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Sources: Transworld BMX march 2004, www.expn.com, www.agoride.com, bmxmuseum.com, www.expn.com, Rob Wagner, ...
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1971 DOB: june 4, 1971.
early years Scott Powell, november 2009: I began riding (participant) in 1986.
Scott Powell, november 2009: I began competing in 1988. Actually the Columbus, Ohio AFA masters was one of my first contests.
1993 7th place stuntmen flat @ 1993 BS round 3, september 24-25, 1993, Hoffman Bike Park, Oklahoma City.
1994 1994 York jam.
Mark Eaton, Ride BMX US october 1994: Scott Powell of team Peregrine rode good.

Scott Powell letter in BMX Plus! october 1994.

8th place stuntmen flat @ 1994 Bicycle Stunts round 4 and finals, november 18-19, 1994, SCRAP Chicago, Illinois.
1995 Interviewin Ride BMX US august 1995.

Scott Powell and Dave Schaefer opened Chenga World skatepark in North Ridgefield, Ohio at the end of 1995, mainly as a place to ride flatland for the winter.
Scott, Transworld BMX march 2004: We basically opened Chenga so we'd have a place to ride for that winter, and no other reason. We definitely did not think it was going to be profitable. The possibility that Chenga could last even one year never even occurred to us. Looking back on that winter, it seems crazy that we opened the park for that reason, but we literally did not care about anything else but riding our bikes. After operating Chenga for several years now, I realize that no one–not even us–can open a park like we did in 1995. We were in the right place at the right time; operating under a very different set of standards which let us get away with several situations and decisions that would cripple or close any park today –even ours!
Most people do not realize how much work and time it takes to open and maintain a park. You eat, sleep, and breathe the park; you basically live to keep the park running. Sitting here with probably the two most successful parks in the country, I would say that opening a ramp park is a bad investment of both time and money. I am not trying to discourage anyone from chasing their dreams, but I am saying that you should gather as much information and talk to as many people as possible about any venture that you want to pursue. I do not sugar-coat any of the realities of owning the two Chengas or of being a pro bike rider. I tell people the ups and downs of both and let them decide if it is really the life they want to have.
1996 5th place stuntman flatland @ 1996 BS round 3, august 2-4, 1996, Barnum Harbor, Chicago, Illinois.
Ride BMX US december 1997: Scott Powell (Morales) wasn't too stoked upon hearing the contest results. He rode incredibly well, but some stupid judge entered the wrong score in the computer which gave him last place. Luckily the scores were reviewed and he was handed fifth. Freak squeaks with his rear foot on the back peg plus switch footed undertakers are dandy maneuvers which Scott pulled.
1997 Rides for Rigid.

12th place pro flatland @ 1997 X-Games.

Balancing Act video.
1998 23rd place pro flatland @ 1998 X-Games.
1999 11th place pro flatland @ 1999 X-Trials round 1, april 22-25, 1999, Louisville, KY.
Scott Powell came up with a new format: Riders were grouped into heats of four people and each rider in the heat got two one minute run (three in the finals). The two riders with the highest scores advanced to the next round. Scott Powell got 11th place. Scott did mcCircles running on the tire as well as double decades with no back brakes! His riding also landed him the third X-Game spots of the three that were available at this comp.

Interview: www.theflatlander.com july 1999

15th place pro flatland @ 1999 X-Games.

2nd place great flatland @ Burning Bike Festival, 25-26 sept 1999, Chenga, N.Ridgeville, OH.

www.ridebmx.com: Chenga is owned by Pro flatlanders Scott Powell and Dave Schaeffer, so it's no surprise that they set aside a flatland area in their park to help get them through the Ohio weather. The floor takes a little getting used to, but once you adjust you can spin your brains out. Being used to the floor paid off, as Scott got second in Pro flat.
2000 Scott Powell produced a flatland video called Focus.

Scott Powell has started his own bike company called Powell Bikes and has picked up ground riders Dave Schaefer and Matt Wilhelm to ride for him.
bmxmuseum.com: Scott Powell designed a prototype for Clayborn in 1999 but they decided not to make the bike, so he started his own company in 2000. The platform was modified in 2001. Dave Schaefer, Matt Wilhelm and Chase Gouin rode for Powell.

12 place stuntmen flat @ 2000 CFB round 3 and finals, july 6-9, 2000, Woodward, PA.

16th place pro flatland @ 2000 X-Games, august 2000.

3rd place pro flat @ 2000 AFL round 3, Clevland.

Chris Day, www.ridebmx.com: Third place went to Scott Powell who is one of those riders that's been riding for so long, (14 years) that he doesn't need to go to every contest. We were lucky enough to do an event near his Chenga World Skatepark, so he could make an easy trip down the road to hang out with us. Scott pulled an upside-down mega-spin to decade for major props in one of his two runs.
Rob Wagner, february 2010: I am almost positive Scott Powell got fifth, not third, in the AFL contest in Cleveland.  I remember, because he rode great, but everyone thought he was ripped off because he placed fifth out of six pros.
2001 10th place stuntmen flat @ Bicycle Stunt Series/B3 round 2, April 20-22, 2001, Louisville, KY.
www.hsacentral.com: Yellow with envy were the riders that didn't make the cut. Scott did some good tricks and did Chenga Proud. Equilibrium coming soon!

4th place pro flat @ CFB round 3, Woodward, june 2001.
Brian Tuney, www.hsacentral.com, 2001: 4th place went to Powell Bikes’ one and only rider Scott Powell. Scott showed up late, rode without a helmet and rubbed himself down with Toast brand sports rub after the finals. He also pulled his upside down decade to end his runs.

17th place pro flatland @ 2001 X-Games, august 2001, Philadelphia, PA.
scott powell
2002 14th place pro flat @ 2002 CFB round 1, March 8th-10th, Merritt Island, FL.

9th place stuntmen flat @
2002 CFB round 2, May 31st - June 2nd, 2002, Wheatfield, NY.

2002 CFB round 3, June 21st-23rd, Joliet IL.

Scott Powell opened Chenga 2 in brook park, Ohio.

bmxmuseum.com: In 2002, Scott Powell joined Kevin Jones and created Dividual. Kevin Jones dividual frame was the same as the Powell with no platform and a euro BB.

November 2002, Dividual, la marque de Scott Powell, vient de sortir "The Brace" dessiné par les canadiens Brandon Fenton et Chase Gouin.
2003 Toronto Metro jam, march 2003.

Aspire 2 video part. 2nd place pro flatland.

Chenga World : interview with Scott Powell in
Chase #18 summer 2003.

Youtube video filmed September 4th, 5th, and 6th on location in Cleveland 2003.
2004 Aspire 3 video part. 1st place pro flatland.

Pic in
Ride BMX US june 2004.

Baco 10.

20 questions to Scott Powell in
Ride BMX UK july 2004.

10th place pro flat @
2004 Voodoo jam.
2005 Props 57.
Il est assez rare de voir Scott Powell en action et là, ça vaut le déplacement, long backward nose wheelie avec le pied sur la selle et l'autre en l'air enchaîné avec un smith decade (catapulte) brakeless ou ce terrible jump de backward wheelie to pervert around the moon (saut les pieds croisés !), toujours sans frein bien sur !
2006 Scott Powell moved the original Chenga (because the building was being demolished) from North Rigdevilee to Lorain, Ohio...becoming  Chenga 57. scott powell
2007 Fourth annual Ticos Flatland Jam, Costa Rica with Chase Gouin and Scott Powell.
2008 Part of the All Wheels Extreme show at Cedar Point. 
2009 Part of the All Wheels Extreme show at Cedar Point. 
2010 www.expn.com, june 2010: Looking for something fun to do this summer or for Father's day and live near or around Ohio? Well check this out, Cedar Point amusement park (known as one of the best amusement parks in the world) is putting on a live show all summer long called, All Extreme Wheels. Flatland pro Scott Powell and ramp pros Tom Haugen and Mike Castillo join a cast of rollerbladers and gymnasts, who perform tons of awesome tricks and aerials on a specially built set of ramps for a cool 20 minute display. Scott was nice enough to invite me out the past couple days to see the show and I had a blast! Here are some shots from my visit to give you a taste of what it's like. If you're passing through Northeast Ohio, be sure to catch a show. It's worth it. scott powell
Scott Powell in the middle of a backwards rolling no-handed cliffhanger during an "All Extreme Wheels" show.