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1976 Shaun Butler, BMX Rider UK, september 2003: I was born to Gwen Butler on June 29, 1976 in Fullerton, California.
early years
1993 S&M.
Shaun is riding for S&M.
Shaun Butler, november 2011: I Remember getting on S&M Bikes in March of 1993 when we talked for the first time at Twin Palms Jumping Contest when I was introduced to Moeller and he told me to come into the shop sometime soon when the first challenger race frames would be coming in.
1995 Face: Ride BMX US august 1995.

Interview in Ride BMX UK august 1995.
1996 Interview in Props #12 january 1996.
1997 '97 DK Dirt Circuit in Colombus, Ohio.

of Ride BMX US issue 26.

Backyard Jam 97, 360° over the chasm.

December 1997, Shaun switched from S&M to Schwinn.
shaun butler ride bmx us

shaun butler backyard jam
1998 '98 GT King of Dirt contest in Beaumont, Texas.
Butler qualifies in first place, and then proceeds to sit on the jumps getting drunk before the finals started. When it was time for the finals to get underway, Butler was completely sloshed and wound up getting last place. Schwinn was not stoked.

Shaun isn't riding for Schwinn anymore.
The split happened right after the 98 X-Games where Butler's bike got ripped off and had to borrow Aaric Dishaw's Gary Fisher to compete. "It was one of 20 incidents that led to his release" said Schwinn Team Manager John Paul Rogers. Shaun got a bike from S&M the day after his "release".
1997 Shaun Butler with a superman seat-grab at Sheep Hills on the cover of Ride BMX US june 1999. Photo by Mark Losey. shaun butler ride bmx us
2000 Cover of Snap #42 april 2000.

Interview in Ride BMX US #49 june 2000.
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2003 En février 2003, Shaun Butler signe chez la marque allemande KHE bikes.
Son pro-model ainsi que des signature parts sont prévus, une selle, un guidon de dirt 2pieces, une fourche et un cadre.
Un vélo complet devrait suivre, il s'appellera "Lamberblack".
2007 Shaun is back on S&M in november.