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Event: CFB 2001 round 1
Date: february 22-25, 2001
Place: Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, FL.
www.hsacentral.com: Stunt boy Flatland: Akto Katani from Japan brought home the first place with a completely original run of front wheel moves, including something that resembled funky chicken switch whips. Florida local Scott Weaver took second with a run of smooth, rolling moves, including a sweet no-handed switch foot caboose glide.

Spain's George Gomez grabbed a hefty 9th place, full of halfhiker to cross foot halfhikers and barflip combos galore. George rode amazing in practice, but touched a bit too much in the finals to place higher.
Japan's Ryoji Yamamoto san rode his way into 8th place with whiplash to steamroller jumps and pleased his fellow Japanese riders by making the finals.
Ex-Florida local Aaron Behnke put his German sponsor "We the People" on the map by placing 7th with his usual array of weirdness on both the front and back wheel.
The first of two French riders in the top 10 was Jimmy Petitet, who brought his brakeless links to fruition for 6th place.
Japan's Kotaro Tanaka pushed his back wheel walkarounds down for 5th, following closely behind England's Phil Dolan. Phil came into 4th with his trademark brand of walkarounds, and...a pedalling straddle roni.
France's Alex Jumelin grabbed 3rd with trick injections that made everyone's jaw and lips drop. He is too fast at his trickery to even tell you what he does.
Canada's Nathan Penonzek pulled his patented front and back wheel 30-second links for 2nd place.
And in 1st place was Nathan's good buddy and chief Flatland innovator, Finland's Martti Kuoppa. Martti has been on a winning streak since last year's X-Games, and definitely deserves it. I was super nervous during my runs, but somehow it worked out really good. I did all the x-games stuff, it's my safe stuff now and those tricks secured my win. In the next contest, I am going to do my harder tricks...
STUNTMEN FLAT: 1. Martti Kuoppa (Dig It) 2. Nathan Penonzek (Dig It) 3. Alexandre Jumelin 4. Phil Dolan 5. Kotaro Tanaka (Dig It) 6. Jimmy Petitet 7. Aaron Behnke (We The People) 8. Ryoji Yamamoto 9. George Gomez 10. Chad DeGroot (Haro)

STUNTBOYS FLAT: 1. Akto Kotani 2. Scott Weaver 3. Yasushi Tanabe 4. Kenji Fukumori 5. Kenta Yuri 6. Genyo Ninomya 7. Ron Monis 8. Scott O'Brien 9. Daisuke Suzuki 10. Jon Dowker
Sometimes a bad situation can make for a great challenge, like the CFB Dirt contest. To start, the clay used to build the jumps stayed too wet to actually ride so they had to lay plywood over the jumps. Then the second landing had to be changed twice and, during the contest, it was raining on and off. But despite all the inconveniences, we got to witness some really kick ass riding.
The stuntman class was packed with 41 dirty Dirt jumpers. This was such a tough class to judge, just making the finals was a feat itself. Guys who didn't make the cut were still doing ridiculous stuff. Troy McMurray was 360ing every jump with variations. Allan Cooke barely missed the cut with nothings and x-up flips.
The top 10 went a little something like this: Number 10 was Ronnie Chalk doing some of the most extended superman seat grabs ever.
Joey Garcia did a half barspin on the first jump and a tailwhip with the bars backward on the second. He ended up in the number nine spot.
It was great seeing Fit's Brian Foster back on his bike and tweaking 360 turndown for 8th place.
Todd Walkowiak may be small in size but his bags of tricks are larger than most people. He was busting out 360 tailwhips, truckdrivers to crankflips and 720's. He got 7th.
The number six spot was S&M's Rob Darden. He did a one-handed x-up to x-up and tricked every jump.
Steve Murray has been plagued with injuries but showed everybody what he can do when he's healthy. He's got no-handed backflips, 360's both ways and turndown flips dialed for a fine 5th place.
Fourth went to the guy who can spin anything flat on his finger, Chris Doyle. He 360'ed the first jump everytime with variations and over the second set he did stuff like tailwhips and no-footed can-can 360s.
Straight from the outback of Australia Colin McKay truckdrove to x-up and turndown to x-up and whatever he wanted to x-up for 3rd place.
It was close between the next two but TJ Lavin had to settle for 2nd this time even though he was busting turndown flips, double truckdrivers and 360 tailwhips.
What could beat that ? Well x-up flips, huge tailwhips and barspin flips by Cory Nastazio that's what. For all the challenges that the riders faced with this event, they prevailed with some of the best dirt jumping that we've seen in a long time.
STUNTMEN DIRT: 1st Cory Nastazio 2nd T.J. Lavin 3rd Colin MacKay 4th Chris Doyle 5th Stephen Murray 6th Rob Darden 7th Todd Walkowiak 8th Brain Foster 9th Joey Garcia 10. Ronny Chalk 11. Allan Cooke 12. Troy Mc Murray 13. Joe Marks 14. Reuel Erikson 15. Tim "Fuzzy" Hall 16. Van Homan 17. Justin Marchek 18. Mark Kehl 19. Jerry Bagley 20. Kevin Porter 21. Adam Strieby 22. Darren Berrecloth 23. Jon Greer 24. Romuald Noirot 25. Allister Whitten 26. Dan P'Simer 27. Paul Kinter 28. Josh Stricker 29. Chris Eimen 30. Christophe Jacquemard 31. Koji Kraft 32. Heath Pinter 33. Grant Teel 34. Todd Lyons 35. Rocchisani Julien 36. Duncan Gore 37. Matt Beringer 38. Scott Wirch 39. Shelter Doe 40. Cyril Dangeul 41. Ryan O'Connel

STUNTBOYS DIRT: 1. Mark Mulville 2. David Healy 3. Aaron Wendt 4. Stephen Lilly 5. Billy Dexter 6. Chase Hawk 7. Brian Culler 8. Phillip Teague 9. Ryan Breyette 10. Zak Taylor 11. Dan Haynes
There were 18 guys in the class and that was cut to 10 for the finals. For the finals they had a 20-minute jam format, which the riders liked.
There were some new faces in the finals, like Mike Mancuso. He was going high and busted a big 540.
Joe Tecca had a lot of variations and good lip tricks.
John Bristol rode the ramp like it was trails. He did some cool berm slide airs and had a good style.
The youngest vert competitor, Josh Harrington, had a big bag of tricks like double barspins, peg grind to barspin out and one-handed stovepipes. That kid is good.
Lip Lord, Jay Eggleson has been making the finals for a while. He was doing high airs, 540's and no-handed fakies.
Injuries stop some people but Koji Kraft would fall get hurt and be back a few minutes later. He had some crazy variations like x-up rocker airs to no-footed can-cans, lookbacks to switch-handers and opposite 540's.
All the way from Germany was Stefan Geisler otherwise known as O.B.G. (one big German). He does some stretched topside no-footed can-cans, no-handers and 540's, landing so hard one time that he popped both his tires.
All-American Kevin Robinson flaired, switch-handed and no-handed 540'ed his way to third.
Jamie Bestwick rides the ramp like you'd carve a Thanksgiving turkey, nice and juicy. Flairs, downside tailwhips, lots of variations and going both ways for second place finish.
Everytime I watch Dave Mirra ride he always has new stuff that blows me away. This time he did a flair about seven feet out and carved a great deal of the ramp. But that's not all, he did a no-handed 540 keeping his hands off most of the rotations. But wait there's more. Tailwhip to x-ups and super smooth double tailwhip in which he said, "I'm the happiest person on this ramp right now." Dave didn't care weather or not he won, he was just stoked to do stuff like the double tailwhip. But he did win.
This was the first Vert comp of the year and if it's any indication for the rest of the year then anyone with a heart condition might want to stay at home.
STUNTMEN VERT: 1. Dave Mirra 2. Jamie Bestwick 3. Kevin Robinson 4. Stefan Geisler 5. Rob Nolli 6. Koji Kraft 7. Jay Eggleston 8. Josh Harrington 9. John Bristol 10. Joe Tecca 11. Mike Mancuso 12. Rick Thorne 13. Tim Eichert 14. Psycho 15. Dave Brumlow 16. Keith McElhinney

STUNTBOYS VERT: 1. Jason Burnham 2. Jason Palmer 3. Walter Pieringer 4. Art D'Ambrosio 5. Steve Pasquale 6. Van Palmer 7. John Rokos
What do you get when you have 50 Park riders, slippery ramps and lots of sun ? You get people slipping all over the place, riders colliding into each other and sunburn. But you also get one hell of a contest. With 50 riders, I had to feel sorry for the judges. In the qualifying runs the competitors got one 75-second run. In the finals it was the 25-minute jam format that everybody seems to love. There was so much awesome riding going on.
John Taylor made the trek from England to make it in the finals and he did a handplant over the spine.
Corey Martinez had some bike trouble but he still managed to pull off a rad line. He barspun to manual to sprocket grind a ledge on the deck and then he did a handrail that went behind the ramps.
It was good to see Bruce Crisman at the contest going for huge tranfers.
The man who constantly has different hair styles, Mike Ardelean, was doing crooked grinds across the flat rail.
It seems like Dirt jumpers are getting more and more into the Park thing. The next two guys are known more for dirt but they proved they have more skills then just getting dirty. Ryan "biz" Jordan tailwhipped a wedge hip and 180 barspun on to a box to 180 barspin out.
Chris Doyle rode well in qualifying but he figured that he didn't make the cut so he started to head to the airport to go home, but after some phone calls he was back to the park and ripped it up on Brian Foster's bike. He did one of the craziest tricks of the contest. He 540 tailtapped the subbox on the eight-foot quarter pipe. Sweet.
John Heaton has more than backflips to manuals,he was tailwhipping the wedges and over channels.
Chad Kagy had some rad lines going on, he manuals to barspin the huge quarterpipe and did a grind to barspin out on the subbox.
Colin Winklemann started his year off good by flipping the street spine and footplanting the subbox and grind to icepick down the rail.
The king of this weekend was Rob Darden. He tailwhip to tailtapped the eight foot quarter. Did a sick tailwhip transfer and was all over the park like white on rice.
STUNTMEN PARK: 1st Rob Darden 2nd Colin Winklemann 3rd Chad Kagy 4th John Heaton 5th Chris Doyle 6th Ryan Jordan 7th Mike Ardelean 8th Bruce Crisman 9th Corey Martinez 10th Jon Taylor 11. Van Homan 12. Allan Cooke 13. Colin MacKay 14. Allister Whitten 15. Markus Wilke 16. Matt Beringer 17. Rob Nolli 18. Markus Hampl 19. Sebastion Keep 20. Shoe-G Ueyama 21. Ryan O'Connel 22. Rich Hirsh 23. Alex Bender 24. Darren Berrecloth 25. Josh Stricker 26. Jim Rienstra 27. Josh Harrington 28. Brain Foster 29. Ben McEwen 30. Chris Duncan 31. Mike Daye 32. Robert Jensen 33. Jason Suchan 34. Aaron Bostrom 35. Byron Anderson 36. Kevin Porter 37. Todd Walkowiak 38. Mike Andrews 39. Mark Flipowicz 40. Jeff Harrington 41. John Rokos 42. Tim Mirra 43. Dainiel Randall 44. Alex Jurgens 45. Tony Zanni 46. John Bethers 47. Terry Jones 48. Wilber Galloway 49. Steve Nowak 50. Ice Money

STUNTBOYS PARK: 1. Kenji Tsuruta 2. Mike Judge 3. Brian Kachiunsky 4. Nathan Moroshan 5. Dan Siege 6. Matt Garreau 7. J.W. Barton 8. Casey Burk 9. Alex Kraus 10. John Demers 11. Seth Van Patten 12. Jim Strobel 13. Jed Rogers 14. Scott Parsons 15. Takashi Yamauchi 16. Matt Lippott 17. Matt Sparks 18. Andy Belcher 19. Kris Marcum 20. Dustin Johnson 21. Eddie McMahel 22. Justin Bland 23. Joseph Scraborough 24. Jeremy Hrabal 25. Jay Schlie 26. Chase Hawk 27. Jonah Lidberg 28. Jacob Lenta 29. Sean Albright 30. Steve Pasquale 31. Leigh Todorovich 32. Rattana Girardot 33. Carl Drefke 34. Steven Caro 35. Eric Retto

Soon To Be PARK: 1. Mattew Jones 2. Shawn Real 3. Dacian Gingrich 4. Brandon Gibson 5. Nicholas Smith 6. Zak Taylor 7. Ben Locicero 8. David Mayo 9. Cabe Crisler 10. Andrew Rivera 11.Chad Luppino 12. Randall Tompkins 13. Joshua James 14. Mike Murla 15. Scott Little 16. Jorell Scott 17. Kevin Schmink 18. Alan Shirley 19. Kerry Mills 20. Justin Taylor 21. Jerry Peel 23. Pablo Gongalez 24. Kieryn Parsons 25. Josh Boatright 26. Jake Kohl
There were ten competitors who rode a 25-minute jam format.
Somebody that you never expected to ride pools and rip was Tim "Fuzzy" Hall.
Matt Beringer was crank flipping all over the place.
Florida native Rob Nolli had some good lines and threw a tailwhip off of the vert wall.
A man with no plan other than destroying everything in his path, Psycho was jumping higher and farther into the snake run and doing a crazy flip for his final trick.
Alistair Whitton came all the way from England to try to gap over the whole snakerun, it was crazy.
Mat Hoffman almost didn't ride the bowl contest but he changed his mind and dropped off a 12-foot roof into a bowl and then he went up an oververt quarter with an eight-inch deck and landed with both wheels on top and dropped back in.
Nor Cal's Rob Darden was jumping from the bowl to the snake run like it was just any old jump; tailwhips, one-handed x-ups and 360s.
The winner of this bowl event was another Nor Cal rider by the name of Ryan O'Connel. He was doing stuff all over the bowls. He was doing a lot of tech stuff and some crazy flips and 360 turndown transfers.
STUNTMEN BOWL: 1st Ryan O'Connel 2nd Rob Darden 3rd Mat Hoffman 4th Alistair Whitton 5th Davin Halford 6th Rob Nolli 7th Matt Beringer 8th Robert Jensen 9th Tim "Fuzzy" Hall 10th Kris Marcum