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Oz is still involved with the magazine to some degree, but for the most part he's stepped back and let Gork, Andy, Lew, Steve, and Windy take care of what he used to do. Nowadays, Oz can be found scaling cliffs, driving his van through snowy mountains, blistering deserts, and over rainy roads in search of the perfect photo. You see, his first love is fine art black and white photography (as in scenic postcard-type), so that's what he's been doing for the past year and a half ... taking vacations and driving up and down the west coast to remote locations. And he claims that getting all wet, muddy, dehydrated, and pooped out on these photo sessions is the most fun he's had since he started BMX Action.
gary ellis bmx action 01 1987 january 1987 (scanned by Simon 0607 - download)
On the front cover is GT Gary Ellis at Jones Track. Photo by Windy.
1987 race schedules.
Mad Dog Moeller testing the Hanter 777 and crashing.
ABA Eugene OR nationals.
Strength test for Pros.
Cherrypicker How To.
Hot shots: Greg Scott, Stu, ...
chris moeller bmx action 02 87 february 1987 (scanned by Simon 0809 - download)
Chris Moeller no-footer one-hander on test bike on cover.
GT Pro Series and Mongoose Californian tests.
USBA Grands Dallas.
Freestyle how to: Transmission.
Thor Land aka Horsehill.
Oakland CA Norcal hangout trails.
fuzzy hall bmx action 03 87 march 1987
Fuzzy Hall and GPV action on cover, Nora Cup Results, Redline 600 CXL test, Mousetrap How To, GPV Grands, ABA Elsinore Nationals.
greg hill bmx action 04 87 april 1987
Robinson Greg Hill sliding across the cover, ABA Grands in Oklahoma City, Freestyle How To, CW Z 1500 test, Scooter test.
matt hadan bmx action 05 87 may 1987 (scanned - download)
On the front cover is Free Agent Matt Hadan.
NBL Ohio Nationals, Mini/Jr Shootout, No Footed Canyon Air How To, Spring Equipment round up.
danny milwee chris moeller bmx action 06 87 volume 12 issue 6 - june 1987 (1) (scanned by Simon 0711 - download)
Danny Milwee and Mad Dog Chris Moeller on cover.
How to: Surf tactics (Framestand, Wind-surfer, Surfer, Scurfer, Bar ride, ...)
Number one: Pete Loncarevich, Josh White, Eric Carter, Greg Hill, Dennis McCoy.
NBL War of the Stars Raleigh North Carolina.
Mor Scooter.
Jon Anderson interview.
Hot prods: GT Super Lace hubs, DiaCompe Nippon, CW tyre and Fred'z Revenge bars.
Haro Group One and Haro Sport tests.
eric rupe bmx action 07 87 july 1987
Mongoose Eric Rupe on the cover.
Diamond Back Silver Streak test, ABA Gilley's National, Jones Track locals.
charles townsend billy griggs bmx action 08 87 august 1987
Charles Townsend and Billy Griggs on the cover.
BMX Action bike of the year,
Test: Robinson Pro Team model,
NBL Snipes/Norco fastrack,
hot products and outtakes,
jeff tabachi bmx action 09 87 september 1987
Jeff Tabachi on a JMC Darrell Young doing his signature trick on cover, 360 Tailwhip How To (?), ABA Springnationals, MT Scooter, Concrete Jumps.
New recruit: Spike Jonze.
BMX Action, october 1987: One/eighth of the original Rockville gang and part-time Haro roadie, Spike Jonze is now a resident Wizard staff guy. He will be helping out both mags-BMX ACTION and FREESTYLIN' and'll probably head up any special projects we come up with in the near future.
matt hoffman bmx action 10 87 october 1987 (scanned by Simon 0901 - download)
Mat Hoffman on a Skyway TA at the Palm Spring halfpipe jam on cover.
Spy shoots: the Auburn bike.
Nora Cup, ABA CA Tour, Palm Springs GPV and Freestyle.
chris moeller tim fuzzy hall bmx action 11 87 november 1987 (scanned by Simon 0707 - download)
ON THE COVER: Proudly adorned on the frontal section at this mug are the World's top two leading dirt jumpers, Chris "Mad Dog" Moeller and Tim "Fuzzy" Hall. The Dog, doin' a can-can Hannah, joins the record books by getting his third cover in one year. And Fuzzy, demos his latest creation, the "Dingbat".
DEAR GORK: Life and times of Cosmo cat.
D.I.R.T.: GPV, better homes, Atari BMX game, ABA Freestyle and jumping contest,
RACING: Irvine World Cup.
EQUIPMENT GUIDE: Boss, Diamond Back, Odyssey, Hutch, A'me, GT, Robinson, Dyno, Visage, Skyway axle pegs, Tioga, Haro trials bike, ...
OUTTAKES: Darrell Young.
bmx action 12 87 december 1987
Interviews issue: Loncarevich, Hill, Carter, Ellis, Chipres, GT Team, Joe Johnson, ...