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paul buchanan dig bmx 14 issue 14 - january february 2001
Paul Buchanan on the cover. Photo: Ed Docherty.
Why do you ride issue.
GT Tour.
Low profile: Chase Hawk.
butcher dig bmx 15 issue 15 - march april 2001
Joe ‘Butcher’ Kowalski Downside tailwhip at the Domino Banks, Allentown PA. on the cover. Photo by ‘Dred' Docherty.
Road Fools 7.
Australia tour.
Joe Kowalski Butcher interview.
Edwin Delarosa first coverage.
jeremy verhulst dig bmx 05 2001 issue 16 - may june 2001
Jeremy Verhulst full pipe carve on the cover, Iowa. Photo by Tedd Nelson.
Ruben Alcantara interview.
La Revolution comp.
Clicked road trip.
FBM Tour.
martin allemey dig bmx 07 2001 issue 17 - july august 2001 (2)
Martin Allemey Bike 2001 nose bonk sequence on the cover. Bike 2001, UK. Photos by Paul Bliss.
Edito by Joe Rich.
Flat Earth Society with a double page spread photo of David Artzone: the videomakers of Paved Paradise (Shane Neville), E-Clips (Chase Gouin), Infinite Pieces (Chad Johnston).
Videostore: Ride Turbulence, Square One Up in Arms, Blueprint, Baco 9.
UGP Roots.
FISE Palavas.
Bike 2001.
Fragments: Chris Hallman
Animal road trip,
Team Sano road trip,
Primo/Etnies La Revolution, Binghampton, NY.
Red Bull King of Street
IFL flatland comp, Maplewood, NJ.
Low profiles: Audrey James and Darren Berrecloth.
Backchat with Scott Maylon.
garrett byrnes dig bmx 09 2001 issue 18 - september october 2001
Garrett Byrnes x-up on the cover.
Urban Games.
Paul Buchanan interview.
jared zorowski dig bmx 11 2001 issue 19 - november december 2001 (1)
Jared Zorowski tabletop wallride in Boston on the cover. Photo by Ryan Worcester.
Will Smyth, www.facebook.com, may 2015: That time in 2001 that we didn't have a cover photo and 5 days before deadline this randomly arrived from the awesome (but then unknown to any of us) Ryan Worcester. His first ever photo submission to a magazine.

Video store: Props road fools 8, Flatland Manifesto 2, 411 BMX, Ride Parts, F-IT and Fraser Byrne about STF videozine.
Mike Lausman fragments.
Ratboy interview.
Company Policy: Steve Crandall (FBM), Jay Miron (MacNeil), Ian Morris (Federal), Stephan Prantl (We The People), Robbie Morales (Fit), David Quesada (Fly) and Jimmy Levan (Metal).
Repo: 2001 X-Games, Playstation comp in Cologne Germany september 2001, Romford jam.
Low profile: Donnacha Carrol, Greg Nicholson, Caleb Kilby, Ryan Barrett and Alex Dropsy.
Backchat with Jon Taylor.
La tête de Romuald bibi Noirot fait une intrusion pirate dans une pub Volume.
matt jenkins dig bmx 01 2002 issue 20 - january february 2002
Matt Jenkins foot jam wall nosepick at St.Neotts on the cover.
International issue.
Aaron Bostrom.
Interview de Romuald bibi Noirot.
kevin porter dig bmx 03 2002 issue 21 - march april 2002 (1)
Kevin Porter pool air on the cover.
Featured interviews from David Lombard, FBM's Ron Kimler, Metal's Dan Price, Fit's Brian Foster and Volume's James White.
chase hawk dig bmx 05 2002 issue 22 - may june 2002 (1)
14 year-old Chase Hawk twisted air on mojos ramp on the cover.
Telford backyard jam.
alex dropsy dig bmx 07 2002 issue 23 - july august 2002 (1)
Alex Dropsy at Peynier trails France on the cover.
Garrett Byrnes interview.
mike tag dig bmx 09 2002 issue 24 - september october 2002 (1)
Mike Tag ice pick in London on the cover.
Fraser Peek riding a full pipe on the content page. Fraser Peek, digbmx.com, february 2008: All my memories of trips to this pipe are splendid and seem to stand out way above a lot of other things I’ve done with my bike in my time! This day in particular was a treat. It was a busy day in the factory and myself and Ricky (Adam) had to be ‘stealth’… more stealth than I’ve ever been in fact. I remember holding in my laughter, looking at Ricky darting around in front of me lugging his camera gear while I followed, ducking behind anything and everything we could find to avoid lorries, workers and security cameras. We eventually made the final climb up to the pipe and to safety. It was always a weird feeling of being on edge right up until the moment you were in the pipe, where you knew you were safe and out of view. I remember workers walking past the bottom end of the pipe about 50 meters away never looking in, never expecting to see some guy on a BMX rolling around it. Cheers for the memory Ricky and for the awesome photo!
Worlds 2002.
Hasting Backyard Jam.
ryan worcester dig bmx 11 2002 issue 25 - november december 2002 (1)
Ryan Worcester on the cover. Photo by Joe Rich.
Lookback: photo of Joe Rich from the Road Fools trip from january 1998, fresh off Standard on a King Liberty frame.
Extracurricular: Ken Paul.
The birth of vertical: interviews with John Palfreyman and Thom Lund.
Flat earth society by Brian Tunney. Too flatland specific ?
Video store: UGP Roots 2002, Props Passport 2002, 411 issue 2, Unleash the fury, Ramp up the jawn, Props Road Fools 10.
Animal road trip in Canada.
Safety In Numbers: the Austin art show weekend.
Keith Terra influenza.
4000 miles: Sandy Carson, a 1986 Honda Civic and America.
FBM Ghetto street comp.
Lost for words: Keith Robertson, Jamie Bestwick, Joe Simon, Jimmy Levan.
Nate Wessel, ramp builder.
Repo: Rom skatepark jam and X-Games Philadelphia.
Low profile: Harley Wiles, Laureano Vallejos, Jon Robinson, Timmy Martin, Travis Collier.
Backchat with Zach Shaw.