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Also know as Vander, Radner and The Flying Dutchman (due to his Dutch heritage.)
Sources: www.mauricemeyer.com/curb_dogs
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1964 DOB: 30 mai 1964
early years
1983 dave vanderspek 1983
1984 The first Curb Dogs show was Saturday, February 18th, 1984 about 3 blocks from Vander's house in San Leandro, CA.

1984 Skyway European Tour with Maurice Meyer and Robert Peterson.

Cover: BMX Action Bike #23 october 1984.

bmx action bike cover
1985 Cover: BMX Action november 1985 bmx action cover
1986 Cover: Freestylin' may86 freestylin cover
1987 May 1987, Dave is riding for BOSS.

Dave Vanderspeck appears in TIME Magazine.