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1987 DOB: january 11, 1987
early years Scotty, Transworld BMX january 2004: I started racing when I was eight years old.ow did you get into racing? There was a kid that lived down the road from me that rode; we always used to think he was the coolest kid in the world. He had jumps in his backyard, and he got me into racing.
I got NBL #2 in the nation in 12 Expert. I raced until I was 13; that's when my parents opened up a skatepark (Incline Club). Riding skateparks was a lot more fun than racing. There's not as much pressure, so I quit racing. I used to ride dirt jumps and ramps that my friends would have, but I always wanted to ride the skateparks. It looked like a lot of fun. When they opened the park, it was ten times better than I thought it was going to be. It was awesome.
4th place under 16 amateur @ Primo La Revolution Contest New York may 2001.
1st place 16 and under Amateur @ La Revolution Contest New York, may 2002.

Scotty won the Roots Jam in 2002 as an amateur.
easternbikes.com, 2003: The Toronto Metro Jam marked the beginning of the 2003 contest season and team rider Scotty Cranmer's first Pro contest. Scotty made his presence known by qualifying first out of 81 Pro riders. He suffered from a flat tire in finals which still left him with a respectable 9th place finish.
Scotty, Transworld BMX january 2004: I wasn't even going to go to Toronto (Metro Jam contest). My dad and my friends had to convince me. I didn't want to get laughed at for entering a pro contest. I couldn't see myself riding against Ruben and Chris Doyle and guys like that. I just got so nervous when I was on the deck with all of them. After a while I realized they were normal people; they weren't superheroes or anything.

At the 2003 Roots Jam, he arrived wanting to ride with the big boys. He proved not only could he ride, he could win.
easternbikes.com, 2003: Scotty Cranmer brought home a 1st place finish. This was only Scotty's second Pro contest but doing tricks like flip-whips over the sub-rail helped secure the win.

2003 X-GAMES.
19th place park @ 2003 X-Games
Scotty, Transworld BMX january 2004: I was having a bad weekend. First day of practice, my crank arm stripped out, so I was like, "Okay, I'll just ride tomorrow." Then the next day, I broke my nose; that sucked. So I thought, "Oh great, guess I'll practice tomorrow." I woke up the next day and I was so dizzy. My head was killing me. I just figured I'd go out there and have fun…who cares, you know? It was just a sh*tty weekend for me. But it was a good experience, I guess.

Scotty Cranmer finally said yes to Alan Foster's Felt offer.
Scotty, Transworld BMX january 2004: With Felt, I was nervous, because all the kids at the skatepark were like, "That Felt company sucks." But nobody knows anything about them. The offer was really good, and we made changes to the bike, so now I'm glad I made the decision to go to Felt. It's ten times better than what I expected. I like the bike a lot; it's pretty bad-ass. With my parents not being able to pay my way to contests, that's all the more reason to go with a company like that.

3rd place 2003 Vans Triple Crown Oceanside, CA.
Interview in Transworld BMX january 2004.
Bob Pratt (Staff BMX Mailorder), Transworld BMX january 2004: When I was asked to write a piece on my friend Scotty Cranmer, I wanted to make sure I didn't make him look like an idiot. That's difficult because he is an idiot, but in the most positive definition of the word. I'll state the obvious: He's a ripper! If you've ever seen this kid ride, you know he has the ability to ride everything with the ease of a seasoned pro. This is incredible, given the fact that he's only been riding four years and turned pro less than a year ago. To me, this shows how dedicated Scotty is to his bike. Speaking of dedication, he truly appreciates his family and friends. At age sixteen, he is somewhat of a local icon and is idolized by kids that aren't much younger than he is. Scott will talk to anyone without attitude or ego, even if he's been asked how he did at the X Games a hundred times. Being in the media limelight hasn't changed him at all. Anyway, I'm glad I know Scott and that I can help him out the best I can when he's in need of his third set of grips this week. He truly is an idiot!

2nd place 2004 UGP Roots Jam

3rd place team, PIG contest 2004, Woodward East

2nd place 2004 pro park @ Vans Triple Crown Denver, CO, june 2004.

3rd place 2004 LG Finals Pomona, CA

1st place pro park @ 2004 Vans Triple Crown Huntington Beach, CA, september 2004.
2005 BIKE 2005.
Alan Foster, Felt press release, april 2005: Scott Cranmer and I went over to England for the Bike 2005 show in Coventry, England. Really fun trip and Scotty introduced himself to England in a big way and if they didn't know him before they do now. The show was a pretty huge deal with a road bike race, bmx race, mtb race, mtb dirt jumping, 4X racing, street, vert, flat and mini ramp events. Scotty qualified 1st and ended up 2nd in the Street final. He pulled a front flip and a double whip flip.

Scotty got a 3rd.

Alan Foster, www.fatbmx.com, june 2005: Scotty Cranmer has been busy doing some stunt work for a Disney movie called Stick It. He spent all last week in CA doing the stunt work for two actors in the movie. It doesn't call him out for being Scotty but he did do the front flip and double whip flip so it shouldn't be too hard to point him out. He found out Friday morning that he did not have any filming on Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. He was already going crazy not having a car and places to ride so he decided to fly back to NJ, ride for the weekend and fly back to CA to finish up Tuesday. Ben Snowden, Rooftop and Eddie Fiola were involved also. Scotty said Eddie Fiola is still amazing on a bike and does some crazy stuff (for all the youngsters out there, Eddie Fiola was a top dog BMX rider back in the 80's, pretty sure he was the King of Skateparks)

Denver Dew Tour, july 2005
Felt press release: The 2nd stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour was last Friday in Denver, CO. Scotty Cranmer rode great in practice and great for 58 seconds of his 60 second qualifier run (ended up qualifying 2nd). He smacked his head pretty hard on his last trick of the qualifier, 60 seconds at Denver elevation can make you a little tired. He got checked out by the medics and was cleared to ride the final a few hours later that night. In his 2nd run of the finals he went for the flip double whip and came really close to pulling it, really close. He really wanted to pull it and went for it again, this time hitting his head again, knocking out a tooth and earning himself a ride to the hospital. Scotty rode in the ambulance and beat us there, when they were checking him in he was acting so goofy they thought he was drunk and gave him a breathalyzer test... Outcome was a broken tooth, scrapped up face and a concussion. Gravity Games is this coming Friday and Scotty will not be riding, he needs a few days off to let his head stop spinning. Maybe he can get a gold tooth to match his new Escalade with chrome 22's... It is serious when you hit your head, especially when you hit it twice in a few hours, do not take my joking seriously. He goes in tomorrow for a root canal and crown to give him his pretty smile again. The contest showed on NBC Sports on Saturday afternoon, Scotty ended up 8th in the contest but got more coverage than anyone.


Bike 2005.
bmx.transworld.net, june 2006: The Sheriff is pro rider Scotty Cranmer's new frame. Weighing in at just a hair over five pounds, this frame has every cutting edge feature you can imagine - it's made from seamless Japanese chromoly tubing, has an integrated head tube, a Mid-sized BB shell, and tiny dropouts. Best of all, Felt is including an FSA Impact integrated headset and TWO sets of bearings with the frame to make the build as easy as possible for the consumer. And with a retail price of $249, we can't imagine these are going to stay in stock long. Double-butted top and down tube. Externally butted seat tube. Head tube and BB shell are internally machined. Seatstay-mounted brake mounts. Heat-treated, laser cut 5mm chromoly dropouts. 74-degree head tube angle. 71-degree seat tube angle. Weight: 5.2 lbs. Color: Matte black only.
A wall, a bench, a barrel, three scrap pieces of wood, a mellow grass bank, and Scotty Cranmer doing an abubaca-to-frontflip on the cover of Ride BMX US march 2007. If we didn't have the sequence, it'd be impossible… Photo by Ryan Fudger during the Road Fools Rock N' Roll Tour.
Scotty Cranmer, www.ridebmx.com, january 2007: I am so excited about getting the cover! I always thought that it would be cool to get the cover of Ride. It's pretty unreal—I still don't think that it has actually hit me yet! And as for the trick itself, I learned tailtap-to-frontflip the day after I did manual-to-frontflip. Since there aren't any cool street obstacles near my house I was hoping that on Rock N' Roll Road Fools there would be something to do it on. When we stopped in Little Rock I had a flat tire and the worst allergies of my life! We all sat in the parking lot for a little bit and I wasn't even going to go out for the street session. I was light headed, my eyes would not stop tearing and my nose was dripping uncontrollably—but I said screw it! I fixed my tire and got ready to go out with one of the groups. We headed down towards the water and Morgan Wade and Tobias Wicke were filming at this flat rail so I was scoping the scene for new terrain and that's when I came across the perfect wall to grass bank for a tailtap-to-frontflip. But there was no way to get up to the top of the ledge to do it. I told a couple of the guys that I was thinking of doing it and they went on the hunt for wood. Less than three minutes later they returned with a couple small pieces of scrap wood—PERFECT! We took two garbage cans and laid them down but they were too small. Tobias came up with the idea of putting a bench against the garbage cans but when we went to pull the bench over it was bolted down. So I tried to come up with a new plan and then I see Tobias with an adjustable wrench taking the bolts out of the bench. So two minutes later the bench was free and we put it against the garbage cans and then placed the wood on the bench. So now it finally looked possible and I gave it a go—came close but didn't rotate enough. I did that once more then tried it a third time—came around but my feet blew off due to the moist grass bank. So I borrowed Walter Pieringer's dry shoes and gave it another go and it worked. I was pretty happy about the trick! I was waiting for that set up!

Scotty Cranmer Felt Bikes Promo february 2007.
Clip 1: Tiregrab flair-to-540 tailtap
Clip 2: Downside-whip tailtap-to-tailwhip drop-in
Clip 3: Turndown flair-to-720 tailtap-to-fakie drop-in-to-fakie whip
Clip 4: Barspin-to-manual-to-abubaca-to-backwards manual-to-icepick-to-270
Clip 5: Tailwhip-to-footjam
Clip 6: Tailwhip-to-deck manual-to-hang five-to-hang nothing, back to hang five, back to manual-to-tailwhip drop-in.
scotty cranmer ride bmx us 03 2007

Cody York, espn.go.com, january 2009: Throughout 2007 and the beginning of 2008, Scotty Cranmer released a series of unbelievable web videos that got a ridiculous amount of attention. But in the early part 08', that all suddenly came to a halt when he broke his foot. He ended up spending over 8 months off his bike recovering
staff-bmx.com, May 7, 2008: During a late night session at his newly rebuilt park Scotty boosted the spine a good eight feet out. When he realized he pulled up to high and wasn't going to clear it he ejected. Landed both feet on the coping breaking 5 bones in his foot. He goes in for surgery today and the doctors are claiming he will be able to ride in 6 weeks. Everyone please wish Scotty a healthy recovery and good luck! Knowing him he will be back to boosting the spine and doing all his other rediculous antics right at 6 weeks so keep your fingers crossed.
2010 On the cover of Ride BMX US july 2010: Not your typical entry into a ditch by a not-so-typical guy. Scotty Cranmer lets one rip off the Vans RV in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Check out the magazine for the sequence. Photo by Keith Mulligan. scotty cranmer ride bmx us 07 2010
2011 Barspin on the cover of Ride BMX US march 2011.
bmx.transworld.net, january 2011: We’ll refrain from pointing out the obvious risks of this insane barspin. With only a half crank runway, Scotty Cranmer throws caution to the wind with the craziest barspin off a two-foot ledge you’ll probably ever find. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

1st place park @ 2011 Dew Tour round 2, august 2011.
Cranmer broke through to finish first with a run that included a tailwhip to no-footed can-can, a no-handed front flip and a flip double whip over the hitching post - the banger that ended his run. Cranmer’s final score of 92.00 allowed him to pull ahead of Baldock’s 91.38. Daniel Dhers rounded out the podium in third place. This was Cranmer’s first win since Salt Lake City in 2007, and his fifth Dew Tour win overall. “I watched the replay and it still doesn’t make sense that I actually landed it,” said Cranmer of his flip double whip. “My foot felt like it was miles away and somehow made it to the pedal. It was in God’s hands - I thank him for it. But also, none of my friends got hurt today and I thank God for that more than anything.
scotty cranmer ride bmx us 03 2011
2012 OFF FELT.
www.expn.com, january 2013: After close to a decade of sponsorship, X Games Los Angeles 2012 BMX Park gold medalist Scotty Cranmer and Felt Bicycles have amicably parted ways. "Since it has been released all over the Internet I guess I should say it myself, I no longer ride for Felt Bikes," said Cramer via Twitter. According to Felt team manager Alan Foster, "After a great 9.5 years, Felt Bikes and Scotty Cranmer have decided not to renew for 2013 -- nothing big happened, no drama, just a decision that had to be made and both sides are good with each other." Cranmer has plans in the works, but has not made an announcement as to what they will be. "I am very excited to announce my new bike sponsor in the next day or two," he said. Cranmer's additional sponsors include Monster Energy, Vans, Fox, Pro-Tec and Duo Brand.