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early years Paul, Freedom: I had my first bike when I was 4 years old. And I was into dirt jumping little bit around when I was 11 but I was always scared of crashing. I then started flatland when I was about 16. One of my neighbours did some flatland trick, it was boomerang and I thought it was cool. So I learned boomerang for my fist trick, and he told me a few things and I started picking up really quick and it was just fun.
1993 In 93, Paul went to Arizona to ride with Chad Degroot.
Paul: I had to go somewhere to escape the Chicago winter so I figured the desert was as good a place to start as any.
1994 March 1994, Paul is riding for Standard.
Paul Osicka, www.ridebmx.com, march 2000: I went to a New Year's jam at Rampage skatepark shortly after the "A Few Good Men" video came out and I think Rick noticed how much I had progressed since the video, so he offered to help me out. He started sending me shirts and little things I needed like axles and pegs, and it slowly evolved into where it is now.

Ells Bells Ring the gack video.

Interview in
Props #3 july august 1994.
Hang five's down stairs

1st place stuntboys flat @ 1994 BS round 2, Kansas, may 1994.
In Stunt Boys, Paul Osicka, Standard's new recruit, pulled off an incredible flawless run of totally original tricks and took the win.

5th place pro flat @ Worlds, Koln, Germany, july 1994.
Paul: My first pro contest was the Worlds in 1994.

Interview in Freedom #6 autumn 1994.

4th place stuntmen flat @ 1994 BS round 4, Chicago, november 1994.
paul 94

Paul Osicka interview in Props.

Worlds Koln
1995 4th place stuntmen flat @ 1995 BS round 1, Moreno Valley, february 1995

Interview in Ride BMX US june 1995

Standard Style Cats video
The stuff from Paul Osicka is incredible.

Ells Bells Release the grease video.

Standard Style Cats.
1996 1st place stuntmen flat @ 1996 BS round 1, South Padre Island, march 18-21, 1996.
Paul Osicka used so many original tricks during his run that most people had no idea what he was doing most of the time. Paul did a whiplash whithout getting off the bike. See the photo and try to figure it out for yourself. Also double-footed pinky squeaks into one-handed pinky squeaks into one-handed steamroller into a onehanded funky chicken back over into a one-handed front yard.

Worlds Koln, Germany, july 1996.
Paul: My last Pro contest was the Worlds in 1996. I injured my knee in 1996 and I just took some time off and... I don't know. I've not competed since then.

Paul Osicka designed a flatland frame for Standard: the Tao.
New head gusset, no platform, 19" top tube; 74.5° head tube, 13.25 chain stay.
Paul Osicka, www.ridebmx.com, march 2000: I went to Rick Moliterno with the idea. It took a long time to actually happen. It was an idea in my head for a lot of years, and I guess he finally got around to it. It actually came out exactly like I wanted. It took such a long time to come out because I wanted it to be just right. I think it came out really nice.
1997 Ells Bells Glote video.

Paul Osicka, www.ridebmx.com, march 2000: I barely rode my bike in '97. It was the lowest part of my life, but I guess a lot of us go through that, it's just something that happens. I can definitely say that it brought me to a whole new level of appreciation for riding.
1998 Paul has both of his brake levers hooked to the front brake only.
Paul Osicka, www.ridebmx.com, march 2000: I've always been into front wheel stuff. I guess there was a point where I totally went over to front wheel stuff. And the double-brake thing, it just seemed like it could help me do a lot more things and open more doors. I'm all about making things easier on myself (laughter). Flatland is challenging enough. I don't need to make it any harder on myself, you know?

Interview in Ride BMX US october 1998.
1999 Standard 99 Euro tour.
2000 Standard Country video.
Highlights include Paul Osicka's part where he goes completely off. Paul has a style all of his own with tricks that are undescribable. Rock walk 360 dos au guidon.

Interview on www.ridebmx.com.
Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com, march 2000: Paul Osicka is like a cult-hero in flatland. You might go for two years without seeing him ride, but you'd still know he was out there evolving his riding into something beyond belief. An interview with Paul has been long overdue, so this month we made plans to get things done in a parking lot somewhere outside of Chicago. A few days before I left for this trip, Paul called and said he was feeling sketchy. He really wanted this story to come out positive and inspiring, but he didn't know if he was in the right mindset to do that. When we did the actual interview he agonized over every question, and the resulting answers reveal an interesting person who is a lot more than just another guy on a twenty-inch bike.

Standard Country.
2001 Enter the mind of Paul Osicka in Transworld BMX #56 june 2001.

Paul is judging the Circle Of Balance.

Interview in Freedom #42 december 2001.
2002 FOX Expendable 3 video.
Paul Osicka has gotta be one of the best street riders out there.

Fox video.
2003 Paul is judging Aspire video contest.

Soul video magazine issue 23
Paul Osicka, mesdames messieurs, et oui, vous ne rêvez pas, ses apparitions sont aussi rares qu'exceptionnelles et celle-ci ne déroge pas à la règle. L'homme qui a inventé le style félin est de retour, ses passages sont brefs mais vous vous en souviendrez longtemps, du vrai spinning en hang five avec turbine et bar spin ou du whiplash en suivant le cadre et en contournant le guidon, ces quelques minutes justifient à eux seuls l'achat de cette vidéo.
2005 Paul is on the cover of Cream january 2005. Pic by Manu Sanz. cream cover
Grass Valley, Ca at the Lyman Gilmore Middle School
Address is 10837 Rough N Ready Hwy Grass Valley, Ca 95945
the street from Greenwood Memorial Cemetery.

jam session put on by Paul Osicka and Marcel Tremblay and if it goes well will become an Annual thing.

Paul wanted to make sure NO VIDEO CAMERAS please as they are filming this for a video and they want to make sure all the footage filmed is raw and THEY WILL BE DOING THIS EVERY YEAR IF IT GOES WELL!