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Event: CFB 2001 round 3
Date: june 28-july 1, 2001
Place: Woodward Camp, Woodward, Penn.
Brian Tuney, www.hsacentral.com, 2001: Expert flat was stacked with talent from all over the country. Plywood Hood Brett Downs showed up on a We the People Pony with Rooftop shoes to nab 11th place in qualifying. Yes, most people know Brett for his backflips, but he also still rides flat, complete with a coaster brake and lots of stylish footwork.
Massachusetts local Matt St. Gelais grabbed 9th place with a headband and the backwards hitchiker to barspin out.
Grabbing 4th place was IFL organizer Chris Day, who pulled out tricks like hangliders and fire hydrants to bar endo.
3rd place went to NJ local James Kennedy, who rides brakeless and has some original lines. And 1st place went to CFB year-end expert flat champ Scott Weaver. Scott rode smoother than anyone, pulling gliding switch foot stick bitches and plenty of other smooth links. Watch for these guys and more in the pro class very soon. Pro Class
10th place: Yasushi Tanabe, one of the few representatives who made it over from Japan, battled jet lag with lots of crazy front wheel action.
9th place went to London Bikes rider Aaron Frost, who pulled lot of front wheel rolling links, changing direction from forward to backward and staying off the brakes.
8th place went to Brian Tunney. His computer is helping to write this story and his cats need to be fed soon. In between getting kicked out and back into the lodge, he had fun.
7th place went to another London Bikes rider, Jeff Desroche. Jeff goes for crazy jump style links on the front wheel that worked out to his advantage in the finals.
6th place went to We the People rider Aaron Behnke. Aaron rode the trails, the Morton bowl and the Playground wedge bowl combi wallride with style after he put his Pony down.
5th place went to GT wonder boy Matt Wilhelm. Matt's spinning style didn't work too well on the slippery surface, but he still pulled some good stuff for 5th. And he always looks like he's having fun, which is good.
4th place went to Powell Bikes one and only rider Scott Powell. Scott showed up late, rode without a helmet and rubbed himself down with Toast brand sports rub after the finals. He also pulled his upside down decade to end his runs.
3rd place went to Spain's newest flatland prodigy, Jorge Gomez. Once again, I'm caught writing a story about flatland with Jorge in it and I can't begin to describe his tricks. Go buy Props Passport to see some of Jorge's newest stuff, or just wait for the CFB show later this month.
2nd place went to Dig-It's Nathan Penonzek. Nathan flowed like he usually does, in between camp sessions with Jorge.
1st place went to Stephen Cerra, riding for Dig-It as well. This was Stephen's first pro win. Congrats dude. He pulled all of his good stuff like bar split no foot tomahawks and knee stand megaspins. And now he's a little bit wealthier for it. Not much though. We lost out dot com sponsor. Stephen didn't seem to care though. See you next year.

Oh, and if you need to know who won the year-end, it was Nathan yet again. Like you needed to ask even.
STUNTBOYS FLAT 1.scott weaver 2.joe schiavi 3.james kennedy 4.chris day 5.dave petrin 6.tj perry 7.darin wright 8.eric jeters 9.matt st. gelais 10.joel bergey

STUNTMEN FLAT 1.stephen cerra 2.nathan penonzek 3.jorge gomez 4.scott powell 5.matt wilhelm 6.aaron behnke 7.jeff desroche 8.brian tunney 9.aaron frost 10.yasushi tanabe
Leigh Ramsdell, www.hsacentral.com, 2001: Woodward Camp is known for having the best riding areas in the world. The dirt jumps are no exception. Tons of lines, big jumps and great dirt you are bound to have some of the best dirt riders flocking to these great mounds built for pure radness. There were plenty of riders watching the event. Only ten riders rode in the Stuntboy class. These jumps were no joke. But the ten that did enter showed that they were also no joke. I'm not even joking about that.
You had riders like Matthew Stoner, David Stroud and David Healy flowing through the course like it was nobodies business. In the end Mark Potocany showed everybody his business and won the dag gone contest. Good job Mark.

Next up were the big dogs, yes I'm talking about the pros. One pro who didn't enter decided to announce the comp. Mr. Ryan Nyquist did and exquisite job. If he ever stops riding he'll have him a job MCing. In no particular order here's what went down with the ten pros that made it into the finals.
Todd Walkowiak does tons of tricks and a lot of time more than one in a single jump like no-hander to x-up. He was also busting 360 turndowns and tailwhips.
Steven McCann came over from Australia to do some super stretched barhops and tons of 360s though the jumps.
A fairly new guy to the finals, Kevin Porter whipped his bike all over the place with no-footed x-up to turndown, barspins and a really rad x-up tailwhip.
One of my favorite people to watch ride is Brian Foster. He does stuff with so good style. He did one handed x-ups, 360 turndowns, huge 360 tables and a newly learned tailwhip. It was also his birthday.
Scott Wirch is back off an injury and no-footed can-canning, truckdriving and barspinning for the kids and himself.
Rob Darden can ride anything that he wants too and dirt is no exception. He did a barspin catch barspin to one handed lander and went for a double tailwhip which he barely slide out on.
TJ Lavin is one bad mofo. Good tailwhip transfers and going for 360 tailwhips in the middle of the sets.
Going big is Cory Nastazio thing and this time was no different. He did big flips, tailwhips and went for a 360 tailwhip.
Chris Doyle does tons of tricks with a great style. Turndown to x-up, 360 turndown and tailwhips that he has so smooth it's ridiculous.
Allan Cooke is a bad ass. Huge superman seatgrab, barspin and x-up flips, canon balls, and a barspin catch barspin to x-up. He won.
This was a good contest and Woodward knows how to make jumps that riders like.
STUNTBOYS DIRT 1.Mark Potocany 2.Joe Sterling 3.Todd Sabecky 4.Dominil Condusta 5.Randy Adams 6.David Stroud 7.Matthew Stoner 8.Ben Corbett 9.David Healy 10.Jake Fitch

STUNTMEN DIRT 1.Alan Cooke 2.TJ Lavin 3.Cory Nastazio 4.Brian Foster 5.Steven McCann 6.Chris Doyle 7.Rob Darden 8.Kevin Porter 9.Todd Walkowiak 10.Scott Wirch 11.Paul Kinter 12.Darren Baerrcloth 13.Adam Baker 14.Todd Lyons 15.Ronny Chaulk 16.Chris Eimen 17.Tim Hall 18.Josh Stricker 19.Jerry Bagley 20.Mike Szozebuc 21.Matt Beringer 22.Adam Strieby 23.Van Homan 24.Reuel Erickson 25.Heath Pinter 26.Richard Davison 27.Ryan Jordan
Leigh Ramsdell, www.hsacentral.com, 2001: This CFB had the smallest vert classes to this year but that doesn't mean the riding was small. It wasn't. In fact it was huge. I could keep going on but I think that you get the point. The vert ramp is about as nice as they come, complete with two different size roll ins. One was about four feet above the deck and the other one went into the clouds in which Jack used instead of the beanstalk to go visit the giant.

Stunt Boy vert had six brave warriors battling it out. Brandon Trotter gave every body a little scare after he looped out and hit his head pretty hard but like a true tough guy he got right back up and kept on riding. Little Bear rode his bike and kicked ass. Dennis Dombrow use to e-mail me and say that he was Mike Ardelean. But it looks like he found time to get away from the computer and ride his bike some. He had a good style and you'll be seeing him more. One of the directors at Woodward, John Rokos did some rad stuff over the channel. In second place Art D'Ambrosio showed every one what was up, well everyone but Brian Gavigan who was going high, throwing variations in as needed and winning the dang contest.

Stunt Man vert also had six brave warriors battling it out.
Ricky Roich came from South America and showed us how the do it down there.
All the way from Japan was Shoe-G Ueyama who can do a really good American accent and some really kick ass one-handed x-ups.
Jason Branham has been entering the Stunt Boy vert all year and decided to go pro here. He has a really good style and stretches variation far. I think we'll be seeing him more in the future.
OBG in the house. Well actually on the ramp and in the air. Good no-handers, indian air superman seat grabs and bar spins to third.
Tuff as nails, Koji Kraft managed to make it through the whole weekend with out knocking himself out and also managed, opposite 540's, tailwhip to x-ups and good no-footed can-cans. Good job.
Mat Hoffman rolled in from the roll in that was was up in the clouds and went over thirteen feet. He also pulled a good flair, big 540's, and an array of variations that leave most people in awe. He won.
Koji Kraft, Mat Hoffman and Jason Branham also paid tribute to Dennis McCoy by flying off the ramp and plowing into the crowd. Even though there were only six riders the jam was packed full of craziness to make up for the lack of competitors.
STUNTBOYS VERT 1.Brian Gavigan 2.Art D'Ambrosio 3.John Rokos 4.Dennis Dombrow 5.Little Bear Webster 6.Brandon Trotter

STUNTMEN VERT 1.Mat Hoffman 2.Koji Kraft 3.Stefan Geisler 4.Jason Branham 5.Shoe-G Ueyama 6.Ricky Roich
The park contest was pretty intense. The soon to be's were held in the inside course called Lot 8 because of rain and the stunt boy's were held outside in The Cage when the rain went away. Then the rain came back to see what was going on, everyone went back to Lot 8 for the Stuntmen park contest. The rain was sad because everyone went inside and cried all day long.
Axel Jurgens was downside ice picking the huge announcing tower and then went to downside fufanu it and fell and destroyed his leg. Get well soon Alex.
Chad Kagy was manueling around the entire bowl, tailwhipping the box jump and going high as heck on the vert wall. I think he wanted to peg stall it.
Someone who we haven't seen in a while, Ron Kimler was transfering, manualing and riding Lot 8 like he owned it. He was also doing nothings over the box jump.
"hey can we get a turndown over here, please" "hold on we're sending Brian Wizmerski there now. Turn down to manual, Turndown to feeble grind, but he also did an array of nice grinds and a no-handed transfer.
Seth Kimbrough has a style all his own. He did a 360 manual to backwards grind. He also did a back peg grind acoss a ledge to barspin out. He's got a lot of originality and a lot of piercings which he didn't take out the whole time he was there.
Bruce Crisman did a one-handed fufanu on the sub quarter ramp. And rode every chance he got.
Colin Mackay pulled a clean tailwhip bunnyhop of off a grind ledge. He also did a good no-handed 360 and a suicide double truck driver.
John Heaton did a good barspin transfer from a quarter to a wedge over the unsuspecting crowd and he also pulled a flair to pegstall out of the bowl to a small subbox with a destroyed back wheel.
Rob Darden's parents and girlfriend were there to witness him pulling a 360 tailwhip, double tailwhip and a tailwhip to feeble grind. Holy cow that was the trick of the contest.
Alistair Whitton plain and simply destroyed Lot 8. Turndown flips, huge turndown transfers, and lines that made you look twice. That kid rules. He did win the contest after all was shred and done.
After the contest was over the rain decided it had enough and was off the cry somewhere else. The sun was shining and everybody went home with memories of a crazy ass comp. Thanks to Woodward for providing the location of the finals and a great contest. Bye-bye.
SOON TO BE PARK 1.Jason Loychick 2.Landon Anderson 3.Jake Koppen 4.Zack DeSantis 5.Jeff Myke 6.Jason Schmuck 7.Dennis Dombrow 8.Cory Ionson 9.Mark Peppe 10.Ryan Procenko 11.Robert Anderson 12.Mike Murla 13.Steve Wisbeski 14.Cory Coffey 15.Dann Haynes 16.Mike Hogan 17.Colin Loughlin 18.Thomas Austin 19.Braondon Scott 20.Greg Fire 21.Yves Tromblay 22.Scotty Little 23.Matt Stoner 24.Douglas Connolly 25.Pieter Possenier 26.James Olson 27.David Moore 28.Will Morris 29.Adam Schnellenbach 30.Donald Osbourne 31.Jimmy Loughlin

STUNTBOYS PARK 1.Brian Kachinsky 2.Dan Sieg 3.Justin Inman 4.Tomotaka Yoshitami 5.Casey Burk 6.Brennen Britton 7.Jon Pratt 8.Tim Carver 9.Kyle Schaefer 10.Ben Corbett 11.Dacian Gingrich 12.Chase Hawk 13.Justin Bland 14.Chad Castellanos 15.John Saxton 16.Seth Van Patten 17.Shunsuke Shinanu 18.Joe Neudenbach 19.Dustin Johnson 20.Jonathan Lynn 21.Mike Poulos 22.Nick Lucas 23.Joe Riiska 24.Jonah Lidberg 25.Tim Oliver 26.Ryan Navazio 27.Brandon Gale 28.Orlando Liwanag 29.Steve Pasquale 30.Bobby Parker 31.Ryan Boen 32.Mike Hernandez 33.Kentra Tanaka 34.Matthew Culpepper 35.Kris Marcum 36.Chris Dempsey 37.Quinn Semling 38.Luke Hastay 39.Justin Hochevar 40.Jeremy Smith 41.Jeremy Hrabal 42.Kevin Little 43.Phillip Teague 44.Wes Dunham 45.Cody Curry 46.Andrew Candelaria 47.Rondel Somerset 48.Brian Cunningham 49.Chris Dachel 50.Ronald Thomas 51.Matt Sparks 52.Eric Retto 53.Joe Sterling 54.Andy Belcher 55.Mike Klingensmith 56.Little Bear Webster 57.Sebastian De Marco 58.Dominic Jacobs

STUNTMEN PARK 1.Alistair Whitton 2.Rob Darden 3.John Heaton 4.Colin Mackay 5.Bruce Crisman 6.Seth Kimbrough 7.Brian Wizmerski 8.Ron Kimler 9.Chad Kagy 10.Axel Jurgens 11.Taj Mihelich 12.Kenji Tsuruta 13.Kevin Porter 14.Shawn Dorton 15.Brian Foster 16.Ronny Chaulk 17.Shoe-G Ueyama 18.Allan Cooke 19.Jason Rodriguez 20.Robert Jensen 21.Aaron Bostrom 22.Mike Aredelean 23.Matt Beringer 24.Phil McFadden 25.Koji Kraft 26.Mike Daye 27.Brad Laudal 28.Kevin Garwood 29.Alejandro Caro 30.Jason Suchan 31.Billy Dexter 32.Jon Reed 33.John Sabin 34.William Delfe 35.John Rokos 36.Mike Lausman 37.Ashley Hoffman 38.Terry Jones 39.Niels Thanild 40.John Bethers 41.Ruel Smith 42.Steven Kneeland 43.Solar Power 44.Geoffrey Moorhead 45.Kenan Harkin 46.Tony Zanni