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Transworld BMX december 2002: PROPS is putting on a little something they're calling the Mega Tour from October 24th-30th. Riders from the Primo, Kink, Etnies, Baco, Eastern, and FBM teams will be on the road, hitting up spots throughout the Midwest. They'll be stopping at the new Chenga World skatepark in Brookpark, Ohio, on the 24th, The Flow in Columbus, Ohio, on the 25th, Ramp Riders in St. Louis, Missouri, on the 27th, the Pit in Rockford, Illinois, on the 29th, and 4 Seasons in Madison, Wisconsin, on the 30th. They plan to release the video of the whole thing in early 2003.

propsvisual.com: Available february 28th, 2003. At little over 48 minutes in length, follow each team through their adventures and watch when everyone gets together for the 5 demos. The teams were:
1) BACO - Mark Hilson (Team Manager - TM), Brian Kachinsky, Brian Vowell, Chad DeGroot, and Jimmer Rienstra
2) DK - Micah Kranz (TM), Quinn Semling, Colin Winkelmann, Chris Doyle, Dusty Horton, Chris Adamski, and Aaron Behnke
3) EASTERN BIKES - John Byers/Mike Corley (TMs), Brad Gethard, John Jennings, Leigh Ramsdell (aka Leonard Ternowski), Phillip Teauge, and Mike Andrews
4) ODYSSEY - Jim Bauer (TM), Gary Young, Rich Hirsch, Adam Banton, and James Hitchcox
5) KINK BIKES, Zach Phillips (TM), Robert Tibbs, Jim Cielencki, Ryan Sher, Dan Bogard, Chris Arriaga, and Ian Munro
6) FBM - Steve Crandall (TM), Ryan Nyquist (special guest), Phil Wasson, Shawn Arata, Afro Pat Schreader, and Jesse "Fisher" Bower.
The demos were at Chenga 2 in Cleveland, OH, The Flow in Columbus, OH, Ramp Riders in St. Louis, MO, The Pit in Rockford, IL, and 4 Seasons in Madison, WI. The video will also include all the antics and extra riding the individual teams did aside from the demos. The DVD will feature some bonus material not on the VHS version.
Jason a. Davis, www.notfreestylin.com: One, this should have been called "Mega-Fools". After all the previews seen in the print magazines it is hard to say something that wasn't said in those articles. What I can say is the end result is amazing. There were some spots that really had me laughing. You ever notice how you rarely laugh when you are alone? Some of this video was that funny. The riding is incredible though a lot of it is stuff you seen before but higher, longer, faster etc.. I do say that Vowell brings the most new stuff to the table. That cat is amazing. He reminds me of the days when new tricks were being invented weekly.
Olivier Tourrel, www.agoride.com: Six teams, 37 riders, 7 jours dans le middlewest pour 5 démos et une totale liberté de riding ! Tous les spots sur leur passage sont exploités !! Franchement, ça n'arrête pas !! De spot en spot, les riders font un vrai "carnage" !! Y'a du new school (des multiples bunny-hop Tail-whip et des turndowns..), et du "old" qui revient en force (utilisation du frein avant comme pour Brian Vowell, ou Aaron Benkhe, avec des G-turns, et hang five..). Bref, il-y-en a pour tous les goûts, ce qui fait que l'ensemble est très agréable à regarder. A noter (une nouvelle tendance ??) une profusion de lip-tricks avec sortie en manual... on va voir si les Français vont suivre... Hehe !! Les séquences dans les pipes (dans des chantiers) sont un peu "rasoirs" mais ne sont pas longues. Bon, sinon, côté musique, ça ne le fait toujours pas.. mais bon, on commence à avoir l'habitude. Ah oui.. et pour ceux qui sont friands de délires "jack-ass", qu'ils se rassurent: il-y-a !! Un truc très décevant par contre: le nom des riders !! Ok 37 riders, c'est bien beau..mais à moins d'être "fan de chez fan", on ne sait pas trop parfois qui fait quoi ! Dommage. Mais, au final: une excellente vidéo !

Best Tricks: flip-suicide de Ryan Nyquist, aerial-to-hang five de Brian Vowell, Tail-whip-to-manual de Jim Reinstra, Fufanu sur rembarde-to-descente en manual de Oliver Leonard, 540° double barspin de Ryan Nyquist (!!!), foot plant 360 sur spine de Jim Cielencki, 180 turndown sur spine de Chris Doyle, etc...
Join the teams from Primo, S&M Bikes, Etnies Footwear, Mosh, Metal Bikes, and Federal Bikes on a trip across the East Coast. With over 45 riders and stops in Harrisburg, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Newark, NJ, Hackettstown, NJ, New York City, NY, Binghampton, NY, Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY, and Buffalo, NY....this crew did not miss a thing. with tons of extras on the DVD and great riding action as well as antics, the Props Mega Tour 2 is non stop.
Edited by: Chris Rye.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: A fresh cover design welcomes you to a new episode of the Mega Tour. The quality of Props visual has never let me down but I faced some problems with this DVD. I was laying in bed and used my computer to play the Mega tour.
In the beginning the music skipped and when I tried again, the music was right but the riding was a tad slow. I chose that option so I could watch the action without the music disturbing me. The colours were all wrong too because I thought Ian Morris was white and had red hair.
The concept of the video is to have several teams on the road, each with a photographer and a filmer. The teams on this DVD offer 41 riders that get a week to turn in footage. Each team travels on their own and was supposed to meet for some demos at some parks.
This was pretty much a nightmare to have those guys ride the park at a certain time. Some showed up, some didn't but it looked like no team missed the party at Van Homan's house.
Getting all the footage together to produce one video must be a hell of a job. Enter Chris Rye. He does not know what's on all the tapes because he only filmed one part of the mega tour himself. Watching the tapes alone and deciding what trick is going to make it or not is time consuming. It usually takes months/years to get enough usable footage together to make one video but this Mega Tour concept does not lack quality or quantity.
The tour is divided in 7 sections, a credit part and a bonus section (on the DVD). The music can be surprising at times but I'm okay with all kind of music so it doesn't disturb me.
The riding simply is insane. Lots of street and park stuff, some trails, fireworks, party, on the road fun, you can imagine what happens when you throw bikes and guys in rental vans. Fun fun fun.
MT2 never gets boring and it's long too. Longer than my battery of the laptop lasted at least. I watched the last bonus sections on my desktop computer and the DVD worked just fine there. I guess it wasn't Ian after all.
We have come to expect quality product from the Props crew and the Mega Tour 2 DVD fits right in there.

BrownHours, www.bmxtest.com, november 2003: Megatour 2 is probably one of the best Props videos out and that is saying a lot. It has a mellow feeling to it along with the dead-on editing that we've come to expect from Props. The crew consists of the Primo, Etnies, Federal, Mosh, Metal, and S&M teams. It consists of demos at parks and street riding in between. In case you didn't know, the basic setup for the Megatour is that Props sends a filmer with each team and they follow loose schedules of meeting at the parks for demos while riding and just hanging out in between. For this trip, the park demos are at Voodoo park, Vans Park, Hackettstown Park and the East Coast Terminal.
Metal is definitely one of the most fun teams to watch. They go street riding for most of the time and rarely show up for the demos. They go to Baltimore, Philly, New York and a lot in between. Levan, Metro, Kilby and all the rest never let up.
S&M was another team that rarely showed up for demos but they make up for it with great street footage. With Sticker acting as tour guide, they hit many of the great spots on the east coast including FDR, some great trails, and my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. You should pick up the video for these two teams alone.
The other teams of Federal, Etnies, Mosh, and Primo all did some amazing stuff at great spots too, but if I wrote about all that, the review would be way too long. So let me summarize it like this: Taj is great as usual, Edwin is amazing, Carson is nuts, Terada is more nuts, Bohan does crazy 360s, Maylon is an animal and everyone else killed it.
Some other events of the trip were a party at Van Homan's house, which was pretty cool. X-dreams park which looks really, really nice and everyone killed it there. Some extras included in the DVD, are crashes, party antics, and a bonus day from most of the teams. Like I said, this is an amazing video that you have to watch. Two Thumbs up.
props megatour 2
Props Mega Tour 3 has been set for March 10th to 16th 2004 in Texas.
iluvbmx88, www.bmxtest.com, august 2004: Well this was the third times the charm for the Props crew who rounded up 43 riders from 6 teams for the largest Mega Tour so far. Here's the rundown of who was on the teams involved.

Empire: Kevin Porter, Dan Bogard, Joel Moody, Ryan Boen, Adam "Corky" Roye (TM), Chase Hawk, Pat Holiday, Jake Finley, and Caleb Everitt.
Blacken: Shinichi"Shin"Nishiyama, Caleb Kilby, Jimmy Levan, Darryl Nau(TM), and Shea Nyquist (came late)
Hoffman: Jon Taylor, Sebastian "Bas" Keep, Bruce Crisman, Ryan Barrett, Mat Hoffman, Kazuo Okada, Robby Compartino, Seth Kimbrough, and Mark Owen(TM).
Mutiny: Neil Harrington, Danny Hickerson, Joe Simon(TM), Morgan Wade, and Jason Dingess.
Profile: Matt Coplon(TM), Aaron Bostrom, Luis Pinzon, Chris Adamski, Anthony Cico, Mark Mulville, Chad Moore, and Ty Stuyvesant.
UGP: Ron Bonner(TM), Jim Cielencki, Aaron Benhke, Byron Anderson, Brian Kachinsky, Chad DeGroot, John Jennings, and Gary Young(came late).

Day 1...
UGP: Rode Houston Street; the standouts of the session were Jim Cielencki. Then they rode University of Houston standouts of that session were Brian Kachinsky and Chad DeGroot. Then they sessioned Dirtwood skatepark with everyone else the standouts of that session for the team are Chad DeGroot.
Profile: Rode some rundown trails near Houston; the standouts of the session were Mulville, Moore, Ty, and Adamski. Then they drained some pool in Houston but didn't ride it. Then they went to Dirtwood. The standouts for them were Cico, Adamski, Mulville, Ty, and Bostrom.
Empire: Rode some other trails near Houston; the standouts in that session were Hawk and Finley. Then they went to Dirtwood; the standouts for them were Moody, Hawk, Everitt, and Porter but he ruptured his spleen and is out for the trip.
Blacken: Rode Houston Street; the standouts of the session were Caleb Kilby.
Mutiny: Rode Houston Street; the standouts were Danny Hickerson. Then they went to Dirtwood the standouts for them were Hickerson again.
Hoffman: Rode Dirtwood with everyone; the standouts for them were Hoffman, Seth, Bruce and Bas. Then they went and rode South Coast skatepark the standouts were Seth, Bas, Hoffman, and Okada.
Day 2...
Hoffman: Go skydiving.
Blacken: Go skydiving with the Hoffman team. Then rode Galveston skatepark; the standouts there were Caleb.
Mutiny: Rode Beaumont Street; the standout there was Morgan. Then they went and rode Lake Charles Street. The standout there was Joe Simon. Then they went and rode a Louisiana mini ramp. The standouts there were Hickerson and Wade.
Empire: Rode some backyard pool; the standouts there were Hawk, Moody, and Bogard. Then they went and rode Arlington Street; the standouts were Finley and Everitt.
UGP: Rode Huntsville Street. The whole team destroyed Huntsville in their own way. Then they rode the X-games Park; the standout there was DeGroot.
Profile: Rode the pool they drained yesterday. The standouts of the session were Moore, Ty, and Cico. Then they rode some Houston street. The standouts were Mulville, Moore, Cico, Ty, and Bostrom.
Day 3...
Blacken: Rode Corpus Christi Street. The standouts of that session were Shin. Then they went to South Padre Island to have a party in their hotel room.
UGP: Rode a spot in Lewisville. The standouts were Degroot and Jennings. Then they rode Eisenberg skatepark. The standouts there were Gary and Brian. Then they went and rode some Blue rail, nothing much happened there.
Hoffman: Rode Kanis pool in Little Rock. The standout there was Seth. Then they went and rode Jud Ferguson skatepark. The standouts there were Seth and Bas.
Mutiny: Rode Profile drained pool. The standouts were Morgan and Shad Johnson. Then they went and rode U of Houston. The standouts were Hickerson and Harrington.
Empire: Rode Freestyle skatepark in Kennedale, TX. The standouts there were Everitt and Finley.
Profile: Rode Tank Skatepark. The standouts there were Ty, Mulville, Moore, Cico, and Coplon.
Day 4...
UGP: Rode ghetto rotting ramps found in field. The standout was Gary. Then they rode Baylor University. Standouts were Gary and Cielencki. Then they rode Tank skatepark. Standouts were Gary, Cielencki, and Jennings.
Blacken: Rode Street somewhere in TX. Standouts are Shin, Caleb, and Shea.
Hoffman: Rode Little Rock shirt. Seth owned this session.
Empire: Rode X-Games Park. The standout was Finley.
Mutiny: Rode X-Games Park. The standouts were Wade and Hickerson.
Profile: Rode X-Games Park. The standouts were. Cico and Dirty Dan.
Day 5...
Profile: Rode a bank to rail. The standouts were Cico and Moore. Then they rode Eagle Mountain Park. The standouts were Cico. Moore. And Mulville.
Empire: Rode Dallas Street. The standouts were Moody and Finley.
Hoffman: Went to Mat's OKC vert ramp and watched him ride. Then they watched Mat paraglide. Then they rode the Edmond, OK Park. The standouts were Barrett and Robby.
Blacken: Rode Tank skatepark. The standouts were Shin, Caleb, and Shea.
Mutiny: Rode Eisenberg. The standouts were Harrington and Hickerson. Then they rode some ditch outside Dallas. The standouts were Hickerson, Harrington, and Wade. Rode Ft. Worth Street. The standouts were Simon and Wade.
UGP: Rode skatepark of Austin. Even though he's not a part of the team, Taj ruled the session.
Day 6...
Blacken: Rode San Marcos Street. The standouts were Caleb and Levan. Then they rode Ramp Ranch. I can't remember who did well there on their team.
UGP: Rode ditch. All I have to say about this session is that Gary Young goes nuts. Then they rode Ramp Ranch. Gary Young rules again.
Empire: Rode some Ditch. Standouts were Boen, Holiday, and Dirty Dan. Then they rode Ramp Ranch. Standouts were Everitt, Moody, and Dan.
Mutiny: Rode more Ft. Worth street. Nothing much happened here. Then they went and rode Ramp Ranch. The standouts were Wade and Hickerson.
Profile: Rode Waco Street. Standouts were Cico, Bostrom, and Mulville. Then they rode Ramp Ranch. The standout was Mulville.
Hoffman: Rode Ramp Ranch. Standouts were Barrett, Seth, and Robby.
Day 7...
Everyone hangs out at T-1 for BBQ and ramp session. Then some go watch Leland Thurman's band The Dirty Birds play at the Ritz.

Bonus stuff: Day 0 riding, bails, Shitluck tour with commentary from JPR and Leland, outtakes, and some other stuff.

This is the best Mega Tour so far. The music could have been better but oh well. it's all about the riding. I give it a 9/10 and I give the music a 7/10. You should all go get this DVD you won't be disappointed.
Walter Pieringer, rideukbmx.com, 2008: I shot some stuff on Mega Tour 3 just because I was on the trip with the Mutiny guys; after that, Props asked me to officially go on Mega Tour 4 to shoot with the 2-hip team in January 2005 I think. A few months after that, I started doing stuff for Props pretty much full time.
Props Mega Tour 4 is set to take place in January 2005 with this years teams including Last Call Distribution, Bulldog Bikes, DC Shoes, We The People Bike Company, Manmade Clothing, 2-Hip, Premium Products. The trip is heading for Sunny Florida with Stops at Chad DeGroots Mission skatepark on January 19th and the last stop at the Spot in Tampa on January 25...

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2005:
Teams: Too-Hip-Bulldawg-LastCall for alcohol-Manmaid-wezhepeople-Pr1miumProducts
Loacation: The Sunshine State, all over the place, many places were hit including trails, street and concrete and wooden ramp parks.
Duration: Long enough to be worth your money. Plus loads of bonus footage. Chosen from 56 hours of videotapes.
It's nice to have places to go where it's warm enough to ride in the wintertime. Florida provided what the Megatour was looking for. The trip started off at the UGP/Sparky's headquarters in Orlando with a barbeque and some drunken Gonz antics. Find all this in the bonus section. It's listed as day 0.
With roughly 50 sponsored guys on the road for a good week, it was time to deliver. Some adapt quicker to new terrain than others but it looks like everyone made it work for themselves, even Jeff Harrington (his custom T-shirt claimed something different). With so many riders out there it's no surprise that there were some injuries. After watching the bonus crash part it's a surprise that there were still people riding at the end of the trip.
Now that we're talking bonus sections, we might as well inform you about the Manmade/2-Hip teams had to fight security to get out of one spot in one piece. The whole carnage was filmed and is nuts. Find out who the badasses are. Hit me bitch!
It's no surprise that the DVD flows from one section to the other. With experienced BMX filmers on board who use great equipment, the quality is high. But still, without the riding there would be nothing to cover. For people who have not seen Tobias Wicke (Germany) ride yet, they'll be impressed. The wethepeople crew seemed to team up with the Premium riders a fair bit and hit most of the same spots. 2-Hip's Benno Hankovich from Austria showed to be a great tree climber and made ramps out of anything he could find laying around.
There's no need to list everyone's tricks, you simply need to watch the DVD. It's full of the latest street tricks by lots of newcomers. You can rely on Props Visual, Ltd.

Fafa, www.databmx.com, mai 2005: Bé c'est déja le quatrième volet des Mega Tour et l'un des plus réussi pour moi. J'aime bien le fait que de nouveaux riders soient mis en avant, ça nous change un peu. Bon il est impossible de citer tous les nouveaux riders qui déchirent dans ce Mega Tour.... trop dur! Un petit faible pour quelques riders quand même:
Cory Jarman: bé lui il fait du street en flat, du whip qui claque comme l'éclair (disaster to whip!!!!)
Josh Nendza: ba il assurre grave en park avec de gros transfert
Ryan Mills: new school rider, 360 pour dropper une courbe, alley oop wall ride opposite
Jarrod Allen: nose wheelie trop long, original
Ashley Charles: brakeless maintenant, bus partout, gros feeble to 180...
Max Gaertig: rail à kink sortie hard 180, halfcab whip
Gonz: la légende, tout bourré et sapé comme Pokahountas
Stephen Lilly: 180 bus en trail
Mark Mulville: trop fort en lâché de membre, pur style
BullDog team: vraiment fort en street
... et j'en oublie plein! Bon, je vous fais pas un dessin, ce dvd déchire et en plus il dure longtemps.
props megatour 4
Tommy Poo's Finch, www.streetphire.co.uk, june 2006: This is the fifth installment of the Megatour series from Props. This time around the teams consist of Proper bikes, Greasy comb distro, Staff BMX mailorder, Solid Bikes, Shitluck clothing and Vclub clothing. The trip starts in Cali and works its way through to Nevada with the teams doing demos at parks, riding pools, full pipes, ditches, crazy backyard set-ups and most other things that you can probably think of.
This time around I wasn’t as impressed with the teams when I first heard who was on it, usually you have quite well known companies who have a pretty good team on but this time around there were a few teams who I had never heard of before and as far as the team goes, they were quite mixed, all the teams had at least a few amazing riders on, but for a few teams it was only 1 or maybe 2 riders which did anything worth watching which was abit disappointing,
One thing I felt that was different in this one to the other Megatours was just how random each day was, usually the teams would meet up every few days for a session somewhere and this doesn’t seem to happen as much, its more like they just go off and do their own thing a lot more which isn’t at all bad.
On quite a positive note, there is a lot of amazing riding on it, even if you have to wait a bit for it, riders that stood out for me were as you might expect people like Seth Kimbrough, Aaron Ross, Cameron Wood, Kurtis Elwell, Chester Blacksmith and Tony Hamlin which is good because those riders are spread across a lot of the teams so you know there is going to be at least a few tricks worth watching very soon.
Overall it is quite a good video, probably just what you would expect from a Megatour. Its good if you want something that is long because its running time is somewhere around 90mins which is better than a lot of DVDs these days. The bonus consists of pretty much just a re-edited version of each teams footages into separate sections with a little extra footage which I guess is a good idea if you really didn’t want to watch a certain team, or only wanted to see some footage from a few riders.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2006:The Props Mega tour dvd is out. With 60 riders on board doing a week of touring around California, you know it's going to be a good one. The teams this time are V-club clothing, Shitluck, Proper, Greasy Comb distro, Solid Bikes and Staff mail order. Riders range from full time pros to lots of "Bio material" to just friends who are a good time to hang out with. The official stops were at Woodward West, Primo Ramps and Ramp Rats skatepark but when these mandatory stops were over, it was each their own. Enter Mount Baldy, Vegas, Stephen Murray's trails, Gordy's backyard, the streets of San Francisco, Home Ave ditch, SD YMCA, and too many to mention. Quality of the filming is top notch as we've come to expect from anything that Props makes. Music on the other hand is not super great (no classics or big bands as dealing with the rights is a pain and costs too much) but personally I'm not too picky when it comes to sound so it's not too big of a deal to me. The Megatour dvd goes from spot to spot, from team to team, from trick to trick. It becomes a bit blurry when you watch it for the first time because it's all mixed up It makes you want to watch it again to figure out the locations, tricks and riders. Good thing is that the riders' names are mentioned in the corner so at least you get some help there. The bonus section has some team parts where you can figure out who belongs where.

THT, www.agoride.com, mai 2006: 6 teams au programme:
Greasy Comb Distribution: Jon Demers, Eben Fischer, Keith Gratton, Ariel Greer, Cory Jarman, Chris Meyers, Thomas Stellwag, Zack Warden
Proper Bikes: Jamie Cameron, Eben Fischer, Carlo Griggs, Paul Jefferies, Shaun Jinks, Northern John, Mike Seawood, Daniel Serrs, Gav Shortall, Dave Sowerby
Staff BMX: Diogo Cantina, Scotty Cranmer, Brad Gethard, John Jennings, Seth Kimbrough, Dan Reid, Joe Riley, Mike Skolnik
Shitluck: Billy Ashby, Jesse Bower, Fids, Derek Gabbert, Derek Girard, Tony Hamlin, Ryan Metro, Ian Morris, Mike Tag, Leland Thurman, Cameron Wood,
V-Club: Jeremy Hrabal, Matt Morren, Aaron Ross, Dylan Smith, Ryan Smith, Carlos Tarnez, Randy Taylor
Solid Bikes: Chester Blacksmith, Zac Costa, Kurtis Elwell, Sequoyah Faulk, Nick Hammer, Aaron Huff, Robert Jensen, Shad Johnson, Mike Krnaich, Kevin Maila, Matt Martin, Andy Merrell, Adam Sanchez, Matt Sager, Dave Thom, Eric Walter
Day 1: Tout le monde se retrouve dans la rue après une bonne session sur les rampes Primo. Les riders roulent tranquille, ça ponce du béton et des rails. Le trick de la séquence: Aaron Ross – Monté de rail d'1m20 de long sur les roues sortie whip.
Day 2: Les Shitlucks rident un énorme ditch et au Jumpa Park, le team Staff ride les rues d'Hollywood, les teams Solid, Greasy Comb et V-club sont à Woodward West. Les tricks de la séquence: Scotty Cranmer – Double whip to tail tap to ice pick to fakie et Joe Riley – Barrel Roll.
Day 3: Pleins de spots sont visités lors de cette journée. Les V-club sont au Vegas Trail, Street et park. Le team Greasy Comb ride une piscine, Le team Solid sont dans un Full pipe et le team Staff arrive à Barstow. C'est un spot de fou dans le jardin d'un gars qui est un mélange de Snake, bowl, trail, park et le tout en terre et bien compacte. Le trick de la séquence: Aaron Ross – sur une micro à spine, wall à partir du spine jusqu'à la courbe opposée où il atterrit en 180.
Day 4: Les team Solid et Shitluck vidangent chacun leur piscine de leur côté. Park pour les teams Greasy Comb, Proper et Staff et le team V-club roule dans un Ditch à Vegas.
Day 5: Grosse session de street pour tous les teams, sauf pour le team V-club qui dans la journée se font un Trail, une piscine et leur session street. Le trick de la séquence: Chester Blacksmith – Très gros feeble sur un énorme ledge, qui est en faite un mur en pente.
Day 6: Toujours du Street avec les team Solid, Greasy comb et Shitluck dans les rues de Fresno. Le team V-club au spot Ride of live qui est un énorme wall. Trick de la séquence: Zac Costa – Feeble to air to feeble sur un ledge qui monte et qui descend.
Day 7: Encore plein de spots visités par les teams, le team Shitluck roule un park et béton et au Compound park, Le team Solid est au Fresno Park, le Team Staff au Rick Trail, le team Proper au Long Beach Park, le tam Greasy Comb au Ramp Rats park et le team V-club streete les rues de San Francisco. Le trick de la séquence: Zac Costa – le même que le jours précédent, mais avec une variante, ce qui donne Feeble to air bus to Feeble.
Day 8: et oui, c'est le dernier jour, les team Greasy Comb, shitluck et Solid rident dans les rues de San Francisco. Le team Staff est au trail de Steven Murray et enfin la journée se termine au Ramp Rats park où tous les teams se retrouvent pour une démo finale. Le trick de la séquence: Cameron Wood – 180 to halfcab gap de 2m de haut.
Conclusion: Donc une vidéo bien longue où l'on découvre plein de nouveaux riders qui déchirent comme Cameron Wood, Zac Costa et Chester Blacksmith. L'ensemble du montage est néanmoins un peu brouillon tellement il y a de spots.
props megatour 5

Props Mega Tour 6 will be shipping on July 24th.
42 riders from across the country trek across the South East from Greenville, NC to Atlanta, GA.  tons of street riding, some park and even a heavy metal video from the 80's....we will just let the quality of riding speak for itself.....
KINK BIKE CO: KC Badger, Dan Bogard, Chris Doyle, Jason Roe, Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco WOODWARD: Quincy Dean, Chad Kagy, Ben Kellgren, Ron Kimler, Ron Thomas, Zack Warden ALBE’S: Daniel Dhers, Mark “Flip” Filipowicz, Kris Marcum, Matt Sparks, Mike Spinner, Jaimy Spreitzer, Eric “Vinnie” Vasquez, Dane Wild, Shanton Wilson TEAM MAJOR AIR: Joel Barnett, John Corts, Mike Corts, Dave Harrison, Sam Morten, Jordan Stewart, Leland Thurman, Cameron Wood FAILURE BIKES: Eric Babbel, Matt Bischoff, Eddie Estrada, Eric Marlis, Ryan Mills, Jeremiah Smith, Jesse Whaley HARLEY DAVIDSON / DIVISION BMX: Chris A-Strike, Brian Fitch, JJ Flairty, Rollie Flasch, Lil‘ Jon, Micah Kranz, Jaimy Spreitzer, Dominic Trovato CITIES: Raleigh, NC, Greenville, NC, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, Greenville, SC, Columbia, SC, Fayetteville, NC, Athens, GA, Macedonia, GA, Marietta, GA, Atlanta, GA.

adam22, thecomeupbmx.net, july 2007: I just watched Mega Tour 6 with a crew consisting of Jake T, Steve Croteau, Muffinman, Muffinman's girlfriend Jesus, Spam and my cat, Olive. I personally thought it was pretty good, but I always kind of enjoy Mega Tours and Road Fools. Here are a few things I noticed and that I remember being said while we watched it. Don't take this too seriously, this is just random shit talk / positive talk that occurred while watching the video.
Quincy whateverhisnameis ( only brother on the trip ) wears insanely large shirts. Like at one point he's wearing a pretty normal sized sweater but his white T hangs down like a full foot below it. He's really good though and was one of the more swaggerful riders on the trip.
Jesse Whaley had without question the highest level of swagger on the trip. The kid oozes swag in my honest opinion. He has some really good lines, but some of his tricks are less than amazing and they still look totally awesome because his style is completely retardedly perfect.
Someone pointed this out and I have to agree, Ron Kimler sort of looks like he's from the hood. Like if I didn't know that he was a 30+ year old former pro/current camp counselor, I wouldn't be surprised to see him slanging D on the block. His riding level is surprisingly high considering that he left the pro BMX world many years ago though, he crooked grinds a pretty decent rail at one point and does some other good shit too.
Steve-O claims that Sean Sexton had the second highest level of swag on the trip although personally I think Ryan Mills is up there too. Swagger aside, Sean Sexton is fucking amazing and seriously rules. I can't believe how good he is. KC Badger also possesses some swag. Ryan Mills is dope, I love that guy's riding.
Kink had the best overall team in my opinion with Failure coming in second. Darryl Tocco is so good. Barspin to icepick to toboggan.
At one point someone said that the music was terrible which I disagree with, it wasn't amazing but it was good enough. Also someone said that the riding was horrible which I also don't agree with although past Mega Tours might have had a higher level of riding.
I personally think Cameron Birdwell is the best rider ever but someone pointed out that his pants are too big, which I don't agree with, but it was said and I would by wrong to not include it.
Spinner does a lot of his usual bouncing around. Do kids even know that Spinner does all that tech shit? I don't even know, I think everyone thinks he just rides box jumps, but in reality the vast majority of his riding is just bouncing. That's my new term I'm using to describe his riding. Bouncy. Future style tip: White T shirt and light gray gym shorts: Not a good look.
Spinner getting molested by the blow up doll = LOL.
Jeremiah Smith gets hurt at some point which sucks because he's way too good. He does the best half cab whip off a ledge ever and a kinked pegless rail.
Micah may be the best fat BMXer alive, even better than some well known fat BMXers who are far less fat than him.
Chris Doyle seems like he got a little inspired to learn some new shit and ride harder since leaving DK. He rides really good on this trip and does some stuff you probably haven't seen from him before.
Overall I thought it was pretty decent, not the best Mega Tour ever but still good.

Jared Souney, www.jaredsouney.com, july 2009: Back in the Spring of ‘07 I went on the Props Megatour, riding along with the Woodward Camp Team (the tour takes several teams along each with a Videographer, and some with a photographer). Since at the time I was living out by Woodward East, and Woodward is one of my clients, they asked me to go along as the photographer, which I guess makes perfect sense. Some of the photos from the trip were used for a feature in BMX Plus Magazine, and one of them was used on the cover of a separate issue (a photo of Quincy Dean barspinning over a rail). The trip included Zack Warden, Chad Kagy, Quincy Dean, Ron Thomas, Ben Kellgren, and myself and traveled through the Southeast beginning in Greenville, NC and taking us down through Georgia. A great time indeed. We hit a lot of rain, so we ended up indoors more than we would have liked, but we got some great stuff along the way.
props megatour 6

Props Mega Tour Europe will be shipping in February 19th, 2008.
propsvisual.com, august 2008: MegaTour 8 will hit the road September 5-12th. Teams are: The Come Up, QBP, Mesh Skatepark, and new addition 2- Hip Bikes (Diamond Back had to pull out). The trip will start out at X-Dreams skatepark in Rochester, NY and will end at Haven Skatepark in North Haven, CT on the 12th. Come on out hang with the crews.

propsvisual.com, december 2008: MEGATOUR 8 features four van loads of dirty BMXers searching for good riding spots and memorable times for eight days. Over 35 rowdy miscreants partied and adventured through the sketchy streets of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Highlights include street, parks, abandoned buildings, burning hair, lost keys, Mexican candy...and oh yeah, jail.

Mesh: Chad DeGroot, Mark Mulville, Colt Fake, Ricky Bates, Bryce Toole, Joey Juaristi, James Covington, Greg Smee
The Come Up: Adam22, Chase Dehart, Ben Hittle, Rory Ellis, Jake Seeley, Blackman, Muffinman
2-Hip: Ron Wilkerson, Joe Donaldson, Jarrod Allen, Marlon Europe, Jake Ortiz, Rahmel Hoyle
Quality: Kyle Pucek, Kevin Porter, Troy Merkle, Dustin Griess, Karl Poynter, Todd Johnson, Jay Schlie, Mike Corts

DVD bonus:
Mesh, The Come Up, 2-Hip, and Quality Distribution bonus team sections, bails, bonus riding, and antics.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: The OG's of BMX videos over at Props finished another version of the Megatour series. They're at number eight right now and this episode had teams from 2 HIP, QBP, Mesh and TCU. Each team gets a filmer on board after they've filmed the intro parts all together and off they go. Things were filmed in the NorthEast part of the USA or basically around New York City. Standout riders just they've got a different riding style were Troy Merkle, Karl Poynter, Jake Seeley and Colt Fake. It's refreshing to see they do it their own way. With so many riders in this video you do get to see all kinds of riding though which basically gives it a good picture of how insane riding has become. Being on the road always brings stories and Megatour 8 is not short of any antics. You can view those in the Bonus section together with the crashes and the extra footage. The Props crew knows how to put out good videos so it's top scores on the editing, quality and filming once again. They simply won't let you down.

props bmx megatour 8

Props Megatour 8 Trailer from PropsBMX on Vimeo.