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Sources: www.nathanpenonzek.com, Ride BMX UK, www.expn.com, www.theflatlander.com, fatboy972, ...
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1978 DOB: october 18, 1978.
Birthplace: Gibsons, BC Canada
Nathan, www.nathanpenonzek.com 2006: Born in Canada in the damp western province of British Columbia. It was the fall of 1978 when I saw the light of the clouds for the first time.
early years Nathan grew up riding with the likes of Jason Brown, Andrew Faris and Jamie Macintosh in Vancouver, Canada
1997 4th place pro flatland @ 1997 X-Games, San Diego, California june 21-29, 1997

Nathan is riding for Rigid.
1998 Nathan is riding for Dig-it / Graveyard

4th pro flat @ 1998 X-Games.

1st place @ KOG Japan

1st place pro flat @ ESPN B3 Oceanside

1st place pro flatland @ 1998 BS round 4, Oceanside, CA, august 27-30, 1998.

2nd place pro flat @ 1998 Worlds, Portimao, Portugal, september 1998.

Intrikat Linkt video.

Part in 5 combos video.
1999 3rd pro flat @ 1999 X-Games.

Intrikat Blend video.

5th place pro flat @ 1999 Worlds, Madrid, Spain, 1999.
Nathan Penonzek was welcomed by his Spanish fans in a very strange way. 4 guys ran up the flatland area naked carrying a Nathan sign. Nathan was a little confused after all this and touched down a couple of times which is something he usually doesn't do.

1st place stuntmen flat @ 1999 BS round 3, july 29 - august 1, 1999, Oceanside, California.
Nathan Penonzek did his normal three-minute link and won the contest followed by Andrew Faris and Trevor Meyer.

6th place pro flatland @ 1999 BS round 4, Beaverton, Oregon, august 27-29, 1999.

Interview in Ride BMX UK december 1999.

fatboy972, www.youtube.com: 1999 BS round 3, Nathan Penonzek flatland run.
2000 1st place stuntmen flat @ 2000 CFB round 1, Merrit Island, Florida, february 24-27, 2000.

Intrikat Connect video.
Lee Musselwhite, server.byke.org/ukflat: Nathan Penonzek shows every one how he can work the front and rear wheel with super controlled flow with what seems like epic ease, hitting a rad 360 barflip jump from the back pegs and lands in swfoot elephant glide. Turbining regular and x foot hitchikers galore in his huge links, and just basically working the bike like only Nathan can, You have really got to see Nathan's section though to truly appreciate how this guy works his bike.

1st place stuntmen flat @ 2000 BS round 3, St Petersburg, Florida, may 19-21, 2000.
Nathan Penonzek won his second BS comp in a row and his fifth comp of the year! Nate is a contest machine. He flowed all over the parking lot on his sparkly blue Quamen with stuff like crossfooted hitchhiker whips and a crazy turbined around the bike maneuver. It looks like the year end title is going to be down to the wire between Nathan and Trevor Meyer.

4th place pro flat @ 2000 BS round 4, Nashville, Tennessee, june 15-18, 2000.

1st place stuntmen flat @ 2000 CFB round 3, Woodward, PA, july 6-9, 2000.

5th pro flat @ 2000 X-Games.

Intrikat Infinite Pieces video.
Brian, www.theflatlander.com: Nathan Penonzek ropes us in for his ruthless and wildly original transitions, switches and rolls -- he keeps going and going and going. Penonzek is so good on his bike, everything is second nature -- what speaks volumes of this guy is that he doesn't rely on his talent as an excuse to prevent him from always progressing and busting out new and unique links.
2001 4th place pro flat @ 2001 BS round 2, Louisville, KY, april 20-22, 2001.
Nathan Penonzek is a good time rider, linking smooth consistent, never-ending routes together, forever.

1st place pro flat @ 2001 CFB round 2, Perris, California, may 10-13, 2001.
Nathan did it again, linking everything with consistency, style and originality. Nathan arrived at the contest in his semi new Volkswagen Vanagon, and his battery died while he was leaving, so now he has money to buy a new one with this latest win. It looks like we've got another year-end title for Nathan as well.

2nd place pro flat @ 2001 BS round 3, Grand Prairie, Texas, may 18-20, 2001.
Dig-it rider, Nathan Penonzek, took second place. Nate had a flawless, flowing run full of things like a cross-footed hiker whip and a no-handed inside, cross-footed stick b on the pedal.

Cover: FM1

1st place pro flatland @ 2001 Urban Games, London, july 27-29, 2001.

12th pro flatland @ 2001 X-Games, Philadelphia, PA, august 17-23, 2001.

Nathan Penonzek interview in Chase #10 summer 2001.
nathan penonzek flatland manifesto

nathan penonzek 2001
2002 5th place pro flatland @ 2002 BS round 1, Grand Prairie, TX, april 26-28, 2002.
Nathan learned a few new back wheel tricks, but had a hard time staying in the saddle.

2nd place pro flat @ 2002 CFB round 3, Joliet, IL, june 21-23, 2002.

Nathan Penonzek is no longer riding for Quamen/Dig It and is looking for a sponsor. (july)

Interview in Soul #21 august 2002.

5th pro flatland @ 2002 X-Games, Philadelphia, august 15-19, 2002.
Nathan Penonzek est connu pour ses interminables links notamment sur l'arrière. C'est long c'est stylé c'est indescriptible en quelque lignes mais c'est très fluide. C'est à voir en vidéo. En fait pour que Nathan tombe il faut lui donner un bon coup de marteau sur la tête. Après avoir galère pour se qualifier aux games, Nathan du fait de sa 5ème place gagne une invitation pour l'année prochaine.

www.expn.com: Nathan has traveled from his native Canada through Central America, Europe, and Asia in 2002. He has parted ways with all his sponsors save for shoe flow from Axion, but has been on tour with the Giant Team through July. Nathan takes everything in stride in a low-key, mellow way. After wintering in Spain his Spanish is more fluent than ever. He is smooth and fluid on his bike.
Nathan, www.expn.com: I'm actually without a sponsor right now, so I'm just doing shows with Woody Itson [Giant Team]. We went to Vegas, Carlsbad, Riverside, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Denver, and on to Houston. I'm just doing the tour with them and that's it. When it's over we'll go our own way.
2003 2nd place pro flat @ 2003 Latin X-Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, april 11-13, 2003.
Nathan was not very happy with closed-off section of street being used for the contest, but in his second run it looked like he was riding in a perfectly smooth parking lot by the way he was flowing.

1st place pro flat @ 2003 Worlds, Beja, Portugal, june 26-29.

2nd place pro flat @ 2003 X-Games, Los Angeles, CA, august 14-18, 2003.
Nathan Penonzek rolled his gypsy ways right up onto the X Games podium, picking off a long-overdue silver medal. Nathan is a treat to watch ride. His flow, grace and smoothness melt together when he gets it done. His consistency paid off as well and Nathan has another travel budget ready grabbing the silver medal and purse to go along with it.

1st place pro flat @ 2003 Vancouver Metro jam, august 28-31, 2003.
2004 2nd place pro flat @ 2004 Bike Show.
Nathan Penonzek (half European by now) was present courtesy of Eastpak.

Redbull Circle Of Balance, Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany, april 24, 2004.
2005 5th place pro flat @ 2005 Worlds, Pragues, Czech Republic.
The Gypsy from Malaga and Backwheel Mastermind Nathan Penonzek whipped, rolled, scuffed and switched himself onto 5th place.
2006 Nathan Penonzek in Lima, Peru on the cover of Cream #19 july 2006. Photo by Camilo Guiterez.
Nathan, www.fatbmx.com, march 2006: It has literally been a long and dangerous road. My time has been spent in highs of the mountains in Cusco and Macchu Picchu, all the way through spiral roads into valleys all the way to the desert coast of Peru.

A Trip to Marocco in the month of September 2006.
nathan penonzek cream 19