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Sources: Bmxicos magazine #4, Ride BMX UK #38 december 1998, Urban #13, ...
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Date: 1998.
Place: Southsea, Hampshire, UK.
Organisation: Catlow family.

King of Concrete: 1.Pill 2.Remo 3.Alex Bender
Prince of Concrete:

A group bowls: 1.Pill 2.Dennis Wingham 3.Joe Bray
Expert fun box: 1.

Sam Foakes, Ride BMX UK january 2007: 1998 King of Concrete; my first ever contest and the first time I'd ever seen Pro Flatland. I remember being absolutely astonished at what Effraim was doing in Waitrose car park in the week leading up to the event. The first time you see it riding of that standard, it's surreal! I couldn't believe how much he could do and how easy he made it look.

C group flatland: 1.

B group flatland: 1.

A group flatland: 1.Phil Dolan 2.Effraim Catlow 3.Armin Batoumeni
Novice street: 1.

A-group street: 1.Alex Bender 2.Pill 3.Remo

C group halfpipe: 1.

B group halfpipe: 1.

A group halfpipe: 1.Simon Tabron 2.Mike Mullen 3.Remo
C group miniramp: 1.

B group miniramp: 1.

A group miniramp: 1.Alex Bender 2.Pill 3.Lee Meller