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josh harrington ride bmx us 01 2012 issue 179 - january february 2012
bmx.transworld.net, december 2011: On The Cover: Casual, confident, and beastly, Josh Harrington fired out this massive over-grind on a random busy road in Columbus, Ohio, first and only go. But, not before removing a lamp, beating the rail with a rock, and with a little help from the rest of the Premium team, picking up a boat and moving it. Photo by Ryan Fudger.

- Departments -
First Words: Just as we shipped this issue to the printer we got word that Dane Searls was in a coma and fighting for his life after suffering injuries obtained from a non-riding accident. Sadly, Dane was taken from the BMX community just days later. These first words are for Dane. Ride in peace, brother.
Start: Scott Powell throws down a combo in between doing shows for troops during one of the Bikes Over Baghdad tours in Kuwait.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…the month’s news in a nutshell.
Pro Q&A: Brandon Dosch: You all asked just about everything that anyone could have ever thought of, and B. Dosch came through with the answers like a boss. Bets, pranks, contests, tricks, sponsors, Michigan, and lots more…
Products: Frames, forks, bars, stems, pegs, seats, and more. Lots of new hard goods just in time for your holiday wish list.
Soft Goods: Fresh threads from Fox, Animal, Kink, Shadow, and more of your favorite BMX brands.
Diversions: Four new DVDs get reviewed (including YAWN and The Hunt) and Mulligan goes back to his days as a grade-schooler and reviews a book, too.
Pro Shop: Pusher Bike Shop: Clay Brown is helping keep the Denver scene rolling with Pusher, so we sat down with him to learn a little more about the shop.
Glimpse: Bikes Over Baghdad: A bunch of photos and snapshots of the sixth B.O.B. tour in the Middle East.
Focus: We have an extra-large photo section this month including gems of Tony Malouf, Van Homan, Eric Hough, Chase Hawk, Raul Ruiz, Gabe Brooks, Lance Mosley, Morgan Long, Drew Hosselton, and more…
Bio: Aleksi Ritsila. A fresh face on the flatland scene from Finland gets some shine time.
Letters: A few readers sing praises to the mag and Fudger gets called out for not knowing his Russian history.
Finish: Darin Read. Northwest trails ripper Darin Read finishes off the issue by filling in blanks about style, trails, his setup, traveling, and more…

- Features -
The Premium Sessions: Premium’s pro riders Josh Harrington, Sean Ricany, Dan Foley, Chad Kerley, and Connor Lodes recap their days of shredding in Chicago and Columbus.
Excuse Me, While I Kiss The Sky – Dane Searls Breaks Boundaries With Unit’s Giants Of Dirt Project: We interviewed 23-year-old Australian shredder Dane Searls about his quest to build and conquer the world’s biggest and most insane dirt jumps—which, of course, he succeeded at both. Sadly, Dane passed away just after this issue was sent to the printer from injuries he suffered after a non-riding accident. Our thoughts go out to Dane’s family and friends as they mourn the loss of this great visionary and incredibly talented rider.
The Gem Of Route 66 – The Albuquerque Scene: New Mexico is a convenient stopping point between the East and the West and has seen its fair share of BMXers passing through over the years. It’s the locals though that keep this scene strong, and we caught up with them to check out what they are up to these days…

Subscriber Shipping Date: December 1, 2011
On Newsstands: December 20, 2011
alex magallan ride bmx us 03 2012 issue 180 - march april 2012
bmx.transworld.net, january 2012: On The Cover: This has been on Alex Magallan’s radar for years and a lot of other big name riders have had their look at it. With Stew Johnson in town and footage going to Owned, Alex finally made it happen—about a dozen times since he kept messing up on the second part of the line! Photo: Andrew White.

- Departments -
First Words: Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan reflects on the amazing progress Mike Aitken has made from his crash three years, to today, where he’s back on the horse shredding concrete with Tom Dugan and Joe Rich.
Start: Devin Fredlund demonstrates how Halloween is celebrated, Austin, Texas, style.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…we’ve got a few shakeup’s with some of the biggest names in BMX. Rest in peace Dane Searls.
Pro Q&A: Chad Kerley. The 17 year old trick machine from sunny San Diego talks about high school, nose manuals, his favorite spots, gets asked to prom, and more.
Products: Fit Mac and Premium Aurora frames, Demolition Elite and Fly Agua 27 forks, Colony TwentyFourSeven and MacNeil Tabarnak bars, Odyssey Lincoln stem, pegs, seats, and more. Lots of new hard goods just in time for your holiday wish list.
Soft Goods: Almost an entire new wardrobe from Fox, Skavenger, Kink, Shadow, S&M, Vans, Stolen, Animal, Fit, and Etnies.
Diversions: DVD overload! Killjoy, Props Owned, OSS Dnvr Ngs, United Downtime, FBM Thousand Yard Stare, Skavenger 2011, and BMXFU Guy Stuff are all in here.
Pro Shop: The Wood Shop. Salt Lake City’s Cam Wood gave his shop a signature look that you really need to see for yourself.
Focus: Fancy action photos of Jason Enns, Cam Wood, Geoff Slattery, Justin Simpson, Roman Tencza, and Art Thomason.
Bio: Joey Motta. In Drew Hosselton’s write up about Joey he says, “Joey is the most interesting person I have ever met.” Which means a lot, because there are some interesting cats in Arizona.
Letters: A guy named Slayer asks some questions about photography and ends up winning a pair of Premium cranks. Who would’ve thought?
Finish: Sean Burns. Like anything featuring Sean Burns, this is an interesting read. Topics include; his favorite video part, the best trick of all time, the weirdest place in the world, and more.

- Features -
Fit In Ecuador: After Van Homan gets denied into the country, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan, Justin Inman, and Christian Porras have to fend for themselves in this foreign land—well, sort of.
American Classics: Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan explore the back country roads of Idaho and Montana in a Trans Am. And as if that’s not cool enough, Joe Rich was on hand to document it—making it one hell of an epic adventure.
Alex Magallan Interview: Shot entirely in Nashville, Tennessee, Alex makes his hometown proud with a kick-ass interview full of bangin’ photos.

Subscriber Shipping Date: January 26, 2012
On Newsstands: February 14, 2012
ty morrow ride bmx us 05 2012 issue 181 - may june 2012
bmx.transworld.net, march 2012: On The Cover: Clear the rail, absorb the drop, and avoid the two giant blocks on the landing—as if Ty Morrow’s 360 isn’t wild enough already, deciding to do it at night with the lights makes it even better. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.

- Departments -
First Words. Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan touches upon the features in this issue and leaves you with some great insight, as always.
Start. Dennis Enarson, Ronnie Napolitan, Billy Macpherson, Christian Rigal, and Bobbie Altiser play human Drano (Built To Shred style) with a giant wooden bowl contraption. You just have to see it for yourself.
Up Front. Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…it’s always a great issue when there’s more news in the Sponsor Block then the Injured List!
Pro Q&A: Ben Hucke. Our readers come through with some hard hitting questions and Ben fires back with some well thought out answers.
Products. Frames, bars, cranks, stems, pegs, and more. Lots of new hard goods just waiting for you to get your greasy hands on.
Soft Goods. Some of the finest fashion forward threads from Fox, Profile, Operativ, Kink, Shadow, S&M, Vans, Stolen, Animal, Fit, and Etnies.
Diversions. No stranger to putting out stellar video parts in his own right, Nigel Sylvester lists his top five favorite video parts of all time. And we cover three new DVDs; Goods Shred Boner, Fit’s Fit Trippin’ 3, and Word’s Third Word.
Focus. Troy Merkle, Matt Beringer, Kert Petersel, Lahsaan Kobza, Tony Neyer, James Foster, David Grant, and Mike Mastroni all grace the pages of this issue’s Focus section.
Bio: Dom Biro. If Mike Brennan can vouch for you, then you’re alright in our book. New Jersey shredder Dom Biro has been killing it behind the scenes for years, but it looks like that is about to change.
Letters. Ryan Fudger continues to answer your letters in his signature witty and sometimes crass style that we all know and love.
Finish: Pat Casey. Escalating ramps, slurping cereal,and insane jumping tricks are a few of the things covered with Pat’s Finish.

- Features -
Odyssey In Palm Spring. All 16 riders on the Odyssey pro team spend a week in the desert oasis known as Palm Springs, California. Who would’ve thought such a small desert town (and the surrounding area) could offer up so much to ride?
Louisville Scene Report. There’s far more going on in Louisville than a giant skatepark with a fullpipe—and Ride contributors Devon Denham and Derek Fetco help enlighten us.
Ty Morrow Interview. Any time you see something from Ty Morrow it’s a treat—even if it’s just a little glimpse. Well, we’ve got 13 pages of pure fire with him.
steve o croteau ride bmx us 07 2012 issue 182 - july 2012
bmx.transworld.net, may 2012: On The Cover: No stranger to technical grind combos and never one to pass up an opportunity to grind two rails at once, Steve-O Croteau couldn’t pass up this one-of-kind setup in San Diego, California. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.

- Departments -
First Words. Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan reflects upon the late and great Mike Tag. RIP buddy!
Start. “DGAF” Dan Norvell has no doubt done a lot of no-handers in life time, but probably none in a place as strange as this.
Up Front. Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…Yes! The Sponsor Block tips the scales once again and reigns over the Injured List, while Fine Print comes in last, but not least.
Pro Q&A: Matthias Dandois. No language barrier for this fine French flatlander, I mean, BMXer. Matthias handled your questions like the pro he is.
Products. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie…is what you’ll be saying when you see the frames, bars, pedals, cranks, rims, and more in this Products section.
Soft Goods. Some of the latest fabricated items from S&M, Stolen, Profile, Kink, Tree, Animal, Odyssey, Skavenger, and Fit.
Diversions. Joe Simon and Ryan Navazio talk video talk, and we feature BSD’s Any Which Way, The Northern Embassy’s Embajada En Barcelona, and Skapegoat Skapegoat 6.
Pro Shop. Orlando, Florida’s Out-Spoke ‘N is so much more than a clever name. Mike Cottle fills us in on all the info.
Focus. Jaie Toohey, Stefan Lantschner, Andres Velasco, Pedro Melo, and Pat Casey all provide you with stellar action imagery.
Bio: Derek Dorame. The best tour guide in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Derek graces this month’s Bio page.
Letters. You write them, Fudger reads ‘em, and if you’re lucky, they might be published in here.
Finish: Seth Kimbrough. Who knew that Seth likes hip-hop…

- Features -
A Tribute To Mike Tag. Words from Steve Crandall and photos from Mark Losey, Keith Mulligan, Ike Taylor, Bob Scerbo, and Rob Dolecki only scratch the surface of showing how rad Mike was.
Ride The Lightning. A Metallica themed account of Red Bull’s Ride & Seek trip featuring sick photos of Bezanson, Fuzzy, Ross, Napolitan, Bohan, Keep, Martinez, Klinger, Beringer, Wade, and Neyer—damn!
Two Worlds Apart. Kink always does it right, and this time they did it Thailand and Korea.
On The Timeline. Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Augie Simoncini, Colin Varanyak, JJ Palmere, Steve-O Croteau, and Tony Ennis tell the story of Deadline and help us better understand why it has taken four years to finish the video.
garrett reeves ride bmx us 08 2012 issue 183 - august 2012
bmx.transworld.net, june 2012: This month’s issue of Ride BMX features a Garrett Reeves interview, a journey to the Dominican Republic, a spectacular seasonal photo driven piece, Chad Kerley’s vitaminwater Invitational, Trey Jones, Aaron Ross, and more…

- On the cover -
Never one the shy away from a great wallride, Garrett Reeves gave this one his all and blasted all the around to the top of it. Photo: Keith Terra.

- Departments -
First Words: Growing up on the East coast, Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan knows all too well what it’s like to ride BMX throughout the year—winter, spring, summer, fall—and from the sounds of it, he loves them all.
Start: A giant curved trannsition wall in the desert and two riders—one of which is on a motorcycle…
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… you’re best source for accurate information in the world of BMX.
Pro Q&A: Trey Jones: Straightedge, Florida, pegs, black shoe slime—you know… the usual things people talk about…
Products: Chromoly, chro-mo, cromo—porn for chromosapiens.
Soft Goods: Sweet lookin’ BMX attire from S&M, Stolen, Profile, Kink, Vans, Animal, Odyssey, Skavenger, and Fit.
Diversions: A glimpse into some of the digital tunes on Dan Lacey’s iPod, as well as the Rad Rides BMX bike history book and a write up on Empire’s Bad Idea.
Focus: Chris Finnigan, Zach Krejmas, Jackson Ratima, Nate Richter, and Bobbie Altiser all got rad in front of our cameras and in turn, got printed on these pages.
Bio: Jonesy Fedderson: If you’re from Utah and you ride BMX, you’re cool in our book, plus Elf had some nice things to say about Jonesy, too.
Letters: Three thought provoking letters and a sweet lookin’ photo.
Finish: Aaron Ross: Never one to be short for words, Aaron helps us bring this issue to a close.

- Features -
Garrett Reeves Interview: If it requires speed and vertical surfaces, you know Garrett is your man, but what else do you know about him? Peep his interview to learn more about this Maryland native who recently made the move out to California where he is making quite a name for himself…
Seasons: We may not experience drastic seasonal changes here in SoCal, but the rest of you can surely relate to this article, and the photos are awesome, too.
The Dominican Republic: Ralphy Ramos visits the motherland and brings homeys Nigel Sylvester and John Hicks, while Ryan Fudger documents all the wildness the country has to offer.
brandon christie ride bmx us 09 2012 issue 184 - september 2012
bmx.transworld.net, july 2012: This month’s issue of Ride BMX features some roads less traveled with the Redline team, a history piece on seven of today’s most popular tricks, a Dan Lacey interview, bangers from Empire’s Bad Idea, as well as Sean Ricany, Shane Weston, and more…

- On The Cover: Brandon Christie, Euro table in Provo, Utah, while on Redline’s Westbound and Broke Down trip. Photo: Keith Mulligan.

- Departments -
First Words. The captain of the ship, head honcho, Editor in Chief, Keith Mulligan, reflects over the contents of the issue and delivers some food for thought before you dive further in.
Start. Danger literally lurks around every corner when Kert Petersel is riding.
Up Front. Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… if it happened in BMX, you’ll read about it here.
Pro Q&A: Sean Ricany. You guys sent in your question and Ricany delivers with topics ranging from the Incline Club, high school, traveling, being sponsored, learning tricks, and many other topics which are on the minds of teenage BMX riders today…
Products. If your bike doesn’t have at least some of these dialed components then let’s face it, your ride is out of date.
Soft Goods. If you’re going to wear clothes, it might as well be some of these worthy threads from S&M, Stolen, Profile, Kink, Vans, Animal, Odyssey, Skavenger, and Fit.
Diversions. Bob Scerbo’s favorite video is called Underachievers, but hard as he may try, he’s surely not one.
Focus. Everyone’s favorite section of the magazine, no words, just photos.
Bio: Jeff Martin. Contributor Devin Feil claims Jeff is “Connecticut’s reigning rail king”—he’s lookin’ pretty dialed on our Bio page, so we’ll see…
Letters. You gotta appreciate the people who still take the time to write something, find a stamp, and walk to a mailbox. You keep sending them letters and Fudger will still have an outlet for his grumpy man humor that we all enjoy.
Finish: Shane Weston. Although you can’t rely on him to carry your second camera bag, he’s a big fan of barspins, Ian Schwartz, and the Lakers, so he’s all good in our book.

- Features -
Never-Ending Evolution. The history and pivotal moments of the 360, backflip, barspin, tailwhip, nose manual, toothpick, and half-Cab. History buffs rejoice!
Dan Lacey Interview. Honest, opinionated, and insanely good at riding a bike, this is one interview you don’t want to miss, trust us, bruv.
A Bad Idea? It certainly wasn’t. Empire’s Tom Williams and Dave Parrick talk everything about the video while Tom Dugan and Tom Smith supply the bangers.
Westbound and Broke Down. Redline’s Brandon Dosch, Josh Hult, Brandon Christie, Zack Gerber, Tyler Fernengel, and Glenn Salyers shred ‘crete and dirt through Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Jimmy Le Van, www.facebook.com, august 2012: Thanks TRANSWORLD RIDE BMX magazine. The new Sept. issue has a history article called A NEVER-ENDING EVOLUTION Pivotal Moments Of 7 Tricks in which it speaks of the invention and history of the tricks. when the topic of Toothpick Grinds is listed it says," When it comes to toothpick grinds down handrails, all fingers point to Jimmy LeVan" It then goes on to say in 1991 people started kissing the end of the rail with their peg, Jimmy was bear hugging them with steezy kicked out locked in grinds! Thanks for remembering and adding me in the history book my friends...much appreciated.
ride bmx us 10 2012 issue 185 - october 2012
bmx.transworld.net, september 2012: Yes, believe it or not, Ride BMX has been around for 20 years now—and has inspired multiple generations of riders along the way (and making those of us who remember when the first issue came out feel kinda old, but also proud for being involved with something we love for this long). As a celebration of this milestone, as you can tell from the cover, we took a departure from our traditional format and features lineup and decided to dedicate this issue to the riders whose influence helped shape BMX the most over the past 20 years. Who made the 20 Most Influential list? We’re not going to spoil it here… In addition to naming the most influential riders of Ride‘s time, we handpicked a selection of iconic photos from past issues for our Focus Flashback pages. You’ll also find a rad pull-out poster courtesy of Rockstar Energy Drink inside. Whether this is your first issue of Ride, or your 185th, we hope that after reading it and checking out the photos, you feel inspired, motivated, and most importantly—psyched on BMX. Here’s to 20 more years, and beyond!
morgan wade ride bmx us 11 2012 issue 186 - november 2012
bmx.transworld.net, october 2012: This month’s issue of Ride BMX features the Red Bull Full Circle fullpipe mission, an interview with Chester Blacksmith, insane street riding in Russia, as well as Stevie Churchill, Daniel Sandoval, and more…

- On The Cover -
If it can be looped, Morgan Wade is your man. Here is conquering Wyoming’s Hell Hole. Photo: Keith Mulligan.

- Departments -
First Words: Exploring, the thrill of the mission, and riding whatever you find is one of the best things about BMX, and Keith Mulligan knows this all too well—as he tells here…
Start: Max Bonfili gets rad on one of the wildest looking, yet perfectly suited obstacles we’ve seen in a long time.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… if it happened in BMX, you’ll read about it here.
Pro Q&A: Stevie Churchill: From the streets of New England to the X Games, and everywhere in between, little Stevie has been making waves with his banger trick arsenal. And he can deliver an insightful answer or two, as well.
Products: So many sweet lookin’ items—makes you wish you had three bikes so you could run everything.
Soft Goods: Now that your bike it lookin’ sick, it’s about time you update that mess you call a wardrobe. We will stop preaching now, just make to use Soft Goods as your Bible…
Diversions: Various forms of media to distract you from actually riding your bike this month, including Ricky Adams’ book Destroying Everything, Pumped: BMX video game, and DVDs from Animal, 90East, and Barbaric Productions.
Pro Shop: Ed’s Bike Shop. Ed’s Bike Shop is wall-to-wall BMX; completes, frames, and any and every component you could ask for—as well as ramps out back. Vineland, New Jersey, is the location.
Focus: Looking at BMX photos never gets old and this section is always the freshest.
Bio: Cory Wiergowski. Cory is one sweet dude and a great rider. And this Bio is just the beginning of many more good things to come from this guy.
Letters: A guy named Ryan in prison writes a letter to a guy named Ryan who is a free man. There’s much more to this story and you know where to find it…
Finish: Daniel Sandoval. Four bands Daniel listens to include Red Hot Chili Peppers, 3 Doors Down, Blink-182, and Weezer. We can’t help but wonder if that’s what he’s listening to when he does 720 double tailwhips and 720 whips to bars. Who knows what he could if he listening to some Metallica or Slayer.

- Features -
Red Bull Full Circle: Who knew Hell was in Wyoming? Well, at least the Hell Hole, anyway, and Morgan Wade, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Baz Keep, Matt Beringer, and Cam Wood braved it for the sake of a sick session.
Chester Blacksmith Interview: The title Tough As Nails says it all—Chester’s grit, spirit, and strength is undeniable and that’s why he’s a rider’s rider. Good stuff through and through.
Reflections of Russia: When you see the spots Garrett Reynolds, Brian Kachinsky, Christian Rigal, and Sean Ricany rode while they were Russia, you’ll be jealous. Also, it didn’t get dark there until 11pm and all the girls are pretty—they’re sure to be reflecting on that trip for a long time to come.
dennis enarson ride bmx us 12 2012 issue 187 - december 2012
bmx.transworld.net, november 2012: This month’s issue of Ride BMX features the Haro team in Japan, interviews with the 2012 NORA Cup winners Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Dave Thompson, Sam Willoughby, Yohei Uchino, the Killjoy crew, Twisting Throttles motorcycle trip , as well as Zack Warden, Drew Hosselton, and more…

On The Cover:
How many riders can say they have flipwhipped over a pink Japanese nipple? Probably only Dennis Enarson. Photo: Ryan Fudger

- Departments -
First Words: With all the work that goes into NORA Cup and the significance the award carries, it’s no wonder Keith dedicated this month’s First Words to it.
Start: A BMX pool guru gets down in a permission pool that belongs to a legendary dirt jumper.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… a very respected person in BMX once said that in regards to BMX, he doesn’t always believe what he reads until he reads it here.
Pro Q&A: Zach Warden. When it comes to bike riding, he does it all, and he does it well. And when it comes to answering your questions, he’s pretty damn good at that too.
Products: Without these, your bike won’t go together properly.
Soft Goods: Without these, you’ll be naked.
Diversions: Dean Dickinson’s pool book You Won’t:100 Pools Ridden By Dean Dickinson, and the following DVDs: Shitluck’s Love It Or Leave It, Australia’s Deprae Films Still Bleeding Black & Blue, Deluxe BMX Part Deux, and the Hunt’s Gold Rush are all summarized here.
Pro Shop: Mr. Bikes-N-Boards. This is Chad Degroot’s bike shop, so you already know it’s awesome.
Focus: All of these are quite literally, in focus.
Bio: Nick Bott: This Philly area shredder’s time to shine has come.
Letters: Ryan Fudger answers some of the best questions/letters Ride has received in quite some time.
Finish: Drew Hosselton. When not doing handrails down stairs-to-gap wallrides you’ll probably find Drew cooking or gardening.

- Features -
2012 NORA Cup Awards: Two things that Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Dave Thompson, Sam Willoughby, Yohei Uchino, and Killjoy’s Shawn “Elf” Walters and Jordan Utley all have in common is that they killed it this year and they’re all proud owners of 2012 NORA Cups.
Twisting Throttles: “A fast and furious ride from Seattle to South Dakota on two-wheeled freedom machines.” Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Chad Kagy does the shredding and Keith Mulligan captures it all on black and white film.
Haro In Japan: With a crew like Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist, Pat Casey, Cory Nastazio, Colin Mackay, Ronnie Napolitan, Dennis McCoy, and Seth Klinger, you can have a great time anywhere—especially in Japan.