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dakota roche wallride ride bmx us 2013 issue 188 - january february 2013
bmx.transworld.net, november 2012: Our first issue of RideBMX in 2013 features interviews with Dakota Roche and Andrew Jackson, a session on the ramps at the Animal warehouse, a race through Manhattan, Drew Bezanson, Kevin Peraza, and more…

On The Cover:
To say Dakota Roche is on a whole other level is an understatement. Second story wallride-to-flat. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.

- Departments -
First Words: While shooting his interview in this issue, Dakota Roche found himself riding his bike on a number of roofs, and we share a quick story about how he fell off one of them.
Start: Many BMX beginnings start with a bunnyhop. And Mike Hoder has a knack for taking that staple of all basics to new heights.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… along with all the latest info on the happenings in BMX, we also pay our respects to the late Kyle Bennett, RIP.
Pro Q&A: Drew Bezanson: In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Drew Bezanson is the man. Dope as shit on the bike and cool as shit off, you really can’t go wrong this guy, and these answers reflect that.
Products: Without dialed products, your bike would fall apart. Keep that in mind as you check out these latest offerings.
Soft Goods: Judging someone on how they dress isn’t very nice, but if someone is wearing any of the gear featured here, then it’s safe to assume they know what’s up.
Diversions: From legends, to the streets of the Big Apple, to the Midwest, and to the roads less traveled somewhere in between, we have videos that run the gamut in this issue with Fit’s BF-it documentry, AM:PM’s Check, Please, Kyle Stark’s Team Dilly Is The Man, and FBM’s Vagabond Ritual.
Glimpse: The BFF Grands. A pack of riders sprint around lower Manhattan—that’s New York City—lots of people, taxis, buses, chaos—and dudes racing through all of it. Awesome.
Focus: In today’s digital age where most photos are Insta this or Alien that, we decided to kick it old school and bring you an entire Focus section featuring photos that were shot on black and film and printed in a traditional darkroom. In case you didn’t know it by now, we take photography very, very seriously.
Bio: Tyler Gilliard. This flatlander from Lakeland, Florida, has “a fearless approach to riding” and he’s progressing insanely fast, so when he’s killing it for years to come, remember reading about him here first in his Bio.
Letters: Ryan Fudger giving his advice and opinions for free is, well… priceless.
Finish: Kevin Peraza. With some of the tricks this young gun is motivated to learn—like up rail-to-decades and 540 double downside whip airs—it’s safe to say his name is going to become a lot more familiar.

- Features -
Dakota Roche Interview. How can you go wrong with 11 pages dedicated to one of the most bad-ass riders on the planet? We even have stuff so fresh it didn’t make it into Cult’s Talk Is Cheap.
Off The Clock: All work and no play? Not at Animal, when the workday is done, the fun begins…
Andrew Jackson Interview: When you think of Andrew, first thing that probably pops into your head are his ridiculously high bunnyhops. After reading his interview, you can add racing motocross, flipping cars, and riding with the legend Brian Terada to that list…
tony hamlin ride bmx us 2013 issue 189 - march april 2013
bmx.transworld.net, january 2013: Our March/April 2013 issue of RideBMX features a hilarious interview with cover boy Tony Hamlin, a satellite dish session in Eastern Europe, Hillage to Pillage 80 mile pedaling adventure, post Hurricane Sandy sessions, a Just For Fun Trip in the Pacific Northwest, Christian Rigal, Pat Laughlin, and more…

On The Cover:
Tony Hamlin makes his shit-footedness work to his advantage with this 360 lookback into a big ‘ol ditch. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

- Departments -
First Words: Keepin’ it loose, freestylin’, adventure seeking, and having fun, while recapping the issue, Keith Mulligan breaks it all down to what’s really important.
Start: Jean-Francios Boulianne brings his signature French Canadian flatland style down to SoCal for the winter…
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… these are fast time we’re living in, and we recap what’s happened in the BMX world as of late.
Pro Q&A: Christian Rigal. Whether it’s filming, combing San Diego for spots, or assassinating the streets, Christian has plenty of insight for our readers and handled your questions the same way he does everything else—like a pro.
Products: Twelve new parts you need to know about—including frames, wheels, bars, stems, pegs, and more…
Soft Goods: Be the first to show up at the spot wearing any of this fresh gear from Fit, Odyssey, Haro, S&M, Premium, Kink, Volume, Operativ, Demolition, Primo, etnies, and Vans.
Diversions: Ronnie Napolitan clues us in on what’s puming through his headphones during a session, and we sum Animal’s QSS#4 They Too Crusty Wit It and Cult’s Talk Is Cheap.
Focus: Simone Barraco, Jason Enns, Jared Eberwein, Scott Powell, Kert Petersel, Nate Richter, Sean Morr, Mike Mastroni, and Dave Belcher make one Hell of Focus section!
Bio: Steve Kulischenko. Growing up in New Jersey and doing rollercoaster uprails are at least two reasons why you need to know how to pronounce Steve’s last name… “Kool-a-shank-o”—get it? Got it? Good.
Letters: Keep asking good questions so Ryan Fudger will continue to have an outlet for his witty and sarcastic sense of humor.
Finish: Pat Laughlin. The only guy in BMX who drives a yellow Ferrari also does backward Derek dusters and one-handed icepick grinds down rails. Pat Laughlin is a character for sure and his answers reflect that.

- Features -
Tony Hamlin Interview: We were fortunate enough to tag along with Tony while he’s been hard at work filming for Kink’s new DVD Squash It. We ended up with a lot of laughs, a grip of sick photos, and an interview too.
Hillage To Pillage: Sandy Carson and Kyle Emery-Peck pedal their BMX bikes over 80 miles of twisty and hilly backroads from San Francisco to Bolinas and lived to tell about it.
BMX Files: Vasya Lukyanenko gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to session a space radar station inUkraine. Yeah, it’s as crazy as it sounds.
Riding Out The Storm: Hurricane Sandy pummeled the Northeast and left an unprecedented amount of destruction in its wake. Riders being riders, they quickly found a way to session some of the newly formed remains from the wreckage. Making the most of an otherwise shitty situation.
Just For Fun Trip: Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Ronnie Napolitan, and Zak Early take advantage of the many fine offerings Oregon is know for, including surfing, camping, and concrete parks, of course.
steve churchill ride bmx us 2013 issue 190 - may june 2013
bmx.transworld.net, march 2013: OurOur May/June 2013 issue of RideBMX features a huge 20 questions interview feature with 8 unique and diverse riders, Industry Insiders, a Markit/Demolition trip, Mike Hoder, Aaron Smith, a free Rockstar poster with Tom Dugan and Chris Doyle, and more.

On The Cover:
A freeway overpass graveyard in the middle of the desert? Or a paintballer heaven? Or the perfect spot for Stevie Churchill to wow us with another huge truckdriver… Photo: Ryan Fudger

- Departments -
First Words: As always, our Editor In Chief, Keith Mulligan, kicks the issue off with a some insight, food for thought, and a little reflection on the hefty feature article, Industry Insiders.
Start: Shawn McIntosh does a kinky tire ride at a sexy spot that many rider have drooled over for years.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… Some of the biggest and most bad-ass riders on the planet no longer have a shoe sponsor, but on a much more positive note, this issue boasts the shortest Injured List we’ve ever had!
Pro Q&A: Mike Hoder: Mike might be better at expressing himself through his riding and tattoo choices, but he still managed to get his point across in the this issue’s Pro Q&A.
Products: Frames literally made by the rider, an anniversary helmet with retro graphics, a handful of signature goodies, and more…
Soft Goods: We’re still a few months away from any heat waves, so while you’re still wearing clothes, wear these.
Diversions: Some DVD action from Louisville with Movement’s The Link and Subrosa’s Ryan Sher tells five things you didn’t know about their soon to be released video Get Used To It.
Finish: Aaron Smith: This all around shredder from New Hampshire has been to college, impersonated The Terminator, traveled the world with the Kink team, and most recently, answered this month’s Finish page.

- Features -
Stalking 8: Stevie Churchill, Erik Elstran, Broc Raiford, Kareem Williams, Reed Stark, Joey Cordova, Shane Weston, and Alex Raban answer the same 20 questions, but their answers couldn’t be any more different.
Markit/Demolition: All Stars in Lone Star: Dennis Enarson, Geoff Slatterly, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan, Connor Lodes, Aaron Smith, and Mike Mastroni—a collab trip of epic proportions to San Antonio, Texas.
Industry Insiders: Ralph Sinisi, Joe Rich, Matt Coplon, Jim Bauer, Ryan Sher, Jay Roe, Brian Castillo, Allan Cooke, John Povah, Chad Degroot, Heath Pinter, Ron Wilkerson, Clay Brown, and Sean McKinney are a collective of seasoned riders who work in different facets of the BMX industry and the wealth of knowledge and insight between the lot of them is priceless.
iz pulido ride bmx us 2013 issue 191 - july 2013
bmx.transworld.net, may 2013: Our July 2013 issue of RideBMX features 25 years of handrails, MacNeil in Mexico, an interview with Timmy Theus, an awesome dirt jumping pictorial, Bruno Hoffman, Mark Mulville, and more.

- On The Cover -
Iz Pulido adds his own stylish tweak to an already impressive kinked rail crankarm grind. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi

- Departments -
First Words: From 25 years of handrails to 30 years of dirt, Editor In Chief, Keith Mulligan links it all together.
Start: Reed Stark handles an insane looking setup during a sneaky night mission.
Up Front: Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… you can spend a lot of time scouring the internet, or find it all right here.
Pro Q&A: Mark Mulville. A really fun guy to be around, an amazing dirt jumper, and pretty darn good at answering your questions as well.
Products: All the info you need on 14 new products.
Soft Goods: We’ve got you covered from head to toe with new gear from Primo, S&M, Odyssey, Fit, etnies, Volume, Kink, Demolition, and The Shadow Conspiracy.
Diversions: Something to read with Mike Daily’s Aggro Rag book and stuff to watch with Kink’s Squash It and Subrosa’s Get Used To It.
Focus: Lahsaan Kobza, Raul Ruiz, Alex Magallan, Jared Washington, and Pat Laughlin all deserve photo contingency.
Bio: Dan Pederson AKA “Danimal”, this Albuquerque, New Mexico, native shreds and you need to know about him.
Finish: Bruno Hoffman. We all know that he’s from Germany, he can do just about anything on a bike, and that his hat won’t stay on his head while filming, but what you didn’t know…

- Features -
25 Years Of Handrails: Starting from Mat Hoffman’s first double peg down a rail in 1988 and working forward, we charted to evolution and trick progression of tricks done on rails down steps. Beginning with some more in-depth stories from the earlier years and then slimming it down to a timeline, this year by year breakdown is pretty insane.
Timmy Theus Interview: Timmy has been making waves in the streets for a minute and now it’s time we all get to see and read what he’s all about.
Dirt Art: After an intro written from dirt’s Godfather himself, Timmy “Fuzzy” Hall, it’s all big and beautiful photos of dudes roasting and ripping through the woods.
MacNeil In Mexico: MacNeil’s Sam Lowe, Greg Flag, and Taylor Elvy experience the real and fake side of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
alex kennedy ride bmx us 2013 issue 192 - august 2013
bmx.transworld.net, june 2013: Our August 2013 issue of RideBMX features a T1 trip to Arizona, Nike in Baton Rouge, a look into the Richmond, Virginia scene, Cam White’s dirt jumps, Ben Lewis, Clint Reynolds, and more…

On The Cover:
Sometimes it’s not what you do, but how you do it that counts. Tech grind wizard Alex Kennedy keeps it simple and scores the cover with a proper toboggan. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi

- Departments -
First Words: Evel Knievel, glorious bastards, and big air—Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan combines them all and makes sense of it.
Start: Rob DiQuattro can not resist grinding rails.
Up Front: As our wheels roll, riders change sponsors, injuries happen, and other news occurs—and you can read it all here.
Pro Q&A: Ben Lewis. The cutting edge street rider from Liverpool, England, has an accent that can be hard to understand, so you’ll just have to picture it while reading his answers.
Products: This is the part of the magazine that makes choosing which new parts to buy a little easier for you.
Soft Goods: Thinking of a wardrobe makeover for the summer? Look no further…
Diversions: Write ups on five DVDs, including Animal The Price Is Wrong, Chick Flick, Word Four, Stink Pit 3, and the Level Below’s Chick ”N Nugg’t.
Focus: They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so this month’s Focus section is a heavy read at 9,000 words.
Letters: And inquiry about the Canadian Beast, the topic of trends (x3), a reader photo of a really strange obstacle, and more
Bio: Lil Dan Coller. You should be well aware of Dan by now after his bangin’ debut in Kink’s Squash It, but if you somehow missed it, then here’s Dan—now go see the video.
Finish: Clint Reynolds. Clint is one of nicest dudes ever—both on and off the bike. He also really, really likes to do tabletops, and has never done a tailwhip.

- Features -
Forever En Route To The Best Part Of It All... Which translates to T1ers Joe Rich, Bob Scerbo, Hanson Little, and Joseph Frans in Arizona shredding anything with a transition.
A Certain Cadence: Baton Rouge streets will never be the same after Nike’s Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, and Nigel Sylvester passed through.
What’s Up With These Aussies: Australia is a big country with a lot of open space, and Cam White takes full advantage with some massive jumps. Cam, Jaie Toohey, and Jed Mildon match the jumps with equally huge tricks.
Stoke The Fire: We did a piece on the Richmond, Virginia scene over ten years ago, since then a lot has changed, but one thing that has stayed the same is the level of awesome riding the scene delivers.
broc raiford ride bmx us 2013 issue 193 - september 2013
bmx.transworld.net, july 2013: Our September 2013 issue of RideBMX features a ghostly adventure with the Volume team through the Arizona desert, Stolen shredding the streets of Canada, Red Bull Ride & Seek motorcycle journey through the Southeast, Pat Casey, Coco Zurita, and more.

On The Cover:
This abandoned and half-collapsed building in the middle of the desert is without a doubt the most bizarre looking spot Broc Raiford has ever kicked a hop whip. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi

- Departments -
Start: Gary Young and his best buddy and Ride photographer, Ryan Fudger, make the most of a rad spot that is probably gone by now, but damn, did they get an awesome photo.
Up Front: Turbulent times in the BMX industry with sponsor changes, injuries, and more.
Pro Q&A: Pat Casey. Did you know Pat had a wild side? Apparently France does.
Products: First comes the products, then the bike, then the fun… so start here.
Soft Goods: If you’re going to wear clothes, you might as well rock some gear from your favorite BMX brands shown here.
Focus: This month we bring you a shapes themed photo section—lots of sick lookin’ spots in this one.
Letters: If you don’t literally LOL while reading some of Ryan Fudger’s answers then you’re hopeless.
Bio: Mike Swift. Philly legend, Paul Horan wrote Mike’s intro, so it’s safe to assume the dude shreds and he’s not a kook—and his riding shot is no joke, either.
Finish: Coco Zurita. Here’s your chance to learn more about the guy who everyone likes to watch ride a vert ramp.

- Features -
Ghost Town Fools: After a little research, spot finder Drew Hosselton masterminded a trip through the Arizona desert to various ghost towns and he invited his fellow Volume teammates Broc Raiford, Eric Bahlman, Mike Mastroni, and Alex Raban along for the ride.
Stolen in Canada: Stolen’s Morgan Long, Kurt Russell, Jackson Ratima, Bertie Buck, Pipe Williams, and Sean Morr, get to experience two amazing and contrasting Canadian cities—Toronto and Montreal.
Redbull Ride & Seek: Garrett Reynolds, Tony Neyer, and Corey Martinez strap their BMXcycles to their motorcycles and hit some windy backroads in the Southeast in search of spots and campgrounds. Bonus; Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan met up with them somewhere along the way—imagine the pain a crew like that brought to every spot they hit.
drew hosselton ride bmx us 2013 issue 194 - october 2013
bmx.transworld.net, august 2013: Our October 2013 issue of RideBMX features interviews with Drew Hosselton and Zack Gerber, the Primo team in Portland, Mongoose in Mexico, Simone Barraco, Kris Fox, and more.

On The Cover:
Possibly the only thing as rare as finding water in the Arizona desert is a setup like this, Drew Hosselton goes up, across, and down on this random rail. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi

- Departments -
Start: Young buck Broc Raiford is always down for a session, even if it’s on a big scary obstacle in the dead of night…
Up Front: In the BMX industry corner we have sponsor changes, injuries, and more.
Pro Q&A: Simone Barraco. English may be a second language for the ultra smooth street shredder from Italy, but you can hardly tell from his answers.
Products: All the usual latest and greatest frames and parts from your favorite brands, plus some additional techy non-bike part stuff as well.
Soft Goods: One of the easiest ways to pledge brand loyalty is to buy and wear one of these t-shirts.
Letters: Ryan Fudger’s answers are genius, where as some of your questions, well…
Finish: Kris Fox. Kris Fox has style for miles, goes super high, and is super appreciative of all BMX has given him.

- Features -
Primo In Portland: Ty Morrow, Jackson Ratima, Shawn McIntosh, Tony Neyer, Anthony “Boy” Flores, Andrew Castaneda, and Steve Croteau call Portland, Oregon home for a week.
Zack Gerber Interview: Whoa! Wait until you see the absurd things Zack shot for his interview, and best of all, you’ll see it all here first because Zack is a firm believer in releasing the photo before the video footage. We like Zack.
Mongoose In Mexico: Mexico City is an adventure, and Mongoose riders Ben Wallace, Paul Ryan, and Greg Illingworth get a front row seat while also hitting up some parks and wild looking street spots.
Drew Hosselton Interview: A grip of sick photos, and conversation about Phoenix, Arizona, “Drew” spots, Smoker Dave, the Volume DVD, pools, and so much more. Drew fans will be psyched!
jared eberwein ride bmx us 2013 issue 195 - november 2013
bmx.transworld.net, september 2013: Our November 2013 issue of RideBMX features Free Agent in Canada, Roads Less Traveled, FBM Northeast Tour, Kyle Baldock Pro Q&A, Ronnie Napolitan Finish The Sentence, and more.

On The Cover:
Jared Eberwein goes through the spin cycle with a dipped 360 at Darren Berrecloth’s Spook Woods trails on Vancouver Island, Canada. Photo: Keith Mulligan

- Departments -
Start: Triple kinked rails, rainbows, Russia, and Brian Kachinsky—it’s a sight to see.
Up Front: In the BMX industry corner we have sponsor changes, injuries, and more. So what else is new?
Pro Q&A: Kyle Baldock. Well, for one thing, thinking about all the wild jumping tricks Kyle has, and how huge he takes them, this quote really makes you stop and think for a second, “I don’t have a trick that actually scares me.” Confident, motivated, and focused.
Products: Without parts for our bikes, where would we be?
Diversions: A lack luster book from one of freestyle’s greats, Eddie Fiola, as well as two videos LFS and ODI’s Black Book.
Letters: “How do you do supermans off curbs like Gabe Brooks? Ryan Fudger tackles this hard-hitting questions and more…
Finish: Ronnie Napolitan. Favorite tricks are table and turndowns, favorite color is black, and loves Slayer—not bad!

- Features -
Free Agent In Canada: Free Agent’s Heath Pinter, Jared Eberwein, and TJ Ellis, enjoy some dirt, parks, and backyard ramps with Andrew Lazaruk in the Vancouver area.
Roads Less Traveled: Small towns got spots! And the Daily Grind team knows how and where to find them. Next time you’re fiending for some fresh street terrain don’t neglect the small towns.
FBM Northeast Tour: FBM’s Bustin’ Loose Summer Tour features ten riders hitting the road in a blacked-out school bus destined for shredding spots all over the Northeast—FBM style.
jared eberwein ride bmx us 2013 issue 196 - december 2013
bmx.transworld.net, november 2013: Our December 2013 issue of RideBMX features an east coast adventure with Tree Bikes, bangers from the Markit Zero video, Pro Phases, Broc Raiford, AJ Anaya, and more.

On The Cover:
If you were to ask Clint Reynolds where he’d rather be at any given time, the odds are pretty good he’d say Catty Woods—where he’d be bustin’ 360 lookbacks like this all damn day. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

- Departments -
Start: Alex Raban turns a pile of broken chairs into something worth riding and a sweet photo, as well.
Up Front: Just the facts, please… sponsor changes, injuries, and more.
Pro Q&A: Broc Raiford. Hops for days, just about every trick on lock, a great attitude, super appreciative of where he’s at, and a crazy story about pooping in public.
Products: The latest and greatest to keep our bikes running nice!
Soft Goods: Logo embellished attire to show your loyalty to your favorite BMX brands.
Diversions: Deadline DVD and the Haro Book: The Rise of BMX Freestyle, Volume 1, 1978-1986.
Focus: This is the part of the magazine where reading really isn’t involved.
Bio: Grant Germain. The latest in a very long line of shredders from Long Island.
Letters: Wether intentional or not, always guaranteed to generate some laughs.
Finish: AJ Anaya. A wild man on the bike, and a well-spoken one off it.

- Features -
Tree Roadtrip: Clint Reynolds, Brian Yeagle, and Timmy Theus hit trails, parks, streets, camping spots, and water holes from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire for a late summer adventure.
Pro Phases: Multi-person article featuring pro riders who are all in varying stages of their careers, including; Daniel Sandoval, Seth Kimbrough, Alex Kennedy, Chase Dehart, Ashley Charles, Mike Brennan, Mike Mastroni, and Van Homan.
Markit Zero: Dennis Enarson and Christian Rigal talk about the making of Markit Zero along with photos of some of the bangers and the stories behind them.