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jimmy garcia ride bmx us 02 94 issue 9 - february march 1994 (2)
Jimmy Garcia on the cover.
Jay Miron interview.
Leif Valin profile.
4 flatland photo in that issue which said "Lots of flatland" on the cover.
jesse puente ride bmx us 06 94 issue 10 - june july 1994
Jesse Puente on the cover.
Interview with Steve Veltman.
Standard race and Morales freestyle bikes reviewed.

Timo, www.vintagebmx.com, september 2007: For some reason i always come back to this image from all the magazines & cover shots i've seen or own myself. Jesse Puente on an early (prototype) Morales, from RideBMX june '94. A great capture from the era when you could still identify each trick as well as tell what bike someone was riding. Very much unlike these days.
pat miller ride bmx us 08 94 issue 11 - august 1994 (2)
Pat Miller at the Moreno Valley skatepark on the cover.
BS in Kansas, best vert comp of all time ?
Shimerville contest
Keith Treanor
Andrew Arroyo
Issue eleven was the last time BMX racing reared its head in Ride.
Brad started another magazine called Snap for those who like to go fast, stay low, and wear leathers, which left Ride for the dirt bag jumpers and freestylers everywhere.
Taj Mihelich, semi-regular contributor since issue 12.
mike forney ride bmx us 10 94 issue 12 - october 1994 (1)
Maryland's Mike Forney at some jumping spot near York, PA. on the cover.
Joe Rich & John "Luc-E" Englebert interviews
Backyard Jam 1994
York Jam
Crowhurst, UK scene report; sequence of Zach Shaw cleanly pulling a flip 360.
News: Kieran Chapman has taken 'zine production into the 21st century with his latest copy of Wired. Instead of going the usual photocopying route, Wired is now distributed on a computer floppy disk.
rob sigaty ride bmx us 12 94 issue 13 - december 1994 (4)
Rob Sigaty framestand toothpick on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
BS Oklahoma
Flatland fugitives
Kip Williamson letter

Taj Mihelich, Ride BMX US #100: I was the Guest Editor of Ride for issue 13. At that point the entire magazine was made in Brad McDonald's extra bedroom, and my big Guest Editor assignment was a roadtrip from SoCal to Vancouver. It was really a great time (...)
joey garcia ride bmx us 02 95 issue 14 - february 1995
Joey Garcia on the cover.
Dave Mirra interview
POW house
mat hoffman ride bmx us 04 95 issue 15 - avril 1995 (2)
Matt Hoffman on the cover.
Austin, TX.
Matt Hoffman interview.
Ron Kimler interview.
Letters: Kris Bennett
keith treanor ride bmx us 06 95 issue 16 - june 1995 (1)
Keith Treanor en couverture
BS Moreno Valley
Mike "The Boy" Ocoboc interview
Florida contest of love
Chad DeGroot&Paul Osicka interview.
Robbie Morales trying to bunnyhop over a drainage ditch and not quite making it.
sean peters ride bmx us 08 95 issue 17 - august september 1995 (1)
Sean Peters doing a miami hopper spin in California on the cover.
Jay Miron european vacation
Faces: Scott Powell and Shaun Butler.
Mysterious flatland contest
Colin Winkleman nearly pulls a double backflip over a box in a Scum clothing ad.
mat hoffman ride bmx us 10 95 issue 18 - octobre novembre 1995 (1)
Matt Hoffman on the cover.
1995 ESPN Extreme Games
Virginia BS contest
Kevin Jones, Stuart King interviews
Backyard jam 1995
Ian Morris handrail to broken foot sequence.
Chris Hargrave, Ride Editor from issue 19 to 31.
mike escamilla rooftop ride bmx us 12 95 issue 19 - december 1995 january 1996
Mike Escamilla -Rooftop- on the cover.
1996 Hoffman Taj, Test.
1996 Basic Sluggo, Test.
King of Concrete, Southsea,UK
Interview: Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla,
The Fattest Dirt Scenes
Pittsburgh Scene