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John Paul Rogers and co have renamed their mag Faction BMX Magazine.
Ride BMX UK magazine issue 56, dec/jan 2002: BMX Action magazine is changing its name to prevent any more legal crap with the owners of the old (dead, but much-loved back in the day) magazine which have the same name.
Mark Noble, www.expn.com, september 2009: There are few things in life I wish were still around today in BMX -- one of them being Faction BMX Magazine. I loved its raw appeal, the photos and design, and the way the editorial was pieced together: it was gritty and somewhat haphazard in places, but was a breath of fresh air, and it was something the BMX scene really needed, but probably didn't know at the time. This mag was all John Paul Rogers' doing and it unfortunately passed away in 2004.
ruben alcantara faction bmx 11 issue 11 (first Faction issue) - january february 2002
Ruben Alcantara on the cover.
April 2002: Faction BMX magazine (formerly "BMX Action", but not the old "BMX Action" from the 80's) has relocated from California to Philly. John Paul Rogers will be bringing his special blend of chaos to the east now. Fathers of girls all over the west coast were said to be very relieved.
pat juliff faction bmx 12 issue 12 - march april 2002
Pat Juliff on the cover.
Props Road Fools 9.
brian wizmerski faction bmx 13 issue 13
Brian Wizmerski on the cover.
Brian Wizmerski interview.
Cory Nastazio interview.
La Revolution: Toronto.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2002: Faction has gone through some changes. It started out on the West coast as BMX Action magazine and the mag is now located on the East side of the USA in Philly. This will make the "BadBoy of the BMX magazines" only better. Not that the content isn't world wide, but to have a magazine on top of it on the East is good. Riders there deserve coverage, contests need to be reported about and a whole lot of companies are based far away from the Golden State. If some ads can't run in other magazines, they'll find their space in Faction. It's the hardcore mag that RIDE BMX wanted to be in the beginning.
With JPR and Billy R. on the helm things won't get soft soon. Once an HDT member, always an HDT member. The mag is made by a bunch of drunks, for a bunch of drunks and apparently there are plenty of drunks around to read about the drunk stories every other month. Cheers to Faction, long live the mag.
riley peetz faction bmx 14 issue 14 - august september 2002
Riley Peetz on the cover.
dave osato faction bmx 15 issue 15 - october november 2002
Dave Osato tailwhip to fufanu at the Hasting Backyard jam on the cover.
faction bmx 16 issue 16 - december 2002 january 2003
phil wasson faction bmx 17 issue 17 - february march 2003
Phil Wasson on the cover.
faction bmx 18 issue 18 - april may 2003
Van Homan.
mike tag faction bmx 19 issue 19 july august 2003
Mike Tagliavento on the cover.
Metro Jam
Shitluck Tour
Apes Meat Hogs, Rubber Chicken
josh stricker faction bmx 20 issue 20
Josh Stricker on the cover.
Props Megatour 2.
Soaks up the East Coast
Farewell Nam Trails Jam
Like A Sponge
Matt Beringer's Little Devil in France Jounal.
steven hamilton faction bmx 21 issue 21
Steven Hamilton on the cover.
Great interviews with Steven Hamilton and Corey Martinez. Also, a interesting adventure into the ghettos of West Philly.
van homan faction bmx 22 issue 22 - december 2004
Van Homan on the cover.
Road Fools #13 – Extensive look into the most unlucky Road Fools to date, and the least stiff and structured in ages as only Faction can bring it to the printed page.
Shitluck Mega Tour – A grueling account of more than 5,000 open road miles with a van full of reckless dirtbags with nothing better to do than meander aimless in a Conversion van packed with dudes.
More Stuff – As always, there’s plenty of “kids on bikes” action, BBQ’s, beer and good times.
Even a few of the advertisements boldly tread a line of outright unprofessional business acumen, lack of judgement and poor taste.
www.fatbmx.com, january 2005: Faction BMX magazine is no more. John Paul Rogers has started an advertising agency.