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2005 Matt Bischoff " The Beard" is the owner and creatorof Failure Bike Company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Matt Bischoff, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: I used to ride for Dirt Bros and Vic Murphy and I became really good friends over the years. A few years back, while riding for DBI, Vic and I would talk about how Dirt Bros was in like 1989. Back in the good ol days. I told him I wanted to do something that brought back the basics of BMX. A different company than what Dirt Bros was doing. So Vic helped me get Failure started. There was a batch of shirts that came out and a website and that was pretty much it. The magazines put a couple little blurbs in about Failure which mentioned Vic, and people thought he had quit Dirt Bros and stuff. So basically I have always been the owner and Vic just helped me get it going. Right now, Vic is doing Industry and getting some stuff going with Dirt Bros, and I Beard am the CEO of Failure worldwide. Earlier this year, I got hooked up with System Cycle Supply in Franklin, OH to be my American distribution. Long time friends of mine, and a good bunch of guys over there. They are really excited about the Failure brand, and Failure will be in the System Cycle booth at Interbike this year. the frame and forks just came in a few weeks ago, and I'm super happy. The frame is called Grade #1 and comes in 3 top tube sizes. 19.875, 20.5 and 21 inch top tube in 3 different colors, made with Egyptian TAT. Each frame is blessed by the Priest of Egypt before being boxed and shipped. The fork comes in 3/8 or 14 mm. We are currently working on bars, sprocket and Pepe Santiago signature seat which will be out sometime in 2006. We also have a full line of softgoods out too.
Matt Bischoff, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: Pete Augustin and Pepe the Gonz Santiago, both street icons, along with Jesse Whaley from Portland, Eddie Estrada, Chris Myers, George Hoernig, Brad Blanchard, Jeremiah Smith, Zack Warden, Eric Marlis, Colin Wischnat of www.tuffbrothers.com Germany, Shain Bollen, and Jon Peacy. I'm sure the list of Failures will increase in time.