../events/1995 Bicycle Stunts Series round 3

Sources: Ride BMX UK #20 december 1995, ...
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Date: september 1-3, 1995.
Place: Hoffman Bike Park, Oklahoma City, OK
Kerry Gatt has some rad originals tricks like no-footed donuts.
Andrew Faris took first with backyard switch footed on the pedal combos, forward rope to darkside tailwhip standing on the frront of his stem back to his rear pegs and into a cross footed stick-b.

STUNTBOYS FLAT RESULTS: 1.Andrew Faris 2.Genji Nishimura 3.Matt Gibson 4.David Hanson 5.Kerry Gatt 6.Jake Duarte 7.Aaron Behnke 8.Ron Morris

Sean Peters managed to pull cross-footed tomahawks and spins at light speed.
Chad Degroot pulled upside down megaspins on the pedal to switch footed stick-b on the pedal.
Jason Brown did really fast fire hydrants, pinky squeaks, junkyard to double decade... all really fast.
Trevor Meyer rode as usual, smooth, consistent, insane. Tomahawk cross footed on the pedal, inside junkyard on the pedal to decade, ...

STUNTMEN FLAT RESULTS: 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Jason Brown 3.Chad Degroot 4.Sean Peters 5.Nate Hanson 6.Will Redd 7.Gabe Weed 8.James McGraw
Matt Gibson

Flatland Flashback! Hoffman BS Series '95 from Ten/Eyck New Media Group on Vimeo; filmed on location, OKC, Oklahoma, September 95, Nikola Olic, Jason Brown, Dennis McCoy, Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot, Albert Retay, Sean Peters, ...
STUNTMEN VERT: 1. Jay Miron 2. Dennis McCoy 3. Dave Mirra 4. Stuart King 5. Rick Thorne 6. Achim Kujawski 7. Steve Swope 8. Jim Walker
35 people deep.

Jeff Harrington did the Fat Bald Men proud with huge airs on the mini, huge tailwhips, stupid helmet and 8th place.
7th went to Tim Mirra.
Sandy Carson once again used his technical mini ramp tricks to his advantage. Icepicks over the spine and back, tooth pick transfers, ...
Eben Krackau from Texas got 5th with nosepick tailwhip on the spine, double peg grinds to barspins and he's also doing all this popular backward stuff.
4th place was Troy Steineckert. Truckdriver over the spine were pulled from his impressive bag of tricks.
Luc-E spun his Standard bars multiple times during jumps. He rode very well for someone who says he doesn't ride anymore.
2nd place went to Joe Rich. Big, big flips and jump variations, along with all sort of cool lines. Soon he's going to run out of excuses and have to turn pro.
It's been a long time coming, but Kevin Guttierrez finally won a contest. Crazy 360 hip jumps, a jump from the small quarter to the spine, wich he rode all the way across and normal out-of-control Gute tricks on the mini (alley-oop smith to rockwalk to decade thing).

STUNTBOYS STREET 1.Kevin Guttierrez 2.Joe Rich 3.John luc-e Englebert 4.Troy Steineckert 5.Eben Krackau 6.Sandy Carson 7.Tim Mirra 8.Jeff Harrington

Rooftop had some of the coolest, most street lines of the day. He jumped from the hip to one small quarter's platform, barflipped from that to another quarter, and then barflipped off that to the ground. He also tried backflips from one ramp over a gap of about five feet to land fakie on another ramp. Combined with huge hip tables and lookback backflips, he got 9th place.
Steve Swope rode well with backflip wallride attempts, backflip over the box, and other such stuff.
7th went to the good old Dennis McCoy. 540 truckdrivers, flair attempts.
Matt Hoffman rode like he was out of mind. Tailwhips from the wallride four feet out onto the quarter, a huge footplant way up onto the big hoffman logo, and a double flip attempt that once again broke him. This time, it was his wrist and his hand ...
Taj Mihelich did huge tables and lookdowns, and attempted double tailwhips and tailwhip 360s.
3rd place for the soon to be Rad Dad, Rob Nolli. 720s, supermans, nosepicks to busdrivers, and a flip over the spine.
Jay Miron rode really well with normal Jay tricks but he just couldn't beat the other man from the Great White North, Dave Osato. In his pro debut, Dave went bonkers. Alley-oop tailwhip over the hip, nothings, you name it. Dave was stoked.

STUNTMEN STREET 1.Dave Osato 2.Jay Miron 3.Rob Nolli 4.Taj Mihelich 5.Matt Hoffman 6.Dave Mirra 7.Dennis McCoy 8.Steve Swope 9.Mike Escamilla
Joe Rich