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1981 DOB: may 25, 1981.
early years
2000 28th place stuntman street @ CFB round 3,Woodward, PA, july 2000.
2001 8th place pro park @ BS round 3, X-Trials #1, Grand Prairie, Texas, may 2001
Once again Brian Wizmerski made it into the finals. He did a turndown to manual to turndown out on the subbox. Brian also did a turndown to icepick down a rail. That kid is no joke.

7th place stuntman park @ CFB round 3,Woodward, PA, july 2001
"hey can we get a turndown over here, please" "hold on we're sending Brian Wizmerski there now. Turndown to manual, Turndown to feeble grind, but he also did an array of nice grinds and a no-handed transfer.

In less than one month, in december, Brian got on Schwinn and fired after Pacific Cycles bought the company. He then rode for S&M.
2002 13th place pro street @ Backyard jam round 1, Telford, UK, march 2002.

Road Fools 9
Daniel Mini, Cream #18, october 2002: Le tapé de pegs c'est entre autres une des spécialités de Brian Wizmerski, coup de pegs sous le coping en montant to 36 tail tap to coup de pegs en descendant. Ouais, à mon avis ce gars là il se fatigue pour pas grand-chose, et à la longue ça commence à devenir saoûlant, alors par pitié (je parle aux plus influençables d'entre nous) essayons mes frères de ne pas trop imiter ce gars là: c'est son style à lui, qu'il le garde. Qu'il garde aussi par la même occasion ses turndowns to machin to truc. Putain le turndown c'est une des plus belles figures de la terre et à mon avis la mettre à toutes les sauces à vingt centimètres de haut comme il le fait c'est vraiment du gâchis, et je trouve que ça fait un peu esbrouffe. Sinon Wiz est quand même hyper fort et mérite d'être dans ce road fools, sa maîtrise du vélo est impressionnante, sans doute un des meilleurs techniciens à l'heure actuelle.

Cover and interview: Faction #13

Interviews in 23mag #6 november 2002

20 questions to Brian Wizmerski in Ride BMX UK #64 december 2002.
brian wizmerskifaction
2003 Interview dans BMXup #24 mars 2003.
2005 Pro Q&A with Brian Wizmerski in Ride BMX US march 2005.
2008 Riding for Eastern.
Press release, april 2008: Eastern Bikes is proud to officially welcome Philly legend Brian Wizmerski to the team. Wiz joins Adam Banton, Kelly Bolton, Eric Holley and Craig Mast on Eastern’s USA pro team. “I’ve known Wiz for a long time and know he will bring a lot to Eastern,” says Eastern TM Leigh Ramsdell, adding that the rest of the team was psyched to have Wiz on board. A 26 year-old Philadelphia, PA resident, Wiz rose to fame in the earlier part of the decade through an innovative mix of burly and technical riding, in addition to legendary video parts such as Square One’s Wide Awake Nightmare. Wiz has also been responsible for filming and editing more than a handful of influential videos, and more recently has focused his energy on The Tombstones, a 4-piece blues influenced band he founded alongside hometown friends. Wiz also currently rides for Orchid Footwear and Van Homan’s 2x4 Bike Shop.