contests, but decided to enter this one before I even rode the course. I ended up not liking it too much and was never in the mood to ride too hard. I had to ride right after Tom Haugen, so that was not something to look forward to at all. In my run I started off with a 360 tailwhip and landed kinda flat and hurt my wrist, but still rode away. Then I just putzed around the course and ended my run with a flair attempt on the quarter to wedge and bent my handlebars. It was a good time though. I forgot to find out what place I got and don't really care. Probably 59th out of 40 or something, haha. But anyway, there were 3 heats of pro riders and lots of people were riding very very well. Koji missed making the finals by one tenth of a point and he was really riding good. Brian Vowell was jumping the spine kinda high and landing in a hang five, Jamie Sprietzer and Casey Burk didn't enter the contest, but both of them totally shredded the course the day before and could have done pretty well. Colin Mackay won the whole event and ended up taking the year end title also.
10.Scott Foster tied for 2nd in qualifying with a run consisting of a wallride to tailwhip, handplants over the little subbox on the street course, tailwhip airs, and a tailwhip 360 over the box. In the finals he did more of the same, along with some backflip turndown attempts.
9.Gary Young rocked the course with high speed trickery. Wall rides from quarter to quarter across the vert wall in both directions, lip slides, a downside tailwhip from the quarter to wedge, and a couple attempts to stall the top of the big wall out of a wedge.
8.Josh Harrington did a triple barspin over the box, some barspin to fufanu attempts on the wedge wall thing, and a bottom side doublepeg grind on a quarter. He tried some of them on a subbox and kinda pulled one, but when he landed his backtire blew out.
7.Shawn Arrata flowed the course with a good smooth style. Tire grabs over the spine, big supermans and barspins, lookback airs, a huge transfer from the spine to the doubletransitioned spine ramp. His friends in the crowd had a sign they held up during all his runs that said Shawn Aratica !!! Better than Todd Lyons. He broke his chain during his run, but got it fixed in time to continue to shred for the DGC.
6.Allan Cooke did some decent manuevering in the event. Nice barspins to walltaps an icepick grind out of the sub on the mini into the street course, and a big wallride transfer from the slanted wall, over the quarter, and into the wedge to wall area.
5.Tom Haugen is a hard trick machine. He has some of the hardest bike manuevers wired more than anybody ever and does them often. In practice the day before the contest he kept doing the same run, huge no-handed 360 over the box, x-up air, tailwhip 360 over the street spine, and barspin onto the vert wall. He did that run, along with a tailwhip to tailtap on the subbox and nosepick and toothpick to barspin stuff on the mini to earn himself a top spot. In the finals he did the same type of stuff, along with a 360 tailwhip to x-up over the box, and 720 tailwhip tailtap to fakie on a quarter.
4.Mike Parenti No handed 360s, one handed x-up flips, fufanu on the side of the mini's sub out of a quarter, and a backflip over the double transitioned spine ramp. It was this ramp that started off with a regular transition, then the top 2 feet of it got real steep.
3.Dave Osato's runs involved downside tailwhip bunnyhops on a wedge, 360 and 540 nosepicks on the miniramp, a big nosepick on the top of the wedged wall thing, and the trick of the contest, a tailwhip nosepick on the face of the wall. Amazing.
2.Ryan Nyquist 720 over the box, 720 attempt over the street spine, flip tricks, 270 barspin into the mini, 540 tailtap attempts on the sub out of the mini, these stunts got Ryan into the finals. Then he started off the finals with a run meant to destroy all competition, truck driver over the box backwards, barspin flip over the spine, highspeed craziness all over the course. All in all, he tried to 720 the street spine 9 times in the finals, 5 times in a row in one run, but every time he landed and put a foot down or slid out or something, he was not happy.
1.Colin Mackay is an awesome rider, he manualed the vert wall, to drop down onto the subbox of the miniramp and went into a fufanu and dropped back into the mini. He flowed around real good, going high and fast, and also did probably the biggest wallride to tailwhip ever on the wedge to wedge wall.
PRO PARK: 1 Colin MacKay 2 Ryan Nyquist 3 Dave Osato 4 Mike Parenti 5 Tom Haugen 6 Allan Cooke 7 Shawn Arata 8 Josh Harrington 9 Gary Young 10 Scott Foster 11 Koji Kraft 12 Brian Foster 13 Cory Martinez 14 Rob Darden 15 Scott Wirch 16 Seth Kimbrough 17 Ryan Sher 18 Brian Kachinksy 19 Mike Laird 20 Kenji Tsuruta 21 Andy Kent 22 Jon Reed 23 Ryan Jordan 24 Mark Rainha 25 Dan Sieg 26 Drake Miller 27 Jeremy Fanberg 28 Danny Williams 29 Ben Polaschek 30 Jason Suchan 31 John Heaton 32 Jimmy Turner 33 Hollywood Brancato 34 Brian Vowell 35 Edwar Pollio 36 John Cousert 37 Steven McCann 38 Adam Aloise 39 Joe Prisel 40 Bruce Crisman 41 Chad Kagy

AM PARK: 1 Mat Sparks 2 Eben Fischer 3 Jeff Simmons 4 Robbie Compartino 5 Ron Thomas 6 Dan Bosard 7 Luke Hastay 8 Nick Lucas 9 Karl Poynter 10 Josh Steir 11 Ryan Boen 12 Steve Cleimark 13 Mat Szelag 14 T.J. Henderson 15 Landon Anderson 16 Nicholas Bonner 17 Eric Vasquez 18 Miguel Garcia 19 Jamie Apostalou 20 Christopher Howell 21 Ryan Jackson 22 Orlando Liwanag 23 Justin Bland 24 Joe West 25 Matt Carmichael 26 Cody Curry 27 Jay Simmons 28 Kris Marcum 29 Chris Doehel 30 Ben Ogden 31 Justin Locke 32 Trent McDaniel 33 Robert Longhurst 34 Jonah Lidberg 35 Tim Flotkoetter 36 Jay Schlie 37 Mark Potoczny 38 Dennis Dombrow 39 Joshua Hayes 40 Ryan Jenkins 41 Bobby Parker 42 Tony Turner 43 Jonathan Schwass 44 Chad Ockstadt 45 JJ Kelly 46 Preston Solis 47 Jake Blank 48 Mike Dakaw 49 Josh Bargman 50 Shawn Bilslend 51 Joe Rommell 52 Ryan Upham