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sergio layos ride bmx us 01 2010 issue 161 - january 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, november 2009: On The Cover: The consensus of the Range Of Motion crew after two days of riding Catty? That they’re the best trails in the world. And contraptions like this pocket air transfer only added to the fun—Sergio Layos enjoys the day with a downside whip. Photo by Ryan Fudger.
Ryan Fudger, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: This pocket at Catty is one of the best things I’ve ever seen at a set of trails, and pretty much everyone else on the Range of Motion dirt trip thought the same thing. Thanks again to the Catty locals for letting us come out. Sergio was roasting one-footed Euros across the pocket, but needed a little convincing to push through to the downside whip. I was already setup to shoot fisheye, and really, at the time, I actually preferred that angle to anything else. But, having two other photographers there (Mulligan and Zielinski) scrutinizing and analyzing, they both thought that I should give a long lens version a shot. Sergio was down with it, since he laced the first downside whip, so I moved all my crap and whambam, Z and Keith proved their superior angle-finding ability and we have a cover for my favorite Spaniard. I miss Sergio!

- Departments -
First Words: Naturally, with our NORA Cup issue the first words are about the amazing night everyone had in Vegas during the biggest BMX party of the year. But this year it was even more special than ever for a lot of people…
Start: Scotty Cranmer’s home isn’t exactly your normal suburban New Jersey house… A ramp cave?
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print have been shaved down to a single page, but still pack a mean punch.
Pro Q&A - Sean Burns: “I believe if we film another Metal video I have to top the Dead Bang part, or there is no reason to even film a part for it.” Sean Burns says this and a bunch of other stuff to our readers who asked the questions.
Products: Seats, cranks, sprockets, forks, bars, headsets, frames, and more…
Soft Goods: It’s cooling down, so in addition to the T-shirts and hats we show you plenty of new outerwear this month.
Diversions: Six new videos have dropped since our last issue so with the help of these reviews you’ll have plenty of options when the snow keeps you from riding outside this winter.
How-To Wallride With Gary Young: When it comes to mastering the basics, there is no better person to help you learn than Gary Young. Of course you don’t have to go as fast and high as him at first, and the tabletop is optional.
Bio - Alex Magallan: Sunday’s Nashville shredder has been flying under the radar for years and has finally started to surface in magazines and videos. It’s about damn time…the kid is too good.
Letters: One of the strangest letters from a female we have ever received made it to the pages of the magazine this month, and once again Ryan Fudger makes us chuckle with his snappy responses. Ahh… Humor…
Finish - Zack Warden: St. Louis, Missouri native Zack Warden finishes off our barrage of fill-in-the-blanks to seal up this issue.

- Features -
NORA Cup 2009: Why did these riders all leave Vegas this year with BMX’s most prestigious award? Glad you asked… As a matter of fact, we give you the answer in this very article.
Redemption: John Heaton was on a mission to reclaim a failed gap attempt you may have seen in the Primo video Nice Try. Well, mission accomplished, and it is absolutely outrageous.
Get Used To It, Japan - Japan Barely Survives Ten Days With The Subrosa Team: Ryan Sher, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and Vince Kroff all spent nearly two weeks traveling around Japan and came back with some wild photos and even wilder numbers as Ryan Fudger breaks ‘em down.
Aggro Album: We raided the personal scrapbooks of a few pioneers of freestyle BMX and the outcome was this ultra-rad flashback to the early days of ramp, flat, and street riding.
Range Of Motion - Round II: Flirtin’ With Dirt: The second filming trip for our new Range Of Motion DVD took Tony Hamlin, Sergio Layos, Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, Adam Baker, Hucker Clark, Luke Parslow, and Cory Nastazio on a journey to some of the best trails spots in the country. Here’s what went down…

Subscriber Shipping Date: November 26, 2009
On Newsstands: December 15, 2009
ryan brennan ride bmx us 03 2010 issue 162 - february march 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, january 2010: On The Cover: When we got to this spot, Mike Brennan said, “Sometimes spots you’ve seen since you were younger are the scariest. The first time I saw this spot was almost ten years ago.” Ten years in the making, and five tries later, Mike’s rail-to-monster drop “got done.” Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
Jeff Zielinski, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: This rail is really close to where Mike grew up in New Jersey and he had been looking at pretty much since he started riding. I don’t think he fully planned on doing it the day he showed it us because he had a messed up finger and that drop wasn’t going to be any easier with only nine fingers on the grips. However, when we drove up to the rail, both Ryan Navazio and I commented on how good the light was and that it was going to disappear fast and that seemed to be all that Mike needed to hear to convince him to get it done. As soon as a few random people went inside Mike started trying the rail (I forgot to mention that this rail is at a church directly next to a school and there were teachers, parents, and priests walking around). He didn’t have much of a runway so he could never go as fast as he wanted, so when he’d come off the rail he’d be going so slow that he would land hardly moving and just blow up. On his fifth try he got super compressed when he landed and had to fight his bike to keep rolling, but he powered through it. Camera info: Canon 1D Mark II, Canon 70-200 lens, ambient light.

- Departments -
First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan talks about the risks we face every day while street riding and reflects back on a few of his more memorable encounters with “the man.”
Start: Ryan Fudger was at the wrong place at the right time, and somehow managed to get a great photo and story out of it. The United guys and their video camera weren’t so lucky…
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print all condensed down to the meat of it all.
Pro Q&A: Mike “Hucker” Clark: A grip of your questions made it from the Web site to the magazine and Hucker answered the best ones including ones about his incredible 360s, cougars, injuries, and toy helicopters.
New Products: It’s like we are a kid in a candy store when we look at these pages every month. Except the products don’t taste nearly as good as Mike And Ike. Wheels, frames, forks, seats, bars, cranks, and more…all new, all good.
Soft Goods: Fox, Animal, Kink, FBM, and Pro-Tec all stepped up this month with some fresh gear to kick off the New Year.
Diversions: This month we take a look at four DVDs including releases from The Take, Eastern, Four Down Distribution, and Bad Breaks. We also check out what Kyle Hart is listening to on his iPod.
How-To Icepick Grinds With Nathan Williams: One of the best in the business at this trick gives you some pointers on how he gets ‘em done and locks in a crazy one for a banger photo to go along with the explanation.
Focus: Seven pages of wild photos.
Bio: Andrew Fox: Andrew calls Aurora, Illinois, home and runs an old-school setup. But if Zack Warden can vouch for him, he’s probably one helluva guy…
Letters: Demolition gave out some prizes to this month’s letter writers and Fudger calls someone retarded! Weeee!
Finish: Butcher finishes our sentences about everything from Pennsylvania to being in a video game to his worst habits.

- Features -
Range Of Motion - Part III SoCal Street: Our third and final Range Of Motion trip article has surfaced, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. All eight riders killed it, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, this article will probably make you want to go buy it. (Shameless plug?)
OD All Day - Mike Brennan Interview: From New Jersey to Los Angeles Mike threw down some serious moves for his first feature interview in the mag, and to help get the best interview we could, a handful of Mike’s closest friends helped ask the questions.
Donut Shop Tales, Dark Basements, and Near-Death Experiences - Stories From Biz, Jason Enns, And Rooftop: After going on a trip and spending a lot of time in a van with these three guys it was obvious that they had plenty of stories to tell…weird, interesting, and funny stories.
Brian Kachinsky’s Felony Wallride: A cool sculpture setup on a college campus sent one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet straight to the slammer. Felony charges and jail time for a wallride? Kachinsky explains…
2X4 Escape From Jersey - A Southern Migration With A Heavy Hittin’ Crew: Van Homan gives his candid thoughts about each rider on the trip after getting to know them all in the confines of a road trip van during a winter trip.
tom dugan ride bmx us 05 2010 issue 163 - may june 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, march 2010: On The Cover: With little concern for the structural integrity of his landing ramp, Tom Dugan boosts and contorts a transfer in his backyard in Austin, Texas. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.
Jeff Zielinski, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: Fueled by a mix of adolescents and Dr. Pepper, Tom Dugan is full of energy and he can boost on a BMX, too. This shot of Tom soaring over a backyard ramp setup had all the ingredients for a cool cover and this one is unique for us because we tilted the photo a tad, as well, (which I think some people never even noticed). When we tried to layout the photo full-bleed (photo fills entire page with no borders) we’d loose the ground in the shot, which in turn made it look like Tom wasn’t going as high, so we had to run the image with borders, and then eventually the slighted titled composition was suggested and we liked it enough to run with it. Camera info: Canon 1DS Mark III, Canon 24-70 lens, five sources of light.

- Departments -
First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan talks about going fast and how it relates to the essence of what do we do as riders.
Start: Thank god spring is here and we can all finally start to ride outside again…
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print. This is our news section.
Pro Q&A - Rob Darden: You asked him questions on our site, and now he’s answering them in the magazine. Everything from living a healthy life to being a father…
New Products: Stems, wheels, cranks, forks, pegs, and more. Everything you need to make you start thinking about saving up your lunch money.
Soft Goods: New apparel and accessories from Fox, Vans, Fit, Kink, and S&M.
Diversions: FU3, You Got That, and Megatour 9 get broken down, and Nigel Sylvester shares what’s playing on his iPod.
How-To - Barspins With Edwin DeLaRosa: This trick can be incorporated into just about everything, but first you have to learn the basics. Edwin sheds some light on passing the B’s.
Focus: Four sequences that you’ll have to look at for a while to get the full effect of.
Bio - Daniel “Lil-D” Martinez: This Los Angeles street shredder is coming up quick.
Letters: You said it, we printed it.
Finish - Randy Brown: Randy Brown fills in the blanks to wrap up this issue.

- Features -
Snowbirds In Austin: Every year people that live in colder parts of the country flock to Austin, Texas to get away from their un-ridable winters. For this article we caught up with and interviewed a handful of them including Jake Seeley, Alex Magallan, Garrett Reeves, Mike Mastroni, and a few Austin locals, too.
Disclosure: Short interviews with a diverse group of your favorite pros including Ryan Nyquist, Tyrone Williams, Dave Parrick, Dave McDermott, and Corey Martinez.
Amateur Hour: Six up and comers get their shine time including Pat King, Jackson Ratima, George Ramirez, Ben Hittle, Lil’ Jon, and Albert Mercado.
Full Throttle: Some things are just better when you put the pedal to the metal, and this collection of photos and stories never would have happened if the riders weren’t giving it their all.
scotty cranmer ride bmx us 07 2010 issue 164 - july 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, may 2010: On The Cover: Not your typical entry into a ditch by a not-so-typical guy. Scotty Cranmer lets one rip off the Vans RV in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Check out the magazine for the sequence. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Keith Mulligan, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: I love the snow on the mountains in the background, the blue sky, and the colors on the RV wrap. I wish the U-Haul trailer wasn’t in the photo, but I guess it helps show the road trip aspect. This was shot while on a Southwest Vans road trip. We had been on the road for a few days and had made our way from Phoenix, Arizona, to Albuquerque and rode the ditch in the photo from a pretty good distance down to this spot. There was a sub wall/ledge there that some of the guys were sessioning and somehow Scotty got the idea to whip into the ditch from the roof of the Vans RV. Jerry Badders brought the RV from the hotel and backed it up. Scotty jumped up there, waited for all the camera guys to be ready and just banged it out—no run-up, no tester jump off, just one shot, perfect to the pedals. I made sure to set up another camera for a seamless sequence that we ran in the article. I didn’t shoot much of Scotty on that trip, but this definitely made up for the low photo count. Quality over quantity, for sure.

- Departments -
First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan chimes in with the BMX’ers way of saying, “out to lunch.”
Start: Tom Dillon and Lil’ John do some doubles action on a wallride that’s no stranger to the pages of Ride.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… Same great concept, different scenarios. The news in a nutshell.
Pro Q&A - Terry Adams: One of the hardest working riders out there answers questions ranging from flatland to being attacked by Godzilla, and everything in between.
Products: Frames, pedals, sprockets, stems, bars, and more… All the hottest new stuff from companies like Fit, Colony, Kink, Stolen, and Primo.
Soft Goods: T-shirts, jeans, shoes, and helmets… Everything you need to start the summer off fresh.
Diversions: Seven new DVDs get reviewed including Bone Deth, Animal, Fit, 90 East, Deluxe, and more.
How-To Manual With Van Homan: With endless possibilities, it’s one of the most basic tricks in BMX, and one of the best street riders in the world explains how it’s done.
Glimpse - Black Rainbows: If you aren’t familiar with this term, you’ll know exactly what it is as soon as you see these photos. No wall is safe from black rainbows.
Focus: Five of the month’s best photos including Hoang Tran, Jack Maddock, and Garrett Reeves.
Bio - Tom Arkus: Bet you didn’t know Tom’s real last name is Arkusauskas… You’ll find out plenty more things you didn’t know about Tom after reading this short interview.
Letters: It’s always good to get a positive letter over here, and this month we got one from none other than Kevin Robinson. We also got one from a dude in prison, and a poem from a high school kid.
Finish - Tony Hamlin: Rochester, New York’s ball of energy finishes a handful of sentences to finish off issue 164.

- Features -
And The Circus Comes To Town… Even Better, It’s The Vans Team: The Vans team recently spent some time in New Mexico and Arizona riding all the awesome spots the Southwest has to offer. Here’s the story…
The Ultimate Sidewalk Bump - The Most Heavily Sessioned Sidewalk On The Planet? This little gem sits right outside of Long Beach, California and could very well be the most famous sidewalk in BMX. Dakota Roche, Eric Litchenberger, and Nathan Williams all lay down moves on it.
The Hell House: Augie Simoncini’s house in New Jersey that he shares with Garrett Reynolds isn’t really that “hellish,” but at least there’s a good story behind the name. They have ducks there, too. Everyone likes ducks, right?
Grow The Scene - The Personal Fun Facility In Tyler, Texas: Once the scene in Morgan Wade’s hometown started to die down, the few riders left had to do something about it… Enter their private warehouse, The Personal Fun Facility.
At The Tip Of The Continent: Sometimes a great BMX scene can be in the most unsuspecting place. Here’s a quick look at what South Africa has to offer.
mike saavedra ride bmx us 08 2010 issue 165 - august 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, june 2010: On The Cover: Chrome bike, tongue out, and plenty of style; Mike Saavedra knows how to complement a nac-nac seatgrab nicely. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Keith Mulligan, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: I was starting a Southern California dirt article and this was the first photo shoot I set up for the story. Mike’s got awesome trails that were perfect for the article and he shreds the place, so he was one of the first guys I had on my list to shoot with. I decided to shoot the entire article with film, so I brought plenty of Fuji Velvia and other assorted films and headed down for an afternoon shoot. We shot some long lens stuff on a different set and got some great shots, and as dusk approached we set up on a different jump and I got up on the landing with the fisheye for some classic up-close shots and this is one of them. I love this photo for the lighting, the blur, the trick, and Mike’s style, and oh yeah, the chrome frame! We had to do a lot of work to get the motion blur to look proper over the logo (instead of a harsh Photoshop clipping path), and I think we nailed it. I was stoked to use the sprocket holes from the film on the cover as well. I got a lot of great comments about this cover, I think because it’s different from the more-often-than-not street photos we’ve had on the cover for a while—I love that the action is huge and he fills the frame side-to-side—lots of cover photos from this year had the rider small in the shot from low/pulled back angles, so this one definitely stands out.

- Departments -
First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan finally got the feature article for this issue done after slopping around in mud for a while and battling Mother Nature for nearly half a year.
Start: It was once called “freestyle,” and don’t you forget it.
Up Front: Sponsor changes, injuries, and a bit of that stuff we refer to as news.
Pro Q&A - Davey Watson: Do you know about Davey’s flatland background, why he licked Mike Hoder’s feet, his secret to bunnyhop barspins, or what would happened if he didn’t run four pegs? He explains it all in this month’s Pro Q&A. You asked the questions, he answered them.
Products: New frames, forks, bars, sprockets, stems, and more…
Soft Goods: More fresh gear from some of your favorite companies.
Diversions: Jason Enns breaks down his iPod and Ryan Fudger gives you a new playlist to look for with 11 songs that mention BMX.
Focus: A couple of sweet random photos.
Bio - Nick Black: NorCal’s tough-as-nails street rider affectionately known as “VD” who slid the infamous Interbike rail.
Letters: Ryan Fudger made it through a whole issue without sounding salty. Oh wait, no he didn’t…
Finish - Ty Morrow: Ty Morrow gives a bunch of really solid answers to a bunch of not-so-random fill-in-the-blanks.

- Features -
Just Add Water… The Annual Rebirth Of The Ever-Changing SoCal Dirt Scene: BMX was born in Southern California, and it’s still growing here every day. These 13 pages are dedicated to those helping to keep it growing by digging at the trails every season.
Woodward In The Far East - China Gets The Ultimate Park: A collection of photos from the brand new Woodward Camp in Beijing, China, and an interview with the guy in charge of building the ramps, Nate Wessel.
The Taming Of El Toro: One of the most famous stair sets and handrails in BMX gets shut down by a handful of street shredders including Mike Hoder, Brian Kachinksy, and Josh Harrington.
Blurring The Lines - Matthias Dandois Interview: He’s been killing the flatland scene for the past few years now and seems to be just getting started. Here’s our first feature interview with the French prodigy known as Matthias Dandois.
Anticipation… A Look At Five Must-See Videos Currently Out Or In Production: Animal, United, Wethepeople, Demolition, Josh Harrington all shed some light on their videos, and we show you some of the bangers from each.
denis enarson ride bmx us 09 2010 issue 166 - september 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, august 2010: On The Cover: Containers overlooking steep banks are Dennis Enarson’s forte. Casual bar, casual whip, and casual three all went down before the camera even turned on. Truckdriver of perfection in San Diego… Photo by Ryan Fudger.
Ryan Fudger, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: Christian Rigal has one of the few remaining keys to the schools in San Diego…meaning he can just roll up to any Unified SD school and unlock the gate. So, when we rolled up to this particular school in Dennis’ 4runner with plywood on the roof and unlocked the big gate, several skaters scattered—throwing their boards and jumping over the ten-plus-foot fence right quick. They were young, like 14 or 15, and just sat on the other side of the fence in an adjacent park confused while we were unloading and setting up. Finally, after Dennis was up on the container for a while, it clicked what was going on and they started in with the heckling: “Do a backflip!” “Jump it, pussy!” I was still setting up my camera when Dennis jumped it for the first time, bar-humping as hard a possible and yelling, “Fuck you, faggots!” The kids were pretty much silent after that, haha. Dennis went onto bar, whip, three, and then do the truck on his first real attempt, but I was definitely far more impressed by the bar-hump-shit-talk he pulled first go.

- Departments -
First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan sheds a bit of light on Dennis Enarson’s interview.
Start: Kevin Kalkoff finds a fun setup in Chicago under cover while it’s raining out.
Up Front: The usuals… Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print.
Pro Q&A: Nigel Sylvester: “I’m so used to hate that I’m starting to embrace it.” -This and more when Nigel answers the questions you asked on ridebmx.com.
Products: The latest forks, bars, sprockets, tires, and more from companies you love.
Soft Goods: They are soft, and they are good… And they are soft goods. Fresh threads from Osiris, Kink, Vans, Shadow, and more.
Diversions: Four DVD reviews and a list of Van Homan’s top-five video parts of all time.
Focus: Randy Brown, Broc Raiford, Brian Foster, Dave Thompson, and a few others get some shine time.
Bio: Brian Hinkel: This kid dropped in from the Louisville, Kentucky full pipe. Enough said. (You’ll have to see the photo to fully understand…)
Letters: A few letters and a badass drawing, too.
Finish: Tom Dugan: Did you know that Dang Dang would throw up if he heard the sound of paper rubbing on carpet? Yeah, that’s what we are here for.

- Features -
Not A Complaint In The World… The Dennis Enarson Interview: “The only thing more impressive than his riding is his everyday attitude…” -Ryan Fudger
Flat Forward - Charting The Course Of Flatland’s Future: Six riders with completely different styles, attitudes, and ideas shed some light on where they see the future of their sport heading. Gabe Kadmiri, Viki Gomez, Chad Johnston, Pete Brandt, Erico Melo, and Travis Collier speak their mind.
Keep Your Eyes Open - Creative Riding Both On And Off The Bike: Not all people look at things the same, and guys like Kevin Porter, Cameron Wood, and Tate Roskelley often perceive things a bit different than most.
Deadline In Atlanta: Follow Garrett Reynolds’ Deadline crew through the South as they travel around filming for their upcoming DVD.
BMX, Banjoes, & Bibles: The Nashville, Tennessee, Scene: Nashville is an unsuspecting hot bed of BMX talent, so local photographer Andrew White caught up with a bunch of the regulars including Nathan Williams and Alex Magallan to help show what their scene is all about.
nathan williams ride bmx us 10 2010 issue 167 - october 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, september 2010: On The Cover: You can’t see the massive hop over a rail onto the protruding ledge that Nathan Williams had to do before he even got to this grind, but either way, this death drop is no joke. Pegs to jump over in Malaga, Spain. Photo by Corey Martinez.
Corey Martinez, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: Well, to start this off I’d like to say thanks to Ride for even thinking about using a photo of mine, much less as a cover! ,Photography pretty much took over the hobby of hunting for me because of several reasons, but I pretty much got burnt out. I started shooting about four years ago and have got really addicted to it since then. With me always going on trips and being the one photographed I don’t really get much of a chance to shoot BMX, so when I do get the opportunity to switch rolls I take it. I was going on a trip to Malaga, Spain, filming for “This Is United,” and coming on to this trip I knew there wasn’t going to be a photographer covering it so I packed all my gear and boarded the plane to Spain. On this day of cruising around town it was pretty chill. We rode past this spot and all were trying to figure out what to do with it because it looked too good to pass up. I wasn’t in the mood for hoping something bar-height this day, but Nathan was! It was in a tight spot, so figuring out a way to compose all the elements was hard (for me). I was left with the trusty fisheye! This allowed me to capture the height, the rail hop, and the grind and stay out of James Cox’s video shot. After about 45 minutes of run ups and dodging people he committed and got the job done. After the trip I was so stoked to have a photo from the trip that I was pumped on that I had to show someone. I share photos a lot with Ryan Fudger and other photographers to get their professional opinion…Months went by and Ryan hit me up saying they wanted to use the photo for an article. After a few weeks I found out via twitter.com/ridebmx that Nathan and I scored the cover shot!

- Departments -
First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan reflects back on his memorable and moving journey through Iraq while shooting the issue’s feature story.
Start: Marcus Tooker gets a sequence from one of the few spots in Greenville, North Carolina that hasn’t been photographed yet…his own roof.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…The month’s news in a nutshell.
Pro Q&A - Harry Main: Full of energy, big tech tricks, and tattoos, U.K.’s Harry Main answers tons of the questions you guys asked on ridebmx.com.
New Products: Frames, bars, wheels, seats, tires…You name, it we probably have it, and it’ll probably make you drool. So please, keep a hanky handy.
Soft Goods: Fox, Sullen, Demolition, Animal, Nike 6.0, and more…Hot new threads to cover every inch of that bruised and scabbed skin of yours.
Diversions: Five new videos get reviewed including This Is United and Banned 4.
How-To - Tabletops With Justin Inman: One of the best in the business shows you step by step how to do one of the most iconic tricks in the sport.
Focus: Albert Mercado, Brad Simms, Kyle Hart, Gary Young, and Supafly all score solid photos this month.
Bio - Jeff Ludwig: This month we’d like to introduce you to “Jeff With Glasses” from New Jersey. Now that we’ve formally introduced you, feel free to gawk at his wild sequence.
Letters: We randomly picked three of the letters out of the enormous heap of envelopes on Ryan Fudger’s desk to print and respond to this month. Are you one of the lucky few?
Finish - Miles Rogoish: Even with a non-stop travel schedule and so much time spent on his bike and behind a video camera, Miles Rogoish still found it in him to fill in some blanks for us to cap off this issue.

- Features -
Shock And Awesome - Bikes Over Baghdad II: Keith Mulligan spent some time in Iraq with a crew of BMX riders putting on demos for U.S. military troops and came back with a ton of wild stories and just as many wild photos. Take just two seconds to think about that with a little depth, and you’ll realize this article is a must-read.
Stefan Lantchner Interview: One of Fly’s ultra-stylish Italian riders scores some shine time after spending a few weeks in the U.S. traveling around with his teammates.
Clash Of The Titans - Demoliton’s Desert Road Trip: Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Jason Enns, Rooftop, and a few other Demolition riders hit the Southwest in search of good times and clips for the upcoming Demolition DVD.
Truth In Testing - Nygel Sylvester In Japan: Gatorade sent Nygel Sylvester all the way to Japan for the sake of scientifically testing their drinks. Yes, it really was just as wild as it sounds.
Going With The Flow - Geoff Slattery: Smooth, stylish, controlled, and carefree…Geoff is about as real as they get, and we were stoked to be able to sit down with him and pick his brain for his first interview in the magazine.
luke parslow ride bmx us 11 2010 issue 168 - november 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, september 2010: On The Cover: Luke Parslow’s backyard isn’t for the chill trail rider looking for a relaxed session. Steep-and-deep describes the contest-style jumps well, but still doesn’t do it much justice. The monster jumps are serious and made for throwin’ down big variations, but as you can see by this 360 invert, Luke can also bring style to the moves whenever he wants. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Keith Mulligan, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: This was a photo that didn’t get used in the SoCal dirt article we had done two issues prior to this one. I used another photo of Luke for that one—different set, different trick. It’s always a good problem to have when you get multiple great shots from a photo shoot, it just sucks when you can’t use them all, so I was stoked to be able to throw this one into the mix and we decided to use it on the cover. I like the late day orange light in the photo, but more than anything, I like the height and style of Luke’s 360 invert. When this came out Luke was really stoked, he said to me, “Thanks for making a 16-year-old kid’s dream come true.” I might be off on the age, but you get the point. Obviously being on a magazine cover has been something Luke’s always looked up to, so it’s rad to see how much this meant to him.

- Departments -
First Words: “One captured moment can speak volumes…” Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan touches upon what photos mean to him as we dive into this image-heavy issue of the magazine.
Start: Following in the footsteps of one BMX’s greats (Ruben Alcantara), Dakota Roche is helping change the game.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…the month’s news in a nutshell.
Pro Q&A - Anthony Napolitan: From the basics like when he started riding and what his favorite tricks are, to the type of chicks he’s into and which video games he plays, you guys asked him, and Anthony delivered.
New Products: New frames, forks, bars, cranks, and more from some of your favorite companies like Fly Bikes, S&M, Fit, Stolen, and others.
Soft Goods: T-shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and backpacks…enough soft goods to make your wallet burn a hole in your pocket.
Diversions: Sean Burns puts his iPod on shuffle and lists the first 10 songs that play, then four DVDs get reviewed including The Make’s and Kink’s new releases.
How-To 360 With Brian Foster: If there is any trails rider out there you’d want to learn stylish 360s from, it’s probably the Blue Falcon. Read up and learn some helpful tips from a master…
Focus: This month we have a special Focus section that is 14 pages long and chock full of action and lifestyle shots. A big photo special is probably long overdue, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Street, ramps, and flatland…it’s all in there.
Bio - Bazsi Ivanfi: The wild Hungarian rider known best for his crazy cross-footed 180 flips over spines scores his first photo in the magazine along with a quick interview for this month’s Bio.
Letters: This month’s letters include a kid who took a digger to the head, a guy who loves trails, and a Canadian…and of course Ryan Fudger being a smartass.
Finish - Brandon Dosch: Bet you didn’t know B-Dosch has a robot named Robie that eats his change…Brandon finishes off the magazine with this interesting tidbit and more in response to our barrage of random questions.

- Features -
Dark Days - Going Nocturnal With The Subrosa Team… Miles Rogoish, Ryan Sher, Hoang Tran, Seamus McKeon, and Scott Ditchburn turned night into day on a recent trip to North Carolina and came back with a healthy dose of nocturnal bangers.
Andy Buckworth - The Dingo From Down Under: One of the hot up-and-comers from Australia on the international contest scene is making a big name for himself. Fresh off of winning an X Games gold medal, Dingo lands a solid interview along with a handful of awesome photos.
Stack ‘Em High - Built To Shred Gets Free Reign Of A Pallet Factory: Pallets have been a BMX staple at DIY spots for as long as anyone can remember, but when Corey Martinez and Dennis Enarson, were let loose in an entire factory of pallets, things got a bit wild.

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On Newsstands: October 26, 2010
chris doyle ride bmx us 12 2010 issue 169 - december 2010 (1)
bmx.transworld.net, october 2010: On The Cover: Seeing how Chris Doyle spins these jumps at the Potoczny’s trails in Pennsylvania every session, the D-Man felt like he had to up the ante a bit for this photo and let his hands fly, too. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
Jeff Zielinski, bmx.transworld.net, december 2010: Getting lofty in the Western Pennsylvania woods with a huge no-handed 360, this photo captures Chris Doyle in his true element, and after his largely celebrated Nora Cup Number One Dirt Jumper award, this shot was a pretty clear choice for a cover—making this Chris’ fifth Ride cover (and the third I had the pleasure of shooting with him). We shot this photo at the Potoczny’s house outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the jump was so big that I had to shoot horizontal and we ended up making a vertical crop for the cover. Camera info: Canon 1DS Mark III, Canon 24-70 lens, four strobes.

- Departments -
First Words: Reflecting back on the always-epic NORA Cup awards party is no easy task, but Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan gives it his best shot.
Start: Japan’s Takahiro Ikeda makes us all scratch our heads with his wild new flatland spin he calls the “Bug Machine.”
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…the news in a nutshell.
Pro Q&A - Simon Tabron: Simon answers a slew of questions from our readers about 900s, fighting celebrities, his bike setup, and more. He also shows off Luna, one of the cutest dogs in the world.
How-To - Toboggans With Darryl Tocco: As a technical street and ramp rider who can do toboggans on just about anything and everything, Darryl Tocco is the perfect person to teach you this trick.
New Products: Fresh new frames, forks, bars, sprockets, cranks, seats, and more…
Soft Goods: Hot off the press…shirts, hoodies, and hats from Kink, Animal, 2hip, Stolen, and a few others.
Diversions: We sat down with Stew Johnson to pick his brain about Anthem 2, the highly anticipated sequel to a legendary BMX video.
Focus: A handful of wild action shots on dirt, flat, ramps, and street.
Bio - James Hess: With deep roots on the East Coast, Pennsylvania’s James Hess scores some shine time with a wild move down a double kinker.
Letters: Really? People are still sending in “sponsor me” letters to us here at Ride? Believe it…
Finish - Dan Lacey: Dan fills in a bunch of blanks to cap off the issue.

- Features -
NORA Cup 2010: “…what happened there will forever be a part of BMX’s legacy…” Interviews with all of the 2010 Ride BMX NORA Cup winners along with a handful of photos from that fateful night in Vegas.
Solid Escape - Seamus Mckeon’s Goat Haven/Ramp Warehouse: Seamus Mckeon lives deep out in North Carolina where he’s created his own escape by building a bunch of sketchy ramps in a barn. Oh, and he has a three-legged goat, too.
This Trip Rules! Highlights From The Road To Success With Failure: Matt “The Beard” Bischoff recalls his highlights from the Failure team’s first road trip together in three years.

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