Sources: www.digbmx.com, www.fatbmx.com, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
ruben alcantara dig bmx 80 issue 80 - january february 2011 (1)
001: Ruben Alcantara and his 3rd Dig cover, Fuengirola, Spain. Photo by Ed Docherty
014 Ballbag: Salt makes a comeback.
020 Ignition: Life in Stereo. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…
028 Head First?: Why are we still not wearing helmets? A selection of riders including Van Homan, Tom White and Mike Taylor share their thoughts.
030 Accelerate: Eric Bugbee puts a BMX movie back on the big screen. You’ll never see more ‘RAD’ references in one issue…
038 Videostore: The Gully Factory interview.
026 Repo: Jimmy Levan and the Forecastle music fest.
040 Anthem 2: A collection of classic photos (and more) shot over the past three years during the making of Stew Johnson’s recently released and soon to be legendary Anthem sequel.
060 Sturdy Wrists: Federal’s Chris ‘Millsy’ Mills; that smoke-free ginger guy who rides down rails and throws himself down stairs.
068 Portland <30>: Fourteen riders from the diverse Portland scene cross the ‘Generation F’ age divide and share their thoughts on everything from Rad the Movie to Burnside. Note: article includes Jeremy Davis.
084 Productivity: Helping you spend that Xmas money wisely.
090 Instore: STF and Notion. Support your local bike shop!
094 Low Profile: BSD’s Reed Stark, minus his pearly white teeth.
100 Lost For Words: A Vans Kill the Line pictorial special.
110 Travel Sickness: What the fuck is BMX FU?
114 Engage: Jeff Martin and Paul Ryan shoot the shit.
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Cover boy Ruben and his guilty secret.
geoff slattery dig bmx 81 issue 81 - march april 2011 (1)
ON THE COVER 001: Geoff Slattery blasting. Toronto, Canada. Photo by Jeff Allen.
014 Ballbag: Savakas’ James Weston and the culture police. It had to be said…
020 Ignition: Josh Bedford’s squat ramp.
028 Back In The Game: John Povah gives the lowdown on some big changes at Etnies.
030 Carhartt in Japan: Snapshots from the road with Stefan Lantschner and Edwards Zunda.
032 Where ‘ya been?: Dirty Dan Bogard talks misdiagnosis and his road to recovery.
034 Homage: How Philly’s Rocky Rail came and went.
036 Travel Sickness: The good, the rad, and the holy. Rich Forne goes shooting in Israel.
040 Animal in Panama: The Animal crew of Tom White, Dave Belcher, Max Gaertig and Tyrone Willams hook up with Zac Costa and Rob Dolecki for Panama’s ultra rainy season and the world’s best parking garage.
058 Etnies in Malaga: Ben Lewis, Nathan Williams, Ashley Charles, Tony Hamlin, Fabian Rothlisberger and the legend that is soon to be, ‘Jordi boi 2k9’, meet up with Ruben and Sergio on Spanish home turf.
072 If You Only Knew: The intriguing stories behind some new classic Dolecki photos. Featuring Brian Foster, Elf, Butcher, Cody Jennings, Niki Croft, Mike Osso and Arturo Ayala.
090 Instore: Post Bikes and Boarding House. Support your local bike shop!
084 Productivity: Four pages worth of product boner material for your perusal.
094 Low Profile: More young gunners do the Q&A thing.
100 Repo: Behind the scenes at the 2011 Simpel Session. Tallinn ruled yet again…
110 Clocked In: Danny Hickerson is first up for our new feature on ‘pro’ riders who have to work real jobs to get by.
118 Spotify: Sunday’s Alex Magallan keeps it weird and goes on the ultimate scouting mission for spots (or at least anything he can make rideable) in Nashville.
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Geoff Slattery get his tats out.
clint reynolds ryan corrigan dig bmx 82 issue 82 - may june 2011 (1)
ON THE COVER 001: Clint Reynolds airs over Ryan Corrigan in the Caribbean. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
014 Ballbag: Ryan Worcester gets to grips with the recession.
020 Ignition: Brad Simms goes straight up whilst Peter Adam takes the long way round.
028 Cult’s Company Policy: Robbie Morales and Adam Roye give it to you straight.
030 BSD Jam Repo: The UK’s biggest skatepark and some dejavu for Van Homan.
032 Coming to terms: How BMX adopted the indian giver.
034 Tom Dugan: Ten things you probably didn’t know…
036 Building an Empire: Tom Williams and co on keeping it ‘even more real’ in Texas.
044 Caribbean Crews: Three like-minded crews head to three Caribbean countries for no reason other than to ride, relax and explore. Jealous much? Featuring Dennis Enarson, Alex Magallan, Rob Wise, Nigel Sylvester, Ralphy Ramos, Tate Roskelly, Eric Hennessy, Clint Reynolds, Matt Beringer and more…
100 Last Chance for Last Chance: Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes and Christian Rigal get it done, and then some, on the last weekend of filming for Demolition.
106 Winter in Barcelona: Italy’s Stefan Lantschner and Simone Barraco spent the winter in Barca and made a video for Nike 6.0 to prove it. Enjoy!
118 G-Sport in Los Angeles: The strange tale of The G-Sport team, a Jack Black lookalike camera botherer called Sas, and some divine intervention. About time…
082 Productivity: Another four pages worth of product boner material for your perusal.
090 Instore: Neighborhood BMX and The Cellblock. Support your local bike shop!
110 Engage: Zack Gerber talks some sense and gets wild all at the same time. Hold onto your hats…
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Chad DeGroot and his beard keep it weird.
alex kennedy dig bmx 83 issue 83 - july august 2011
ON THE COVER: Alex Kennedy X2 in Israel. Photos by Ricky Adam
014 Ballbag: Jamie Cameron and the story of what really goes on at ‘The Tunnel’…
020 Ignition: Taj’s take on the goings on behind the scenes at Texas Toast.
026 Collectables: Brian Kachinsky and his well travelled souvenir collection
030 Homage: Van Homan and co reminisce about ‘that skatepark shaped town’ in Texas…
030 Made in Dagengham: 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Nike Pool.
036 AK - The Alex Kennedy Interview: The UK’s most enigmatic riders kills it in Israel in amongst some talk of drag racing, dreadlocks and freecoasters…
056 Almond at SXSW: Ben Hucke, Jared Washington and Shane Weston witness Austin in full swing and can’t help but join the party…
066 The Tony Malouf interview: Shot entirely in the Scottish homeland of his sponsor BSD, Chicago’s king of ‘Gully-speak’ turns up the heat.
096 Productivity: Another three pages worth of product boner material for your arousal.
100 Lost For Words: Just photos, just trails…
106 Under Your Influence: Grant Smith catches up with the legendary Craig Campbell - one of the most influential riders of his generation. Read and learn…
112 Madera Tweetin’ in @Memphis: Josh Eilken, Jeff Dowhen, August Zeratsky, Jeff Kocsis, Grant Castelluzzo and Mike Hinkens provide you with full article via the phenomenon that is Twitter. @enjoy.
120 Judgement Day: Martinez, Dehart, Williams and Hamlin buckle down for The Rapture whilst on the road with Dan’s & Etnies.
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Adam Grandmaison declares his love for the Jersey boy.
dakota roche dig bmx 84 issue 84 - september october 2011
ON THE COVER: Dakota Roche - LA County, California.
014 Ballbag: Ruben goes back beyond his roots…
016 Ignition: Marnold getting it done in a big way for the Colony DVD.
026 First time for everything: Brian Wizmerski and some memories of true influence.
028 3.2.1.: Trey Jones counts down his favourites.
030 REPO: The Bicycle film festival NY Grands. BMX racing at its finest…
034 The Dakota Roche interview: Rob Dolecki catches up with Huntington Beach’s finest export since the HBP’s.
052 Sunday in Tennessee: Eric Lichtenberger, Garrett Reeves, Lee Dennis, and Alex Magallan hit the decaying industrial heartland of the Volunteer State.
060 Keep it Lit: Solid Bikes hit the road and leave Oregon high but definitely not dry.
066 London on the Fly: Kevin Porter and some Fly Bikes team mates make the most of an extended visit to London just before the riots kick in…
074 Skunk Apes In Florida: The Profile team in search of the little known sasquatch of the swamps.
096 Productivity: Another three pages worth of product boner material for your arousal.
100 Future Primitive: A Bike co mix it up with Ben Lewis, Nigel Sylvester and co on a modern day UK shop tour.
106 T1 OZ Tour: Joe Rich, Danny Hickerson and Ruben Alcantara with tales of the good life and Tom Dugan’s swan song down under.
116 Engage: Mike Jonas talks online poker and tech wizardry.
120 Sturdy Wrists: “This is a ridiculous question.” Steve Croteau gets grilled by Garrett Reynolds, Chris Marshall and Augie Simoncini.
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Brian Yeagle and a few words you’ll definitely need to google.

Cult is featuring Chase Hawk in their latest print ad, doing a wild and stylish transfer.
New Operativ ad featuring David Grant, one of the Midwest’s best riders.
chris janis catty woods dig bmx 85 issue 85 - november december 2011
ON THE COVER: Chris Janis - Catty Woods, PA. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
014 IN MEMORY: Brian Barnhart pays his respects to PA trail rider, Nick Fetchko.
016 IGNITION: Ruben Alcantara and the true story of the lost bowl.
026 GULLY SPEAK: David Leep breaks down the Gully Factory language barrier.
028 VIDEOSTORE: Dominik Woozy on life at the Carhartt Apartment.
030 REPO 1: Devon Denham heads to the Snakepit with Misled Clothing.
032 REPO 2: Andrew White with weekend tales of Hurricane Irene, BMXFU and a shady interaction in a Long Island Alley.
034 WRECKAGE: “Next thing I really remember is checking my mouth to make sure I still had all my teeth.” - Greg Henry.
038 THE TRAILS MUST GO ON: Rob Dolecki and the full story of the infamous Catty Woods and their battle for survival, along with 14 pages of interviews with locals and regular trail visitors to this PA dirt masterpiece.
054 STURDY WRISTS Interview 1: “I tried to scan my drawings at WalMart but those assholes wouldn’t do them. Imagine that! I’m gonna go to Kinko’s tomorrow.” - Chad Ring.
060 STURDY WRISTS Interview 2: “I love filming but it’ll be nice to talk about something else for a change.” - Christian Rigal.
066 STURDY WRISTS Interview 3: “Before I went to jail, I never took people older than me too seriously… or listen to them like I should have.” - Paul Horan.
074 WAY PAST DEADLINE: Garrett Reynolds tells you ‘almost’ everything you need to know about filming with his crew for another highly anticipated video project…
084 LOW PROFILE: Bama meet DIG, DIG meet Bama… again.
096 PRODUCTIVITY AT INTERBIKE: What you won’t see is that the DIG guys stayed in a room right by the ‘Dog relief area’. Keep it classy Vegas…
100 SURFACE IMPRESSIONS: Ricky Adam jumps in with a seriously heavy etnies crew for hefty a European shop tour.
114 MARKIT FORCES: Dennis Enarson and Christian Rigal head from Salt Lake to Vegas with the newly formed Markit crew and even film an ender on their first trip out…
122 LOST FOR WORDS: No rhyme, no reason - Featuring James Hess, Max Gaertig, Phil Demattia and Andy ‘Floyd’ Erickson.
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Ty Morrow isn’t mad…
ben lewis dig bmx 86 issue 86 - january february 2012

Ben Lewis - Liverpool, UK. Photo by Ricky Adam.

014 BALLBAG: 10 years on. From Dig Low Profile to Pro. A look back at Ben Lewis’ first ever magazine appearance and some good words to boot…
016 IGNITION: Destroying Everything - Our very own Ricky Adam has a photography book coming out and we’ve got an extract to share. You heard it here first, maybe…

026 REPO: Vans Rebel Jam 2011 - The inspirational Darryl Nau recalls all the fun of the fair from Eindhoven.
028 YOUR NUMBER’S UP: Bad Idea - Tom Williams presents some little known facts and figures from Empire’s elusive video project.
030 INSIDER: Paul Robinson talks about making the leap from Revolt and the Lambrini Jams to handling 3 of the best teams in BMX.
032 RANDOM THOUGHT PROCESS: Andrew White puts his thinking cap on…

034 BALANCE POINT - THE BEN LEWIS INTERVIEW: “Back in the day everything was so black and white for me in regards to selling out…” Nick Coombes catches up with Ben 10 years after first writing about him in DIG. Photos by Ricky Adam. You don’t want to miss this.
052 JASON PHELAN GETS OWNED: Jason tells the full story of his nightmare year juggling constant injuries with staying motivated and filming.
060 KILLJOY - CREATIVE DISSENT: Jordan Utley, Shawn ‘Elf’ Walters and Tate Roskelly share some Killjoy secrets with the help of some awesome photography by Rob Dolecki.
070 STURDY WRISTS - DAVE THOMPSON: Shot entirely during the filming for Killjoy. Gap to what?
100 ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH - OSS AND VOLUME AT THE DENVER HOUSE: Andrew White and Devin Feil recall a month long stay in the city that’s sunnier than San Diego.
114 HOLT TIGHT BE LUCKY?: Sean Burns tries to make sense of Shajn ‘Ferbert’ Raines and some wild deadman activity.
118 MARK GRALLA - The Truth: NYC’s Ratkid might not like talking but he still tells it how it is.

084 LOW PROFILE: More potential cover stars in the making?
096 PRODUCTIVITY: Something to spend you Xmas winnings on…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Mike Aitken - Respect!
bruno hoffman dig bmx 87 issue 87 - march april 2012 (1)

Bruno Hoffmann – Malaga, Spain. Photo by Fred Murray

014 BALLBAG: Winter Boogie Cookies – Sean Burns tells the story behind a true gap from hell.
016 IGNITION: Snakes In The Woods – Rob Dolecki and Mike Brennan in search of a legendary concrete serpent.

026 THE BAKERY: 10 Things You Didn’t Know – Brian Kachinsky gives you the lowdown on the scene unseen at Chicago’s favourite banger making facility.
028 FREEDOM40: Trailblazers – Nor Cal trail builders Jackson Allen and Mike Hernandez doing it for all the right reasons.
030 COREY AND SETH: Live Feed – Martinez and Kimbrough chat over breakfast on their long lasting friendship, childhood memories and how things have changed .
032 WINTER TRAIL SEASON: Keith Terra makes do after a winter of some serious discontent.

034 TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG – THE BRUNO HOFFMANN INTERVIEW: “I’m not going to sit here and give thanks to God or anything like that.” Bruno steps it up for his DIG interview, via the lens of Fred Murray, at home and in Malaga, reaffirming his position as everyone’s favourite German.
052 ECLAT – FREE AND SLEAZY TOUR: Burns, Tocco, IZ, Weston and Blacksmith get wild in the streets of So Cal… despite the heavy traffic.
066 DAVE MCDERMOTT – WHATEVER WORKS: “I’ve definitely called in to work a few times saying I’ve had family members die, or a family emergency so I could go ride.”. Skavenger’s spot finder talks drifting, travelling and reality TV.
076 CRAIG PASSERO – MANBOY: “I’ve been fucking around with a lot of nib jib shit.”
100 LOST FOR WORDS – PHOTOS BY ROB DOLECKI: Brian Kachinsky, Jared Washington, Lino Gonzales, Max Gaertig, Chris Harti and Randy Brown get the Dolecki treatment.
114 IPATH – A NEW DIRECTION: The first outing of the recently reformed IPATH team with Van Homan, Seth Kimbrough, Shane Weston and Alex Magallan.
114 FROM THE SUBURBS TO THE CITY: Chris Marshall takes us on a raw photographic journey on the US east coast. Featuring some wild moves from Zack Gerber, Kevin Vannauker, Dan Bob, Matty Miller, Nick Seabasty and Steve-O.

084 LOW PROFILE: Jay Wilson
096 PRODUCTIVITY: Live, buy, ride, consume, die…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Aaron Ross doesn’t like secrets…
kriss kyle dig bmx 88 issue 88 - may june 2012 (1)

Kriss Kyle – Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Vincent Perraud

014 BALLBAG: Every fool loves a Pool. Rob Dolecki explains why…
016 IGNITION: Simple Session 2012. Worldwide. All day. Literally…

026 VIDEOSTORE: Bob Scerbo keeps it DIY with his new Skapegoat 6 DVD.
028 THIS MUCH I KNOW: Words of wisdom from the legend that is Dennis McCoy. How many 45 year olds do you know who can ride like this?

032 POOL HUNTING IN ARIZONA: Mike Hines plays tour guide to a heavy pool hungry crew in his home state of Arizona and hits up ten tiled gems in a week. Photos by Rob Dolecki.
042 MIKE MEISTER – POSITIVE FLOW: At least one of the kids is doing his own thing. Mike Meister keeps the energy levels up in this interview with Rob Dolecki and Matt Coplon.
050 AK & SIMONE – UNDERCOVER IN ISRAEL: Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco pair up to dodge the drama of Israel and film a new edit with temporary Tel Aviv resident Rich Forne. Ricky Adam tagged along in a gas mask to shoot the awesomeness.
076 THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO: DIG’s Joey Cobbs connects with locals and outsiders alike on the streets of one of the most punk cities in the world. Featuring Andy Maguire, Mike Jonas, Kyle Emery Peck, Tim ‘Wolfman’ Harvey and more… Thank you SF. DIG loves you.
098 BSD – CHASING THE SUN WEST: The BSD crew head from Arizona to California chasing the sun and clips in the process. Video director Dave Sowerby lived to tell the tale.
108 LOST FOR WORDS – FAST AND LOOSE: Getting wild with Vin Crispino, Jay Wilson, Adam Johnston and more…
114 ENGAGE – RALPHY RAMOS: “Back then anytime you saw another rider you would always get hyped.”
120 ENGAGE – PETE SAWYER: “I find it impossible not to ride my bike.”

096 PRODUCTIVITY: Live, buy, ride, consume, die…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Thank you Darryl Nau. BMX needs you.
nathan williams dig bmx 89 issue 89 - july august 2012 (1)

Nathan Williams – Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Andrew White.

014 BALLBAG: Have you ever seen video director Rich Forne ride a bike? If not, you’re in for a treat.
016 IGNITION: Joe Rich goes deep whilst Tom Dugan gets high.

026 FIRST THINGS FIRST: We all remember the first time. Jim Cielencki talks about his…
028 SCARIFICATION: Catfish just keeps on talking. This time we discover the stories behind a bunch of his tattoos.
030 TRAILBLAZERS: Joey Cobbs discovers the hidden California trail secrets of Nunya.

032 INSIDER – NATHAN WILLIAMS: You know an article is good whenever you’ve filled 14 pages and still can’t decide which shots you can justify leaving out. Nathan fires out banger after banger whilst long term friend Andrew White cooks up some insider information on marriage, memory, motivations and more…
048 TALK IS CHEAP: Rob Dolecki catches up with every rider who has full sections in Cult’s highly anticipated and soon to be released DVD. Featuring words and photos shot over the past two years from Chase Hawk, Sebastian Keep, Trey Jones, Timmy Theus, Bobby Simmons, Russ Barone, Alex Kennedy, Dakota Roche, Chase Dehart and Dave Krone.
062 THE ECLAT GUIDE TO CHINA: “DIG BMX magazine continues its coverage of ‘The Free and Sleazy tour’, brought to you by Eclat bicycle parts, with it’s much anticipated second installment in the three part series.” Or something…
074 WEED WACKERS: In-takes and out-takes shot during filming for the upcoming DUB DVD on the streets of the UK’s north west. Brought to you via the lens of Ricky Adam.
096 KURT RUSSELL – STURDY WRISTS: Kurt Russell really does ride it like it’s Stolen. (See what we did there?)
102 GARRET HOOGERHYDE INTERVIEW: Ever wanted to read an interview with someone who collects flashlights and definitely doesn’t want to be interviewed? Well, today’s your lucky day.
108 CONNOR LODES – CLOCKED IN: It turns out working 9 to 5 actually is a way to make a living… even when you are a ‘Pro’ rider. Joey Cobbs finds out why Connor Lodes isn’t quitting his day job.
114 NINA BUITRAGO INTERVIEW: “I’m really good at tuning out the gender issue.”

084 LOW PROFILE: Chocolate and pegs? Sam Jones is (yet another) one to watch…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: High quality wise-ass chit-chat from Mr Tony Hamlin.
van homan dig bmx 90

brian foster dig bmx 90

joe rich dig bmx 90

ruben alcantara dig bmx 90
issue 90 - september october 2012 (1)
digbmx.mpora.com, september 2012: Issue 90 of the newly revamped and redesigned DIG is now available. In this issue we’re bringing you some of the people, places, and events that have inspired and shaped BMX and our magazine since our first issue in 1993. To mark this occasion we’ve produced four collectable covers featuring Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich, and Van Homan; all legends of the modern era. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

Van Homan, Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Foster. All photos by Rob Dolecki – except Ruben, by Vincent Perraud.

014 BALLBAG: Heart, Soul, Greatness, Originality… Mat Hoffman explains why those four guys above all fall into the ‘Legends’ category…

016 IGNITION: Four alternative DIG-era legends that we have grown to love over the past 19 years…

026 10 LEGENDARY PRODUCTS: Most of you probably owned at least one of these… The Merged’s Dave Patterson gives us the rundown of some quality produce that has stood the test of time.

028 STYLE POLICE – THE NO HANDER: Which kid didn’t learn to ride no hands? Joey Spinoza takes a close look at the numerous ways of taking your hands off… good and bad…

032 LEGENDS – JOE RICH: Can you believe Joe Rich hasn’t had a full magazine interview since 1994?! Joe talks T1, pretending to be Cru Jones, and getting a gun pulled on him for riding a skatepark…

050 LEGENDS – VAN HOMAN: “When you have a passion for something, you’re never just ‘done’.” – Rob Dolecki takes a look back at the incredible impact Van has made on BMX…

062 LEGENDS – BRIAN FOSTER: The Blue Falcon in all his glory – “Trail Nazis are going to be sick, but 1201, Trailblazin’, Seek And Destroy, all those videos I never saw. I was just racing; I just wasn’t paying attention.”

032 LEGENDS – RUBEN ALCANTARA: “It’s easy, you do.” – Fellow DIG Legend, Joe Rich celebrates the life and times of arguably the world’s most stylish rider.

094 productivity: A closer look at the head to toe setups of our cover legends. Four dudes who wear helmets and run back brakes….

100 LEGENDARY CONTESTS THE BROOKLYN BANKS JAMS: Dildo tosses and no permits… find out how the NYC scene celebrated Brooklyn’s most famous spot.

102 LEGENDARY CONTESTS – THE BACKYARD JAMS: The Backyard Jams produced some amazing articles, videos, riding, and memories… oh, and also a pair of twins…

104 LEGENDARY CONTESTS – THE GHETTO STREET COMPS: It didn’t get anymore ghetto than this… Can you believe that all this happened because of some loose ideas, hard work, and stolen pallets?

106 LEGENDARY CONTESTS – THE LAMBRINI JAMS: Fuelled by sparkling perry and northern grit, the Lambrini Jams were the epitome of UK DIY… find out how it all started…

120 REMEMBER ME? RYAN WORCESTER: We caught up with DIG family member, Ryan Worcester to see what’s been happening since hiking into BMX media oblivion…

122 REMEMBER ME? DAN PRICE: Aikido master Dan Price looks back at his time as a UK street pioneer, and his current life as a father…

124 REMEMBER ME? JOEY GARCIA: Remember that cool guy who used to win dirt at the X Games?

126 REMEMBER ME? GARRETT BYRNES: Dudes don’t get much radder or influential than Garrett Byrnes… ever wondered where he is now?

128 RESPECT – MIKE TAG: “It’s crazy being best friends with your hero”.
dig bmx 91 issue 91 - november december 2012 (1)
digbmx.mpora.com, november 2012: Dig BMX Magazine – The Travel Issue.

Is this the first time no one has actually been on the cover?! Photo by Rob Dolecki.

024 MY LIFE IN A BAG: Nebraska to LA transplant, Jeff Cadger brings a mouse and keyboard with him to the UK… but no computer. Find out what other gems Jeff managed to fit in his bag…
026 SANCTUARY: Need some down time? Bed, Breakfast… and BMX? Welcome to the Sanctuary…
028 TEAM MANAGERS: Eclat’s Paul Robinson and United’s Dean Hearne go head to head on the ups and downs of life on the road with ratty and not so ratty BMXers…
034 PERU: “Two cabbies start fist fighting to take our fare of 5 soles (about $2 US).” – Zac Costa, Conall Keenan, and DIG’s Rob Dolecki head off on a Peruvian adventure in search of Ancient Aliens, Machu Picchu, and the ‘realest’ riders.
046 BSD: The US BSD team join their European counterparts in BSD’s hometown of Glasgow, Scotland and experience some untouched spots, beans ‘n’ mash, and Cadg$.
056 CINEMA X ETNIES IN PORTLAND: Dakota Roche, Sean Sexton, Corey Martinez, Tony Neyer, and Chase Dehart get it done in Portland, and keep it anything but weird…
066 ROTTEN ‘THE ROAD TO ROTTEN’: Chris Crawford, Sean Burns, Kenny Horton, and Eric Holladay head out to Bethlehem, PA and recall some team stories from Rock ‘N’ Roller Blader houses with male heroin zombies and a gay Batman. Standard…
074 ECLAT ‘FREE AND SLEAZY’ PART 3: Carpet burns, bed bugs, and three European cities rinsed…
086 DEMOLITION X QBP NORTHEAST TRAILS TRIP: Chris Doyle takes the Demolition crew on a guided tour of some of the beasts of the Northeast…
100 NIGEL SYLVESTER AND RALPHY RAMOS IN ISTANBUL: “Nigel and Ralphy would be chauffeured from one unsuitable spot to another unsuitable spot.” – Sometimes trips abroad don’t go to plan… Nigel and Ralphy Ramos go cold Turkey in Istanbul, via the lens of Ricky Adam.
106 AUSTIN ‘ESSENTIAL FREEDOM’: It wouldn’t be a travel issue without a trip to Austin, right? The Last People’s Brian Barnhart does what he needs to do…
110 LOST FOR WORDS: THE OPPOSITE OF TRAVEL? Robbo, Alex Magallan, Chester Blacksmith, and more show you why the grass is sometime greener right outside your door…
122 TRAVEL SICKNESS: BRIAN KACHINSKY: “The gauze was spread with herbs, like butter on toast and then taped to my thigh.” – Brian Kachinsky recalls his first and last experience with “China medicine”.
124 TRAVEL SICKNESS: BRAD SIMMS: Veteran traveler, Brad Simms finds himself stuck in Australia without his bike and clothes, and doesn’t even get lucky…
126 TRAVEL SICKNESS: EDWIN DELAROSA: “…we drive about five minutes to the hotel. That was the most I saw of Japan.” – Find out how Edwin Delarosa’s first trip abroad to Japan quickly turned into a travel nightmare…
128 ONE FOR THE ROAD – TRUTH HURTS: “The players may have changed, but the rules and the playing field have not.” – An anonymous Austin local lets you visitors know what he really thinks…