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tony cardona dig bmx 68 issue 68 - january february 2009 (1)
Tony Cardona at Eastside trails in Austin, TX. on the cover. Photo by Walter Pieringer.
Nutter got bit by a shark.
Fit's french trail trip.It's all downill from here.Jay Lonergan: 13 years later.
The death of Little Devil.
Dig-ipedia: An abbreviated history of the trails frame.
12XU: Leo Forte.
Travel sickness: an annual autumn pilgrimage.
Under your influence: Chris Stauffer.
Homage: Baker's acres.
Pittsburgh: Chris Doyle, Brian Yeagle, Mark Arnold, Todd Walkowiak, Kris Bennett, Brandan Pundaï, Mark Potoczny and Jason Stieg.
Chertsey: James Brook and Rob Horton.
Brighouse: Dan Broadfield.
Epsom: Jon Robinson.
Evergreen: Tom Minns.
Villij: Robbo.
Winchester: Davros.
Decoy: Kye Forte and Russel Ward.
Into the wild: The Austin trail scene.
Instore: 20 Twenty store, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Low profile: Jay Aliano and Gary Stone.
Life time achievement award: Jeremy 'Magila' Reiss.
Lost for words: Mark Mulville, Kevin Lyons, Geoff Slattery, Brian Foster, Lima, Robbo, Mike Aitken, Clin Reynolds.
Digital crunch.
Reader's letters.
Backchat with Brian Foster.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2009: The January/February issue of DIGBMX couldn't have come at a worse time. It got me motivated to ride some trails but we just received 4 inches of snow so riding outside is not an option right now. A Trails Only issue is great when you ride trails. If you don't ride dirt this issue might turn you into it. Pick up a shovel and build the exact jumps that you want to build. No need to blame the concrete builder that messed up the trannie at your local park. DIG 68 takes you through the steps with veteran trail builders and shows you spots that you can drool over. Respect is a word that fits the trails scene well. Go by the rules of the locals or don't even think about showing up. Those who have built dirt spots before know how much work goes into these piles of sand and who can explain better how it works than people like Brian Foster, Jay Lonergan, Magilla, and several UK based crews who are keeping the trails scene alive. I was stoked to see the cover of DIGBMX #5 on page number 28. It's a photo I took of Brian Foster doing a no-footed cancan that ended up on the cover. Taken at Sheep Hills in sunny California where they haven't seen 4 inches of snow in a long time.

www.digbmx.com: A few years back, we got into the habit of doing issues based around certain themes, like travel, interviews, photography and the like. But we hadn’t done anything similar in quite a long time until issue 68 stepped up to the plate. And the theme of the issue, from start to finish, is trails. Not just riding trails though. We’ve explored almost every possible aspect of the scene, from the dedication required for building trails to the politics of riding trails to trail riding legends. And we’ve done so in a variety of locations, including the UK, Austin, Texas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond. There’s interviews, there’s extensive info on documented scenes and just a dash of trail salt for good ole times. It’s definitely our best anthropological study on the art of trail riding to date and that’s definitely one of the biggest words we’ve ever used in a web intro. But we’re not looking to alienate anyone that doesn’t spend five night a week in the woods digging holes in the ground. For many, hitting a dirt jump is one’s first experience with riding a BMX bike. But for those that started riding BMX in a different way, issue 68 is a great way to explore this often overlooked subculture within BMX. And whether you’re a hardened trail rider or not, no one can argue against the true grit and commitment of the trail riding scene. Well at least that’s what we’re hoping you might take away from issue 68, the trails issue…
hanson little dig bmx 69 issue 69 - march april 2009 (1)
Joe Simon filming and Hanson Little wallriding over his girlfriend Erica on the cover. Photo by Walter Pieringer.
BALLBAG: Another emo rant from Tunney.
IGNITION: Escaping winter… again.
AGAINST THE GRAIN: Steve Debusk, return of the vegan shredder!
UNSOUND: The swagger of The Night Marchers.
DIG THIS: Dizz Hicks (yes, really) gets arty in NYC, The Philly ramps RIP, Tony Malouf gets pissy.
FROM RUSSIA WITH GLOVES: Ruben and Perico Fly east.
GET A PROPER JOB: Proper Bikes talk shop on working in BMX.
RAVAGE PART TWO: Carhartt Ravage the Canary Islands.
JUST GO FASTER: The Mutiny team gets shut down in the Pacific Northwest.
OUT OF STEP: A Minor Threat inspired photo essay from the past 24 months.
LOW PROFILE: Max Gaertig’s allergic to girls riding partner Oliver, amongst others.
VIDEOSTORE: A very serious interview with Team Dilly’s Kyle Stark about ‘It Do’.
SIMPEL SESSION ‘09: Kevin Porter gets lost in Europe and reports from the sidelines.
BACKCHAT: Zack ‘Catfish’ Yankush hypes up the backchat crowd.
dig bmx 70 issue 70 - may june 2009 (1)
digbmx.com, april 2009: Featuring 148 pages worth of everything from rail riding American tourists in Costa Rica to smith grinding German bankers in Bonn. If you pick this issue up via your subscription or at your local bike shop you’ll get a wild Chester Blacksmith poster. And we do mean wild…
BOXED WINE FIASCO: John Paul Rogers talks cruisers and corn dogs in his regular new column.
IGNITION: The Old School BMX reunion at Woodward West. Still got it!
DIG THIS: KC Badger Reasons Why and Scott Fuller gets arty in Seattle.
VIDEOSTORE: Eastern and ‘The Death of Fun’. Up, Up and Away with Sunday, plus reviews…
COSTA RICA: Zac Costa, Tom White, Tyrone Williams and Tony Cardona get busy with the ‘Ricans.
FRIENDS FIRST: Chester Blacksmith ups the stakes in Austin on a team free trip along with Jared Washington, Mike Brennan and the soon-to-be legendary Chris Gollup.
THE MAX GAERTIG INTERVIEW: Germany’s favourite BMX banker.
NEW ORDER: Crossing the creative divide in the UK’s Northwest with Joy Division references aplenty. Featuring Ben Lewis, Jason Phelan, Mike Taylor and more…
PROGRESS REPORT: Eman gets robbed at gunpoint in LA for his hat.
LOW PROFILE: Another three riders quietly bubbling under the surface…
TWO YEARS OF TOOTHACHE Toothy tales straight from the mouths of a few Mid West BMXers.
COLONIZATION: Colony, Forgotten and Vans with some OZ style road trip frenzy.
ONE FOOT IN A FAIRY TALE: Ruben brings Chase Hawk, Joe Rich and some other like-minded friends home to Malaga.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: Credit crunch more like…
SENT ITEMS: You should see the ones we don’t print…
UNSOUND: Henry Rollins and the Mars Volta.
BACKCHAT: Bob Scerbo keeps it tight.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2009: The new issue of DIG is FAT. 148 pages full of BMX. The magazine content has changed over the years and is leaning more towards exclusive trips and exclusive interviews that they will have to protect from the internet dawgs for a couple of weeks until it comes out in print. This issue has a big interview with Max Gaertig from Germany and also Rob Dolecki traveled to Costa Rica with a good crew to come up with an exclusive story. Not too many internet rats with camera's there to spoil the content. Bio's will always work. FooMan gets one and so does Daniel Martinez. Bob Scerbo gets the Backchat, they interview Jim on his RIDE BMX store, and E-man gets a full interview. The UK North West article has interviews with several riders from that area and the Friends First? article checks in with Chester Blacksmith, Jared Washington, Mike Brennan, Chris Gollup and Max Anderson Young. Each get a little interview in that article. There are some more little interviews with KC Badger, Scott Fuller, Leigh Ramsdell, and Jim Cielencki. There's actually an event report in DIG courtesy of Jared Souney who reports about the Old School Reunion. The Colony/Vans tour report and Ruben's hip get some attention as well and you know DIG always makes it look good. For BMX news, results, sponsor changes, movies, the latest products and contest reports, check the net. If that's not your thing, pick up a magazine. DIG would be a good pick.
www.fatbmx.com, march 2009: Rob Dolecki is the new managing editor at DIG.
dig bmx 71 issue 71 - july 2009 (1)
digbmx.com, april 2009: 016 IGNITION: Dinosaur Jr BMX-alikes and Nike 6.0 flying under the online radar in London.
026 DIG THIS: A homage to ‘the best street hip ever’, 10 things you didn’t know about Fly Bikes, & Australian multi-tasker Cooper Brownlee.
032 VIDEOSTORE: Deadline do Atlanta and Joe Stakun talks about the FBM documentary…
038 THE TONY CARDONA INTERVIEW: A wide awake coffee nightmare with pull quotes aplenty. Definitely one of the best interviews that we’ve ran in a while.
054 NEW DAY RISING: Gav Shortall, Lee Dennis, Jeff Klugiewicz, Aaron Smith & Phil De Matia: Five guys on the brink of having even more fun with bike riding than they’ve had already…
084 PRODUCTIVITY: New goods from Fly, Federal, Mankind, Profile, Sunday, BSD and Kink.
094 LOW PROFILE: Ian Brook, Ryan Herbach & more…
036 THE CONVOLUTED TALES OF LELAND THURMAN: Why can’t all roadtrip stories be like this?
130 LOST FOR WORDS: Photos that are still too good for the internet…
138 DIGITAL CRUNCH: The real BMX world in full effect.
140 SENT ITEMS: Vic Murphy leaves it late…
142 UNSOUND: Liverpool’s Nowhere Fast. The kids WILL have their say…
144 BACKCHAT: Seth Kimbrough’s weird life.
joe butcher kowalski dig bmx 72 issue 72 - september october 2009 (1)
Joe 'Butcher' Kowalski x-up 40/60 grind in Easton, PA. on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki. (Butcher is now in the two-cover club; his first one way back over 8 years to issue 15)
digbmx.com, august 2009: 022 IGNITION: An eighties Haro demo in 2009? Old school bikes getting put to good use for once.
026 DIG THIS: Behind the scene check at Mesh, Albie Bennet’s crash test threesome, Bulldog & Jimmy Mac, Nike 6.0’s Italian boat trip, Brighouse trails birthday bash, the return of Grimaldo Duran and more…
044 RF17 - KINK VS ETNIES: Road Fools returns to the pages of DIG with a new twist and a man named after a 1970’s UK wrestler.
062 STURDY WRISTS: Tom ‘Robbo’ Robinson digs in.
072 ANTHEM 2 IN EUROPE: Stew Johnson gets together with Brian Yeagle, Sean Burns, Geoff Slattery and local host Vincent Perraud for a couple of Euro road trips. This video is going to be wild…
099 PARISIAN DREAMS: The Animal crew and Oli the German get busy in Paris, France: not Paris Hilton.
114 CREDENCE RAINWATER SURVIVAL: Credence dodge the rain on the FBM Gypsy caravan tour. Working class BMX on the road.
122 DIGITAL CRUNCH: This could be you…
124 SENT ITEMS: Marines with DIG tattoos?
126 UNSOUND: Russian Circles and the art of noise.
128 BACKCHAT: Steven Hamilton can have dinner with anyone… Just you wait and see…
corey bohan dig bmx 73 issue 73 - november december 2009 (1)
Corey Bohan on the cover.
014 BALLBAG: The story behind the recent arrest of Brian Kachinsky and DIG photographer David Leep.
022 IGNITION: Nike 6.0’s tunnel vision and FBM’s Australian ant farm.
026 DIG THIS!: Almond footwear’s company policy, Eastern’s Mid-West Megatour, happy birthday crankslide, Brian Pelva’s old school garage, Tommy Blanco blames Canada, Shadow in Philly, Johnny Devlin’s here & now.
040 VIDEOSTORE: A look at the new Stay Fit video and Chris Moeller’s take on the recent big changes at Fit.
044 THE JASON PHELAN INTERVIEW: The Irish trick machine stays fully clothed for once.
062 KINK RE-SESSION TOUR: Chris Doyle takes the lead as Kink head into the Canadian wilderness… kinda.
070 THE COREY BOHAN INTERVIEW: Don’t judge a book by our cover…
084 PRODUCTIVITY: The frame game at Interbike 2009.
100 MADERA STORIES: Tall tales from Matt Coplon, Mike Hinkens, Jeff Dowhen and Bill Politis.
110 COFFEE TALK WITH KEVIN PORTER: Living the dream, DIG style, in Chicago.
124 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Snap happy rat snappers.
126 UNSOUND: How to stay young until you die.
128 BACKCHAT: Jason Enns wishes he was smelling fresh coffee right now…
dig bmx 74 issue 74 - january february 2010 - The photo issue (1)
Cover photo shot by Sandy Carson.
012 BALLBAG: Devin Feil wants you to do that again.
022 IGNITION: Jim Bauer travels a long way to jump a car.
026 DIG THIS!: Gary Young, Film vs Digital, Albie Bennet’s Photo Choice, Dolecki’s Disposable Memories, The Poor Man’s Photography Guide, Back Sack Crack, & more…
036 AND EVERYWHERE DOWN BELOW: Ricky Adam’s rooftop photo documentary. Where’s Escamillia when you need him anyway?
050 PRO CHOICE - JEFF ALLEN: A photo portfolio from our man with the secret life.
056 YOU CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU HAVEN’T LOST: A photo story of sorts by Ricky Adam…
062 PRIMARY COLORS: Dolecki get’s colorful with Doyle, Delarosa, Wood, Butcher, McDermott, Bohan & Roche.
076 PRO CHOICE - SANDY CARSON: An all new photo selection and all your questions answered. Kinda…
084 PRODUCTIVITY: Everything but cameras.
094 LOW PROFILE: Grady Corbitt and friends…
100 FORECLOSURE: Empty wallets equal empty pools. Mulville, DeGroot, Coplon & Co go on a mission.
108 LOST FOR WORDS: Even less words, even more photos.
108 NEW ROLL: Five of our favorite new photographers take center stage.
126 UNSOUND: The Morrisey it’s ok for punks to like.
128 BACKCHAT: Snappy answers from Defgrip’s Nuno Oliveira…
colt fake dig bmx 75 issue 75 - march april 2010 (1)
Colt Fake on the cover.
012 BALLBAG: Matt Coplon and the power of print.
020 IGNITION: Sub-zero adventures in Estonia.
024 DIG THIS!: Tate Roskelly and ‘The Devil Weed’. A Homage to the Bro Bowl. BSD’s US travels. Jeremy Ball’s alter-ego. Garrett Reynolds and his Top 5 street spots. Brian Chace and the all new Refresh video.
038 BONE DETH THE MOVIE: You know things are messed up when even Burns and Co think it’s weird…
042 EAST WEST: Costal connections from Randy Brown, Jeff Kocsis, Andrew Jackson and Dave Thompson.
064 PARTNERS IN CRIME: Alex Kennedy and Ian Bengochea get their clips on for Nike 6.0 in Berlin. (click here to watch the trailer)
074 NORTHWEST PASSAGE: The Credence crew blast their way across the country.
094 LOW PROFILE: Berlin tour guide Brian Sadecki takes centre stage for once…
100 COLT FAKE - STURDY WRISTS: Limp wrists more like…
112 SOLID STATE - MIKE ESCAMILLA: An interview inspired by last issue’s rooftop article. Seriously…
118 LOST FOR WORDS: Some classic but homeless photos find their natural home…
126 UNSOUND: R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt.
128 BACKCHAT: Van Homan gets straight to the point...

AndrewBrady, www.fuel.tv: Colt Fake nabs the cover on this one as well as a Sturdy Wrists inside of the issue, featuring more of the insanity that the world has come to expect of the Florida ripper. Highlights for me included the aforementioned Sturdy Wrists, a behind the scenes article about the BoneDeth video shot by Boston photographer Jeff Allen, the East West article, featuring Randy Brown, Jeff Kocsis, Andrew Jackson and Dave Thompson, and the Credence article, shot by Brian Yeagle and featuring some ridiculously simple, yet amazing tricks. Best of all, the man himself, Van Homan, answers some questions to end the 75th issue.
ben hucke dig bmx 76 issue 76 - may june 2010 (1)
001 Ben Hucke T-Rex handplant cancan. Photo by Jared Souney.
014 Ballbag: Leevi Wilson gets haunted
020 Ignition: Carhartt’s Visit My Town tour
026 Hammer Talk: Brian Kachinsky beats down the BMX language barrier.
028 Rules?: Mike Hines explains why we don’t need ‘em
030 Cell Outs: Pro iPhone Zone with Catfish, Bohan and Martinez.
032 Homage: The infamous UC bank to rail.
034 The Birth Of Big Air: The story behind Hoffman’s new movie from a revised Muster Cluster.
036 Defying Logic: The Kink team blow hot in the UK cold.
038 The making of Animal Cuts: Behind the scenes interviews with everyone (all 18 of them) involved…
070 What If?: The first ever Cult trip hits the road.
078 Engage: Cover boy Ben Hucke gets a grilling…
100 Rodeo Peanut: The long overdue Jared Washington interview. Smiles for miles
110 Engage: Russ Wadlin gets quizzed about his curious riding style by Rick Moliterno no less
114 A Heavenly Excursion: WTP get stuck in… in the Middle East.
084 Productivity: More new products for your perusal
090 Instore: Alpha BMX and BIKEFACTORY. Stocked and loaded
094 Low Profile: Kareem Williams, Zack Miner and more
124 Digital Crunch: Reader photos from all corners of the globe. Well, about 6 anyway
126 Unsound: Vitamin X make like a DIG staffer and stay Straight Edge in Amsterdam
128 Backchat: The legend that is Magilla. Does a bear rip in the woods?
dean dickson dig bmx 77 issue 77 - july august 2010 (1)
001 Dean Dickson.
014 Ballbag: Why’s everybody in such a fucking rush?
020 Ignition: Devin Feil and another made up guy called Jesus.
026 Repo: Federal’s product launch in London town.
028 Homage: Woodbridge trails RIP and Dolecki’s first ever photo in DIG.
030 Repo: Wild times at the Soulardouzant Jam in Paris.
032 Travel Sickness: Enarson, Young & Co and the myth of Malaga.
034 Videostore: The rise and rise of the independent BMX video scene…
042 Nicaragua: A Central American adventure.
054 United in South Africa: Hot hot heat and crazy ditches…
062 Verde In Hawaii: I guess everyone else drew the short straw… (Watch the teaser video here!)
076 Pool Party at the Pink Motel: Team Shralp make it happen.
100 Buddies: Daniel Martinez and Luis Caballero.
108 Collingwood: Melbourne Australia, Chopper, The Anchor crew and vegan food.
116 Lost For Words: Every photo tells a story… except the ones shown here.
084 Productivity: More new products for your perusal…
090 Instore: Unit23 and Bikes ‘n Boards. Support your local bike shop!
094 Low Profile: For future reference…
124 Digital Crunch: Send in photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
126 Unsound: The Bomb proving that they are just that…
128 Backchat: Federal’s Dan Lacey faces his fears…
ty morrow dig bmx 78 issue 78 - september october 2010 (1)
001 Ty Morrow, Standby Barcelona.
014 Ballbag: Joe Rich and some extended family values…
020 Ignition: Leo Forte gets kicked out…
026 Out Of Focus: The DIG/howies contest has a winner…
028 Insider: Skavenger talk with Edwin and Vinnie.
030 321: Eddie Cleveland’s Q&A countdown…
032 UNSUNG: The story of hippy Steve and his box jump.
034 No Half Measures: Ricky Adam spends 48hrs in Chicago with Mark Webb.
042 Standby Barcelona: Behind the scenes at the Nike 6.0 video contest…
062 Freedom: Our long overdue Brian Kachinsky interview…
076 The 5boro ride: Scerbo, Delarosa, Dolecki and co hit all five NYC boroughs in one day.
100 Corey & Nathan: The story behind the long awaited ‘This is United’ DVD.
108 Defying Logic In Eastern Europe: The Kink team flirt with the Iron Curtain.
116 Sturdy Wrists: Jeff Cadger gets wild…
084 Productivity: Even more new products for your perusal and approval…
090 Instore: 2X4 and Hype. Support your local bike shop!
094 Low Profile: The new what next…
126 Digital Crunch: Send up photos and win shoes from Enties. Easy…
128 Backchat: Tim ‘Fuzzy’ Hall gets it done…
chester blacksmith dig bmx 79 issue 79 - november december 2010 (1)
001: Chester Blacksmith, Portland, OR on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
014 Ballbag: Ride everything!
020 Ignition: The Austin experience by Vincent Perraud.
026 Roadworthy: A Carharrt weekender in Germany.
028 Roadkill: Lost and found Sean Burns style…
030 Trends: Mike Hines shares some school based knowledge…
032 Steve Hare: Diary of a concrete park builder.
034 The Infamous Jason Levy: Yep, for real…
038 The Chicago Train Trip: Kachinsky, Hinkens, Klugiewicz and Castelluzzo let the L train take the strain in search of new spots.
050 Any Time Now: The Wethepeople video finally hits the streets. Chester Blacksmith tells you how it went down…
058 Slimebags: The Bondeth crew’s wild ride on the Gypsy Caravan. What else could you really expect?
066 Altitude Sickness: T1’s young ‘uns and the old sleeping concrete giants of the Colorado mountains.
072 Secret Cities: Mutiny head to Dunkerque to film and Rich Forne drives home with a broken foot.
076 Fly Bikes Alternative Spain Trip: Sergio and co stay off the well-beaten Spanish path and find new spots aplenty…
084 Productivity: Interbike 2010 signature frames & more…
090 Instore: Rnd 2 and Source. Support your local bike shop!
094 Low Profile: Matt Closson and co. Sign ‘em up!
100 Lost For Words: Picture perfect pictures pictured.
110 Travel Sickness: Colony in France.
114 Engage: Dan Paley and Shawn McIntosh get talking…
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Mike Hoder and some air miles…