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1981 DOB: february 13, 1981
early years
2000 Ali stayed 3 month at Woodward and then entered pro street at the Woodward CFB. 5th place.
Ali: I was stocked.

Ali, Ride BMX UK february 2001: I got back from Woodward on the friday afternoon and I was at southsea by saturday afternoon. I came fifth in spine, second in jumpbox and second in street.
Ali Whitton downside tyretap one foot on the cover of Ride BMX UK february 2001 and interview. Photo by Paul Roberts.

Alistair Whitton is riding for Macneil Bikes.
Jay Miron, www.macneilbmx.com, 2004: When I was setting up our deal with Seventies Distribution we needed a UK rider. Ian brought up Alistair's name. I rode with Alistair a few years earlier when he was a camper at Woodward and had lots of fun. I had to pull some strings to get Alistair into his first ESPN contest in Anahiem. Then he showed up and got fifth place. That same year he finished second at the X Games. I knew he was good but what the hell?

Sponsors: MacNeil, SoBe Beverage Company, Little Devil, Vans, Loophole, and AXO/SixSixOne.

On the cover of Props #40 spring 2001.

www.ridebmx.com march 2001,
Cream #15 december 2001.
alistair whitton ride bmx uk 02 2001

alistair whitton props
Wall to whip, La Revolution, Toronto.
Photo by Large Edward.

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: ALISTAIR WHITTON PART 2001 (Ride Magazine's True)
2002 Cover and interview in Ride BMX US #70 march 2002. alistair whitton ride bmx us 03 2002
2003 www.macneilbmx.com, march 2003: Alistair Whitton is down in Florida on a well-deserved vacation with his girl Lindsey after placing 3rd at the Metro Jam.

www.macneilbmx.com, june 2003: Alistair Whitton just finished the Little Devil Tour in France and it sounds like it was a good time. He made it to the FISE comp in Montpellier (old Palavas) and did well, he got 3rd in street and won the mini-ramp contest. He rode vert as well! Congrats to both of them!! Ali is going to be competing at the Global X-Games in Texas later this month too.

Cover: Ride BMX UK #72 november 2003
alistair whitton ride bmx uk 11 2003
2004 TWBMX.
Alistair Whitton tailwhip at Woodward West on the cover of Transworld BMX january 2004. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

September 2004: Ali is riding and testing a sample of his signature frame. It's set up with a Internal headset, a Press fit BB. So far so good. He's enjoying riding it and putting it through the paces, he just got second at the LG contest so you know it's working out for him. Look for a few changes on the production frames that will be out in the spring. You can also see Ali on the cover of the latest BMX Plus wearing a red shirt with no logo. That's because Plus doesn't support the Devil. Even if it's a Little Devil. With all the great coverage he's been getting he'll be back up to four pair of shoes a month in no time.
Specs : 20.9 top tube, 74.5 degree headtube, 71 degree seat tube, 14.25 chainstay length, Gusset on down tube, Duel straight cable, routing (brake bastard style), Internal and Press fit BB only, Heat treated BB, Head tube, and Dropouts, Full Japanese seamless chromoly tubing.

Allistair Whitton riding with some rims that are chrome on the braking sides, and painted (white) in the center of the rim on the cover of BMX Plus! october 2004.
alistair whitton transworld bmx 01 2004

alistair whitton bmx plus 10 2004
2005 Alistair has left the Little Devil team after 5 years of representin.
Derek Adams, www.littledevilbrand.com, april 2005: Oakley has made him an offer to ride for them, which includes not only sunglasses but their clothing as well. This will mean bigger and better things for Ali so we're psyched for him. He's a cool guy and he deserves it, that's why we sponsored him in the first place. Also, this will allow us to help some new riders come up on the team. So bring on the am's! And remember Alistair, the devil still gets your soul. You should have read the fine print in your contract, sucka!
Alistair, www.littledevilbrand.com, april 2005: hey everyone i just want to let you know that i'am stepping off the little devil team, it's been 5 of the best years of riding and hanging out with D-rock and the team, derek took me under his wing and helped me out so much,he has taken me all around the world and weve had the funest sessions riding. I want to thank you so much for the opportunities and great times.. Oakley clothes and sunglasses have givin me a great opportunity to represent them and I'm really happy about it, Derek doesnt want me to miss this chance to progress in life so were still going to be mates and thats all I want....thanks to everyone at little devil...cheers boys...
2006 www.macneilbmx.com, february 2006: Alistair is Greenville, North Carolina's newest resident, picking up a 7 acre lot with a nice big house on it. Alistair had been going back and forth on where to live, so it looks like the draw of Greenville sucked him in... Congrat's Ali.
2008 FISE 2008, Montpellier, France.

Alistair Whitton fires a no-footed can-can into a huge ditch while on Shadow's trip on the cover of Ride BMX US august 2008. Photo by Fudger.
alistair whitton ride bmx us 08 2008