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Sources: www.expn.com, Freedom, Ride BMX US, Snap, Faction, www.digbmx.com, www.thecomeupbmx.net, www.bmx-test.com, www.vitalbmx.com, ...
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1979 DOB: november 21, 1979.
Birthplace: Pennsville, NJ, USA.
early years Participant since 1992
Competitor since 1998
van homan early years
1998 1998 X-GAMES.
10th place pro dirt @ 1998 X-Games.

First street photo in Ride BMX US #36 october 1998.
Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: Van Homan's first street photo in Ride was shot during a break in the '98 X Games in San Diego. He spotted a green tube that he wanted to manual, but security was so tight that he couldn't even take a good look at it. Eventually he decided that he didn't seed to check the tube too closely, so he charged from back of the building, rode past security, and pulled the manual before anyone could stop him.

Little Devil, Seek & Destroy video.
Van Homan's part has some of the sickest street tricks to date.

Schwinn has recruited east coast ripper Van Homan.
Interview in Ride BMX US #43 september 1999.
2000 Cover and interview: Freedom #34 august september 2000.

Cover: Ride BMX US #48 april 2000.

Props Road Fools 5

5th place pro street @ BS round 4, Nashville, june 2000.

#1 street rider.
van homan freedom cover

van homan ride bmx us 04 2000
2001 Props Road Fools Europe.

: SNAP #52 february 2001.

Props Road Fools 7.
Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com: On Road Fools 7, we drove into Atlanta and as soon as we started riding Van Homan spotted a big ledge that would be a great gap-to-manual. That's not usually the kind of thing you do first trick of the session, so Van looked at it for a bit and decided to come back later. We all pedaled away, but we only made it 50 yards before Van turned around to give it a go. On his second attempt, he pulled it perfectly.

Little Devil, Criminal Mischief video.
Van Homan, www.thecomeupboard.com, january 2008: I put a lot of time and blood into that part and I'm really proud how the part came out. I did the best I could on the riding end and Derek did a great job on the editing. I shout out to Stew Johnson as well for suggesting the song.

Schwinn MEAN STREET: Van Homan signature frame.
100% american made 4130 cromoly, 21" or 20.5" top tube, 15" rear center, 74.5° head tube, 6.25 lbs (21"tt).

Ride BMX US, Parts video.

Van: I tore my acl in August and had surgery in September. That put me off my bike for about 5 months and it was 6 months before I could go all out

Cover and interview in
Ride BMX US #65 october 2001.

October 2001, Van is riding for FIT.
Van: Fit is great. It's really nice riding for a small company, were you have more input and they know who you are. Plus just being friends with everyone is nice.
van homan snap cover

van homan little devil criminal mischief

van homan ride bmx us 10 2001
Van Homan is riding for Airwalk


Props Road Fools 10.


Van Homan Bike inspection in Transworld BMX #70 august 2002.

Van Homan poster in Ride BMX US #77 october 2002.

Interview and cover of Transworld BMX november 2002.
van homan transworld bmx cover
2003 POSTER.
Van Homan poster in Transworld BMX #75 january 2003.

Interview dans le BMXup #24 de mars avril 2003.

Whip on the cover of Props 48 spring 2003. Photo by Rob Dolecki.

FIT Barcelona BMX vacations video.

2003 X-GAMES.
5th place pro park @ 2003 X-Games

Party at Van Homan's house in Props Megatour 2.

20 questions to Van Homan in Ride BMX UK #70 september 2003.

Van Homan opposite air in his garage on the cover of Transworld BMX october 2003. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

Turndown on the cover of BMX Plus! december 2003.
van homan barcelona video

van homan transworld bmx october 2003.

props bmx video magazine 48

van homan bmx plus! 12 2003
2004 VIDEO.
Tip Plus The Family video.
shrinebmx, www.bmx-test.com, january 2005: I was very pleased with his section it is on par with his section in Criminal Mischief. The music is a classic rock song that is ok and works well. Many hammers go down in his section and it seems he has tailwhips dialed. Some highlights are a over grind to barspin out on a hand rail and a manual to overgrind on handrail and there are many more but I don't want to spoil the section for people. I'm going to give his section a 9.5, it was hammertastic and a real treat but, the song though isn't one of my favorites but it worked.

Van Homan on the cover of Faction #22 december 2004.

alistairheeley1, www.youtube.com: Van Homan's part from the 2004 Tip Plus video The Family. The song is Ryan Adams - To Be Young.

van homan faction cover
The cover of Pusher magazine october 2005 shows Van Homan at the Gravity Games.
van homan pusher 18
www.digbmx.com, june 2006: It's official, Van Homan is opening up a shop in South Jersey. I didn't even realize we had mentioned it in the news, but I guess we helped push Van into making an official statement on it. Sorry about that Van..... Here's word from Van: "This is the first official announcement regarding Two by Four BMX/Skate shop. I am planning on opening a shop in South Jersey in the very near future. The lease is already signed, I am just waiting to get into the building. We should be in there sometime in July and opening day is expected to be some time in early August. The guy has a gun store in the space now and apparently you need permits to move truck loads of guns around, go figure. In my opinion BMX dosn’t have enough “cool” shops so I’m hoping to do something to help the scene thrive and give BMXers a place to go where BMX is the main focus. We are hoping to do a lot of events at the shop but since its not even open yet thats all a little down the road. I’ll keep you posted though. This announcement may be a little premature but the word was starting to get out and there was even a little blurb in Dig about it so I figured I would make it official. The shop will be located in Pennsville NJ. Keep your eyes out for lots more info including an exact location, web address, team list, and an opening day date. Its happening baby!"
2008 2008 X-GAMES.
2nd place street @ 2008 X-Games.
van homan bmx x-games 2008
2008 X-Games. Photo by Mark Losey.
Van Homan is on the cover of Dig september 2012.
digbmx.mpora.com, september 2012: In this issue we’re bringing you some of the people, places, and events that have inspired and shaped BMX and our magazine since our first issue in 1993. To mark this occasion we’ve produced four collectable covers featuring Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich, and Van Homan; all legends of the modern era.
van homan dig bmx 90
2013 DAN'S COMP.
Guts, thecomeup.com, march 2013: Just when you thought Dan’s pro team was stacked to capacity, they put the icing on the cake with the addition of Van Homan. He recently spent some time down in Texas with teammates Tony Hamlin, Seth Kimbrough and Devon Smillie on his first real riding trip since coming back from a broken leg last year. And as you’ll see in this edit, he didn’t hesitate getting back into beastmode, laying down hammers at spots in Austin and San Antonio. So stoked on this, looking forward to seeing more of Van killing it in 2013!
Press release: We are pleased to announce the addition of BMX legend Van Homan to the Dan’s Comp team! As one of the most respected, versatile riders in the history of modern BMX, Van’s skills on a bike, professionalism and attitude are among many reasons that he fits into the big picture at Dan’s Comp. Coming off a major injury in 2012, this edit marks the return of Van to serious street riding. As his new Dan’s team mate, Tony Hamlin puts it, Van is getting “Back on the Horse”. Welcome to Dan’s Comp, Van!