Sources: www.digbmx.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, www.ewirezine.com, www.fatbmx.com, Jamie Barron, www.defgrip.net, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
sergio layos dig bmx 01 2005 issue 44 - january february 2005 (1)
Sergio Layos in South Africa on the cover. Photo by Joe Rich.
Do not bend: reader photos.
Company policy: Darren Meenan and Manmade.
Homage: Christianina Bowl in Denmark
Everything I own by Ryan Worcester.
Videostore: Will Stroud and The system video.
Art Fags: James Weston
Disposable: Mike 'Jersey' Taylor's Proper Houdini.
Flat earth society: Dan Rigby interview.
DIY: Disasters with Taj Mihelich.
Options: Complete Bikes
Low Profiles: Josh Cameron, Wade Lajlar, a guy named Rails
Repo: Two Halloween jams (Pariah, BSD), Berlin City Games
Plus Tight Setup, the return of Box 3, a cover and news from all over.
The Owain Clegg Interview
Is it ? Sandy Carson in South Africa
The Derby Backyard Jam.
The Return of Loss For Words: Caleb Kilby, Perico, Nathan Beddows, Brian Yeagle, Paul Buchanan and Ian Morris.
Backchat with Simon Tabron.
sean burns dig bmx 03 2005 issue 45 - march april 2005 (2)
Sean Burns somewhere in the Northwestern area of the US on the cover. Photo by Seth Holton.
Company policy: Sam Schulte and Tree Bicycle Co.
Under your influence: the Skyway Tuff wheel.
Zine reviews.
Here and now: Ryan Nyquist.
Homage: Radlands.
Disposable: Vinnie Sammon's Kink Jim C.
Videostore: Joe Rich and the T1 You get what you get, Fraser Byrne and STF Sequel, Bob Scerbo, Brian Wizmerski and S&M Please kill me.
Flat earth society: Chadwick Davis interview.
Full Circle: The Markus Wilke Interview.
The Lonesome Crowded Northwest
DIY 360 bunnyhop with Bob Scerbo.
Federal Bikes in Japan
King of Ground round 2, Nigata Phase.
Boneyard Jam
Low Profiles: Laurence Taylor Loz, William Emanual Ashby Little Billy and Ben Hittle.
Backchat with Eduardo Terreros.
travis collier dig bmx 05 2005 issue 46 - may 2005 (2)
Travis Collier full barflip to backwards halfpacker on the cover. Photo by Ed Docherty.
Staff infection: Paul Bliss.
Do you compute: the online world of Roy Christopher.
Lookback: Andrew Farris.
Unsung: Paul Robertson.
Christoph Huber's Mankind Asadi.
Flat earth society by Effraim Catlow.
Videostore: Regions (UK video zine), Joel Moody and Bryan Baxter top 5's.
No bikes allowed; the imaginary war ?
Tyrone Williams interview.
Stockwell life.
Complete bikes: Fit Replica, KHE Midget, Yogurt Capital Athletics, Stolen Wrap, Twenty Marshall, Specialized Fuse IV, GT Fueler and Hoffman Disrupter EL1.
Skatepark guide.
DIY: barspin 180.
New Jersey to Miami roadtrip.
Pop session in Tallin, Estonia.
Thanks for saying thanks jam in Austin, Texas.
Carharrt Ravage video premiere comp in Rhein, Germany.
Low profile: Stu Scott, Lloyd Williams and Andy Roode.
Backchat with Brian Castillo.
kye forte dig bmx 06 2005 issue 47 - june 2005 (2)
The first curb manual to ever make the cover of a BMX magazine ? Kye Forte in Monterrey, Mexico. Photo by Ricky Adam.
Staff infection: Jamie Duncan (writer).
Do not bend: reader photos.
Volume cyclism ad.
Diamond Back and Geth Shooter.
Under your influence: Scott Towne.
Disposable: Alex Dropsy.
Dig this: Ruben Alcantara.
Flat earth society, James Smith interview.
Videostore: a new Animal video.
Mike Ardelean interview.
Red Bull Mexico roadtrip and Drenaje comp.
2005 Toronto Metro jam.
Scott Towne's birthday jam.
Fly bikes mediterranean tour.
Options: seats.
Do it yourself: tailwhips.
The Fox all girl tour.
2005 Bike show.
Braun Ninja Spin.
Slades farm.
Low profile: Richard Ayres, Cole Dow and Andy Fitzgerrell.
Backchat with The Gonz.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, september 2007: In early 2005, Permanent Publishing and Dig BMX went separate ways. The two had produced 35 issues of the magazine in the six years together. The title was again bought by Smyth, who, along with the help of friends, self-published issue 48 in the summer of 2005 which featured Wethepeople rider Stephen Lillly on the cover.
stephen lilly dig bmx 10 2005 issue 48 - october 2005
Stephen Lilly on the cover.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2005: Issue 48 of DIG might be the last issue published by DIG Magazine ltd. You see, DIGBMX has teamed up with 4130.com as a publisher to perceive bigger and better things. Same style of mag, different printer.
#48 is another big one with with 141 pages. It's got the usuals but a whole lot of unusuals too. The editorial staff gets one full page of space, or were they expecting another ad to come in? The beginning of the mag has all these short articles which are great to read. Ballbag, Staff Infection, Studio 153, tight set-up, Reader photos, Kink Deconstruction Derby (congrats on the podium Brian!), reviews, events, quick Jamie Bestwick interview, a thing on cellphone Thorne, CFB comp, Verthaus jam and then straight into the Flat Earth Society. By this time you actually spent some time on the shitter.
The mag continues with VDO reviews, an interview with Derek Adams of Little Devil, a big Chase Hawk interview (the guy rips) and then it's time to report on some summer BMX events: Snickers Bowl/Download, Prague Worlds, Etnies Jam, BMX Masters, Lambrini jam and the Rebel jam. Profile went on a trip and the tour gets 10 pages in Dig. Dolecki photos rule. He's now on the DIG staff list. The little magazine inside a magazine starts here. The Fork (you!) shoot-out has 16 models to choose from. It's got a FATBMX advertisement (oh yes) and a how-to (alley-oop barspin on a bank).
Dustin Guenther's Redline gets checked followed by some product stuff. The Dirty Dozen from Australia is a great article and we better get ready for these guys. Actually, most of them have ripped up the Euro scene over the last couple of years already (Millar, Fink, Guettler) but they've got more of them. Michael Sieren gets the low profile (BIO) as well as Fraser Watt on the next page. If you like to Chat with Mat Hoffman, the BackChat page is for you. Please note the Paul's Boutique sweatshirt that Mat is wearing in the photo. For some reason Mat always forgets to bring a jacket when he comes to Europe and Paul has to hook him up with something warm. In return Mat does the promo work, like showing up in DIGBMX 48.
New publisher: 4130 Publishing.
Will Smyth, www.digbmx.com, october 2005: We have a new publishing deal through 4130 Publishing, the same 4130 Publishing that publishes Ride BMX UK BMX Magazine. But before you say, wow, that's a little strange, hear us out. Nothing is changing! The song remains the same, I guess you could say. Dig is still going to be Dig, only we're going to have better circulation, better distribution (especially in the USA) and a better magazine because of it. Ride BMX UK and Dig BMX will continue to remain separate entities, only we'll have more varied content between the two mags (so there won't be anymore double-booked Chase Hawk interviews or Kye Forte covers....) We're planning on re-launching Dig on issue 50, with a new size, new paper and new focus, and we're going to leave all those pesky "I love Dig but I can never find it!" comments in the past, from here on out.
kevin porter dig bmx 11 2005 issue 49 - november december 2005 (1)
Kevin Porter lands on the cover with a hippie jump over a chain. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
Dig This (RedBull Vertical Battle, Isaac Hoefling the hitchiker, Homages, Kevin Troyer top 3, Van Homan's phone, Profile Gas pedals, Cheapo Euro Travel, Chris Hardy)
Flat earth society (Lee Musselwhite)
Videostore (Joe Cox's Voices plus reviews)
DIY (Over icepick)
Intersection (Tires)
Repos (Animal Jam, Decoy Jam, DFU Battle Royale)
Low Profiles (Noah Lynch, Rich Diggler, Jan Heinen)
Unsound (Hot Snakes, Josh Stricker playlist, reviews)
Backchat (Ron Wilkerson)
In Memory (Colin Winkelmann)
Sturdy Wrists (Ricky Feather)
The Importance of Colour: The Kevin Porter interview
Not Necessarily: The Bob Scerbo interview
We The People Poland Tour
Simple Scandinavian Tour

Dig BMX Magazine Issue #49 is on UK newsstands in the first week of November, and on US newsstands the first week of December. UK Subscription copies are being shipped to subscribers in the first week of November; US Subscription copies will arrive to subscribers between November 14-28.
Dig BMX magazine announces bi-monthly release schedule for 2006.
Brian Tunney, www.digbmx.com, november 2005: After completing two years under a 9 issue per year cycle, Dig BMX Magazine has recently announced plans to move into a bi-monthly production schedule for 2006. Some might say this is a bad thing, but we see it as a very good thing for all parties involved. Wanna know why? Keep reading. For our readers, this means stronger, exclusive writing and photography, detailed and in-depth coverage of riders and original artwork that isn't restricted by release dates and what everyone else is doing. The shift also affords us improved production for each issue, with full-color presentation, added pages of content, new departments and more. In the simplest terms, we spend more time perfecting each issue for our readers. That's good, right? For our advertisers, this means greater exposure time on the shelves, increased pass-along readership, a manageable buying schedule and better positioning in a magazine where readers are interested in seeing the ads as well as the editorial. Simply put, you get more bang for your buck. For our staff, this means more time to develop the most creative and singularly unique approach to every story, interview and spread that goes into Dig. OK, so that's something for our readers, too. Plus, fewer issues per year means that we get to pay more attention to simple little projects like web updates, and maybe just maybe, a Dig BMX video somewhere down the line...
paul robinson dig bmx 01 2006 issue 50 - january february 2006 (1)
Paul Robinson on his ass somewhere in Leeds, UK on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.
www.myspace.com/digbmxmag, december 2005:
DIG THIS: Our usual assortment of randomness is shaping up to include some overly self-indulgent rundowns of the past 50 issues, plus an Under Your Influence on Dave Young, news and hopefully another random pic of Tunney doing something ridiculously dumb. But really, how can you top the Vegas show girl pic....
MAIN: Etnies Summer Tour, Ricky Adam Photo Essay: Its This Respite From That World, Extended Lost For Words Section, Retrospective Interviews with Taj Mihelich and Ian Morris (Whom were interviewed in the first issue of Dig)
UNSOUND: Lucero Interview, Reviews, Stew Johnson Playlist
BACKCHAT: Edwin Delarosa.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 2006: DIG celebrates their 50th issue with a 132 page bound book. For $6 bucks it's yours and we can only recommend you get yourself a copy. Even if you crash and lay on the street you can make the cover of a magazine. Just ask Paul Robinson. The pages have gotten bigger which means more room for text and bigger pics. After flipping through the Dig This section with news on Dave Young, DIG tattoos, family photo albums, Baz and Leland (of course) and the DIG office, it's time for the Flat Earth Society with a report on the Braun Flatground comp and a bio on Kotaro Arai. The Video stor has DVD reviews and a short interview with Rob-O on the upcoming FIT DVD. The retrospective is with non other than Ian Morris (4 pages) and Taj (also 4 pages). Lost For Words is a photo article with 22 pages of killer shots from Terra, Oberlachner, Adam, Holton, Carson, Docherty and Dolecki. A skateboarder named Mike Manzoori who we saw participating at the Lageja comps in the early nineties, wrote the etnies summer tour report. Man, that etnies RV is nice. I want one. Back to reality, snow on the streets, cold hands and security guards (words by Jamie Duncan and pics by Ricky Adam). Productivity 50 shows some new stuff. The Atiba bag looks great but we're down with Eastpak. 8 bikes make it in the Productivity section. Gotta keep them advertisers happy, even at DIG. Did you see Mientje and our mom rockin' at OJA in the FATBMX ad? Other people in the FATBMX ad are: Paul, Mike Cleveland, Dave to the rescue, Josh Harrington, White and V.d. Lee. Reader photos do make it in DIG so send them yours. The Backside boneless trick has got some history. Show your roots or learn an old school trick. There's more stuff to learn than tailwhip tailtaps. Bike Check with Matt Wakefield. Of course the etnies Backyard Jam can't fail in Dig and the "Til bone deth do us part" article is spot on. We saw footage of that jam and it was nuts. Jake Elliot gets a Low Profile (Bio kind of thing) and so does Canadian Brad Messinger. Backchat is with Edwin DelaRosa. I Dig it.
anthony villani dig bmx 03 2006 issue 51 - march 2006 (1)
Anthony E. Villani jump through a hoop for his Shook dvd bio on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
First thing: Ruben Alcantara in Australia.
Tight set-up!
Dig this: sponsorship, Nyquist's Unit, BMXactivists, How to take a 'Dig' fisheye photo by Sandy Carson, Body English zine, Liquor bike company, Danny Hickerson, Mongolia, Mark Choquette, Ross Teperek, ...
Flat Earth Society: Hippie/school teacher Dane Beardsley.
Video store: Chad Shackelford and the Shook interactive network. Vult, Standpoint 6, Joe Kid, Emancipate, Fly Uno, The Make.
Tom White interview.
Continental drifters: Bicycle Union, Shitluck, Attila, Carhartt.
Progress report: interviews with Conall Keenan, Peter Adam, Clint Reynolds and Danny Montoya.
Do not bend.
Disposable: Adam Baker's S&M, James Newrick's Standard and Derrick Girard's FBM.
Lost for words.
Low profile: Chris Sharpe, Rian Quinones andRocky Sagarese.
Backchat with Metal Bikes' Sean Burns.
josh stricker dig bmx 05 2006 issue 52 - may 2006 (1)
Josh Stricker on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
First Things First (Jimmy Levan, Seth Holton)
Ballbag (Slowing the Progression Cycle Down)
Dig This (News, events, Red Bull Drenaje Repo, Cheap Travel Tips, Insider: Mike Birch, Company Policy: Odyssey, Here and Now: Dustin Bauer, Your Number's Up: Gary Young, Flat Earth Society: Circle Cow Repo, Videostore: Reviews)
Low Profile (Roman Tenzca, Paul Chapman, Nathan Powell, Andy Sweet)
Unsound (Part Chimp, Whysall Lane, James Cox Playlist, Reviews)
Backchat (Rooftop Mike Escamilla)
Eben Fischer Sturdy Wrists (Quiet guy from Illinois lets the photos do the talking...)
T-1 European Train Tour (Joe Rich and Ruben Alcantara, from Spain to Prague on trains throughout Europe...)
BMX Brothers (Four sets of brothers that ride and irritate each other: Sowerby, Smith, Cox and Van Orman)
Tales from the Chinatown Bus (Rob Dolecki photo documentary of riders from Boston, NY, Philly and DC, featuring photos all shot on Chinatown bus excursions. It'll make more sense when you read it....)
Killing the Basics (Etnies Team Trip)

www.digbmx.com: We're giving away a free Etnies DVD with Issue 52 of the magazine. The Etnies DVD details the Etnies Summer Tour from 2005, plus Joe Rich and Ruben Alcantara's Euro Train Tour documentary (which is also featured in issue 52).
edwin delarosa tom white dig bmx 06 2006 issue 53 - june july 2006 (1)
Tom White and Edwin Delarosa in Barcelona on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.
Staff Infection: Rob Dolecki.
First Things First: Vic Ayala.
Ballbag by Ryan Worcester: BMX ruined my life.
Tight setup: The BMX bottom bracket mess...
Dig This: Keith Terra, Facad, InterBMX.com, Snickers bowl, event horizon, The RedBull Bridge Master comp, ...
Scott Macdonald interview.
Company Policy: Mutiny with Gaz Sanders, BSD with Grant Smith, Red
3,2,1: Ryan Biz Jordan.
Reviews: Profile Outlet, Patterns, Bulldog, Sizzla.
John Dye's all-time top 5 videos.
Bull Amsterdam Repo, Alexis Desolneux Unearthed.
Low Profile: Chris Wilson.
Progress Report: Zac Costa.
Disposable: Robin Fenlon.
Unsound (Joan of Arc, George Dossantos Playlist, Reviews)
Simple & Fly Roadtrip in Japan
Tom vs. Ed: No, it's not a contest, just a Tom White and Edwin Delarosa
trip to Barcelona...
Weird Florida: The Profile team chases ghosts and legends throughout Florida.
Sturdy wrists: Ricki Tribble before and after a night on the town....
Change is inevitable: The John Heaton Interview
Simple/fly roadtrip in Japan.
Lost for words: Wade, Harrington, Gaertig's icepick to whip out, Ross.
Backchat with Chris Doyle.
mike ardelean dig bmx 08 2006 issue 54 - august september 2006 (1)
Mike Ardelean footjam nosepick during United Bikes' inaugural trip through the UK on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.
Press release: Summer is a tough time to make a magazine. Everyone involved in the construction of Dig is scattered throughout the world already. Then Summer hits, and most of us head out on the road for contests, road trips or whatever the nice weather might allow us to do. So we scatter even further away from each other, and then scramble around to find Internet cafes so we can make a magazine. The 80s pop band dubbed The Cars may have nailed it best when they said, "Summer, it turns you upside down." It definitely turns us up upside down, and forces us to work through some pretty haphazard methods. Ultimately though, it still works, and we end up with a finished product that reflects the tumultuous Summer months. Dig BMX Issue 54 is the latest product of our Internet cafe search, and it's based around a theme we haven't explored in quite some time, travel. There's also the wide assortment of regular features to round out the issue, along with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I think a list could do a better job than I ever could, so with that said, here's what you can expect to see in Dig BMX Issue 54.

FIRST THINGS FIRST (The Garforth Death Crew?)
DIG THIS (News, Leland on the verge of death, the Hooligan Trails, Sunday Bikes, Bone Deth and Elevation) VIDEOSTORE (Brian Castillo's Top Five Videos, a few reviews)
LOW PROFILE (Dean Evans)
UNSOUND (The Redneck Manifesto's first U.S. tour)
BACKCHAT (Ryan Barrett)

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING (United Bikes in the U.K. For their first tour)
OBSERVATIONS (The Shadow Conspiracy in California)
ROUGH DAYS, LONG NIGHTS, TURTLE BIRDS AND MILITARY ROCK (The Metal Bikes '06 East Coast Tour) RE-RUN (The Second Roundabout Trip)
EASTERN BLOC PARTY (Sandy Carson's solo mission through Eastern Europe)
DESTINATIONS (Adelaide, Australia gets exploited and exposed)

On Sale in the UK Aug31st and in the USA Sep 22nd.
max gaerting dig bmx 11 2006 issue 55 - november december 2006 (1)
Max Gaertig feeble to tailwhip in Sheffield, England, on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.

DIG THIS: News, the Snoff Shack, DuFFS Company Policy, Tom Blyth's
FBM, Elf's Number is Up, London's Calling & the Barend jam et al
LOST FOR WORDS: A photo essay documenting some broken rules....
PROGRESS REPORT: Donnacha Carroll
UNSOUND: The Evens
BACKCHAT: James Newrick

TEAR IT UP, BURN IT DOWN: The Ryan Metro Interview
REBEL YELL/REBEL JAM WEEKEND: UK FBM road trip to Berlin for the Rebel Jam weekend.
GUMMY BEARS AND GASSY WATER: The Etnies team traipses across Germany while Markus Wilke laughs at them.
STURDY WRISTS: Brad Simms keeps it clean...
ONE RAIL, 120 MINUTES: Eric Holley and one rail from one session.
REVOLT IN BRATISLAVA: The Revolt team heads East.

Brian Tunney, www.digbmx.com: We've been busy. Really busy. Well, I've been busy. I don't know about the other guys, but I feel like I've been running on empty for over a month. It started out in California. Then it headed out with me to Las Vegas, then it followed me home to New Jersey and held me hostage for two days while we moved out of one house and into another. Following that escapade, I got to sit down for 13 days and work on issue 55. Somewhere in the middle of all that, there was a few plane rides, a few train rides, one bike ride across the German border into Poland, and a complete viewing of 'My Name is Earl: Season One.' When all was said and done, there was a one full issue of Dig done, full of interviews, interesting spots and a smattering of humor thanks to the Sent Items page and Sandy Carson's captions. Here's the long and short of it before we get back to work on Issue 56.

Available in the UK: last week October
Available in the USA: 3rd week November
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_BMX, september 2007: In December of 2006, founding associate editor and photographer Ed Docherty retired from the magazine.