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1971 DOB: december 19, 1971.
Birthplace: East Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
early years Participant since 1983 and competitor since 1985.
Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, february 2004: Keith McElhinney help me learn how to ride vert back in 1985.

Kevin Robinson wallriding at one of the jams at Pawtucket, Rhone Island in the pages of Invert july 1990. Photo by Kieran Chapman.

3rd place 18 and over expert ramp @ 1991 NBL round 1, january 20, 1991, Tarpon Springs, Florida.

4th place stuntmen vert @
1992 BS finals, november 21-22, 1992, Chicago, IL.
Kevin Robinson was the rookie pro who rode impressively with high airs, a chicken hook drop-in, a close shot at a 900 and a fourth-place Stuntmen Vert debut.
kevin robinson
1993 Kevin Robinson is riding for Hoffman Bikes.
Mat Hoffman, The Ride of my Life, 2002: Kevin Robinson was a kid who was one hundred percent committed. He relocated from the East Coast to Oklahoma City for a year, just to help out with our cause.
Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, february 2004: I've been on Hoffman Bikes for 11 years, pretty much since the start of HB, we're like family and Mat is one of my closest friends, I know he'll always take care of me and I'll always do my best to support him. I will never ride for another bike company. to me, it's not about money – loyalty is more important.

7th place stuntmen vert @ 1993 BS round 2, april 17-18, 1993, Shimerville, Pennsylvania.
900 attempt.

5th place stuntmen vert @ 1993 BS finals, november 19-21, 1993, SCRAP Chicago, IL.
1995 8th place on Vert in 1995 Extreme games.

4th place stuntmen street @ Hoffman's Final Bicycle Stunts Contest, november 1995, S. Daytona, Florida.
1997 6th place stuntmen vert @ 1997 BS round 1, march 26-28, 1997, Providence, RI.
Kevin Robinson had the hometown crowd on his side. Kevin goes HIGH and did some of the highest 540's of the contest, but ended up getting shafted out of the cut by one spot -- but when Josh Heino dropped out, he was in. Kev ripped in the finals and got sixth.

8th place stuntmen vert @ 1997 BS round 2, may 1997, Orlando, Florida.
1998 7th place double vert with Pat Miller @ 1998 X-Games, San Diedo, California.
Kevin Robinson and Pat Miller spent one of their entire runs, kung fu fighting on the flat bottom of the ramp.

9th place vert @ BS/B3 1998 round 3, august 27-30, 1998, Woodward, PA.

4th place pro vert @ 1998 Worlds, Portimao, Portugal, september 16-20, 1998.
Fourth went to Hoffman's Kevin Robinson (USA). Kevin had a black eye and was feeling sick, but was doing scary high 540's.

Kevin Robinson interview in Ride BMX US december 1998.
1999 5th place stuntmen vert @ 1999 BS round 1, X-Trials, april 22-25, 1999, Louisville, KY.

MTV Sports and Music Festival 3
Kevin Robinson won the high air contest going at 15'3''. For the Sick Trick part of the contest, Kevin pulled a seven-foot 540, and then started trying to pull a flair. Kevin's 540 won the title, making him the two-time vert winner, and $6,000 richer.

8th place vert @ 1999 X-Games, San Francisco, California, june 25 - july 3, 1999.
Kevin Robinson pulled his first flair in a contest almost to pegstall but pulled it.

4th place vert @ 1999 Gravity Games, july 15-23, 1999, Providence, RI.
Robinson rode two good runs crashing a flair in his first run but pulling it clean in his 2nd run. He had a huge fan club for support...

kevin robinson
2000 17th place stuntmen park @ B3 round 3, X-Trials, May 19-21, 2000, St Petersburg, Florida.

5th place vert @ 2000 Worlds, Cologne Jugendpark, Germany, june 28-july 2, 2000.

4th place stuntmen vert @ CFB finals, july 6-9, 2000, Woodward, PA.
Alley-oop-540 across an eight-foot channel.

2000 Gravity Games, july 18-23, 2000, Providence, RI.
Local favorite Kevin Robinson was riding to Pennywise's "Brohym." He did a stretched alley oop no hander and a big 540, but had some bad luck on a no handed 540 and barely slid out on a flair. He went off in his second run, landing an insanely stretched no handed flair to Mat Hoffman hug. The crowd and TV cameras loved it.
Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, february 2004: I did the first no-handed flair at 2000 Gravity Games, I just kind of hucked it and hoped. That worked. Most people were blown away and it opened a whole new door to bike riding.

6th place vert @ 2000 X-Games, August 17-22, 2000, San Francisco, California.
Kevin Robinson (H*B) is getting the air, getting the variations and is working on the big tricks that you need to do to make it to the top. He dropped in and did a big flair on the other side of the ramp for 6th place.
2001 6th place vert @ 2001 BS/B3 round 1, Anaheim, CA, march 23-25, 2001.
Brian Tunney, www.hsacentral.com: Kevin Robinson comes out swinging. He tried a switch handed flair but slide out on the landing. I bet he pulls it at the next contest though.

2nd place stuntmen vert @ 2001 CFB round 2, may 10-13, Perris, California.
For second place, Kevin Robinson did a no-handed flair and almost pulled three back-to-back barrel rolls.

2nd place stuntmen vert @ 2001 BS/B3 round 3 & X Trials #1, May 18-20, 2001, Grand Prairie, Texas.
Kevin Robinson has been going off lately and this contest was no exception. He did a regular flair straight into a no-handed flair. Calm down son ! He's definitely pushing Vert riding.

2nd place vert @ 2001 Vans Triple Crown Series round 2, July 27-29, Louisville, KY.

4th place vert @ 2001 X-Games, august 17-23, 2001, Philadelphia, PA. Leigh Ramsdell, www.expn.com: Kevin Robinson pulled his no-handed flair in the finals, as well as a regular one; a switch handed 540, some high variations and something that he's never done in a contest before; a huge ass tailwhip. It was nice. Kevin was in fourth.
kevin robinson 2001 cfb round 2
2001 CFB round 2.
2002 Hometown: East Providence RI.
Sponsors: HB, Redbull, Woodward, Antix, Fox.

2nd place pro vert, 20th place park and 27th place pro dirt @ CFB 2002 round 1, March 8th-10th, Merritt Island, FL. Kevin Robinson went huge, and is huge, every run. Kevin pulled a big 540 to a flair to a no handed flair over the channel, giving him second.

2nd place vert @ first stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series, May 12, 2002, Charlotte, North Carolina.

4th place vert @ EXPN Invitational Round 2, May 17-19, 2002, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
Kevin Robinson had solid runs but couldn't stick the flair to no-handed flair and had to settle for fourth.

2nd place vert @ CFB 2002 round 3, June 21st-23rd, Joliet IL.
Kevin Robinson has been training hard at Woodward the last few years and it is really paying off, he qualified in first and got 2nd in the finals. He did 4 flairs in a row in one of his runs, very high 540s, switchhanded and regular, and no handers, a bunch of no footed variations, and a flair into a perfect no-handed flair to end his runs.

3rd place vert @ Vans Triple Crown of BMX Stop #2, June 30, 2002, Denver, CO.

4th place vert @ 2002 X-Games, august 15-19, 2002, Philadelphia, Penn. Kevin Robinson: 540 about 6 feet out, switch handed 540 even higher than that, big flair to flair to no-handed flair ! After his score came up Kevin dropped back in. A few setup airs and he tried a no-handed to no-footed flair which he barely missed.

2nd place vert @ third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series, October 3-6, 2002, Oceanside, CA.
2003 March 2003-getting engaged to my fiance Robin.

Silver Medal vert @ 2003 Global X Games, may 16-18, 2003, San Antonio, TX, USA.

July 2003: getting my Harley Fatboy.

Bronze medal at summer X-Games, august 2003. Todd Seligman, www.expn.com: Kevin Robinson improves with every event. Even his philosophy has evolved. Kevin now throws big tricks right out of the gate, including switch-handed 540s, corkscrew flairs and no-handed corkscrew flairs. Today, Kevin almost landed a switch-handed to no-handed flair. His new tricks and methods paid off in bronze.

August 2003-Winning 2003 Soul Bowl Series(3rd year in a row)

2nd place vert @ 2003 Gravity games, september 2003, Cleveland, Ohio. Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, september 2003: I qualified in the second place spot behind Jamie Bestwick, and ended up in second after finals as well, getting the silver medal, right behind first place finisher Dave Mirra. I was really happy with my runs, and Dave had an amazing run as well for the win. Jamie ended up falling on tailwhip flairs in both runs, so after the finals he was in 6th. Chad Kagy put in great runs, and got fourth.

20 Questions to Kevin Robinson in Ride BMX UK october 2003.
2004 3rd place pro vert @ 2004 X-Games, august 4th-8th, 2004, Los Angeles, CA. Kevin took home the Bronze medal. The rumor was floating around all week that Kevin had the double flair in his arsenal this year, a trick which had never been attempted outside of a foam pit. After a good first run to put him in a medal position, Kevin let it all on the line second run by rolling into a couple of set up airs and then firing out an attempt at the double flair. It was a very close attempt, and a hair more of a pull into the ramp probably would have meant two wheels down. He tried one more time without any luck, but proved to everyone on the deck that it was indeed possible by barely missing his landing. With several big contests still to come this year, you can expect to see this trick landed sometime in the very near future. Those attempts moved it from a dream trick to a very real possibility in the eyes of many. Another X Games medal in the books for Kevin Robinson as well.

September 3rd, 2004, Kevin and his wife Robin's healthy baby girl, Shaye Emily Robinson was born at 8:09 am. Shaye is their first child and should be riding the vert ramp in no time. Kevin will have his hands full all week, between being a new father and practicing for the upcoming LG Action Sports Championships next weekend, and the Gravity Games the following weekend.

3rd place pro vert @ LG Action Sports Championships
Kevin Robinson: I came extremely close to landing a double flair. The rotation was there, I just slid out on the landing. On the second attempt I landed back wheel, and blew all but 9 spokes out. Needless to say that didn't allow for a third attempt. I didn't quite get the set up air I needed this time around. A solid high air and a good pump will land the trick for sure.

Gravity Games.
Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, september 2004: The Gravity Games went down last weekend and I ended up in third for a bronze medal. There was a big storm out there at the same time, so we had to deal with delays because of rain and wind. The contest got pushed back from Friday night until Saturday night, and it was still extremely windy. Midway through my first run I flew out to get a good roll in to try a double flair. I slipped my pedal on the first good air, and ended up doing a giant Voelker style flyout on the opposite side because of my footing. That ended that run, but fortunately I had enough good stuff in the first half of my run to give me a decent score. In my second run I fell on a no-handed flair, which I've been pretty consistent with lately. I flew out again and went for a double flair and committed. This time around the wind was a bit worse, so I didn't get the proper rotation and landed hard on my butt. I'm a bit sore, but I'll get that trick done soon. Chad Kagy got Silver, and Jamie Bestwick got Gold, for a Woodward sweep.
2005 1st place vert @ 2005 Dew round 1, Louisville, KY, June 9th - 12th, 2005. Kevin Robinson had a nearly flawless run at the Kentucky Expo Center's Freedom Hall Sunday evening to win the BMX Vert finals at the Dew Action Sports Tour's Panasonic Open. His winning combination of tricks included an alley-oop no-hander to no- hander flair.

Now and then with Kevin Robinson in Ride BMX US july 2005.

6th place vert @
2005 Dew round 2, Denver, Pepsi Center, July 7-10, 2005.

3rd place vert @ 2005 X-Games, August 4th - 7th, 2005, Los Angeles, CA. Kevin Robinson killed it, he is a big guy that likes to fly high... too bad he crashed on his opposite flair, since his run was flawless up till then. He did pull his opposite flair in the second run, which got him Bronze 3 years in a row now.
Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, september 2005: The X Games took place this weekend in LA and I took Bronze in the vert contest. It was a State College sweep as Bestwick won gold and Kagy got silver. There was also abest trick contest and I tried a few double flairs, coming closer than I have before. In the end it didn't happen this time around, but it will very soon.

2nd place vert @ 2005 Dew round 3, Portland, Oregon, August 18-21, 2005.
The night ended with Kevin Robinson captivating the crowd by trying to land the world’s first double flair. The Tour’s skateboard and BMX athletes congregated on the deck of the vert ramp in support of Robinson. Despite coming up short in his attempt at history, Robinson earned an extended standing ovation from the Memorial Coliseum crowd.
2006 Kevin Robinson is on the cover of Sophisticated Rider magazine issue 4, april 2006.

1st place big air, 1st place vert best trick and 4th place vert @ 2006 summer X-Games, august 2006, Los Angeles, CA.
Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, august 2006: X Games went pretty well for me. I landed my first ever double flair in the best trick contest and won the gold medal in that. I also won the first ever X Games Mega Ramp contest. My good friend Chad Kagy took home the Gold medal in the vert contest!

3rd place vert @ 2006 Dew round 3, Portland, Oregon. August 17-20, 2006.
Robinson dropped big flairs immediately after dropping in, did a stalled-out table 540, and floated no-handed flairs over the channel in both directions. He dropped in for his second run, did a few variations, then started racking up set-up airs, so most of the riders watching knew what was coming. He went for the double flair, but came up short and slid out. If he gets one good run under his belt at any future contests, we just might be seeing more of the double flair.

Kevin Robinson, www.kevinrobinson.com, november 2006: The Dew Tour in San Jose was this past weekend, and I landed my second ever double flair. It was after the actual contest, but it was a perfect landing. I'm stoked, and I'm also up for the Playstation Trick of the Week.
kevin robinson sophisticated rider issue 4

Kevin Robinson double flair during 2006 X-Games.
2007 Ten to End with Kevin Robinson in Ride BMX US april 2007.

1st place big air @ 2007 X-Games, August 2-5, 2007, Los Angeles, CA. Kevin Robinson was the one who came out on fire. Making his 12th X Games appearance - he competed in the very first X Games in 1995, and has only missed one year since - Robinson squared off against a field comprised of mostly young bucks at STAPLES Center, and emerged victorious. After reaching verts of 18' and 20' on earlier runs, Robinson landed the winning trick on his fourth run: a no-handed backflip over the gap, followed by a flair that sent him soaring 18' above the quarterpipe.
3rd place vert. Kevin Robinson tried a double flair to start his second run but couldn't quite stay on the bike. His runs included a no-handed flair transfer, huge 540 variations including a 540 tailwhip, and lots of other bangers.

8th place vert @ 2007 Dew Round 4, September 20-23, 2007, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Kevin Robinson did huge no-handers and supermans and no-handed and opposite flairs, but a crash on a 540 tailwhip cut his run short.

5th place vert @ Dew Round 5, PlayStation® Pro, October 18-21, Orlando, Florida.
Kevin Robinson came out swinging, lofting a no-handed flair over the channel, a switch-handed 540, an opposite flair, and a 540 tailwhip. He dropped in for run two and - surprise! He attempted a double flair, which he's kept on the back burner for a couple of months. He came so close, but couldn't quite get the tires down in time.
2008 Lat34, www.youtube.com, june 2008: Watch BMX rider Kevin Robinson practice for his world record attempt, take a few practice runs on the megaramp, then finally break the vertical height mark of 26.5 feet in NYC on June 12, 2008 in NYC's Central Park. Video courtesy Red Bull.
2010 hoffmanbikes.com, july 2010: On July 20th Kevin, Robin, Shaye and Kev Jr greeted the new addition to the family, Riley Alan Robinson. Riley was a healthy 6lbs 10oz and 20 inches long. Congrats to the Robinson family and be on the look out for a few more Robinsons on the deck of a vert ramp.
2011 Due to recurring shoulder injuries, Kevin Robinson has been unable to ride.