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brian castillo dig bmx spring 1998 issue 7 - may 1998
Brian Castillo nothing seat grab on the cover. Photo: Keith Mulligan.
MTV Festival.
King of Concrete retrospective.

Kieran Chapman, www.ewirezine.com, may 1998: I'm guessing that most American riders haven't seen a single issue of Dig, and that's just not right. Hailing from Ireland, Dig is my favorite riding magazine. It has everything I like in my reading material: cool designs, interesting and funny articles, rad photography, coverage of good music, and tons of riding. Issue 7 (spring 1998) tapped the minds of straight edge riders, had contest coverage, a King of Concrete retrospective, and lots of other stuff; the music section had record reviews (of course) and a Bluetip interview. Some of the funnier bits are the small sidebars -- the "Dangerous Species: The Trick Ferret" was quite entertaining. If I had to say anything bad about Dig, it would be that sometimes the text is too small and/or the lines of text are too long. That and it's hard to find in the U.S.
jimmy levan dig bmx 07 1998 issue 8 - july 1998 (1)
Jimmy Levan on the cover.
First Props Road Fools issue.
Bike 98.

digbmx.com, january 2009: At the time of Road Fools 1, Dig’s Ed Docherty was visiting the states and tagged along on the trip with Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Jimmy Levan, Sandy Carson, Dave Freimuth, Derek Adams and Robbie Morales. Between both Ed and Sandy’s photos, Road Fools 1 was documented extensively in issue eight of our own magazine. Some other magazine editors might’ve laughed at the thought of a magazine covering a video production at the time, but the story came together beautifully and hopefully served as a bonus add-on to the already influential video. And being as how most other magazines ended up covering later Road Fools and other road trips in a similar style, I think it’s safe to say that both Dig’s coverage and Road Fools’ were pretty much ahead of their time.
joe rich dig bmx 09 1998 issue 9 - september 1998 (2)
Joe Rich invert at Burnside on the cover. Photo: Ed Docherty.
Road Fools 2.
1998 X-Games.
Crandall art.
taj mihelich dig bmx 12 1998 issue 10 - december 1998 (2)
Taj Mihelich tyre slap on a wall & John Paul Rogers tatooed arm on the cover.
70's tour.
MTV Sport and Music Festival in Menphis.
Flat Earth Society (short section devoted specifically to flatland coverage and opinions).
Portugal worlds.
Woodward B3.
The James White Level jam.
The Seventies UK summer tour 1998.

Kieran Chapman, www.ewirezine.com, april 1999: The latest issue of the UK's best (and possibly least-seen) riding magazine is out. As usual, it's a great mix of words, photos, design, and music, all wrapped around the world of BMX. Lots of stuff to keep you interested: news, reviews, jam and contest coverage (lots of European stuff), and a pictorial. All aspects of riding are covered, and there's even a short section devoted specifically to flatland coverage and opinions ("Flat Earth Society"). Dig's design is cool and original (makes me feel like crap), and the only bad thing I can say about it is the use of very small fonts. Lots of people contribute to Dig, so there are a lot of varying thoughts and opinions: five different guys wrote pieces on the MTV Sports and Music Festival 2 alone, giving good overall coverage of the contest (both what happened during the event and stuff happening around it). The "Street Riders's Etiquette Guide" was a nice follow-up to the "Trail Riders's Etiquette Guide" from a previous Dig, and the music section is short but sweet -- this time around there's an interview with Blake from Jets to Brazil.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, september 2007: In 1998, after the dissolution of Air Publications, Smyth bought the title back during a public auction and entered into a deal with Chris Moeller and John Paul Rogers of S&M Bike Co. Based in CA, the two decided to sell ads for Dig, print and distribute the magazine, offering a wider U.S. based BMX scene a glimpse into Dig BMX's editorial. Issue 11 featured Josh Stricker on the cover, was a travel-based issue that focused on the unusual and outrageous circumstances of travel that had plagued certain members of the international BMX community. The issue sold well throughout the U.S., but was abandoned by Moeller and Rogers after just one issue, who instead decided to produce the short-lived BMX Action, which later became Faction BMX Magazine.
josh stricker dig bmx 06 1999 issue 11 - june 1999 (1)
Josh Stricker table top at 9th street trails on the cover. Photo by Captain Hardcore - Brian Castillo.
Shaun Butler interview.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 1999: Dig magazine is up in the air again. S&M, who put out the latest issue of DIG on the American market, have decided to start their own mag after they used DIG to set up the advertisers and distribution network. Their mag is going to be called 'bmx action'. DIG guru Will Smyth and crew are talking to other publishers and still plan to do the mag worldwide.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, september 2007: After the dissolution of Dig's relationship with their only hopeful U.S. publisher to date, Dig was offered the chance to go bi-monthly by U.K. publisher Permanent Publishing in mid 1999. Starting with issue 12, which featured the highly influential Spanish rider Ruben Alcantara on the cover, Dig entered into a long and fruitful relationship with Permanent Publishing, home of Sidewalk Skateboard Mag and Surfer's Path Magazine. For the next three years, Dig published under a bi-monthly schedule, offering exclusive and varied content on the worldwide BMX scene. Dig produced original content that spanned the globe, including Russia, Japan, Western Europe, the U.S. and Southeast Asia.
ruben alcantara dig bmx 09 2000 issue 12 - september october 2000 (2)
Ruben Alcantara wallride at the 5-Hip ditch in Austin, TX on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman. "Shall we all prepare for a new Kingdom"
FISE 2000.
Bike 2000.
UGP Roots.
Euro Road Fools
Vandermass art.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2000: DIG has always been one of my favorite magazines. Everything written in DIG is worth reading. No bike tests or any ass kissing to the advertisers is going on in DIG. DIG is pure, it's real, it is representing the way of life of a BMX rider. DIG is strongly based on dirtjumping and street riding, which is the direction that BMX is going anyway. A big plus is that the magazine covers action on both the American and European continent (+Great Britain, you guys don't consider yourselves Europe, aaaaiiiiiight ?). Great pictures which represent the certain lifestyle of a "hardcore" rider. It's all about the style. Hopefully enough advertisers will support this "limited representation" of our sport so DIG can come out on a regular basis from now on. Cheers.
keith terra dig bmx 11 2000 issue 13 - november december 2000 (1)
Keith Terra on the cover. Photo: Tedd Nelson.
Jimmy Levan interview.
Worlds 2000 Cologne.
2000 X-Games.
KOC 2000.
Urban Games.