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1980 etniesbmx.com: John Heaton hails from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, where he was born on September 20, 1980.
early years etniesbmx.com: He started riding BMX there in 1995 at age fourteen, because he, quote, "Liked the way the bikes looked. I didn't really know anything about it. I wanted one because they looked good and I started doing tricks from there." John toddled on streets and shared a bike with his friend Mike Judge for quite a while, finally starting to hit up a Toronto skatepark a couple of years later. He turned into something of a jump box monkey there, eventually learning to ride trannies throughout the rest of the park.
2000 No foot cancan on the cover and interview in Chase magazine #7 autumn 2000.

John Heaton is riding for MacNeil.
Jay Miron, www.macneilbmx.com, 2004: Johnny really impressed me with his smooth style and the fact that he was Canadian was really cool for us. I didn't know much about him at first but one thing I remember was hanging with him and all his boys in Louisville Kentucky at an ESPN contest and he was really cool. So I checked up on him with some of the Ontario guys I know and they said he was cool. Skills were never an issue with Johnny, but I wanted to make sure he was cool. Since he was so young we wanted to make sure he was a guy we could sponsor for a long time and build the company with him.
john heaton chase bmx
2001 Flip to manual on the cover of Soul #14 may 2001. john heaton soul bmx 05 01

john heaton clicked
Flair to axle at Bike 2001.
2002 Etnies Forward video.

Riding for Little Devil since september 2002.

John Heaton signature frame from Macneil.
John's designed his signature frame specifically for smaller riders and the spec looks perfect: Top tube: 20", Chain stay length: 13.75", Head tube: 74.5 degrees, Seat tube: 71 degrees, Seamless tubing, 5 mm thick dropouts, Weighs in at 6.28lbs, available in black, midnight blue and burgundy.

Etnies Forward.
2003 www.macneilbmx.com, march 2003: John Heaton recently placed 4th in Pro Street at the Metro Jam. He went down to Woodward after the jam to hang out and ride with the Empyre Ramps crew, who went there after a hectic weekend in Toronto. John will also be heading to England and France for the first Backyard Jam and the first FISE comps of the year, respectively, and then to Las Vegas at the end of May to clear up some loose ends from a recent road trip that he was on that went through Sin City. He’s also planning a vacation for him and his lady in Portugal sometime in June or July.

www.macneilbmx.com, june 2003: John Heaton just finished the Little Devil Tour in France and it sounds like it was a good time. He made it to the FISE comp in Montpellier (old Palavas) and did well. John got 4th in street. He rode vert as well! He also made it to the latest Backyard Jam where he was riding very well until he crashed and hurt his hand. He wasn’t able to ride after that but is doing better now. John is going to be competing at the Global X-Games in Texas later this month too.
2006 Switched from Macneil to Volume.
John Heaton, www.fatbmx.com, february 2006: Jay and I had long talks about the future for me and it seemed that I might fit a little better over at Volume now. Don't get me wrong I think I did fit well on Macneil in the beginning but I just think things changed and I think I need to do something different now. Jay and all the guys out at Macneil/Tenpack and I still get along great and there are no hard feelings....I want to add that kids think that I did this move for money.....I make the exact same over at Volume that I did at Macneil. The only difference is I have room to move up at Volume.
2007 December 2007, John Heaton is on the Primo team.
2008 Top 5's in Ride BMX UK november 2008.

thecomeupbmx.net, december 2008: I heard John Heaton is off Volume. And he’s not on their team page, so it seems to be so.
2009 Section in the Primo Nice try video.

John Heaton BMX Life, october 2009.
bmx.transworld.net: A Canadian film maker name Brian Hunt (not to be confused with DK’s pro shredder with the same name) made it to submit to the LG Life’s Good Film Fest.