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Sources: Ride BMX UK, Transworld BMX, BMX Action, www.expn.com, BMX Plus!, Ride BMX US, www.creamofbmx.com, ...
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1976 DOB: december 7, 1976.
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
early years Dave, www.expn.com, november 2001: My first real bike I got was a Kuwahara E.T. bike. I was into racing at the time and when I started to do tricks I broke quick.That entailed getting some funds by doing odd jobs for the parents for that allowence. I also got a job at the hockey games selling drinks and popcorn for next to nothing. I did what I could to keep my bike running as I loved to ride it so much. I grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba. That is located above North Dakota a couple hours. Half the year was riding and the other half was either playing hockey or watching videos inside until the Edge skatepark opened.
8th place stuntboys street @ 1994 BS finals, Chicago, november 1994.
Canada's Dave Osato pulled nosepick to full barspin on an eight foot quarter.
Interview in Props #10 september 1995.

Infection 2 "Euthanasia" video. Nosepick to full barspin.

1st place stuntboys street and 3rd place stuntboys ramp @ 1995 BS round 2, Hampton, Virginia, july 1995.
On vert, Dave Osato did a big icepick grind, busdriver icepick, toothpick to busdriver, 540, flip attempt. On street, Dave Osato rode the mini like it was a vert ramp. Huge tailwhip, double busdriver airs. He also had the technical tricks: bottom side icepicks, no footed nose wheelies and almost a tailwhip nosepick to barflip. First place.

1st place stuntmen street @ 1995 BS round 3, Oklahoma, september 1995.
Dave, www.expn.com, november 2001: The most memorable contest for me was in the Oklahoma B.S. contest in 1995. I was told I had to turn pro and ride against the pros I looked up to all my life. I did not think I was ready but went anyway. While riding in the contest I was psyched to be on the deck as I had one of the best seats in the house to watch the comp. After it was all over they were announcing the results and it got down to second, and I was so psyched to get second, and as they said Jay Miron that meant I had just won my first pro contest and it was like some one riged it or something. The feeling I had there was by far the best and most memorable contest ever.

dave osato ride bmx us 12 1995
No-hander in Ride BMX US december 1995.
Dave left the canadian Basic team to ride for Schwinn.
Dave, Ride BMX UK october 1996: They needed someone to do a show in Las Vega, Jay Miron wanted me to do it so I went and did an alright job helping them out. , then I dealt with them and now I'm riding for them.

1996 BS round 2, Los Angeles, july 1996
360 tailwhip over the box. Second in Stuntmen street, third in vert and fourteenth in flat. Watch out for this guy.

5th place pro vert and 7th place pro street @ 1996 X-Games, Newport, Rhode Island.

1996 Backyard jam, Hastings, UK, july 13-14, 1996.

Mini ramp worldchampion @ 1996 Worlds, Cologne, Germany, july 1996. There's only one guy around today who can do every single one of today's newest lip tricks and then, in the same run, a tailwhip to pedals and a huge doulbe barspin over the spine only to finish with a bunny hop tailwhip drop in (to crash) off a tall sub box. That guy sure as hell isn't you (unless you're Dave Osato).

1st place stuntmen vert @ 1996 BS round 3,Chicago, IL, august 1996. Osato was truly the hot guy as he took big airs (toboggans, turndowns, no-footed can-cans, bar-spins, etc..,) and some likable lip tricks to the first place spot.

Poor Boy "BMX-Men" video.

Backyard "The last Resort" video.

Dave Osato interview in Ride BMX UK #25 october 1996.
Dave Osato and Chase Gouin are on the cover of BMX Plus! march 1997.

4th place stuntmen vert @ 1997 BS round 1, Providence, RI, march 1997.
Dave Osato has got skills: tailwhips, bottom side toothpicks, and much more. On street, Dave tweaked his wheel and threw in the towel, so he didn't even make the finals.

2nd place pro vert and 3rd place pro dirt @ 1997 Worlds, Eindhoven, july 1997.
Vert: toothpick bus, downside toothpick, tailwhip to superman seat grab.
Dirt: Dave Osato rentre superman to tailwhip, no foot cancan to superman avec la jambe qui fait le tour de la selle, superman seat grab x-up, ... Dommage qu'un Truckdriver ait eu raison de son genou.
Dave s'étant retourné le genou en dirt la veille, il n'a pas pu participer à la finale de mini. Mais quelle claque en qualif le vendredi: aérial à 3m, 540° nosepick, 360° icepick over the spine, double busdriver, 360° spine à 2m, ...

Schwinn American Muscles video.
dave osato bmx plus! 03 1997

dave osato bmx freestyle worlds 1997
1997 Worlds. Photo by Mark Noble.
Dave Osato moved down to Vancouver.

7th place pro street, 10th place pro vert and 2nd place double vert with Jay Miron@ 1998 X-Games, San Diego, CA.
On vert, Dave Osato tried a 540 canadian nosepick that ended up with him on the flat bottom surrounded by paramedics.

4th place pro mini ramp @ 1998 Worlds, Portimao, Portugal, september 1998.
Fourth place was for Dave Osato (Canada). The Hot Guy had some problems with his balls (literary) and was in pain whenever he rode, but he toughed it out anyway.
1999 6th place stuntmen street and 8th place stuntmen vert @ 1999 BS round 1, Louisville, KY, april 1999.

270 air to toothpick.
2000 1st place pro park @ La Revolution part 1, Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, California., march 2000.

3rd place stuntmen park @ 2000 BS round 1, Lake Havasu, Arizona, march 23-26, 2000.
Taking third was Dave Osato, who pulled a half-boomerang half-tailwhip bunnyhop on the rail bank. Dave also went for a flyout to manual to tailwhip bunnyhop back in and came dreadfully close. I'm certain that he's already done it at home. It was good stuff.

2nd place stuntmen street @ 2000 BS round 3, St Petersburg, Florida, may 2000.
2nd place went to Dave Osato. Dave had some really original lines. He manualed the hip and then did a bunny hop tailwhip off into the transition. Osato did a nice tailwhip nose pick on the mini and almost pulled a double tailwhip at the end of his run.

Mini ramp worldchampion and 3rd place pro street @ 2000 Worlds, Cologne, Germany, june 2000.
Dave Osato pulled tailwhip to manual on the sub on practice. Huge 360’s over the spine with all kind of variations thrown in for good measure. Tailwhip drop in off the sub-box, 720 over the spine, 360-whip, and lip tricks all fast and all both ways. First place.

Superman on the cover of Chase magazine #6 summer 2000.

1st place pro street @ 2000 Gravity Games, Providence, RI, july 2000.
Dave Osato is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and it seemed like a lot of people were rooting for him to take the win. He didn't disappoint. He threw in a trick over every obstacle in his path; tailwhip 270 over the hip, a big grind down the incline of the wallride, a 540 nosepick on the mini, and a tailwhip over the spine to name a few. He had a narrow lead after his first run and when he pulled a curved ledge manual to tailwhip out to start his second run, you just knew it was going to be his night. Chalk up a much deserved Gold medal for Dave.

5th place pro park@ 2000 X-Games, San Francisco, CA., august 2000.

6th place pro park @ La Revolution part 2, Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, California., august 2000.
dave osato  chase
2001 Interview in Ride BMX US february 2001 including a tailwhip to manual to tailwhip sequence.

11th place pro park @ 2001 X-Games, Philadelphia, august 2001.
Prelims, Dave Osato Pulled a feeble grind and then tailwhipped out of it. He also tailwhip nosepicked the sub rail.

Vans Triple Crown finals in Oceanside, CA.
Chris Young, chasebmxmag.com, 2001:
Dave had already done an unforgettable run, then finished it off with a perfect tailwhip-bunnyhop to the pedals off the sub-box then straight into a 540-nosepick on the VERY EDGE of the sub-rail. Nobody does that... NOBODY!!! All the riders and people in the stands were completely freaking out. Everybody was screaming so loud it made all the hair on my arms stand straight up -- that's the kind of respect his riding deserves. And yet he was bumped out of the top 10??? How the hell does that work?"
2002 Dave is riding for WTP and Osiris shoes.

9th place pro street @ La Revolution 2002, Toronto, march 2002.
Highlights include We the People's Dave Osato coming oh so close to a tailwhip to fufanu on a 6 foot sub rail.

2nd place stuntmen park @ 2002 BS round 1, Grand Prairie, Texas, april 2002.
Dave Osato started his run with a tailwhip drop in from the subbox, 540 nosepicks, 360 nosepick tailwhips over the spine, man handling his bike around and just getting his huge on. Dave got second.

Tailwhip to fufanu at the Backyard jam on the cover of Ride BMX UK #61 september 2002.

Tailwhip to fufanu at the Backyard jam on the cover of Faction #15.

3rd place pro park @ 2002 CFB round 3, Joliet IL, june 2002.
Dave Osato's runs involved downside tailwhip bunnyhops on a wedge, 360 and 540 nosepicks on the miniramp, a big nosepick on the top of the wedged wall thing, and the trick of the contest, a tailwhip nosepick on the face of the wall. Amazing.

2nd place pro mini ramp and 3rd place pro street @ 2002 Worlds, Cologne, Germany, 2002.
Dave Osato (WTP) ended third in a run that included nosepick-tailwhips, manual to tailwhip off the container-sub, tailwhip dropin from the top of the container, ....

2002 X-GAMES.
19th place pro park @ 2002 X-Games, Philadelphia, august 15-19, 2002.

WeThePeople's signature frame from Dave Osato: the Primate.

Nosepick tailwhip at the 2002 CFB round 3 on the cover of Transworld BMX #72 october 2002.
dave osato ride bmx uk 09 2002

dave osato  faction bmx

dave osato transworld bmx
2003 2003 Metro Jam Vancouver Street 1st Place

1st place pro park @ 2003 Backyard Jam, Bournemouth, UK.

11th place pro park @ 2003 Worlds, Beja, Portugal, june 2003.
2004 Dave Osato interview in the first issue of RED august 2004.
2005 Dave Osato nosepick at the Little Devil warehouse on the cover of Ride BMX US november 2005. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Dave Osato at the Backyard jam.

dave osato ride bmx 11 2005
2006 www.creamofbmx.com, october 2006: Dave Osato is now going to take on the team management of the US wethepeople team. A tricky job at the best of times, but as the wethepeople US team has seen some recent additions it was time to bring things together and Dave is more than man enough to take it. Doing what he's always done for wethepeople, 'Promoting wethepeople as it has never been done before' was his take on the new role. We're stoked on the whole idea and with the current team now taking on business, things are serious. Hell, maybe he’s even planning a tour.... ?
2007 Dave Osato turndown on the cover of BMX Plus! march 2007. dave osato bmx plus! 03 07