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Sunday Bike Company based in Buffalo, NY.
Founder: Jim Cielencki.
2005 Sunday BMX/Skate shop.
Jim, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: My partner J.P. and I have been talking about doing a shop for almost 8 years now, so I guess it was a dream. I have always hated going to shops where you couldn't find exactly what you wanted, the people were not riders and they were trying to nickel and dime you for the products. We all want instant gratification, so it is the best to be able to go and get a new video when you are bored. So yeah it was a dream, it is great and my video collection is getting bigger.

Sunday bike company.
Jim, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: I spent seven years with Kink, it is wild to think that it has been that long. I have seen so much in those past seven years and I would love to keep doing this role, but there are bigger and better fish to fry. Life is once and in the end I would love to tell my grandkids that I had a bike company that took riders around the world and did all this wild stuff. It isn't just to promote my shop, I want to do as much as I can with it. Right now, I have a lot of ideas that I would like to do and they only seem possible doing them by myself.

Made in Taiwan.
Jim, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: Sunday is going through Taiwan for a few reasons. First is cost, I remember how expensive it was for a 15 year old blue collar kid to ride. I didn't have much money and my friends didn't either, so have times changed? I don't think so. Products have gotten so much more expensive especially with titanium that I don't understand how people afford it. My goal is to provide respectively priced products that are as best quality as they can be. I don't want to design ridiculous stuff that is expensive only because of the process of making them. When my pedal was designed, I specifically wanted a pedal that was affordable because people were grinding them. I never got the ti-peg thing, $100 dollar pegs? So you grind away a $100? Another reason is that doing them in Taiwan makes it affordable all over the world? Do you think someone cares if their frame will last 2 months more if it cost twice the price? I would say no. People just want to ride and that is all I want them to do. Besides after riding for Odyssey, I don't really see any difference in quality of products, their stuff does just fine for me. Third, is that it seems in Taiwan you can actually achieve certain things in design. At Kink, it seemed like we couldn't design a certain way because it would cost too much more. Just trying to get stuff done seemed impossible. With the pedal experience, it seems in Taiwan you can actually have an idea and get it done.
2006 By Press Release Bloomington, MN. October 11, 2006: QBP has reached an agreement with Jim Cielencki, founder of Sunday Bike Company, to distribute BMX frames, forks and handlebars.
Select 2006 Sunday products in gray, red and green will be in stock soon and ready to ship from QBP. Beginning this winter, QBP will carry all the colors in Sunday’s 2007 product line. “We are excited to bring such a unique brand to our dealers,” said Tim Gallant, BMX coordinator for QBP. “Sunday’s products are high quality with a number of innovative features and the colors are different from much of what’s out there. We believe Sunday will really add a lot to our assortment and be beneficial to our dealers.” “I chose QBP because I knew the company from working at my shop,” said Cielencki, who is also co-owner of the Sunday Skate BMX shop in Buffalo, NY. “They have such a great grasp on the business. From their dialed website and online ordering to their tremendous selection of BMX products, working with QBP will provide my customers easier access to Sunday products.” QBP is a leading distributor to the cycling industry. QBP offers domestic and international retailers a wide array of products and services including a 1,300-page catalog, a robust online ordering system, a renowned custom wheel service, a specialty bike-building program and more. QBP continues to be an active cycling advocate for the industry. manufactures high quality BMX frames, forks and handlebars. For more information please visit www.sundaybikes.com.
www.expn.com, january 2013: Ian Schwartz's version of the Sunday Second Wave frame was the first to replace the seat tube with a Pivotal-friendly seat mount. Other brands followed suit soon after. "Prior to this frame he took off his seat post clamp and JB Welded a post in. Then he shaved down the seat tube to make it look smooth," said Sunday when this frame was introduced in 2007.