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Event: B3 2000 round 2
Date: april 14-16, 2000
Place: Louisville, KY
Art Thomason spinning hitchiker juggler au practice.
Day "the bomb" Smith qualified first with one of the best flat runs of the contest. He did a cross footed hitchhiker and jumped to a regular hiker, his killer hang 5 to backpacker to hitchhiker link, and an upside down decade! Day was on fire! The finals were nuts; everyone was on top of their game.
Aaron Behnke took home 3rd place with a flawless run full of his unique links.
It is impossible to discuss the top 3 at any comp without mentioning Trevor Meyer. Trevor, as always, had some of the best tricks of the contest. He turbined a wheelchair 3 times and barflipped out into a cross handed steamroller. He also came really close to landing his double turbined deathtruck. Meyer took 2nd.
Nathan Penonzek got a well deserved 1st place. This guy has more style and flow than anyone and he is also one of the most consistent riders in the pro class. He did cross footed jugglers and his jump from the back pegs 180 barflip to cross handed steamroller move into all sorts of pivots and direction changes...you just have to see it to comprehend, and even then it is really hard to grasp how hard his moves are. This is Nathan's third pro win at a BS comp (I think).
STUNTMEN FLAT RESULTS 1-Penonzek, Nathan 2-Meyer, Trevor 3-Behnke, Aaron 4-Wilhelm, Matt 5-Ito, Takashi 6-Catlow, Effraim 7-Uno, York 8-Smith, Day 9-Cerra, Stephen 10-Thomason, Art 11-Powell, Scott 12-Peters, Sean 13-Cooper, Andy 14-Valin, Leif 15-Faris, Andrew 16-Gipson, Matt 17-Huffman, Bryan 18-Tunney, Brian 19-Anderson, Patrick 20-King, Keith 21-Miron, Jay 22-Miller, Joe
The vert finals was without a doubt the best vert final I have ever seen in my life! It reminded me a lot of the old school BS comps where people went for the craziest tricks they could think of, but at this comp they were pulling the crazy stuff !
Simon Tabron learned no handed 540s in practice (he pulled the first one he ever tried) and he stuck it in his run along with a 900 for 6th place.
Just to give you an idea of how good everyone was riding, first through fifth place was decided by only 7/10 of a point! Jamie Bestwick got 5th place by going all over the ramp with some of the best alleyoop and opposite tricks in the sport. He finished off his run by pulling a flair. However, that just wasn't enough for Bestwick. He landed the flair carved into the Snapple banner and did a front flip dismount over it !
Since we are on the topic of flairs, let me tell you, Dennis McCoy has that trick WIRED. He pulled two of the cleanest flairs I have ever seen. DMC also busted an alleyoop 540 and came really close to pulling a 900. He got 4th.
Dave "the miracle MAN" Mirra earned 3rd place by doing a crazy cross-leg superman seat grab (indian air superman seat grab), a one handed (a.k.a. low cash) ice pick grind, and the best no handed 540 of the contest. Dave came super close to pulling a one handed tailwhip, too.
For the third time in a row, Mat Hoffman got 2nd place. It is such a treat to see this guy riding again; Mat has the most original and toughest moves out there and he does it all with no brakes! He started out with a huge no hander to front peg grab and kept up the insanity with tricks like: rocket barspin to barspin back, cross-hand turndown to no footer, a peg grab 540 right into a tailwhip, and he came really close to pulling a double tailwhip.
After everyone's first run was over, I thought Hoffman had first locked up. And he would have, but Jay Miron turned in the best vert run I have ever seen. He started out with a 540 right into a 540 tailwhip! He went on to pull a smooth double tailwhip, a no footed 540, a decade air, and he almost pulled a backflip. He was spinning like a mad man in every trick; no lip tricks, no easy airs, just the sickest moves pro vert has ever seen. Jay won hands down!
STUNTMEN VERT RESULTS 1-Miron, Jay 2-Hoffman, Mat 3-Mirra, Dave 4-McCoy, Dennis 5-Bestwick, Jamie 6-Tabron, Simon 7-Davies, Jason 8-Geisler, Stephan 9-Parker, John 10-Eggleston, Jay 11-Shaw, Zach 12-Nolli, Rob 13-Miller, Pat 14-Heino, Josh 15-Osato, Dave 16-Laird, Mike 17-Saito, Seiji 18-Miller, Thad 19-Brumlow, Dave
Josh Heino se détruit le genou.
The course was set up very nice, with tons of great gaps, and the riders definitely took advantage of it. The winner of last year's "tough as nails" award, Troy McMurray, got 9th with insane moves like full barspin 360s on the wall ride and 360 candybars. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he had no brakes and no pegs! I think Troy is going for the "tough as nails" award again this year; he took two or three spills that would make a normal person call it quits, but Troy got right back up and kept riding. He crashed so hard on his last trick that it knocked his helmet off !
Hoffman Bikes' very own Seth Kimbrough got 7th place. This kid is only 17 and he has some of the most original lines I have ever seen. Seth did a 180 bunnyhop to backwards double peg grind down the ledge on the starting ramp and pulled the fakie. He also did a dope barspin fakie on the wallride. This is Seth's first year as a pro and he has made the cut in the first 3 comps of the year; that is quite an accomplishment.
Allan Cooke went faster than anyone; he hit every obstacle HAULING. Cooke did a nothing over the gap between the jump box and the sub box deal. Alan was awarded 6th for his efforts.
The Miracle Man, Dave Mirra got 5th by doing some of the gnarliest moves of the comp, such as: suicide truckdrivers, X up loops on the spine, a super high no handed 360 over the spine, and he came very close to pulling a no handed 720! Whatever.
Rob Noli is always a serious contender in street. This time he got 4th place by doing a no footed cancan over the gap from the mini quarter to the wallride, a whiplash on the transition of the sub box, and a loop over the big ledge between the two box jumps. Rob has mad skills, yo.
Portland local, Bruce Crisman got 3rd. I was so stoked for Bruce; this kid went off! He did a barspin over the gap from the top of the quarter to the wedge, a huge truckdriver to X up, and a decade air on the wedge.
Jay Miron won street at the first B3 of the year, in Arizona, and he was ripping it up in Kentucky as well. Jay went huge and did super tech moves. He pulled a killer superman seat grab 360 and a 360 tailwhip over the spine, but he also rolled a g-turn across the deck of the box jump. Jay was the only guy to ride vert, flat, and street in Louisville. He walked away with 1st in vert and 2nd in street...not too shabby at all.
Dave Osato won his first pro contest at the Hoffman park in OKC about 5 years ago. He won again in Louisville for his second pro win ever. Dave was unstoppable! He threw down a clean 720, tailwhipped wedge to wedge, did a tailwhip tailtap, and did a g-turn 360 across the sub box thing.
STUNTMEN STREET RESULTS 1-Osato, Dave 2-Miron, Jay 3-Crisman, Bruce 4-Nolli, Rob 5-Mirra, Dave 6-Cooke, Allan 7-Kimbrough, Seth 8-Bestwick, Jamie 9-McMurray, Troy 10-Alcantara, Ruben 11-Haugen, Tom 12-Winkleman, Colin 13-Laird, Mike 14-Ardelean, Mike 15-Shellkopf, Chris 16-Daily, Mike 17-Price, Dan 18-McCoy, Dennis 19-Randall, Daniel 20-Kimler, Ron 21-Mackay, Colin 22-Heaton, John 23-Carson, Sandy 24-Ramsdell, Leigh 25-Fuentes, Jesus 26-Griffin, Mike 27-Bethers, John