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Sources: Chase, Ride BMX US, www.expn.com, Dig, Transworld BMX, ...
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1976 DOB: may 11th, 1976.
Place of birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
early years Jason, www.expn.com, september 2001: I've been riding for as long as I can remember, but I would say I've been riding seriously since I was fourteen.
My 1st BMX bike actually came from U-Haul. I dont know the brand but I saw it in the window when I was with my dad and on my next birthday my dad bought it for me.

Jason: My first sponsors were Basic Bikes and Timebomb (the Canadian distributor for Etnies).
1997 Highroller 6 "Journey" video.
1998 1998 X Games, San Diego, CA.
Jason Enns did a toothpick over the spine and back.
1999 Jason Enns with a clicked one-footer on a mini ramp on the cover of Chase may 1999. Photo by Jody Morris.

Props Road Fools 3.
Jason: At that time I was riding for Kink and they were sponsoring Road Fools Three. I ended on getting on through that and it worked out well.

Chase july 1999: Jason "Cougar" Enns has left Kink bicycles to ride for the brand new Volume Bicycles. With this new sponsor, Jason becomes the latest Canadian to join the signature bike club. It will be a few months before his model is available.

Interviews in Soul #5 september 1999 and Ride BMX US july 1999.

jason enns chase 05 1999
2000 "Nowhere Fast" video.

Worlds Cologne, Germany, july 2000.
In practice Jason Enns, on his new Volume bike, wallrode over a kid that was standing in the way on the platform of the flatbank and also pulled a wallride to 180 on the flatbank shit.

4th place pro park @ La Revolution, Ventura, CA, august 2000.
2001 Props "Road Fools 7" video.

Little Devil "Criminal Mischief" video.

BACO 9 video.

Jason at Comax on Vancouver Island, BC on the cover of
Ride BMX US february 2001. Photo Mark Losey.
Jason, www.ridebmx.com, december 2000: That's my first cover. I was pretty excited. It was good. I never expected to get on the cover; so it was awesome. We ended up going to [Comax, on Vancouver Island, BC]. None of us had ever been there before. I just started trying to jump the hip and Losey just shot and shot and shot. He probably shot 50 or 60 photos of that hip; I guess we got at least one good one out of it. When it came out, Brian Castillo called me and told me that I got the cover. I thought he was just kidding me because I'm always telling him that I'm going to be on the next cover, just messing with him. He's like "You're on the new cover," and I thought totally for sure he's messing with me, but then Mark called me later and told me. It was quite a surprise. I was psyched. That's been a goal of mine for a long time, too. A cover shot is so important. I was just excited that it was me. I never woul've thought it would happen. It seems to be the big times.

Interview in Ride BMX US april 2001.

Interview in BMXAction #5.
jason enns ride bmx us 04 2001
Etnies "Forward" video.

411 VM.
Cover and profile in 411 video magazine issue 2.

Etnies Forward.

jason enns 411vm bmx
Dig #32 september 2003.

Jason Enns on the Samurai road trip on the cover of Transworld BMX november 2003. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
jason enns dig bmx 09 2003

jason enns transworld bmx 11 2003
20 questions in Transworld BMX september 2004.