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byron friday bmx action 01 1980 january 1980 (download)
DG's Byron Friday at Corona on the cover.
Red Line MX-II test.
Hot shots: Byron Friday, Frank Post, Greg Hill, PK, ...
CORONA ABA Mini-Nationals & CORONA trivia.
1979 NORA CUP results. Number one racer: Stu Thomsen.
On any sunday II.
stanley robinson brent patterson bmx action 01 80 meyer.htm february 1980 (download)
Cover duo are Stanley Robinson and Brent Patterson leading the charge of the Light Brigade. ABA/DG Grand National, Las Vegas, Nevada.
California Cruisers,
ACS Zytel wheels test,
ABA Grand Nationals.
panda bmx action 03 80 march 1980 (shared by Simon 0901 - download)
On the cover is a pic of the Panda's Pro-Am. Only time ever BMXA had no rider on the cover. The story behind doing "just a bike" cover was just to be different. It was a hot bike, so it desrved it.
Bracket modification,
BMX pants
Trick riding: curb-endo variations
Test: Panda pro-am
tinker juarez bmx action 04 80 april 1980 (download)
The cover is Mongoose Tinker Juarez, the King Of The Skateparks.
Indy World Champ races covered.
Champion 26 Frame with double down tube and squareback end featured as well. This frame retailed for 140.00$
Tinker in action.
Hot tracks
PRO-TEC MX Faceguard test.
rl osborn bmx action 05 80 may 1980 (download)
On the cover is R.L. Osborn testing the Powerlite.
Racing from the ABA Raleigh Winternationals from Chandler AZ with the first official performance of the BMXA Trick team.
New from Spain: Montesa trials bike.
A pictorial on Stu Thompsen with centerfold.
Powerlite Trasher bike test.
Redline flight Cranks product analysis.
eddy king bmx action 06 80 june 1980 (download)
Eddy King, the master of style on the cover.
Trick riding,
Eddy King pictorial,
How to build a trick ramp.
john crews bmx action 07 80 volume 5 no.7 - july 1980 (download)
John Crews jumping at a race in Chandler, AZ. on the cover.
Cook Bros does not condone stunt riding with BMX equipment. Our effort is in racing, not 'circus acts'. Furthermore, we feel these stunts should not be exposed to young riding public.
Grab On/ABA Springnationals at Grass Valley, CA.
Product Analysis: Puch Trak/Pro Frameset
Race, Inc. Aluminum Handlebars
Pictorial: Will and Mike Scurto
BMXA Project Mini-Racer Contest Results
Cruiser Report: Setting Up a Cruiser For Racing.
Plus Editorial, Dear Wiz, Products, and Odds and Endos.
harry leary bmx action 08 80 august 1980 (shared by Simon - download)
Scary Harry Leary on the cover.
ABA/Skyway/Pro-TecMidwest Nationals at Elkhart, Indiana.
Product Analysis: Dia-Compe MX-1000 Caliper.
Test: Kuwahara (original model).
Jumpin' Jim Pratt (four-car jump).
New Wave Superstars (short profiles on Mike Aguilera, Kelly McDougall, David Marietti, Mike Poulson, Donnie Atherton, Frank Post, and Bodie Cook)
Pictorial: Scary Harry Leary.
The Fastest Bicycle in the World.
Hot Tips: 10-Speed Headset Mod.
brent patterson bmx action 09 80 september 1980 (shared by Simon 1001 - download)
Brent Patterson on the cover. Photo by Oz.
Mongoose Moosegoose bike test.
Panda Charger frame.
Product analysis: Cook Bros Uni-clamp.
Bob Morgan testing the ACS Z-rims: No handers, no footers, one hander no footer, ...
NBL St. Louis
Trick riding: The backward hops by R.L. Osborn.
Australian BMX.
Hot shots: Brent Patterson bunny-hop, Scott Ahart, Henderson, Lambert, Denny Davidow, Crews.
rl osborn bmx action 10 1980 october 1980
BMXA Trick Teamer R.L. Osborn on the cover
Racing: Kuwahara/ABA Northwest Nationals in Seattle, ABA/Red Line Summer Nationals in Amarillo, A'me/ABA 5000 Pro Spectacular also in Amarillo
Annual Buyer's Guide Issue, includes the Colossal BMX Buyer's Guide and the Buyer's Guide Index
mike buff bmx action 11 80 november 1980
Mike Buff on Scorpion on the cover.
Torker/ABA Great Lakes National at Lansing, Michigan (aka Lansing Supercross).
Product Analysis: Simpson Supercross-I
Test: Scorpion SX.
NORA Cup Candidates
Trick Riding: Wheelstanding
Racing Tips: Method Speed Jumping.
stu thomsen bmx action 12 1980 december 1980 (shared by Simon - download)
4 action shots of Red Line's Stu Thomsen on the cover. Stu Thomsen’s first BMXA cover.
Racing: Schwinn/NBL War of the Stars Grand Nationals in Evansville, Indiana
Bike Test: Torker Maxflite
Product Analysis: Premier Helmet, Pro-Neck Stems
BMXA's New World Dictionary
Denny Davidow's Pro Training Methods