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1978 DOB: October 1st, 1978.
early years Kris Bennett, www.ridebmx.com, april 2003: I started out racing and then later decided that I wanted to do the tricks that I saw in all the magazines. The riding scene where I grew up was small but fun. My friends and I were the only ones in the area interested in “trick” riding, so we all had to learn from each other. There were no older or more experienced riders to watch. We really didn’t know much about anything except for what we read in magazines.
1995 Kris Bennet wrote a letter to Ride BMX US.
Kris Bennett, Titusville, PA: Ride, this letter's going out to all the kids who merely want to ride and have fun, but, like me, have parents pressuring them on grades and education and stuff. The way I look at it, the normal procedure (high school, college, job, etc.) is set up to make life hell and boring. I may not be getting the best grades but damn it - I'm having fun. I've now realized that life is just a stupid game and you have to live it to its fullest. To me living life to its fullest isn't burying your head in a book for hours every night or getting as drunk or as high as you can every weekend. Dumb, just plain dumb is what it is. I would be happy as a rat if I could work at McDonald's, live with four or five other bikers to split rent, and ride. What the hell more do you need ? Maybe even eventually save some money with these other bikers and get a bike shop going or whatever. You know ? Just have fun. So next time, parents, when you're bitchin' at your kids because they have bad grades or don't seem too interested in the same things as a so-called "normal" kid, think a little. lt's their life, and if they play their cards right they'll be just fine.
McGoo, Ride BMX US april 1995: Since you seem to have life all figured out, why don't you move out of your parents house right now and take that high paying job at McDonald's. At $4.25 an hour, you and the rest of your know-it-all buddies should be able fo save enough money to open a bike shop in no time. And if that 6.000 dollars per year just doesn't add up fast enough after bike parts rent, food, insurance, automotive expenses and utilities, go apply for a business loan at your local bank, Since your education and employment record won't be that impressive you might have to put your bike up for collateral. Face it Bennett - there's a lot more to life than Big Macs and bike riding. Stop whining and start learning -

Tobbogan on the cover of Props #8

Won the NBL Grands King Of Dirt.

Riding for S&M.
kris bennett props 8
1996 Kris went to the Backyard Jam for the first time, got first in dirt jumping and won the best trick competition with a double truckdriver.

6th place pro dirt @ 1996 X-Games.

Interview in Ride BMX UK #25 october 1996.
kris bennett superman
Superman one hand at the Backyard jam.
Photo by Kay Clauberg.
1997 Interview in Ride BMX US february 1997.

9th place pro dirt @ 1997 X-Games, San Diego.
Ninth place went to the quiet kid from Titusville, Kris Bennett. Kris rode pretty well, doing no-handers to turndowns and no-footed cancans that were sweeter than a big ol'jug of Chianti. Very mod.
1998 25th place pro dirt @ 1998 X-Games.
2000 March 2000, Kris is riding with Demolition parts.

Interview: Ride BMX US #49 june 2000.
2001 April 2001, Kris left S&M in good terms and wound up on the Volume team three weeks later.

Square One is a little clothing company formed by Kris Bennett in 2001 with the help of Derek Adams and Little Devil.
Kris Bennett, www.ridebmx.com, april 2003: A lot of people ask how I can ride for one company and own another. I guess the answer is that I’m not really sure. It’s good because Derek (Little Devil owner) is a real cool guy, and he understands that I want to do my own thing. At the same time though, I’m really into Little Devil and being on the team with my friends to help promote it. I’m sure it wouldn’t work out as easily if Derek and I weren’t good friends. As far as Little Devil influencing my design, I would have to say yes and no. I like they way Derek runs things with his company and he makes a lot of cool stuff, but I’m going for a little bit of a different image than Little Devil is. Square One has more of a clean style to it, whereas Little Devil is like a hessian brand. Besides, what would the point be of starting a company exactly like one that already exists?

Little Devil Seek and destroy video.

Kris Bennett fufanu in Talent, Oregon on the cover of Ride BMX US 67, december 2001. Photo by Mark Losey.
Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com: On a West Coast trip in issue 67 I got my first taste of a Kris Bennett explosion. He was attempting to fufanu a tree in Fresno, and when he didn't pull the trick he lost his mind. There were cars driving by and he was flipping them off, screaming-the works. The most bizarre thing was that his fit only lasted for ten seconds, and then he was back to riding like nothing happened.
kris bennett ride bmx us 12 2001
2002 8th place pro dirt @ 2002 X-Games, Philadelphia.
www.expn.com: Kris Bennett is now a Philly local living with Van Homan, working on his clothing line Square One, and making his first appearance at the X Games since 1998. After watching the 2001 X Games he decided it was time to get back in the game and get qualified. Kris is a trails rider who thinks style is the most important element to a rider.
Kris Bennett, www.expn.com: I like it when stuff looks good. I try to make stuff look good, but I don't think I have the natural style someone like Mikey (Aitken) or Taj (Mihelich) has. But I do what I can to make myself look alright, not sketchy and all squirelly and loose.

Demolition video.
Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2003: Kris Bennett rules and in this Demolition film he shows the world that he is not to be stopped.

Kris Bennett part in the Demolition video.
2004 Kris Bennett interview in Ride BMX UK october 2004.
2005 Interview in Props 57.
2007 Kris Bennett off Volume and on Verde.
Kris Bennett, july 2007: Just sending some news out to let everyone know that after about 7 years on the team, I have left Volume to ride for Steve Buddendeck and Cory Muth's new project Verde. There are no hard feelings feelings on either side and I am very appreciative of everything Volume has done for me over the years. Verde has offered me a great opportunity to take the next step with my riding, and I am excited to help the company grow to it's full potential. Also, I will still be riding for Demolition Parts.

Interview in Ride BMX UK november 2007.
2008 thecomeupbmx.net, december 2008: Kris Bennett is off Verde and back on Volume. He’s also going to be helping out with their future video projects.