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1972 DOB: march 20, 1972.
Birthplace: St. Louis Park, MN USA.
early years PARTICIPANT SINCE 1985.
Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, january 2009: Trevor Meyer started competing in contests in the mid '80s.

Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, january 2009: Trevor Meyer and was sponsored by Wilkerson Airlines by 1991. From there, he started traveling with the WAL team on their US summer tour, riding a frame definitely not designed for flatland and amazing all that got to witness his riding.
trevor meyer 1987

trevor meyer 1988
1st place stuntmen flat @ 1992 BS round 3, Lake Owen Freestyle Camp, Wisconsin.

Trevor Meyer left Wilkerson Airlines team and rides for Standard.
Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, january 2009: Trevor switched over to Standard Bykes, making the move to Phoenix, AZ, which at the time, had become a flatland mecca, also attracting the likes of Chad Degroot and Chase Gouin. This is where the "controversy" initially started, which some might say simply amounted to influence. The scene Trevor was riding in and around, which also included Degroot and Gouin, was fairly close knit. They were all filming for the Ells Bells video Ring The Gack, and apparently, Trevor was accused of stealing some tricks from Chase Gouin. I don't know for sure, I wasn't there to witness it, but everyone had heard the rumors through the grapevine. In Trevor's defense though, riding around a handful of fellow innovative flatlanders might have simply rubbed off on him. Maybe some moves were borrowed, and maybe some techniques were swapped. But that happens in any scene, still to this day. Eventually, the hearsay died down and everyone went their separate ways, with Trevor Meyer making the move to California in 1994.
trevor meyer
Funky scuff at the 1992 BS round 3. Photo by Karlos/BMX Plus!
1st place stuntmen flat @ Moreno Valley BS comp, february 1994

After his pro win at the Moreno Valley BS comp, Trevor Meyer landed a full factory ride with GT and is riding for Powerlite.

Cover: FAT zine #31 (left)
trevor meyer fat bmx zine 31
Interview and inset on the cover of BMX Plus! march 1998.

Trevor Meyer wins the first X-Games stunt bike flatland gold medal in 1997.
Chris Hargrave, Ride BMX US october 1997: The winner, to not too many people's surprise, was Trevor Meyer. The pressure was on Trevor, as all during practice they showed an interview with him on the jumbotron, which loomed high overhead. Trevor prevailed, though, and worked his way through combos like duck walk to opposite karl kruizer to pedal donuts scuffing inside, which then goes into a series of elephant glide spins, to backwards funky chickens... You get the gist. Trevor rocked. He almost messed up a few times, but managed to save it each time, and dazzled the crowd with all those backwards scuffing tricks that gets Paul Higgins so excited. After Trevor's run, the sun set, Woody ran over and gave him a big hug.
trevor meyer 1997 xgames bmx flatland
1998 X-GAMES.
1998 X-Games flat gold medal. A big win has eluded Trevor Meyer in recent months, so his solution was to get his shit together so good that there would be no doubt about who the best rider was, and he rocked the house for first place.
Trevor: I'm 6 feet 2 inches. It's always been the way I've had it. Even back in the 80's I raised my stem up super high and it always just works for me.

Interview for www.theflatlander.com, february 1999.
Trevor: I try to ride at least 5 hours. It depends, I'm on the road traveling and doing shows, I have a hard time, ah, trying to squeeze time into practice. When I'm home, at least try 5 to 8 hours, it all depends.

1999 X-Games flat gold medal.
2000 X-GAMES.
2000 X-Games flat 4th place. There was only one rider from the USA who made the cut and that was three time gold medal winner Trevor Meyer. Trevor's rear axle broke right before his final run. A quick pit stop wheel-change was made and Nathan Pononzek's wheel was the solution for the GT rider. However, the ever consistent Trevor had little difficulty during his runs. He still rode good but it wasn't good enough for first. Trevor was disappointed and mentioned he would never compete again.

2000 X-GAMES, Solitaire 2.
Trevor switched from GT to Mongoose.
Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, january 2009: Trevor made the move to Mongoose in 2001, and going along with his tendencies toward unique set-ups, chose to ride a Ruben Alcantara signature Importan frame, a bike definitely not designed for flatland. Even among other flatlanders, Trevor's set-up was viewed upon as weird, and that in itself is an accomplishment.

Trevor Meyer now is brakeless and running a fixed gear.

Interview: Ride BMX UK #54 august 2001.

2001 X-Games flat 4th place. Fourth place went to a disappointed Trevor Meyer. Trevor has been riding a direct-drive gear all year. The crowd seems to love the circus-style tricks. His second run was amazing but just one touch kept him out of the top three.

Trevor Meyer is in Raleigh, North Carolina for the winter, staying with Keith King.
2002 PROPS.
Terry Adams, www.theflatlander.com, august 2002: I guess Trevor Meyer is the most underrated rider. He is doing some of the hardest tricks I've ever seen and he has always been on top of his game. I don't know why so many people have a problem with giving him props. They need to open their eyes and try to understand what that guy is doing. He is a freaking robot, a computer-generated machine that rides a bike.

2002 X-Games flat 4th place.
Armin Batoumeni, www.agoride.com: Après avoir été tenté par les roues arrières à pignon fixe " circus style " Trevor Meyer s'est repris et reviens avec un vrai vélo de flatland traditionnel. C'est simple il fait tous les tricks de l'année dernière mais avec un freecoaster normal. La maîtrise !!!Une routine a se couper les c….Trevor ne pose pas un pied et fait une routine composée de steam roller kick flip, halfhiker kick flip, et pedaling deathtruck to no-handed gliding pedal deathtruck to deathtruck blender to pedaling dump truck to cross footed stick bitch to pervert. Bref on se demande encore pourquoi Trevor n'a pas finis deuxième. Après avoir été le boss des contests US pendant des années peut-être les juges veulent-ils voir de nouvelles têtes sur le podium.

Trevor stopped riding the unconventional direct-drive system and has returned to freecoaster.
Dig#33 october 2003: Trevor Meyer is now rolling a Sickchild frame. He got a custom 21 inch top tube one...
Trevor, www.ridebmx.com: I had Ed (Nussbaum) at Sick Child make me a custom 21" frame with the dimensions that I like. He did an excellent job on it and I couldn't be happier with the bike!

Catching Up With Trevor Meyer on www.ridebmx.com, november 2003.
Trevor: Lately, I'm working on my video part for the next Aspire BMX video contest. I've also been doing some NBA half time shows and hanging out with my new girlfriend. My buddy has his own private skatepark, so I will be riding in there all winter long. The place rules! It even has a kitchen, big screen TV, fireplace, and plenty of couches for the girls to relax on and watch us ride! The winter months are usually pretty slow, so I have a lot of free time, but it picks up in the spring and summer. Last summer I toured with Brooks and Dunn for four months straight. That was probably the best tour I've ever been on and I would be happy to do it again. I always seem to find time to work on new stuff. Sometimes I'll practice new tricks between shows. It's really tough to learn new tricks that nobody is doing, but it pays off when you finally learn the trick and you get the credit for it.
trevor meyer 2003
The bars are flipping and the trick is hard, that's all we know. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
2004 DIVERSION 4.0.
Trevor has a part in the Diversion 4.0 video

Patrick Schoolen, www.pedalbmx.com, october 2004: I talk to Trevor all the time and he is riding as much and as hard as ever. He is a little burnt out on contests but is doing a lot of shows to support himself. He mostly does shoes for the Giant team. Most importantly his riding hasnt slowed down at all.
Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, january 2009: By 2004, Trevor had faded from the BMX limelight. Not because he had stopped riding though; he just seemed to be concentrating on his own riding, doing demos to make cash and staying away from the competition scene. Sponsorships had also changed up again for Trevor. By then, he was technically riding for Giant (even though he was actually riding a custom Sick Child frame with a 21" top tube) and PowerBar. Eventually, those sponsorships dried up though. And Trevor was back where he started; in Minnesota, riding for the pure love of riding, away from the rumors, the hearsay and the gossip of the BMX community.
4th place @ Battle at the Beach, June 4-5th, Myrtle Beach Conversation Center, South Carolina, USA.
Art Thomason: Battle at the Beach was the first major flatland contest in the U.S. This year's people have been looking forward to this event for a long time. (...). Trevor Meyer may not have been in a contest in a while, but he has definitely been riding! His new tricks include a 360 steamroller pressure flip and a firehydrant to spinning cliff hanger!
2008 Trevor riding a custom made 21" Sickchild Metropolitan frame.
Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, january 2009: It's been a few years since BMX has heard from Trevor Meyer now. We've had some snippets of Trevor sightings here and there, but I'm happy to report that the 37 year-old life long flatlander is still at it, and still learning new moves. A new Trevor vid has surfaced on the BMX blogosphere, and it's good to see that Trevor Meyer is still marching to the beat of a different drum. This is Trevor Meyer circa 2008.

The Southern Yankee, Trevor Meyer from Danny A. Harrison on Vimeo.
2009 New Trevor Meyer video.
Effraim Catlow, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com, december 2009: Stoked to see that Trevor is still learning stuff, as you can see from this video, Trevor is still pretty much still very much "on it", i'm sure this video will have its critics in the originality front, but for me, at least this cat is still out there busting out after all this time, he's out of the contest limelight and obviously still loves riding! much respect!!!

Trevor Meyer 2009 Southern Yankee part 2 from Danny A. Harrison on Vimeo.
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