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kevin porter ride bmx us 01 04 issue 92 - january 2004 (1)
Kevin Porter curved wallride-to-whip on the cover,
Backyard Jam,
Seventies road trip,
10 pro interviews: Shawn Arata, Ryan Barrett, Steven Hamilton, Brian Kachinsky, Seth Kimbrough, Sergio Layos, Corey Martinez, Ryan Nyquist, Kevin Porter, Gary Young.
Gravity Games.
adam baker ride bmx us 02 04 issue 93 - february 2004 (1)
Adam Baker opposite-360 lookback.over a spine in Vancouver, BC. on the cover. Photo: Zielinski.
Nora Cup.
Metro Jam.
Viki Gomez interview.
FBM Ghetto Street contest.
Etnies road trip.
Dan Bogard bio.

Adam Baker, Ride BMX US july 2006: The cover I had doing the 360-Iookback is my favourite photo I ever had in Ride. The reasons are because that is one of my favorite tricks to do, and the memories that flash through my head when see that picture are real good. That was one of the best road trips that I have ever gone on -if not the best trip. Everyone on that trip is amazing and has so many special things about them. I was going to choose the flip double-whip sequence, but the reason I didn't is because riding for me is about having good times with friends, and that is the first thing that flashes through my head when I see the 360 lookback photo. It isn't the craziest trick, but I think the photo documents a fun session with friends at the right place and right time.
dave dillewaard ride bmx us 03 04 issue 94 - march 2004 (1)
Dave Dillewaard cranked x-up tailwhip on the cover. Photo: Mark Losey.
Tom Haugen interview.
ManMade mission.
Morgan Wade interview.
Australian imports.
Dane Beardsley bio.
jim cilencki ride bmx us 04 04 issue 95 - april 2004 (1)
Jim Cielencki round rail smith grind on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
Up front: Lotek, GT picks up Murray, Leigh Ramsdell arrested, Cranmer, Ardelean, Miron on Orchid, Cielencki, ...
Quicklook: Detroit, Michigan.
Products: MacNeil seat combo, Volume Bennett bars, Mutiny Sinister frame, ...
Video reviews: Autumn leaves, Standpoint issue 4, Animal Can I eat ?
All access, breaking down the skatepark barrier.
Notes from the road.
The Josh Harrington interview.
brian foster ride bmx us 05 04 issue 96 - may 2004
Brian Foster on the cover.
colin mckay ride bmx us 06 04 issue 97 - june 2004 (1)
Colin McKay lookdown at Beenleigh in Brisbade, Australia on the cover.
1080, who will be the first ?
Video reviews: Props Road Fools 12, Mutiny Time Well Spent and Joe Hastreiter Horizon.
Ruben Alcantara and Gary Young interviews.
Colin MacKay disaster to 540 tailtap to tailwhip on the way in.
Girls on the run.
Focus: Aaron Bostrom, Scott Powell, Shanton Wilson, Matt Colich, Tyler Coleman, Nathan Penonzek, Rob Wise, Ben Snowden, Ian Munro and Taj Mihelich.
Brandon Turner bio.

Jeff Zielinski, Ride BMX US #100: There's a huge curved waliride in Ruben Alcantara's interview in issue 97 that was a nightmare. Within 15 minutes on the first trip we were kicked out, but Ruben wasn't satisfied with how high he went and he wanted to go back to try it again. The next day the Quickcrete that was at the bottom of the bank was gone, so we scoured the area for something to smooth out the kink, but before any riding began the same guy kicked us out, and this time he was pissed. Still determined, we returned the following clay -Thanksgiving- around 6AM, and we got in about 20 minutes before the guy showed up again. This time John Povah had put Krazy Glue in the lock to slow him down, so we knew the guy would be seriously pissed this time. We got the shot on that trip, so we never had to go back.
colin mckay ride bmx us 06 04 issue 98 - july 2004 (1)
Brian Kachinsky, curved rail on Props Megatour 3, on the cover.
Set-ups: Shawn Arata.
The Animal road trip.
Toronto Metro jam.
UGP & Megatour 3.
Barney Cuiper bio.
van homan ride bmx us 08 04 issue 99 - august 2004 (1)
Van Homan on the cover.
fuzzy hall ride bmx us 09 04 issue 100 - september 2004 (1)
Fuzzy Hall is on the cover doing the same trick that was on the first Ride cover 100 issues ago - seat grab, one footed x-up. All-new Ride logo on the cover.
The 100th issue of Ride hit the newsstand on july 13th.
The craziest photos from the past 12 years as chosen by Vic Murphy and Taj Mihelich
The 5 Legends of Ride BMX as chosen by the pros, plus a special ? Legends of Ride? poster.
Over 100 behind-the-scenes facts you never knew
Poster featuring all 100 covers of Ride
Brand-new drawing by Bob Haro, AKA the Father of Freestyle
A Ride scavenger hunt with prizes including a complete Eastern bike, a SNAFU gift pack, a new wardrobe from Little Devil, a Demolition hub, and Hoffman Bikes bars
The best three videos from the past 12 years
On top of the issue 100 special content, there's also an interview with Matt Wilhelm and coverage of the CFB at Woodward West.
brian wizmerski ride bmx us 10 04 issue 101 - october 2004 (1)
Brian Wizmerski on the cover. Photo Dolecki.
Web site of the month: 23mag.com:)
Quicklook: Long Island, New York.
TransAm ad.
Tom Haugen poster and interview.
The Brian Wizmerski interview.
The panoramic perspective.
chris doyle ride bmx us 11 04 issue 102 - november 2004 (1)
Chris Doyle no-footed cancan on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
The 2004 Worlds
Sergio Layos interview
DK and Fly teams in Europe
Ryan Fudger testing Woodward East and West
Brian Foster poster.
Icepicks with Nate Moroshan.
George Ramirez bio.
corey martinez ride bmx us 12 04 issue 103 - december 2004 (1)
Corey Martinez spins a barspin in the middle of a 360-wallride on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
Death Tricks at the X-Games X.
The Corey Martinez show.
The french Odyssey.
FISE in France.
Web site of the month: www.brisbanebmx.com
DVD: Manmade, Ride BMX UK No front teeth, Ten Pack Evolution.
Steps: Supermans with Ryan Jordan.
Jamie Bestwick poster and interview.
Rob Wise bio.
Brian Foster setups.
End point: Dave Freimuth disater to 360 nosepick.