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heath pinter ride bmx us 01 03 issue 80 - january 2003 (2)
Heath Pinter during Mosh tour on the cover.
Extraordinaire sommaire: Shamco Orbitron fork.
X-Games 2002.
Mac Neil and Mosh road trips.Nina Butrago bio.
justin inman ride bmx us 02 03 issue 81 - february 2003 (2)
Justin Inman with the fufanu of death at Burnside in Portland, Oregon on the cover. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.
Extraordinaire sommaire: iBook.
NORA cup.
Taj Mihelich spread.
Jason Enns interview.

Jeff Zielinski, Jeff Z’s 10 favorite cover photos, bmx.transworld.net, april 2009: This was first trip to Portland and subsequently, my first time at Burnside, too. We did the usual wake up before the local skaters thing, and when we got there I remember being really surprised at how small of an area the spot was actually in. I was also pretty overwhelmed by how well the locals rode it. So I sat down most of the time and just watched the likes of Twin Fin, Jon Bristol, Little Jeff, and Justin Inman shred the place. I had also noticed a fence out of an 8” quarter that Justin did a fufanu on in the first Fit video. It was filmed with a fisheye from the deck and I remember being blowin’ away when I saw how much bigger it looked in person. When Justin showed up that morning, I boldly said something like…“That fufanu is amazing, I doubt you’d ever want to do it again, but I’d love to shoot it, I promise you’ll only have to give it one go and I’ll get it.” He told me he’d “think about it.” Later that night, Justin called the house I was staying and said we should go back to Burnside the following morning and he would see how he felt. He must’ve felt pretty good because he nailed it on his second try. And you can only imagine how psyched I was when I got the film back and realized I didn’t just put my foot in my mouth.
vinnie sammon ride bmx us 03 03 issue 82 - march 2003 (2)
Vinnie Sammon x-up stall in the LBC on Mike Ardelean's bike on the cover. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.
Extraordinaire sommaire: tees and videos.
Skateparks of Spain.
FBM in the Northheast
Vancouver scene report
Red Bull Circle of Balance
gary young ride bmx us 04 03 issue 83 - april 2003 (2)
Gary Young on the cover. Photo: Mark Losey.
Props Mega Tour.
Gary Young Poster.
No Bikes allowed.

Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com: In issue 83 we did a fake table of Contents page that looked like a page from BMXonline. One of the main fake headlines read, "Supreme Court rules Bikes Must Be Allowed into Public Skateparks." When we wrote that line it was just a joke, but apparently it didn't come across that way, because riders and parents began calling to find out how to get the info to take to their city councils.
steve mccann ride bmx us 05 03 issue 84 - may 2003 (2)
Steve McCann took the cover with a toboggan on the Bondi Beach mini before it was transformed into a concrete bowl. Photo by Mark Losey.
Alongside the inside cover Haro ad, Ryan Nyquist had three or four other ads in the magazine to go along with a full length interview full of progressive riding. The Nyquist interview captures the essence of the legend perfectly. He opens up his interview with a rocket suicide no hander over the car box jump at the Jiffy Market.
Ronnie Chalk bombed a 33 stair kinked rail in Corona, CA for a DC ad.
Josh Harrington has the start spread with a fufanu.
Colin Mackay could be seen riding for Huffy at a Global X-Games event.
Rick Thorne had one of his infamous Free Agent ads in this issue.
Mike Ardelean had the Mosh ad of the month.
Josh Stricker had an S&M ad for his signature frame, which at the time battled the Kink Cielencki frame as being the lightest frame on the market.
Odyssey had just released their Vandero hub, which helped lead the way for minimalistic, 3/8" axles becoming the norm for front hubs on a BMX bike for years to come.
Profile's Imperial sprocket was featured as it was one of the few sprockets on the market available in 25, 28, and 30 tooth versions to complement the new 9, 10, and 11 tooth drivers that had just been introduced to the BMX world.
Josh Harrington dropped a bomb on the world with the barspin to double peg grind.
Jim Cielencki interview.
Allan Cooke poster (flipwhip) & interview.
Australia road trip.
Anthony Pill captures the end point page with a 360 whip to fakie on a quarterpipe, helping to usher in a wave of insanely technical ramp riders.
Ryan Fudger is hired as Associate Editor
I originally started contributing to Ride via the regional news, I believe in the August 2002 issue. I did that bi-monthly column up until I was hired on as Associate Editor in February of 2003 (starting on Issue 85, the Marvin Loettrele cover).
marvin loetterle ride bmx us 06 03 issue 85 - june 2003 (1)
Marvin Loetterle, wallride in Newport Beach, California on the cover. Photo: Zielinski.
The photo issue.
Allan Cooke 54'4" flip for DC.

Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com: We made a trip to Point X with Jim Reinstra for issue 85, and Jim had some things to take care of. First up was a tailwhip on the box jump to feeble grind on the ledge alongside it. After he rolled away from that trick I was pretty amazed and then went to ride a different part of the park. A few minutes later I saw Jim up the hill doing 360 x-ups on the box jump over and over. A few minutes later we were shooting again, but this time he did a 360 x-up over the box to feeble down the ledge.
alistair whitton ride bmx us 07 03 issue 86 - july 2003 (2)
Alistair Whitton on the cover. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.
Metro jam 2003.
Matt Beringer Poster,
Shadow Team in Mexico.
South by southwest roadfools.
corey martinez ride bmx us 08 03 issue 87 - august 2003 (2)
Corey Martinez finds a new way down stairs on the cover. Photo: Zielinski.
The Kevin Porter interview.
Las Vegas scene report.
Rick Thorne poster and interview.
Rider-owned Rider-built: S&M, Solid, FBM, Dirt Bros.

Jeff Zielinski, Ride BMX US #100: In issue 87, Ralph Sinisi's gap over a railto-grind took a lot of work. The spot was at a bank filled with good obstacles, so security already knew to be on the lookout. We tried to shoot there one Sunday afternoon but we got kicked out immediately. The next day I set my gear up down the street, left my car running with the doors open, and picked a place to meet Ralph since he planned to just take off after doing the rail. Ralph took one approach and then fired it out while security was already behind him: I was actually running and still shooting photos on the may to my car. Afterwards I had to drive seven or eight blocks before I found Ralph; he was so excited that he just kept pedaling.

Jeff Zielinski, Jeff Z’s 10 favorite cover photos, bmx.transworld.net, april 2009: In the summer of 2003, I flew to New Jersey with a very ambitious plan—a two-week trip across the country with Bob Scerbo, Brian Wizmerski, Josh Stricker, and Corey Martinez to shoot interviews with all of them. By the time our stint in California was over, the only interview that wasn’t entirely shot was Wiz’s. Corey did this wallride in downtown Los Angeles at the end of the trip. It was near dusk when we shot it, and I remember when Bob, Wiz, and Corey saw the photo after I got it back, one of them said something about me “turning day into night.” I explained to them that a maximum flash sync and a decent aperture at dusk would give you that result and then they laughed at my technical photography jargon. This cover was basically the closer of that trip for me, so aside from just being really psyched on the trick and the angle, this cover reminds me of the trip and all the fun we had.
john greer ride bmx us 09 03 issue 88 - september 2003 (2)
John Greer transfer at the Pala pipes in Fallbrook, CA. on the cover. Photo: Papiro.
Nora Cup voting.
FISE contest in France.
Eastern trip.
Roots jam.
T.J. Lavin poster and interview.
Matt Pourro bio.
mike escamilla rooftop ride bmx us 10 03 issue 89 - october 2003
Mike rooftop Escamilla on the cover. Photo: Mark Losey.
Diary of a Samurai.
Mike Parenti interview.
BACO trip.
Neal Harrington bio.
Number of november issue copies printed: 92 721.
Mail subscriptions: 19 181.
Sale of copies: 18 227.
jimmy levan ride bmx us 11 03 issue 90 - november 2003
Out september 2003. Jimmy Levan x-up footplant during the Props Megatour II on the cover.
Worlds in Beja, Portugal.
Interviews with Nathan Penonzek, Luke Fink, Ryan biz Jordan, Simon Tabron.
Dave Mirra poster (flipwhip over a spine at the FISE contest) and interview.
Animal road trip.
Bio: Alex Krauss
morgan wade ride bmx us 12 03 issue 91 - december 2003
Morgan Wade superman-whip at Woodward West on the cover. Photo: Zielinski.
The Vans show.
CFB Woodward West.
Flatland fives.
Ted Van Orman bio.