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sean burns ride bmx us 01 2009 issue 152 - january february 2009 (1) (download)
www.ridebmx.com, november 2008: On The Cover: It ain’t from Dead Bang, but it surely is deadman. Sean Burns dips into a steep bank sometime and somewhere for Sandy Carson’s soul-capturing device. Photo by Sandy Carson.

First Words: “It was a night to remember.” The first words that came to Keith Mulligan’s mind when he spoke about this years NORA Cup. You should take the time to read this one. Take my word for it.
Start: Filming for the Nike 6.0 video, “Writing On The Wall,” Nigel Sylvester shows you that some days you’re on and other days you’re not.
Up Front: The list of injuries and sponsorship changes continue to grow. I swear every-time I turn around it’s the same people that wind up on the list. Aside from that, Ride BMX’s 150th Issue party went down and we have plenty of photos of the shenanigans that went on that night.
Pro Q&A - Garrett Byrnes: Garret was asked to do a Pro Q&A and he ended up answering questions about pie and having some kid say “Eat your heart out, Garrett.”
Products: New frames, hubs, wheels, tires, handlebars, and sprockets. We always have the latest products.
Diversions: We interview Darryl Tocco about his take on “Video Noise.” We also reviewed two new DVD’s; Tony Piff’s BMX Is Cute and Terry Adam’s highly anticipated film Dreams.
Pro Shop - Timeless BMX: Jody Stoddard and his wife Christine opened up a BMX Shop in Boston and had a lot to say about what to expect from their venture.
Letters: From a 13 year-old rider to a guy who wants to know the low down on how to start a magazine, it’s all here and more.
Ten To End - Jesse Whaley: The country boy living in the big city life, tells you not to mess with crackhead rednecks.

The 2008 NORA Cup Awards: For all of you who couldn’t join us that night, this is what you get. Interviews with five of the best riders in the world, Daniel Dhers, Garret Reynolds, Terry Adams, Mike Day, and Corey Bohan. Plus the best video part and best video of the year. Not to mention appearances by Darryl Nau, Mike Dominguez, Stephen Murray, Gary Ellis, Dave Young, and the man himself Bill Allen (Cru Jones from Rad).
Full Speed Coasting - The Eddie Cleveland Interview: No make-up, no second takes, no bullshit. This guy has been killin’ it for years and won’t stop for anything. The true life of Eddie Cleveland.
rich hirsh ride bmx us 03 2009 issue 153 - march 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, february 2009: The Ride BMX annual photo issue is here, bringing you the best of the best BMX photography including more than 30 pages of amazing images and a black and white turned color photo essay from a Subrosa trip in South America. Read on to see the complete contents of our March 2009 issue and if you aren’t a subscriber, pick up a copy on February 17th.

On The Cover: Rich Hirsch colored in Columbia. Photo by Mulligan.

First Words: Ride’s Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan gives a bit of insight about using colored pencils for the issue’s main feature and cover.
Start: There is more than a trick, an angle, and lighting that goes into any given photo and Fudger gets a bit deep and sentimental when explaining his point of view on the subject using a simple nose manual photo as an example.
Up Front: Since a new year hit while this issue was being created, there were a ton of sponsor changes, additions, and shake-ups and we touch base on just about all of them in the Sponsor Block. Also in Up Front are the usuals—Disabled List and Fine Print—sure you may have heard of some of this stuff on the Internet already, but years from now you’ll thank us for keeping this information archived in print.
Pro Q & A - Cameron Wood: Every time we ask our readers on ridebmx.com to submit questions to the pros they come through with flying colors. Cameron Wood gave his “A”s to your “Q”s about everything from video parts to 360-ing to flat, to politics.
Products: Frames, cranks, pegs, hubs, stems, forks, pedals, completes, and more… Our readers love new products so we keep dishing them out. Just don’t e-mail to ask us if you can buy them—we don’t sell ‘em, we just show ‘em.
Soft Goods: You know, the other products you buy that aren’t for your bike. Look good and feel good in clothes made by the companies in BMX that you love. Lay off the Old Navy and cheap mall slogan T-shirts and pick up some goods that really say something about who you are and what you support.
Diversions: The Shadow Conspiracy, Kink, S&M, Micreation, and Props all have new videos so if you can’t shell out the cash for all of them, read our reviews to help make your purchase decision easier.
Pro Shop - Kore Bikes in Tempe, Arizona: The Greater Phoenix Area in Arizona has an amazing BMX scene and shops like Ryan Cowling’s Kore Bikes helps keep that alive over the years. We hit up Ryan for a few questions about his shop and the local scene.
Finish: Nathan Williams fills in some blanks to complete the issue after his morning cup of Joe.

Subrosa en Columbia - Four Amigos Take On La Ciudad De Bogata: Keith Mulligan was on hand during a Subrosa trip in South America this year to capture the essence of the team and riders along with the amazing country. The photo feature is made up of dozens of black and white photos that Keith hand-colored with pencils, losing a lot of sleep in the process.
The Photos: This is what the issue is all about—photos that move and inspire us to be creative, ride, or just simply sit back in awe. This year’s collection of photos comes from photographers all around the world including action and lifestyle shots of Fuzzy Hall, Tom White, Chase Gouin, Corey Martinez, Mike Hoder, Nigel Sylvester, Jimmy Levan, and a whole lot more.
mike clark ride bmx us 04 2009 issue 154 - april 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, february 2009: This month we have a Chase Dehart interview, nine wild sequences that will either make your jaw drop or your body cringe, an experiment with a warehouse full of ramps and a handful of Odyssey riders, and a whole lot more. Keep reading for the issue’s full contents. Subscriber’s Shipping Date: February 26, 2009. Newsstand On Sale Date: March 17, 2009.

On The Cover: Mike “Hucker” Clark hitting the overhang out at the quarter to wallride in a SoCal ditch. Photo by Fudger.

First Words: Keith Mulligan has been in the BMX world for a long time. A really long time, in fact. But every day he’s still amazed at what people are doing on bicycles and he is stoked that he gets to watch the progression of our sport.
Start: What does the sign at your trails say?
Up Front: More than a handful of sponsor changes took place last month and enough Fine Print news filtered through our inboxes and RSS feeds to fill about ten columns of text. And unfortunately there were a few injuries, too. We keep you informed so you can look back years from now and know what was going on early in ‘09.
Pro Q&A: Last year’s NORA Cup winner for the ramps category, Daniel Dhers, answered a slew of questions from our readers on the site, including topics ranging from being a ladies man, fighting Mike Spinner, training, and more. Daniel is much more down-to-earth than you may imagine, so give this one a good read and give respect where respect is due. Daniel rules.
Products: Frames, grips, wheels, tires, pedals, stems, bars, and more… 32 new products laid out so you can decide what your next trip to the bike shop may produce.
Softgoods: Fox, Fit, DC, S&M, Animal, Vans, Shadow, and Nike 6.0 all have new apparel, accessories, and shoes so you don’t have to keep looking like a bum.
Diversions: Four DVDs get reviewed and a few pro riders land in the pages of a muscle car coffee table book.
Pro Shop: Staff BMX is nestled inside the Incline Club skatepark in Lakewood, New Jersey, but most people never see the place due to their excellent mail order shop. In case you never make it there, we shot photos of the shop and interviewed Staff owner Bobb Pratt about his business.
Bio - Lil’ Jon: Milwaukee’s Lil’ Jon can be seen all around the world riding in cutoff jeans and sunglasses as he blazes around with speed and style. We asked Jon a series of short questions so the next time you see him in a Web video you can say, “Hey, I know that guy…he’s the one who likes Naked Juice!”
Letters: From requesting interviews with obscure riders to the most basic beginner questions about BMX and building trails, our readers never cease to amaze us with the letters they send in.
Finish - Diogo Canina: Brazil’s all-around rider and comedian fills in a handful of blanks like “I beat Ryan Guettler at…”

Modest Influence - Chase Dehart Interview: The quiet East Coaster threw down big moves for his debut interview in Ride and produced a lengthy interview to give our readers a look at what makes this modest influence tick.
43 & Still Shredding - Ron Wilkerson’s Birthday Jam: Ron W. recently turned 43 and had a huge celebration at Woodward West where he managed to lay down a ten-foot table out of the vert ramp. How many “over the hill” riders can say they’ve done that?
Motor Drive: From Steve-O Croteau attempting to 360 down the infamous El Toro 20-set to wild gaps from Gary Young and Garrett Reynolds, we have nine wild sequences that will leave you scratching your head in amazement and awe.
On Any Give Day - Tribute To The Designated Drives: There’s a rider in every crew that ends up being the go-to guy when everyone needs to get to the spot, so this one goes out to them—the sacrificers of the sedan.
Ramp Resurrection - Dusting The Cobwebs Off Sold Old Ramps: X Games stores their ramps in a warehouse near Los Angeles all year long. The mangled pile of ramp pieces is overwhelming to say the least, but Taj Mihelich, Gary Young, Matt Beringer, and a few others had no problem directing a forklift driver around and puzzle-piecing the parts together to make interesting obstacles and even more interesting photos.
chris doyle ride bmx us 05 2009 issue 155 - may 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, march 2009: On The Cover: When Chris Doyle got to this spot he figured he’d either do a 180 or a superman—two completely different tricks, and Doyle is one of the only dudes we could picture doing the latter one any justice. Chris “BD” Doyle, superman personified in Long Beach, California. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

- Departments -

First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan reflects back on the serious injuries Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken have suffered and adds in his two cents about the helmet issue. Here you go…Ride has finally addressed “the helmet issue” and it has never been so personal.
Start: A generator and a few sets of work lights can go a long way.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Disabled List, Fine Print, What’s On Ridebmx.com…they are all there, and thankfully Disabled List is short this month.
Pro Q&A - Garrett Reynolds: You’ve seen him annihilate every contest in his path for the past two years or so, you’ve seen him put out one of the most intense video parts in BMX history, and now you’ve asked him a slew of questions…and he answered everything from the Toronto BMX Jam to small town living to zebra stripes.
Products: We couldn’t ride without products, so it’s no wonder why so many of our readers are psyched on the pieces of metal and plastic that make our bikes go. New pedals, bars, frames, forks, completes, and more are all featured this month.
Soft Goods: Animal, Fox, Vans, Diamondback, Nike 6.0, Volume, Colony, and Skavenger all have new apparel and accessories to show off this month.
Diversions: We caught up with Odyssey’s “Web site Guy” and asked him a bunch of geeked-out tech questions about his day to day and the work he does. We also found out what Davey Watson is listening to these days on his iPod.
Pro Shop - Post: Edwin DeLaRosa and Troy M. recently opened a shop in Brooklyn, New York, that invites riders to “Post” up and chill, so we interviewed Edwin about his new business venture.
Glimpse: Sure you’ve all seen Rad (we hope), but what other silver screen movies have shown BMX over the years? Well, according to this month’s glimpse, there are at least 23 more and we give you a quick peek at the memorable riding scenes from each of them.
Focus: Street, dirt, and vert are all covered. Go ahead and rip them out to tape up in your school locker or on your bedroom wall.
Bio - Dustin Griess: The man behind interbmx.com is not only a computer whiz and entrepreneur, but also a very good rider.
Letters: Everything from the typical kid asking for industry advice to a poet with a few haikus made it in this month’s letters section.
Finish - Colin Mackay: After making the move from Australia to the U.S. ten years ago, Colin Mackay has plenty to talk about for his Finish interview.

- Features -

The Crash Factor - The Two Falls That Shook BMX: Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken both talk about their accidents like you have never heard before. Then their friends all chime in to tell how the horrible ordeal affected their lives, too. Brian Foster, John Jennings, Alistair Whitton, Chase Hawk, Chris Doyle, and a few others all speak on the crashes.
Fast Forward - Dizz Hicks, Art, & Freestyle Collide In Queens, New York: Dizz Hicks may very well be the king of the kickturn ramp, but also is a talented artist who had an art show in a museum complete with ramps that were sessioned throughout the night.
Sidehack Love - Greyboy & Truly Odd Revamp The Hack: You may have noticed an increase in sidehack action lately online, but we went a step further and met up with two of the modern day sidehack gurus for a photo shoot and interview.
Darin Read & The Northwest: Til Death Do They Part: After a tape recorder malfunction with the first interview, we sent Darin a blank tape and told him to fill the tape with random thoughts over a two-week period. The thoughts he laid out compliment the Northeast trails, park, and street photos of his first interview in the magazine.
manuel cantero ride bmx us 03 2009 issue 156 - june 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, april 2009: On the cover: Great spot, terrible location, Manuel “Eman” Cantero dodges speeding SUVs with this gap-to-grind-to-hop-over into a busy on-ramp to the 101 North in Hollywood, California. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.

- Departments -

First Words: We had a lot of fun this month and Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan attempts to explain.
Start: Legends never die and old-school is cool…and so is this photo of a hundred 30+ riders gathered at Woodward West for the first annual Old-School Reunion.
Up Front: You know ‘em, you love ‘em… Sponsor Block, Disabled List, Fine Print, and What’s On Ridebmx.com are all right where they belong.
Pro Q&A - Brad Simms: In between his worldly travels Brad found time to answer a few dozen questions from our readers. Is your question in there? And does Brad Simms really eat weights?
Products: Pieces of metal formed in such a way that they allow you to not only get from point A to point B, but do tricks in the process. Amazing. These are the frames, forks, bars, stems, sprockets, pedals, and other products that make your bike work.
Soft Goods: Seasons change, styles change, and as the weather warms up what you wear on a daily basis changes. Here is a grip of new softgoods that will make you wish you had actually saved some of your allowance money.
Diversions: James Cox speaks about the progress of the United DVD that is in the works. We also review “It Do,” “Roll Wit Us,” and a more grammatically correct video, “The Emerald Video.”
Pro Shop - Morning Ride BMX: Jon Bocan recently opened this shop in Lake Forest, California featuring a boutique-style atmosphere, a good selection, and even an indoor ramp setup.
Focus: Chris Arriaga and James Cox both score full pagers just for the sake of running a good photo.
Bio - Adrian Vigil: Colorado’s Adrian Vigil’s last trick he learned was a flip fakie. Want to know more about Adrian? We have you covered.
Letters: Letters from a human thesaurus, a complaining kid, and an inmate…It takes all kinds.
Finish - Ian Schwartz: The freecoaster master from Ohio fills in some blanks and smiles in the sun.

- Features -

Livin’ In The Moment - The Sean Sexton Interview: The Arizona native turned Austin, Texas resident has made his mark on street riding in recent years and we caught up with him in both of his hometowns to document his riding and get a better look into his life.
No Tomorrow… Doom, Gloom, & BMX: A bit of gloomy text accompanies these unusual photos of Brett Walker and Eric Cuiper riding a few scrapped together setups in a sketchy part of Los Angeles.
Heroes And Madmen - The First Annual Old-School Reunion: 40 up close and personal faces from the crowd and a story from the man who put it all together. You’ve seen the videos on the Internet, now get a whole new perspective of the 200 old-schoolers who got together for a full day of BMX in its truest form.
Homage To The BMX Bike: For what is hopefully the last time, Ryan Fudger lets out his feelings towards using the right tools for the right job in this article featuring flairs on a beach cruiser and dirt jumps on a commuter bike. Huh? You’ll have to read it to fully understand.
Nice Try! - A Behind The LCD Screen Look At Primo’s New VideoSeeing a video is awesome, but this is a magazine and it is really hard to put video clips on paper. So we did what you’d expect us to do and delivered a healthy dose of the action that went down while filming the video in still frame form.
garrett byrnes ride bmx us 07 2009 issue 157 - july 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, may 2009: On The Cover: Early bird gets the air… Garrett Byrnes launches roof and ramp while the great ball of fire rises over the Atlantic and you were drooling in your sleep. Photo by Mulligan.

- Departments -

First Words: It doesn’t take much to launch a bike into the air. This is something we’ve all experienced and enjoyed over the years. Keith Mulligan elaborates on this idea and creates a prelude to the issue’s cover story, “The Ramp.”
Start: A discarded tube littered with more than dozen patches serves as a cool photograph and a great way to start off the issue.
Up Front: Injured List, Quotes, Fine Print, and an On The Grill interview with Morgan Wade are all in the front of the mag this month, just where we left ‘em last month, and where you’ll find ‘em again next month.
Pro Q&A - Van Homan: 27 of your questions you left on ridebmx.com made it to the pages of the magazine after Van Homan answered them. Questions ranged from being pro, big gaps, traveling, and kicking ass for a long time…
Products: This month we show you 39 new products including four frames, components, tires, grips, and more.
Soft Goods: The weather is warming up around the country so that means you’ll need some new T-shirts for the summer. Check out our softgoods section this month to see what’s fresh on the scene.
Diversions: Jim Cielencki talks about Sunday’s first full-length DVD “Up, Up, And Away” and Ryan Fudger reviews it along with BMXFU’s “FUTU.”
Pro Shop - Empire BMX: Empire is probably one of the most famous BMX shops in the country so we are stoked to have Austin’s cornerstone in this issue and have Tom and Tina Williams answer some questions about their brainchild.
Focus: Seven pages of awesome action photos that will make you want to ride!
Bio - Mike Osso: Even after putting in more than a full week’s worth of work at Animal Bikes, Mike Osso finds time to ride…and ride really freakin’ good.
Bio - Ryan “Chris” Johnsson: This White Plains, New York, resident makes his first appearance in the magazine with a nice gap to wallride followed by a handful of questions so you can get to know him a little better.
Letters: Six of our MySpace friends get their messages published. Funny how things come full circle from the Web to the magazine like that…
Finish - Darryl Tocco: Kick ass rider, extraordinary filmer and editor, and all around great dude Darryl Tocco finishes off this issue with 26 fill-in-the-blanks.

- Features -

The Ramp: We got John Povah to build a portable launch ramp that we shipped in a bike box to Craig Mast, Dave Osato, Jimmy LeVan, and Garrett Byrnes for them to get creative with. The article took more than a year to complete, but yielded some great riding, and a handful of amazing photos that include everything from barbed wire to a Ferrari.
Kinda Random… We get great, but random, photos at the office all the time that don’t really fit with what we are doing with the magazine, and after letting a bunch of BMX tidbits pile up for a while we decided to unload it in this random, but extremely interesting, article featuring stories, quotes, photos, and illustrations from all walks of life.
Four Nights To Get It Right - DeLaRosa, Wise, White, And Simms In New York City: Four days in NYC with these street shredders is sure to produce some great riding, and of course some wild stories too. Fudger documents both…
allan cooke ride bmx us 08 2009 issue 158 - august 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, june 2009: On The Cover: Five pallets and four flipped over trash cans were used to construct this bridge to tranny mecca. Although it wasn’t wide, but all too shaky, Allan Cooke had no problem flickin’ the bars a few times one quiet Sunday. Photo: Ryan Fudger.

- Departments -

First Words: Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan kicks off this issue with a little intro to this month’s features including a little insight into how Tony Neyer’s interview all came together.
Start: If you’ve traveled with your bike and taken enough road trips, this is a very familiar sight that brings back lots and lots of memories…it’s the epitome of a BMX house.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, Fine Print, and What’s On Ridebmx.com are all in their usual location providing you with a printed time capsule of what’s going on in today’s BMX world so you can look back and reminisce years from now.
Pro Q&A - Dennis Enarson: At just 18 years old Dennis Enarson is a big man in BMX and this month he answered a slew of questions that you guys asked right here on ridebmx.com. Questions range from his friendship with Mike Spinner to progressing on his bike.
Products: Looking at these product pages is like walking into a candy store. Albeit a very expensive and not-so-tasty candy store, but you get what I’m saying… This month we feature a few new frames, bars, hubs stems, seats, and more.
Soft Goods: Fox, Nike 6.0, Animal, Vans, S&M, Shadow, Sunday, Subrosa, and Profile all have new apparel and footwear to show off this month. Find a style you like and hit up your local shop to get some fresh threads.
Diversions: Four new videos and the Vans Off The Wall Book get reviewed.
Pro Shop -Hardore Sportz: This one may be long overdo… Pro rider Karl Poynter and his brother Kyle talk about their BMX shop in New Castle, Indiana.
Focus: Seven pages of awesome BMX action photography from the likes of Jason Enns, Shane Rieder, Matt Wilhelm, Dirt Ron, and more including street, flatland, and dirt.
Bio - Roman Tencza: Even though his last name is difficult to pronounce, it’s easy to see that this Newcastle, Colorado local has good moves and good style. Ryan Barrett vouches for him and we ask Roman a few questions to get to know him a little better.
Letters: Ryan Fudger starts off the letters section this month with the following disclaimer: “Leaving Keith insanely angry, screaming, cussing voicemails about my offensive letter responses will not make me any nicer… Welcome to the letters.”
Finish - Jason Enns: Jason has been in the BMX game for a long time and this month he finishes off the issue with a handful of fill in the blanks.

- Features -

Cheating Death - The Tony Neyer Interview: Tony’s interview starts off with one of the scariest crash sequences we’ve ever run in the magazine. That not enough for you? Well, then it continues with a handful of awesome street moves and some great candid insight as to who Tony really is. A must-read for everyone.
Welcome To The Snake Pit - Ride At Your Own Risk: An abandoned neighborhood in a sketchy part of Cincinnati, Ohio, makes for some good riding spots and even better photos.
Exploring The Rust Belt - The Animal Road Trip: Moving away from Cincinnati, there are still more sketchy places to be ridden in the Northeast and the Animal team takes us there and throws down lots of moves in the process.
kurtis elwell ride bmx us 08 2009 issue 159 - september october 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, june 2009: On The Cover: Bunnyhop whip drop-in at the Petaluma Park, not far from where Mike Krnaich first taught Kurtis Elwell how to do a tailwhip. Photo: Jeff Zienlinski

- Departments -

First Words: Keith Mulligan addresses the irony of two featured articles, one year prior to this issue, which managed to find its way into this month’s issue.
Start: After a run-in with the law, the light at the end of the tunnel may seem out of reach, but for Paul Horan, that light was riding.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injuries List, Fine Print, and What’s On Ridebmx.com are all appearing to be in the normal positions. Also, the “Stay Fit” DVD is still in the works as time wines down for its unveiling at the 2009 NORA Cup Awards.
Pro Q&A: Kurt Rasmusson: A full-time worker, a family man, and an amazingly talented rider. What can’t this guy do? You guys asked the questions and Kurt delivered.
New Products: If I had a dollar for every time I saw a mom buying their kids bike parts, I’d probably have enough money to buy myself some parts. Anyways, here’s what we have in store for this month’s new products. Frames, stems, tires, headsets, grips, handlebars, and more.
Soft Goods: From prices ranging from $17 to $199, we have all the latest threads for everyone. So help stimulate the economy, kids and go buy a T-shirt!
Diversions: AOTC and Madera video reviews, along with a story of the boys that love their bicycles at FBM.
Pro Shop - Albe’s: Aside from being one of the biggest online mail order BMX shops out there, Albe’s also has a regular bike shop in the heart of Michigan. Mark “Flip” Flipowicz gives you the details on the shop.
How-To 180 With Dakota Roche: The 180 is just one of those tricks that every BMX rider should know how to do, so for the beginers, Dakota Roche is here to show you the essentials to successful execute a 180.
Bio - Bink: The 21 year-old that seems to have a bad reputation on his bike, but even worse off his bike. David Quinn Seavey, better known is “Bink” landed himself in the hot-seat for this month’s bio.
Letters: Complainers, complainers, complainers…that’s all I see in this batch of letters except for a dizzy man in his late thirties dropping in on a ramp and a soldier building a half pipe.
Finish - Drew Bezanson: Bar humps, Catfish, ridiculous situations, lunatic drivers, procrastinating, his lust for a bulldozer. The words of a man who has his name mispronounced more than anyone, Drew Bezanson.

- Features -

The Chillest of Trips - Kink In Taiwan: Across the seas and on the other side of the world stands a country that most of you could care less about, sadly. But Taiwan does more for BMX than you think. I can bet most of you are riding either a frame or some kind of part that was fabricated from ther,e but we already covered that in last September’s Issue. As for as this year’s September issue, the Kink team plunged into the Taiwanese culture and enjoyed themselves in a slew of things that made for one hell of a trip.
Made In The U.S.A.: It’s hard to find a company these days that doesn’t manufacture their parts outside the United States. However, as for FBM, Profile, Solid, and S&M, this The States is where it all happens. We take an inside look into the masters of the U.S.A. companies today.
Kurtis Elwell Interview: Nor Cal local and super chill dude Kurtis Elwell finally got his full interview in the magazine. Along with a list of tricks he finally got done, Kurtis also talks about family life, traveling (and not traveling), sponsors, and more.
The Ten Best Street Spots of All Time: This one is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. We asked the pros and they let us know their thoughts and opinions on the ten greatest street spots of all time.
simon tabron ride bmx us 11 2009 issue 160 - november december 2009 (1)
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, september 2009: On The Cover: Simon Tabron unleashed his vert steeze on Oregon’s steep and deep cement and tweaked out a one-footed seatgrab at the Battleground park during our first “Range Of Motion” road trip. Photo: Keith Mulligan.


First Words: Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan introduces our newest film “Range Of Motion” some thirty years after BMX videos made their debut in the mid ’80s. It’s Transworld’s 19th video, and even though it’s not done yet, we expect it to be one of the best.
Start: Nathan Williams takes two tricks that the inventors never thought would go together and blends them seamlessly on the streets of Nashville, shirring the melting pot and paving a way for more progression in BMX.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Fine Print, and Injured List fill you in on news that you may have already read online. So why do we print it? History, man…this issue will be around a lot longer than that news blurb on the right hand column of ridebmx.com.
Pro Q&A - Brian Kachinsky: You asked him, he answered. BK is no doubt one of the nicest, most humble riders out there so you can bet the responses to your questions are good ones.
Products: We feature everything from frames to rims to kneepads this month from companies like KHE, Fit, Primo, Fly, and more.
Soft Goods: Whether you need a new T-shirt, hoodie, jeans, backpack, or shoes, we have you covered. Check out this season’s latest apparel then get on out and get you some.
Diversions: Unless you have more than 400 in your collection, Shad Johnson probably has more bike videos than you. And that’s precisely why we interviewed him this month. We also did a quick review on Movement’s “Inside These Tapes.”
How-To - Bunnyhops With Brad Simms: It’s the most basic trick, but if you are looking to get a little more pop, why not learn from the best?
Focus: Six pages of nothing but photos. Morgan Wade, Brandon Dosch, Nigel Sylvester, and more…
Bio - Tom Dillon: Tom hails from upstate New York, and according to Tony Hamlin, he is a crazy dude and a damn good bike rider.
Letters: Compliments…Loyal readers…? Maybe we should we bring back McGoo to answer letters. Is Fudger being too nice to these people, or what?
Finish - Kevin Porter: Fresh off of opening his new coffee shop in Chicago, Kevin Porter finishes off a handful of sentences to close out another issue of your favorite magazine. Hey, that’s us!

Features -

Range Of Motion - Part One Of The Trifecta: In addition to the eight drawings of the guys on the first road trip for Ride’s newest film “Range Of Motion,” we also break down the concept of the video, tell stories of the guys on the trip, and of course, show you some awesome photos of what went down in the Northwest.
School’s Out - Dennis Enarson And Garret Reynolds Make It Through School…Finally: Even after missing more school than most would be allowed, these two guys stuck it out and graduated high school while living the busy life as a traveling pro rider.
A Helluva Blast - Riding Relics Of War: Fuel TV’s “Built To Shred” has produced a few cool articles for us in the past, and here’s another. This time Daniel Dhers and Christian Rigal got to session some army tanks, guns, and vehicles, which, as you can imagine, made for some pretty rad photos.
Keith Mulligan, www.facebook.com, december 10, 2009: Today was the last day in the Tustin Ride BMX office. It's now a commute to the Carlsbad TransWorld headquarters/work from home program starting next week. I'll miss that moldy old office. Plenty of good times there. :(